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Cinemas in Telworth (Telworth)

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    1 Review
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      05.08.2001 20:42
      Very helpful



      Before I start I would like to add that I know this doesn’t belong here but I was just so desperate to write!! There are currently no topics on UCI in general or UCI in Telford so I decided to put it here and will suggest the above topics when I have finished :) Now that's cleared here we go..! Hello to everyone reading this and a special sympathetic hi to those who like me, are film freaks! I don't know why but since I started my A level Media studies last September I have just wanted to see every film on the planet and well, I think I might have just done that! The problem is though, whilst I love going to the cinema it is starting to leave a rather big space in my bank balance and for a student.. That’s not a good thing! What I’m wondering though is why is it so expensive? The prices really so not make any sense at all and after checking them out at the scoot website I began to realise just how much I’d been spending all this time. Ticket Prices - Adult: Monday, Tuesday and Thursday before 5pm £ 4.10, Friday to Tuesday and Thursday after 5pm £ 5.10, Wednesday before 5pm £ 2.70, Wednesday after 5pm £ 3.40 Ticket Prices - Child: Under 15s daily except Wednesday £ 3.60, Wednesday £ 2.40 Ticket Prices - OAP: Daily except Wednesday £ 3.60, Wednesday £ 2.40 Ticket Prices - Student: Monday, Tuesday and Thursday with NUS £ 3.95, Wednesday £ 2.60 It's absolutely crazy how expensive it can be. On Wednesday (special rate day!) i went with my mom, sister and boyfriend. For the four of us it was £10.20 which I thought was fantastic but then when I went on Saturday they said they don't even accept student cards on that day (why? it is their busiest!) and charged me £5.10. Luckily it wasn't my ticket I was buying because I had a cinema ticket that I had earned from ipoints. As I walked into the cinema there was a hell of a lot of people there and I was just wondering how muc
      h money they must make. Surely they can afford to make the prices a little bit cheaper? As you walk past the ticket office to go to the screen allocated you also have to stand the delicious looking Ben 'n' Jerry's ice cream and resist the whiff of fresh popcorn. Of course, being me I can't resist something to eat and end up paying £4.99 for a combo to share with my boyfriend. This contains a large soft drink and popcorn of my choice. The thing is though; I think that Wednesday is rather cheap but after I have bought the food I'm left quite broke! The tip for this I think is to buy my own before I go in but it's just not the same is it? I really feel quite annoyed that we get charged so much for food. How much does it cost to make a bag of popcorn and sprinkle it with salt? Probably not £3-odd. Saying this though the staff are all extremely friendly and helpful. This might be due to the fact that I’m sure I know half of them but they have always provided me with good service. Once, Jack (my boyfriend) dropped a whole one of those large drinks on the floor and they just gave him another one and told him to move down so they could clean it after the film. If only everything was this simple at UCI. Well, this was basically about the ticket prices at the cinema in Telford and I hope you discovered all you needed to know from my awful ranting. Still, I’m an absolute fool because in the next 2 weeks I have at least 3 films planned to go see :) Till then take care and have fun!! Mel xx


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