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New Covent Garden Moroccan Tagine Soup

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Brand: New Covent Garden / Type: Soups

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    2 Reviews
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      17.06.2011 00:08
      Very helpful



      I loved it!

      Yesterday I had a soup by New Covent Garden Food for lunch - the "Moroccan Tagine"! Here's my review on it.

      Shopper's appeal
      My mother bought this soup for me when i asked her to get me soups by New Covent Garden Good. I've had them before and I really love them - my favourite varieties are "Winter Vegetable" and "Potato & Leek". I think the soups taste delicious and are just the perfect comfort food that doesn't make you gain weight. ;) They are also really filling and seem to be made of high quality ingredients.

      The packaging
      The soups come in a cardboard container that has to be stored in the fridge. You usually have to consume them within a week or two as they are fresh and won't last ages. The "Moroccan Tagine" soup seems to be a special winter edition variety as there is a pink scarf printed on the packaging, saying "Fresh for winter... stay warm...".
      On the packaging it says that the soup was inspired by the traditional Moroccan soup "Harira", "which is a fusion of harissa spices, and gives a dish of lentils, chickpeas & rice". It is supposed to warming and have an earthy flavour to it. On the front of the container it is also stated that the soup contains tomatoes, lentils and chickpeas mildly spices with harissa.
      Nutritional values and the list of ingredients are also given. The carton contains 600g and makes up a nice bowl of soup.

      The soup
      When I opened the container to dip it into a pot for cooking, I was surprised and how thick it was. Most New Covent Garden soups are creamy, but don't have much too chew in them. But here I could make out lots of chickpeas, rice and lots of chopped vegetables. It all looked really interesting to me. ;)
      The smell was really nice - it reminded me a bit of the light Tikka Masala sauce by Tesco, but of course it was less "indian".
      When I was finished cooking it until it was hot and ready to eat, I put it in a bowl and tried it. I instantly fell in love! The taste is indeed earthy, and the mix of spices is just perfect. It's spicy without being hot. Although there seems to be a lot of tomato in it, it didn't overpower the other ingredients at all. The chickpeas weren't too hard but not too soft either - it's a soup that gives you a bit to chew. The soup was really filling and tasty.
      This is defenitely the perfect soup when you're feeling cold and want something warm and hearty to fill you up! I loved it.

      The ingredients
      Water, tomatoes (32%), cooked chickpeas (10%), onions, Canadian green lentils (4%), long grain rice, wheat flour, lemon juice, salt, sugar, coriander, cumin, parsley, turmeric, harissa spice blend (0.03%), ground black pepper.
      Harissa spice blend contains: chillies, coriander, cumin, caraway seeds, sea salt, mint.

      Nutritional value
      Typical values per 100g
      Energy 248 kJ / 59kcal
      Protein 2.9g
      Carbohydrate 9.7g
      ... of which sugars 2.7g
      Fat 0.6g
      ... of which saturates 0.3g
      Fibre 1.6g
      Salt 0.5g
      ... of which sodium 0.19g

      The price
      You can get this soup at Tesco, Waitrose and probably all major supermarkets. It's about £2.00 for a container - not cheap, but well worth it!

      I loved this soup - it tasted interesting and really filled me up. Perfect for healthy, effortless eating and a good meal to take to work or buy when you're sick. Oh, what am I talking - it's fab for every occasion.


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      20.01.2011 13:48
      Very helpful



      An excellent addition to this range of soups

      My mother 's in a care home in Lancashire which means travelling up there every couple of months to visit her. This involves taking her out for trips, making sure she's well stocked up with things she needs, toiletries etc, and as we're hanging onto the family home for now, there are usually odd jobs needed to be done around the house too, including beginning to clear out some of the junk that's been accumulated over the last fifty plus years.

      The last thing I want to do, therefore, is cook and when I'm up there I tend to live quite frugally on pizza, soup, salads and baked potatoes etc. One of the soups which I bought recently was the Moroccan Tagine, a new addition to the range from the New Covent Garden Food Co. This is wonderfully spicy and filling and is part of their growing range of soups which encompass not only hearty British varieties but also some more exotic recipes.

      Price and availability:

      The New Covent Garden soups are sold in their distinctive cardboard cartons and can be found in the chill cabinet in most supermarkets. The company has built up a reputation for producing a range of soups made with wholesome and natural ingredients, all of which taste as though they were home made. This particular soup is currently retailing at £2.20 in Tesco but I bought mine at the reduced price of £1.49 for a 600 gram carton.

      My opinion:

      Moroccan Tagine soup is marketed as being "fresh for winter" and to emphasise that point, there is a picture of a deep pinky-red scarf wrapped around the carton bearing that legend. Its spiciness certainly makes it a warming and ideal soup for the colder months. At first glance, I was going to pass over this variety because, being a non-meat eater, the name Moroccan Tagine immediately made me think it would contain lamb. However, a closer look at the ingredients list showed that there isn't a trace of meat in this soup and it's suitable for vegetarians, even those of a vegan persuasion, I suspect. It does contain wheat however so isn't suitable for the gluten intolerant.

      It's suitable for freezing, which should be done on the day of purchase and it should be consumed within one month. The 600 gram carton provides enough soup for two generous portions. Once opened, the carton should be kept in the fridge and the contents consumed within 24 hours.

      The soup is inspired by a traditional Moroccan soup called Harira and is made with tomatoes, chickpeas, onion, green lentils, rice, wheat flour, lemon juice, salt, sugar, coriander, cumin, parsley, turmeric, ground black pepper and harissa spice blend This blend comprises chillies, coriander, cumin, caraway seeds, sea salt and mint. These ingredients make for a deliciously spicy, low fat, high fibre meal and although it has a fairly high carbohydrate content, these are complex carbohydrates with a relatively low sugar content A 300g serving provides 170 calories.

      This soup can be cooked either on the hob in the usual way or in the microwave in the carton. For microwave cooking, the carton needs to be shaken, opened and cooked on a high setting for 3 minutes. I found that it's best to put a piece of kitchen paper over the opened carton when cooking this way, otherwise the contents tend to get slightly splattered over the microwave! This is a thickly blended soup which is a warm orangey red colour and contains identifiable pieces of chickpea, lentil and rice and I guarantee that even the most hardened meat eater won't notice that this is a vegetable soup. It is very filling, especially when eaten with a hunk of warm, crusty bread. The harissa spice blend creates an aroma which is exotic and enticing and the flavour is pleasantly spicy without being overly hot. Anyone who enjoys Middle Eastern food will love this soup.

      In my opinion, this is another delicious soupy triumph for the New Covent Garden Food Co and is an excellent addition to their ever growing range.


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