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Bertolli Pecorino Cheese and Garlic Pasta Sauce

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Brand: Bertolli / Type: Sauces

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    3 Reviews
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      09.06.2010 23:20
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      When it comes to pasta I do love I as it is so easy to make and you can get so many sauces nowadays to really create so many different dishes. I normally always look for pasta sauces on offer as I am currently on a bit of a budget so this week I picked up the Bertolli Pecorino sauce on offer. I do speak Italian but had never heard of Pecorino sauce before so when I looked at what it said it actually sounded like the kind of flavour I would normally like.


      The Bertolli sauce comes in a glass jar like most pasta sauces do. It has a label round the waist which has the Bertolli logo boldly displayed. It then has a picture of all of the ingredients included laid out on a table and has the flavour in white text underneath the image. I think for those who are unaware of what Percorino is they have put in gold type that it is Romano cheese & garlic which helps people decide right away whether they want to purchase or not.


      The facts are done on a typical 133g serving and this jar contains 400g so based on per 133g its is 100 calories (5%), 6.4g sugars (7%), 5.3g fat (8%), 1.5g saturates (8%) and 1.57g salt (26%), now I ate the whole jar when I had this so I can't imagine it was the healthiest of meals. The sauce is gluten free and it is suitable for vegetarians. They also recommend that you gently heat and service over pasta as a serving suggestion which to me is pretty much obvious.


      The pasta sauce I stirred in once my portion of pasta was cooked. It had a very tomato base which is what I prefer with pasta sauce anyway as I love the real tomato taste. This sauce had a nice smell and easily cooked into the pasta and created a nice rich red sauce. I then served on a plate and sprinkled with a bit of Parmesan cheese ready to eat. I took a fork and had my first bite, it was very hot but it really did taste good. It had a very cheesy after taste which judging by Pecorino being a cheese & garlic sauce this seemed quite obvious.

      The sauce is very nice to eat and I found a full jar gave just the right amount for me as I was very hungry that day. It is a perfect combination for a sauce and I'd definitely buy it again. It is easy to cook and if you are hungry this definitely filled my cravings for the time being that I had it and I was full for a while. It has such a great taste that this would be enough on its own even if you didn't sprinkle the cheese on top.


      If you love your pasta then this is definitely one of the more original sauces out there. Normally there is just tomato & garlic sauces or pesto so this made a change having the cheese background to it and I think any lovers of Italian food would love this. Also if you are a student and sick of living on pasta this might change up your taste of pasta a little bit.


      I purchased my sauce in a Tesco Metro and it was on offer with most of the Bertolli range so it only cost me £1 which is a bargain for a 400g jar.


      Tomato (77.8%),Concentrated Solerosso Tomato Puree (7.5%) ,Pecorino Romano Cheese (3.6%) ,Onion ,Lemon Juice ,Garlic (1.7%) ,Extra Virgin
      Olive Oil (1.4%) ,Salt ,Sugar ,Parsley (0.1%) ,Oregano

      If you want any more information on Bertolli and their sauces you can go to http://www.unilever.co.uk/brands/foodbrands/Bertolli.aspx


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        22.03.2010 09:52
        Very helpful
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        Wicked Pasta Sauce From Bertolli

        I've been buying quite a few of the Bertolli sauces because Tesco have had them on special offer a lot this year. One of my faves is their Pecorino Sauce, this is a sauce made out of vine ripened tomatoes with cheese and garlic added to it.

        It's dead easy to use because you just have to warm it up and pour over the pasta or whatever you're having with the sauce. Last night I had some with pasta and some chicken pieces and all I had to do was put the sauce on to heat up while the pasta was cooking and it was all done in about 10 mins.

        The sauce has got a gorgeous flavour. The main taste in it is tomatoes because that's mainly what the sauce is made out of but you can also taste the cheese and garlic through the tomatoes. The garlic makes it taste a bit tangy but it's not over powering and I think all the different ingredients in the sauce go proper nice together.

