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Durabrand CG5660-M

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  • good size
  • does the job of updating old televisions
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    2 Reviews
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      14.06.2015 22:56
      Very helpful


      • "good size"
      • "does the job of updating old televisions"


      • none

      Now those older televisions can now have freeview.

      This receiver is one of those things that you needed many years ago, before television came with built in freeview systems, and are only used to add onto those older televisions that have not got the built in freeview.
      It is about 17cm high, 13cm wide by 3cm wide, having a dull silver plastic covering. It is worked by remote control, which came in the box, together with the 2 AAA batteries the remote needs to power up.
      It had to be connected to the television, which was a matter of using the cable that came in the box, and also a scart lead, which I need to buy myself.

      You get the standard freeview stations. The standard five channels, several BBC channels, almost as many ITV channels, a lot of radio stations and more.
      This also gives a 7 day television guide, EPG, which means you don't have to waste money on the TV times, as you can scroll through a weeks worth of programs, setting reminders for the shows you want to see. Once the reminder is set you sit back and wait as when the chosen program is about to start you get a reminder on the screen.

      This unit cost me about £20 at the time I bought mine from asda which was a good deal at the time as I had a television that had no inbuilt freeview.


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      13.02.2009 17:31
      Very helpful



      More channels for less money

      Whilst I was out shopping in Asda a while ago I noticed a large pile of red boxes stacked just inside the entrance door... on closer inspection a noticed that they were digital set-top boxes with the Durabrand logo and selling for a tenner each... bargain, I thought, and as the entire country is being forced to go Digital, I thought I'd grab a couple of them at that price.

      When I got it home I quickly proceeded to connect the units to the televisions that are in two of the bedrooms, (luckily having a few scart leads at hand as they are not supplied in the package)... with some quite pleasant results... especially the ease of the entire process...

      ** THE BOX IT COMES IN...

      A dark colour of red with an image of the set top box on each surface, plus a small selection of channels available on freeview...


      * The receiver itself... which is a silver rectangular box of a nice size, approx. 13cm by 17cm by 3 cm (or 5 inch by 7 inch by 1 inch), which can be either lay flat or stood upright.
      * A small plastic tray for the receiver to sit in if you want it upright
      * A remote control
      * 2 AAA batteries ( hooray... finally, a company that supply batteries)
      * An aerial lead (approx. 30cm long)
      * An AC power adaptor.
      * Instruction manual
      * A quick start guide

      ** YOU WILL NEED...

      * A scart lead (which can be bought for a couple of quid)

      ** WHAT'S ON OFFER..?

      Quite a few channels, (with more being added over time)...
      You have the standard five, (Beebs 1 and 2, CBBC, Cbeebies, ITV 1, Channel 4 and 5), then you get BBC 3 and 4, ITV 2, Dave, E4, five US, news channels, including Sky Sports news? several radio and music channels... plus many other channels to choose from.
      It has a fully interactive 'press red button' facility, Auto set up and search for new channels, 7 day electronic programme guide (shows programs on screen for the forthcoming 7 days)

      ** OTHER STUFF...

      Edit/delete/change channel names and positions.
      Make a list of favourite channels
      Set timers to automatically switch channels on request, (so you don't miss a thing)


      It is a nice sized little unit with easy to understand labelling, including some colour coding... with the usual power button, volume button, programme change button and menu button...plus many others...
      The EPG (electronic program guide) button brings up a list of programs which are on and which are coming up.

      ** SETTING IT UP.... In 5 easy steps

      1) Take everything out of the box and check it's all there...
      2) Put the batteries (supplied), into the remote.
      3) Connect the aerial lead (supplied) into your television and the digibox, then connect the scart lead (not supplied), into the sockets, finally connect the power lead (supplied), into the dig box and plug it in...(all this is in the instructions and the leads can only fit into the appropriate sockets)..
      4) This done you then sit the digibox where you want it, either lay flat or stood up in the tray supplied and press the power button until the red light on the digibox turns green...
      5) On your screen will then appear an auto tune option... press ok and the digibox will begin to search for the many channels, tuning itself in with-in a matter of minutes...

      That's it... your television should know be tuned in, and you are now one of the Digital gang... (but all this does depend of course on the reception in your area or your aerial itself, although I have two of these boxes in use, one connected to an aerial in my loft and the other on one of them loop aeries on a portable television and both television have perfect reception, which considering the portable I was quite amazed myself).

      ** IN CONCLUSION...

      When I first saw this in Asda I had to grab them before they sold out, (and when I went back two days later the whole lot had gone... so I'm glad I bought two of them).

      When I got the product home a was quite surprised at what you get for the price...
      It is a good sized little unit which sits well either on top of your television or at the side, although the main box only allows you to switch channels or turn it on/off, but the remote control does everything you need it to do from a distance, (like lay in bed or sprawled on the sofa with a beer in your grip).

      The initial setting up to receive the many channels is a easy as making a cup of tea, or pouring a beer, simply by pressing a few buttons and waiting a few minutes, and your soon flicking through the channels trying to find something to watch, (although most of the time there's nothing worth watching at all, but that's not the fault of this cheap and cheerful little set top box).
      The set top box sits easily out of the way, noticeable only by the little red light which stays lit whilst on stand-by, turning green when the unit is switched on... I do know people will be shouting about global warming and energy saving, but as most digital boxes use next to nothing of electricity whilst on stand-by I assume this is the same, plus, the only way to switch this unit off completely is to unplug it, which is not something I do.

      As for the reception, well considering, as I said earlier, both units are plugged into non-digital aerials I was very impressed with the excellent quality of the picture, especially as one of the units is using a 'loop' type aerial... (you know the ones I mean..? the ones that look like a coat hanger bent into a circle with a bit of plastic at the end which plugs into your television..?...Thinking about it, maybe a should try using a coat hanger and see if I can still get a picture..? You never know???).
      But as both units do there jobs without forking out for an upgraded aerial I'm happy for now...

      This is a basic model, it doesn't have the capability remembering your favourite programs and recording them over a space of two hundred days, using an in-built 80 GB hard-drive, (as it doesn't have one), nor can it let you record one channel whilst watching another, but if you simply want to watch one of the many digital channels without all the fringes then this little gem is a great deal.

      I know I paid a tenner for each unit I have seen people selling them off for a lot less, although I have also read a few negative comments regarding this cheap and cheerful unit... but as I have had no problems with mine as yet, (touch wood) I have nothing to complain about...

      In all, a nice looking little grey box which does exactly what it says on the tin...
      It's only downside is for those energy watchers who like to complain about things being left on stand-by... but they can always un-plug the unit, and if you do then I would like to know if you have to re-tune it when you plug it back in..?


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