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Iggle Piggle Hand Glove Puppet

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Brand: Iggle Piggle Hand

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    1 Review
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      08.03.2014 12:44
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      Its ok but not great

      One of the things I enjoy doing, and try to do more of as time goes on, is take my kids to live shows. Despite this sometimes being a logistical nightmare ('Mummy, I need a wee!', 'Mummy I'm tired!', 'Mummy I'm bored') I think it's important for kids to see live performances as its enjoyable, can be interactive, sometimes educational but overall fun for the whole family to see. This particular item was bought the last time we saw In The Night Garden Live last year. Cost was either £3.00 or £4.00.

      Why was it bought?

      We've now seen this show three times, and on the last occasion I dragged a friend with me as I didn't feel like experiencing this show AGAIN with just the kids. I've spent money on the past on silly windmills that break after afew seconds used, and goody bags filled with half decent stuff but was determined this time around not to spend anything-and I didn't! This was one of the most affordable items they had on sale at the show and my friend bought this and the Upsy Daisy version for the kids. She thought it looked cute, and could be fun to play with.

      What does it look like?

      This puppet measures 9 inches in length and just over 8 inches across (at its widest point). It looks and feels as if it's made from some form of felt, because when touched, it's very smooth, flat and soft. You can see the material being made up more of fibres than individual strands of fabric.

      At the top of the puppet the character has an almost oval shaped head. On the left hand side of the top of his head sits 4 red sections of material that have a slight thickness to it compared to the rest of the puppet. Just below this this section the puppet's head is pale blue, but appears to be joined by stitching on the inside of the puppet, to the rest of it. Down from this section the character's face (and the rest of the puppet), is a paler blue colour. He has eyes made of stitching (blue eyelids, white eyeballs and black round pupils). He has a small oval shaped nose and a thick but short smile. Both made from pale blue coloured stitching.

      The puppet has a wide body that comes out alittle more towards the bottom. He has two arms that are in a stretched out position and the ends of the arms where you would expect to see fingers (no fingers shown on this) are a slightly darker pale blue then the rest of the puppet.

      The back of the puppet is completely plain with no patterns or detailing at all.

      Hand wash only.

      How to use

      Very simple.Place the puppet over your hand and your thumb and little finger will sit in the arms of the puppet, while the other fingers will go into the head section.

      What do the kids think?

      At first they found these quite interesting to look at and play with. But in all honesty I didn't see much role play between my kids and the puppets and also between themselves in general when they had this and the other version. I tried to interact with them by using this myself and encourage them in play with it, but they didn't appear that interested.

      On the plus side they both could easily put this on one of their hands, and got the idea of it being a puppet and it obviously was very recognisable as the character Iggle Piggle. But that's it really!

      What did I think?

      When I first saw these ( although it was from afar ), I thought they looked very cute and was a nice item to have on sale as it was alittle different from the usual stuff they have on sale. When I saw the price I thought it was actually quite cheap as I'm familiar with the prices they have connected with the merchandise, and I did think these would be more long lasting than other things at a similar price point.

      Look wise, it does resemble the character. Overall it has a decent look to it but doesn't blow me away. The problem I have is the character itself is quite basic in look, so not the easiest character to make look interesting when made in puppet form. It personally doesn't spark my imagination nor the kids as well but it's not an offending looking item and has a slight cuteness to it but nothing special.

      It's a very flat and one dimensionally shaped puppet. I didn't expect this to be the best thing in the whole world, but would've preferred to see something that had physically abit more life to it, and variation maybe in texture, material, stitching. In a way this looks like one of the kids has been sitting on him and got up and saw him lying there! He's quite thin, but thick enough to be comfortable on the hand but doesn't appear the best quality and not much thought has gone into making him stand out. All of the stitching seems fine, it still in one piece despite being bought summer 2013. But it looks like something I would've made in Home Technology many moons ago.

      The size of this puppet seems fine for both adult and children use. It doesn't drown the hand of a child if they're the ones using it, and it sits comfortably on my hand without feeling tight or uncomfortable.

      It does say handwash but I doubt sticking it in a cool wash or 40 degrees will do it any harm. The fact the material is the way it is suggests to me this would dry very quickly. If my children played with this regularly, I could see this getting dirty very easily because it is made up of quite light colouring.

      Would I buy this myself?

      I wouldn't go out of my way to buy this, no. But if I was in the same position and being at the live show and the kids bullied me into buying something then I probably would go for this or other versions. Why? It's one of the cheapest things they sell, it's made ok and I'm sure even if my kids still don't use it in the future, it would be used by their friends or I could give it to one of my daughter's stay and plays or her nursery class.


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