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Shopping Areas in Rugby

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City streets, markets, shopping malls, large retail parks...

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    2 Reviews
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      11.11.2009 20:20
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      Not bad but not good either

      Now previously I wouldn't have been too critical of Rugby's shopping areas, however due to the recent recession the high street tends to be a bit empty but considering Rugby's size it still isn't too bad.

      One of the main positives about Rugby is that the 3 main supermarkets are all within 5 minutes drive of the city centre with the new Asda being located in the centre itself and having a car park located under it which is brilliant for access to the store and the town centre.

      Rugby also has a main shopping centre called the clock towers which is where most of the chain stores like boots, game, rymans, superdrug and wilkinsons are located and this is good for shopping as it has its own car park and you can access all the shops fairly easily.
      There is also junction one located outside the town centre which contains shops more DIY and home store related as well as an array of restaurants and take-aways.

      However Rugby lacks any music store now after the closure of a couple in recent years and lacks a few chain stores which are needed to offer more choice around the town. It also has a huge amount of phone shops more than are ever needed in a town of its size.

      Overall I would say that Rugby isn't too bad for shopping however it can easily be exhausted in a maximum of 2 hours to buy anything really.


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      13.04.2009 18:07
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      Covers all fields in my opinion

      Rugby is not the best around for shopping, but for a smallish town, I think we do quite well considering.

      In the centre of Rugby town, we have a shopping precinct called the clock towers, named after our beautiful clock tower which stands proud in the centre of town, and is a sort of a legend around rugby, everyone tends to meet there, either for shopping or when you go out in the evening, the taxi rank and all the bus stops are dotted around it also along with the hundreds of pigeons, whom all stop there waiting for the children to drop bits of their cakes or sweeties, or for a stray chip or bit of sandwich that gets dropped from the locals whom buy and have their lunch from the takeaway caravan type things that are based their.

      There are three takeaway stands based around the bottom of the Clock tower, one being a jacket potatoes stand, one being a burger van and another being a sandwich van. I would defiantly recommend the spuds, they are delicious and although quite large in size, they still manage to be extremely competitive in process, a spud with butter and coleslaw is 1.40 which in my opinion is a bargain.

      Anyway Inside the precinct we have a varied amount of shops, such as Thornton's, Wilkinson's, Argos, Poundland, Dunelm Mill, boots, Superdrug, New Look etc etc, all are the same standard in which you would get in other towns, so nothing out of the ordinary, but a good varied bunch for all shoppers. The precinct also tend to have some little market type stalls such as a lovely traditional sweet stand, a glass and crystal artist, jewellery stand and they also tend to vary these stands throughout the year, which is nice, especially at Christmas time, where they had a lovely stand with nick naks that were all personalised for e.g. stockings, hairbrushes, room signs, mirrors etc.

      They also have a few eatery options for shoppers; they have a bb's, baker's oven, subway, all again at the same type of standard as you would imagine for these types of chain places.
      There is also a café on the second floor of the precinct that although is very basic in décor, sort of a greasy spoon style café, it actually caters to all different tastes and is very nice, it seems to be a favourite haunt for the over 60's, probably because of all their specials on oap's and early bird specials etc. On a Wednesday they do a gorgeous shepherds pie and vegetables, with a mug of tea of coffee for a fiver, my Nan and granddad often go up there for a treat on a Wednesday bless them.

      The precinct is very clean and has good access to all stores for both the disabled and double pushchairs etc, there are plenty of bins around and tends too be quite a nice place to shop.

      There are always security guards around that are very friendly and helpful to all shoppers that need some assistance but also are very good at stopping the youth spoiling the precinct for all.
      The only complaint I have about the precinct is the scarcity of toilets, there is one toilet on the bottom floor only accessible to the disabled and then all the rest along with the baby changing facilities are on the third floor, so it's a nightmare when your three year old shouts " I need a poo poo" in the middle of Wilkinson's when your arms are full of shopping and you have to grab them and do a sprint up to the elevators and then go up three floors and then do another sprint along the corridors to the toilet - complete nightmare. I can remember doing this when I was pregnant as well, and let's just say I got there only just in the nick of time!! And then had to lie down for a week to recover from my Linford Cristie style sprint.

      Moving on from the precinct we then have the high street that has a number of the big chain stores for e.g. Dorethy perkins, evans, burtons, topman, next, monsoon, m&s etc etc, but there are also some nice little independent stores, my favourite being hunts bookstore, which is a delightful bookstore in which my children love, especially since the owner is such a character and seems to have read every book ever written, he is very knowledgable and is great with kids and trys to encourage them as much as he can into bringing reading into their lifes and to really enjoy the magic and escapism of the books.

      There is a large McDonalds also along with many other small cafes and coffee shops, along this stretch of the high street. I would recommend summersaults though, it's a vegetarian café/restaurant, and although I'm not a vegetarian..... They do the yummiest chocolate cake and the atmosphere and décor are beautiful, some of you may have read my review on this place before and I'm sure you'll understand why I recommend it so much; it really is a beautiful place.

      On Mondays, Fridays and Saturdays the market is open also and the stalls go down the majority of the high street, I especially like the fruit and veg stores, that have been going since I was a little girl and there are loads of bargains to be had.

      There are also some other nice stores, down Regent street, which is just opposite the church and clock tower, down that street we have a great selection of lovely independent stores such as a lovely cookware shop, which I must admit, I just stand outside and look in dreaming at owning the whole of the le creuset range they stock. There is a great multi media store called sounds expensive, and although a stereo is a stereo to me and a tv is a tv.... My hubby literally has orgasms when going into this store!!! Poor man!!! There are also some very expensive jewellers, some charity stores and some very nice gist shops.

      We have some other stores leading out of the town also on the Clifton road, for e.g. a store called the ex catalogue store which you guessed it sells ex catalogue stuff at really great prices, I have got loads of bargains from here especially on their Mexican pine furniture.

      All in all we have a great selection and with the new absolutely massive Asda opening in the town centre I think it will be quite a good place to shop.

      The parking in the area it very good also, we have a selection of small car parks, behind the banks and also behind M&S but the most popular seems to be the multi storage within the shopping precinct, which people like to go for as its very cheap and they do not have to brave the elements after their shopping if the weather turns bad.

      But it does not stop there; we also have some great places on the outskirts of town such as the Elliott's field trading estate, which I must admit I currently visit at least once a week much to the annoyance of my hubby.

      They have a TK Maxx, pets at homes, Wickes, Homebase, Tescos, Boots, Laura Ashley, Currys and many more, including a cinema, bowling place and restaurants, so a good variation of places, ideally suited for the families of Rugby, we often go down there and spend most of the time catching up with friends and family whom are down there also, again much to the annoyance of my hubby.

      I think Rugby shopping is not the best in the world, but for a small town I think we offer a varied amount of stores and also we are on the doorstep of many other larger towns, cities such as Coventry, Birmingham, Northampton etc, so there is always plenty of opportunities for the locals and for me to participate in my most favourite of hobbies....shopping!!!!


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