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Toy Gallery (Beverley, East Yorkshire)

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Traditional toy shop in Beverley, east Yorkshire.

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    1 Review
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      08.11.2011 15:27
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      If you find yourself in East Yorkshire make a trip to Beverley and to this shop.

      As it is coming up to Christmas I felt I had to review one of my favourite local toy shops. Which can also be found online now at toygallerytraditionaltoys.co.uk. It is situated in the small market town of Beverley in the East Riding of Yorkshire. It is only a small shop but it is definitely a gem. One of my loves is wooden toys I feel they are so much nicer than the mast produced plastic toys these days. This is why I love this shop as it specialises in wooden toys and many other things too.

      ----The shop----

      The shop, called Toy Gallery is tucked down a side street of the main shopping area in Beverley. It is at 17 Ladygate Beverley. From the front it looks rather small and quite old fashioned looking but I like this quaint look. The small shop front window has wonderful displays of their stock changing often. If we don't happen to go in which isn't very often (we nearly always find ourselves been drawn in!) the boys love to look at the window displays.

      As you walk in, it initially looks very small but it is actually a lot bigger than you think. You are greeted as you walk in with wall hangings, puppets and teddies. As you walk further into the shop you see how beautifully packed it is with gorgeous toys that would light up any child's eyes. Round the whole shop are wooden wall fixtures with displays and some large wooden tables with some of the larger displays out for children to get a good look at. Never mind for the children I myself am in awe at what there is to see. The further you walk into the shop you realise it actually goes further back and round to the right slightly. The till is towards the back of the shop but there is always an assistant around to help if you need it.

      ----What the shop has to offer----

      What doesn't this shop have to offer would be an easier answer. As I have already said it is full of beautiful wooden toys. There is certainly something for everyone. Last Christmas the theme for my eldest son was cooking. We bought him a beautiful small wooden cooker and spent a good amount of time looking for more accessories to go with his cooker, pans and food. My only request was it was wooden! Here we had choice beyond choice.

      As well as a large selection of cooking things and cookers there are also other large items like a large wooden castle, fire station, hospital, zoo, construction site, train sets and much more. There are always lots of extras you can buy to go with the large sets or ideal for family to go back and buy.

      My youngest son's favourites are the construction vehicles. He loves to look at the large wooden trucks and diggers which come with small construction workers. Everything is made from the highest quality and you can tell this by just looking at the things.

      There is plenty on offer for boys and girls. As well as all the construction stuff, castles and animals there is plenty of girlie stuff which unfortunately I don't get to look at! They do sell a range of some of the well known wooden manufactures like Bigjigs, Melissa & Doug and Le Toy Van. So you will probably have seen many of their things available online but I love the fact I have a shop to go to and actually touch it when I buy it!

      My eldest son loves visiting this shop as he knows I am soft and always allow him to buy an item or two of wooden food to add to his collection. They have a very enticing display of what looks a little like a market stall with individual pieces of beautiful realistic wooden food. He feels really grown up choosing a piece or two like he would from a shop. At only £1.50 to £2 we usually find ourselves leaving with at least two!

      As with all wooden things it does come at a price and you will need your wallet when you go to this shop believe me. But they do also have a nice range of pocket money things so your child doesn't have to leave disappointed. There are kaleidoscopes, marbles, traditional wooden pocket money toys like a ball and a cup which are ideal not only for children but for fun adult presents.

      A lot of their stock is wooden but there is also games by big game makers Orchard toys and they do sell collectable teddies like the Steiff teddy bear but these are something we never find ourselves looking at. I can't but love this shop.


      As you would expect things in this shop doesn't come cheap but you do get fantastic quality. Everything I have bought for this shop has been great and has lasted well. For some of the large sets you are looking at over a hundred pounds or more but there are plenty of beautiful things available at lower prices it just depends how big you want to go. As we live in only a small cottage I have never been able to buy any of the very large sets as much as I would like to!

      ¬----The atmosphere----

      The shop has a lovely warm atmosphere to it. The displays are done with a lot of care and thought put into them. The staff are wonderful and very polite. They love to help but don't come and bother you they are happy to leave you to browse. It is so wonderfully set out you feel as if you children shouldn't move inside but they are quite happy to let your children have a good look and a little touch. Personally I found if I am doing a spot of present shopping I prefer not to take the children with me.

      ----The website----

      As it is a little independent shop in Beverley, East Yorkshire many will feel they miss out but it does have a website which seems to have a lot of stock on it. I can't comment on it from personal use as I am lucky enough to live not too far away from this little gem. It is certainly worth a look at some of the wonderful wooden toys they stock. As good as the website may be if you're in the area make sure you visit this beautiful shop that is like a wonderland to children and adults alike!

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