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Brand: Biba / Womens Shoes

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    1 Review
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      22.08.2012 13:48
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      A gorgeous pair of wedges

      When I go to Newcastle to visit my other half's family the one thing I love to do is shop Newcastle has an amazing shopping scene whether you are a budget shopper to having an unlimited amount of money. One store that I love to go into is House of Fraser. The store in Newcastle is located in the Metro Centre (Gateshead) and I find that it really does offer something for everyone and a few months ago I managed to pick up a gorgeous pair of shoes for less than half the original price from a brand that I love and one that I don't shop too regularly at simply because of their prices!

      My shoes in question are called Peggy and are by Biba. The iconic brand of the early sixties having started out as a simple mail order company to a global fashion company in the seventies was relaunched back in 2010 exclusively at House of Fraser although their items can be bought at other selected stores. Biba is reknown for its opulent fabrics, bright, bold prints and their range still has a very retro edge. I adore the Biba range (especially their leather handbags!) but sadly my level of income doesn't let me splurge that often on Biba unless of course in the sale!

      Peggy the shoes in question were originally priced at £195.00, a price tag of which wouldn't be paid by all and not by me however much I love my shoes this price seems a bit steep for a pair of shoes you'll probably only wear in the summer months. However, roll on the summer sale at House of Fraser and the £195.00 price tag has been slashed to £59.00. Now yes, the sale price to some may still be a little expensive but to me this price isn't so bad especially for such as well known brand. Peggy can come in either nude or metallic colours, I personally opted for the nude version which are pictured on Dooyoo.

      Peggy are a very lovely pair of wedges and to look at they do have a slightly 60s/70s feel to them (according to my mother who also wore Biba 'back in the day'!). The main detailing is at the front of the shoe as there are snakeskin print and nude coloured pieces of leather all attached to a metallic strap which goes around the front of your foot. The pieces of leather are all stitched into the footbed of the shoe and are shaped slightly almost looking like petals. Whatever the shape I do like that they are all separate and you can therefore see through the shoe as well it being a peep toe pair of shoes the detailing is lovely especially as the pieces of leather look like they have been threaded on the colour co-ordinating leather strap.

      To help keep your feet in the wedges is a small piece of leather which will literally cover your heel and that is about it! There is a thin leather strap which goes around your ankle and is adjustable by a small buckle. For those that like to have supportive footwear then these won't be for you as there is no support for your feet especially at the sides! The front of the shoe does keep your feet in as the leather comes up and around the front of your foot and the leather ankle strap also offers some support but nothing major but of course it does help to keep the shoes on!

      The shoes are classed as wedges and the highest point of the heel is 12cm which yes is quite high and certainly not suitable for those not used to wearing heels! Despite the height of the heels it does have a decent sized platform which does take a little of the height off the heel so when wearing them and walking around in them they don't feel as high as they actually look - strange but true! Given that they are a pair of wedges I find them much more comfortable to wear than say a pair of stiletto heels as the sole of your foot is completely supported. I also find that my feet don't ache as much in wedges especially the arch of my foot. The wedge heel almost has an espadrille type look to it which is nice and contrasts nicely with the nude and snakeskin print leather.

      The insole of the shoes is nude in colour and does have a little padding which gives a bit more comfort for your feet when wearing them. The lining is again leather so is nice and soft against your skin. The front of the shoes is actually quite a narrow fit so if you have wide feet then you may struggle until the leather has given and stretched although you may find it slightly uncomfortable stretching the leather not to mention your feet will be squeezed in! The leather is however incredibly soft when brand new and doesn't take long to give a little but it doesn't stretch too much to loose the shape of the shoe or the shape of the leather pieces which make up the lovely detail at the front.

      I have had my pair now for a few months and have worn them on quite a few occasions where I have been on my feet for quite a long time (wedding and a christening) as well as wearing them on a few evenings out with friends and although I did find them somewhat a little tight at the front to begin with (I don't have wide feet) it didn't take long for the leather to give a little and supple up for them to become more suited to the shape of my feet. I had tried them on in store and was well aware that they would need wearing in a few times for them to be broken in but they didn't rub or cause any red marks they were just simply a little tight which was completely bearable!

      As said above I have worn these shoes for varying lengths of time and not once have been feet started to ache due to the height of the shoes. They are incredibly (and surprisingly) comfortable which makes them very easy to wear and walk in. Considering they have been worn quite a few times there is certainly no signs of wear even on the sole or heel. They are still in perfect condition and I am hoping that considering their original price tag that they will last for quite some considerable time especially as they are also incredibly well made and high quality materials have been used.

      I definitely love my Biba Peggy wedges and although some people may find their price tag whether original or sale off putting I think if you are wanting a quality pair of wedges which are comfortable to wear, well made and of course from an iconic fashion house then these should be worth considering. There are still plenty of sizes left in the House of Fraser sale too! Definitely a recommendation from me. Ideally I'd like to give 4.5 stars simply because of the price tag but because I think they are beautiful I will bump them up to 5 stars!

      ~ Useful Information ~

      Brand: Biba
      Price: Was £195.00 Now £59.00
      Sizes: 3 to 8
      Colours: Nude or Metallic
      Availability: Biba stockists such as House of Fraser, Polyvore and Kurt Geiger


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