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Mayflower Medium Curry Sauce Mix

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Brand: Mayflower / Type: Sauces

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    3 Reviews
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      29.10.2013 14:13
      Very helpful



      A lovely chinese curry,

      This can be tricky to find in shops but I buy from Jack fulton's frozen food shop for £1 or from a chinese grocery store for £1.29 for a 255g packet. I have heard people buy from b & m homestores or home bargains but it depends from store to store.

      The curry powder is in a plastic storage tub with a clip on lid (like you would get from chinese takeaway) and is then inside a cardboard box.

      It is so simple to make a chinese style curry at home with this sauce. I really do think it tastes just like the curry you would get from the chinese takeaway. To make the curry you have to place the required water in the pan add the powder (quantities are on the pack along with instructions) and whisk over heat until it thickens. It takes less than 10 mins. You can add cooked meat or have just as a plain curry sauce. I personally like to add chunky onions, peas, mushrooms and chicken or prawns. You would easily feed 4 people from the packet twice, maybe even three times so its a bargain price.

      So...The taste? As i've already said it tastes just like the chinese takeaway. It is quite mild though its not a spicy curry but they do make a 'hot' version which is quite spicy its quite a leap from this to the 'hot' one. Im no wuss when it comes to currys but my nose was running. This one however is fine, my kids enjoy it also. I have also reheated leftovers and it still tastes nice. It goes very thick and gloopy when cooled but if you stir when you reheat its just as nice.


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      19.10.2010 17:43
      Very helpful



      A cheap quick and tasty curry sauce


      My son recently found a good recipe, which required curry sauce. We did not have the ingredients handy to make a fresh sauce so I took the five-minute trip up to Farmfoods to get some stuff.

      I could not find some of the required ingredients here either so I found my self in a predicament. I thought I'd better find something else for tea so had a look around the aisles.

      I found a packet of mayflower frozen curry sauce for £1.00 so I put that in my basket, further round the store I found the powdered version of the same sauce, so I picked that up as well, it was also £1.00.

      Mayflower Curry Sauce

      Two and a half minutes in the microwave, that's how long it takes to get a mild and very pleasant tasting curry sauce. Now I like this with chips................chips and curry sauce what could be more British lol

      It is the powder version however that is the subject matter so lets get down to business. The packet says there is sufficient in the plastic tub to make 9 portions. I'd say that was pretty much correct if you like loads of curry sauce with your chips.

      The instructions state to mix 340ml of cold water with 3oz of curry powder mix. Blend this together with a wooden spoon and place on the hob. Simmer for 2 minutes and you'd think you had just defrosted the other version.

      Obviously you can scale down the water and mix to make just the quantity you need. This was what we did to participate in my sons recipe, which I shall give at the end of this review should you wish to try it out.

      The Sauce thickens as it heats and the simmering just gives it that bit of a gloss finish. It smells delicious as it is heating and I was tempted to have a quick taste........temptation was never something that I resolved so I stuck my finger in and had a taste.

      It was definitely curry sauce, but of the mild variety, which was fine by me, perfect for chips I thought. It was smooth with no lumps which for a sauce in this house is somewhat of a miracle. By the way I usually make the sauces not the wife.

      I had now decided this would be suitable for my sons idea so I called him and he made his creation. Again it was delicious if not totally original. I enjoyed it immensely and would certainly have it again.


      For a humble quid you get a curry sauce that in my opinion is worthy of the humble chip. It also could be used to make your beef or chicken curry if you don't like your curry hot. A definite further purchase and recommend from me.


      Take a chicken breast and slice into four roughly equal lengths.

      Make your own breadcrumbs or shop bought if you prefer

      Beat an egg or two depending on how much you are making

      Coat the Chicken firstly in the egg then in the breadcrumbs

      Fry the chicken until cooked but not crispy

      Remove from the frying pan and place on a baking tray on top of kitchen foil and place in a moderate oven.

      Get some sticky rice and cook as per instructions

      Make your curry sauce I'd recommend the above reviewed produce

      Get you plates and a small mould for the rice.

      Place the rice in the mould and press it in slightly, then tap it out onto your plate.

      Get your chicken from the oven and add it too your plate

      Finally pour over the curry sauce

      ENJOY I did


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        21.07.2010 17:04
        Very helpful



        Gorgeous sauce and really authentic!

        I love curry and my particular favourite is a Chinese style curry. I often get it from a take-away when my finances allow me to however at times I simply can't afford that luxury and so have to make my own!

        So when I spotted this in Farmfoods costing a mere pound a box I decided to purchase it and make my own. I have tried in the past to make a Chinese curry sauce from scratch but with completely terrible results so I though this may help me a long a bit.

        The Packaging:

        The box the mix comes in is red and on the front of it there is a photograph of a a bowl of the sauce and some vegetables in a sauce too and I am told that it is Mayflower 'Chinese Style' Medium Curry Sauce Mix and that it is a 9 portion pack, takes 2 minutes to simmer and the best before date is clearly stamped on. Other information listed on the box includes being told how to use it, ingredients and allergy advice along with storage and nutritional information is also stated, there is a recipe given for chicken curry, the weight of the product is also given which is 255g and contact details for KingAsia foods Ltd (the manufacturer are given) as well. Inside the box there is a large white plastic (rather see through) box of powder. Nice enough box, informative enough etc.

        The Sauce Itself:

        Well this is a light brown powder that smells of curry really. I can detect the turmeric, cumin and slight aroma of garlic from it as soon as I open it up to use it. To use it you simply whisk up 85g of the mix into 340ml of cold water in a saucepan, bring it to the boil and then simmer it for about 2 minutes, alternatively mix it up as I have just stated above and microwave it for 5 minutes and then once its cooked dribble it over food or put ingredients into it.....it's a very versatile sauce really this one.

        For me making a curry though I simply fry off my ingredients first and remove the excess fat, I then mix up the sauce and cook it through and then add it to my ingredients I've just browned and cooked through and let it all simmer for a few minutes and until the sauce is thickened.

        This sauce is lovely and ever so simple to use. The measurements I've given you make up a portion for about 2-3 people, me though I think this serves 2 people better, depending on how saucy you want your curry of course!

        The sauce is a light brown colour, rather thick when cooked though and looks smooth. It smells of garlic and really to me as Chinese curry should smell. It's a nicely seasoned sauce and doesn't taste overly sweet or anything and all the spices marry together really well making a rich and flavoursome sauce. It does have a mild kick of chillies to it as well though it doesn't give off a mind blowing hotness or anything like that.

        I love this sauce and find it really, really tasty, easy to use and it makes me a tasty and authentic sauce in very little time at all!

        Nutritional Information Per 100g Of Made Up Sauce:

        Energy: 77Kcal
        Protein: 1.1g
        Carbohydrates: 8.3g
        of which sugars: 2.0g
        Fat: 3.8g
        of which saturates; 1.3g
        Fibre: 0.8g
        Sodium: 0.7g

        Available in Farmfoods stores.


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