        The cheese they use in this sauce tastes a bit like parmesan cheese, it's got that wickedly strong flavour that goes sooooooo good with the tomatoes in the sauce. It's even better with a bit of grated cheese on the top of the pasta and sauce, if you use cheddar it helps bring the flavour of the Pecorino cheese out even more and helps give the sauce a bit of a creamier taste.

        This is quite a sweet tasting sauce and it's gone brill on everything I've tried it with so far. My fave meal at the minute is this Bertolli sauce over pasta (it's gotta be spirals!), chicken, baby sweetcorn and mushrooms..... yummy and takes minutes to cook! A good thing about this sauce is that even though there are shedloads of different flavours in it there's nothing over powering about the sauce and all the flavours just help to bring out the fresh tastes of whatever you're eating with the sauce.

        At the minute a 400g jar is £1.89 in Tesco but keep your eyes open because so far this year they've been on BOGOF and also special offer at £1.00 a jar. A jar easy serves 2 people with plenty of sauce but you could stretch that I reckon and do 3 or 4 meals out of the one jar.



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          18.02.2009 08:39
          Very helpful



          Don't pass it by - grab a jar!

          We eat a fair amount of pasta in our house - it is fairly cheap, filling, low in fat, good for providing energy to my sports mad children, quick to cook after the end of a busy day at work, and incredibly versatile. Many is the meal made with pasta and leftovers from the fridge - half a pepper, a few mushrooms, a leftover slice of bacon.....combined with one of the tins of chopped tomatoes in my cupboard and a few herbs, we can make a meal out of almost anything!

          For that reason, I tend to stay away from ready prepared pasta sauces - for me they are overpriced and generally full of additives, sweetners and other things that I just don't see are necessary for such a simple meal.

          But last year, I drove down to France for a self catering holiday - to keep the cost down, I try and take as much with me as I can, and so the big bag of pasta found its way into the roof box, as did a two jars of ready made pasta sauce, simply because they were on offer at the supermarket. The pecorino sauce from Bertolli was one of them, and one I am happy to say I have bought several times since......

          This jar is found in the pasta sauces section of the supermarket, along with the Ragus of this world. When not on offer, it costs about £1.55 a jar, but is frequently found on BOGOF or 2 for £2 which makes it more than reasonable.

          What I liked about this jar was that it says it is made with natural ingredients, which lead me to read the list on the back. I don't normally list ingredients in a review, but will do so today simply so you can see just how simple and natural this sauce is:

          - Tomato, and tomato puree
          - Pecorino cheese
          - Onion
          - Lemon Juice
          - Garlic
          - Extra Virgin Olive Oil
          - Salt
          - Sugar
          - Parsley, Oregano, Basil

          OK, so maybe some will say salt and sugar are not needed, but they are small amouts, being down at the bottom of the list, so it gives me no worries.

          Reassured by my non-fussy ingredients, I looked forward to using this sauce......and I was not disappointed. You simply gently heat it and serve it over pasta.....a filling and not un-healthy meal in the time it takes you to cook your pasta, so about 20 minutes. Of course, you can add the wrinkly pepper from the fridge, along with those mushrooms, an onion and a couple of leftover bits of sausage or chicken, but to be honest, this sauce doesn't need it - it is man enough for the job as it is.

          The main ingredient is tomatoes (over 75%) with the cheese being just 3.6%, but because pecorino cheese has a strong taste (a bit like parmesan, it is a hard cheese), this balance is just right, the flavour of the cheese is distinguished, yet is not overpowering. The garlic and lemon juice accompany it perfectly, making quite simply one of the best pasta sauces I have ever had, and that includes the home made ones too.

          I can easily make this sauce do a dish for 4 people, without anyone feeling they are being hard done by - if I want to stretch it a bit further, I just add a slosh of red wine as I heat it through!

          Nutrition wise - 100g of this (there are 500g in a jar) has just 55 calories and 0.9g of saturated fat - combined with pasta and veggies (if you use them) this makes for a very healthy meal that my sports mad teenagers are more than happy with.

          I don't often see this in the supermarkets, so tend to grab a jar when I do - it is well worth it.


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