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Attractions in Fairford in general

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    1 Review
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      24.09.2001 19:48
      Very helpful



      Since I have had a computer my visits to the library have stopped. Mainly due to the fact that all information can be found on here and oh the shame of admitting I would rather go on here than sit and read, at the moment anyway. Last week though I didnt pass the library but went in. This is the library in Fairford. What a difference. I dont mean just the fact that they now have electronic doors instead of the pull open ones! Although our library is quite small you can get any book you wish either by finding it on the shelf or they will order it for you. All this is now done by computer. Even signing your book in and out is done on the computer. The library now has DVDs that you can borrow. You can even go in and pay a small sum to go on the internet. If you are looking for information and cant find it you can pay a small sum and the librarian will find it for you. I am sure someone in Gloucestershires libraries has been on the dooyoo site. At the end of each row and each section of books they have sticky pads up. This is called Booktalk. What you do is put the title, author and any comments about the books and whether you loved or loathed them. In fact exactly like dooyoo. This is not just for their books but DVDs, listen tapes, videos and even their reference books. This is working out so good and I saw many people reading the comments before choosing books. I dont know if Gloucestershires libraries are the only ones who do this Booktalk or if it is spread over the whole country but it is great and definately works. I can find out about the books by reading dooyoo comments but there are a lot that cannot so libraries doing this is so good.


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