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Stresa Restaurant and Bar (Derby)

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Address: Derby Riverlights / Morledge / Derby DE1 2AY

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    1 Review
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      19.07.2012 13:21
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      Nice simple decor and good fresh food if a little pricey.

      Stresa Restaurant
      Derby Riverlights
      Morledge, DE1 2AY
      Phone: 01332 412644
      E-Mail: restaurant@hiderby.co.uk

      I had never heard of the restaurant as it is one of the new restaurants which have been built along the river side where the old bus station used to be. Now we have a holiday Inn and a couple of restaurants as well as a new bus station.

      This restaurant is on the fourth floor of the Holiday inn. You have to go into the hotel reception and then use the lift to get up to the restaurant. The hotel rooms are floors two and three and those floors can only be accessed using a room key card for security.

      This is a brand new building so everything is fresh and minimalist. The list is speedy and held about twelve of us so pretty big and quite efficient in that both times we pressed a button it arrived within seconds.

      As you arrive on the floor floor the impression you get is one of light and openness. There are a few sofas straight in front of you and a bar so you can sit and enjoy a drink on a comfortable chair if you like.

      You get a pretty good view over the city and some of the nicer looking buildings but sadly although a lot had been done to improve Derby, there are still some fairly ugly sixties buildings which I feel would be better done away with instead of knocking down the older nice solid brick buildings but it has got better.

      The tables for eating at are modern and the chairs again simple and modern. It has a slightly Scandinavian look about it, almost 'furnished by IKEA'.

      This was a lunch time meal which was booked and paid for by Homestart to reward their volunteers. We bought our own drinks from the bar and these were then brought over to the table by the barman once we were sitting.

      WE had pre ordered our meals from the menu sent to us by Homestart a few weeks before. I always have trouble remembering what I chose weeks before but that isn't a problem as the lovely ladies in the office at Homestart always have a list for us forgetful ones.

      So rather than choosing from a menu we just wait until they start bringing the dishes to the table and then raise our hands when the dish we order is brought. It isn't exactly fine dining but it does work and when you have a large group to cater for it is quite an efficient way of doing things.

      I ordered a chicken Caesar salad as I thought it would be fresh on a nice summer's day. We the salad was nice a fresh and light but the day was far from summery as it was pouring with rain yet again. The salad was full of lovely thick slices of breast chicken, herby croutons and crispy fresh lettuce, tomatoes and cucumber. It was exactly as I like my Caesar salad with not too much dressing, in America they tend to really overdo the dressing so that it becomes sickly whereas this was perfect, you could taste the chicken and the different ingredients as well as the dressing.

      Others in the group enjoyed a pizza which was the size my husband and I usually share. A beetroot risotto which those who ate it said was very tasty but didn't appeal to me as I like a bit of variety on my plate. The mushroom 'open' lasagne looked like flat pasta with a creamy mushroom sauce but the lady next to me had it and said it was delicious ! There was also a spaghetti bolognaise which is something I never order in a restaurant as I make it a lot at home and also it is very tricky to eat tidily. I am sure there was something else but I can't remember.

      Just looking on the website I can't see the menu we were offered so perhaps they put together a few of their dishes specially for Homestart as I know they have a limited budget per person. We also had a cup of tea or coffee after the meal included.

      The menu on the website offers a range of pizzas rather than just the one, there are also several pasta dishes as well as risottos, salads, choices of fish and seafood and more. There is also a bar menu which offers a wide choice of sandwiches and Paninis which I think I shall have to drag my husband along to try one lunch time. We keep saying we must go and walk along the new river front and explore all the changes in Derby as we usually just rush in to the shops we want and leave again. We are just waiting for a nice day when we have both got nothing else on.

      Dine with family and friends while enjoying the Italian traditions of food, friendship and hospitality.

      Ingredients are the cornerstone of a good menu but the most important ingredient that binds it all together is passion and creativity.

      On the website they advertise that they offer ;"Culinary simplicity with emphasise on quality and fresh ingredients characterise Stresa - your slice of Italy in Derby." This is an Italian restaurant that uses simple, fresh ingredients . It isn't fancy but it is well done. I am not quite sure why the website shows photos in black and white of Italian villages clinging to hills as the restaurant in Derby in clean, modern, sleek and very minimalist.

      I was very happy with my salad for lunch and I think that would normally be about £9.50 which is not cheap for a salad but there was plenty of tender succulent chicken on mine. If I had paid nearly £10 for a beetroot risotto I would have felt a bit robbed, neither ingredient is expensive after all and risotto is so easy to cook too. Anyway I will probably give Stresa another try sometime in the near future but not before we visit Jimmy's which is in the same building block and offers a round the world buffet!

      Thanks for reading. This review may be posted on other sites under my same user name.


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