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Attractions in Cirencester in general

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    1 Review
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      20.11.2001 19:04
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      Cirencester is very old and it has among its attractions many many areas that are haunted. Many of the pubs are haunted by both humans and animals. This is not just stories either. But my favourite is not a pub but a crossroads. Just outside Cirencester is one of the "oddest" stories. I am sure that some of you are interested in the more unusual places of interest as well as any other places. Something that does not take long to visit if you are in the area yet it is a curiosity. One such place is just outside Cirencester between Cirencester and the villiage of Quennington in Gloucestershire. It is called Bettys Grave. No you are not visiting a graveyard but a crossroads for Betty was a witch. so she could not be burried in a churchyard. You will spot it by seeing a signpost at the crossroads and the sign Bettys Grave is litterally on the post for this is where Betty was burried. The story is that Bettys grave is seldom without some form of flowers but who and why are they left there. They say it was the deddicoys but they pass by (Gypsies). No one has actually seen who has left them. Even with an all night watch on the place. Betty was Elizabeth Bastoe. She took a bet to cut a field of hay in a day but the day was so hot and although she did the job by herself she collapsed and died on her way home. she was accused later of the cattle dying and anything that was wrong she got the blame and called a witch so she could not be burried in the church. But no one is absolutely sure who Betty was, only her name and why she is buried at this spot. In folk lore it is in fact said that she died "no less than 7 times", put to death by several means, which were suitable for a witch in the eighteenth century.


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