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Peachy Keens (Nottingham)

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Address: 114 Upper Parliament Street, Nottingham, NG1 6LF

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    1 Review
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      20.03.2012 23:44
      Very helpful



      A great restaurant

      Not too long ago, I reviewed an all you can eat Chinese restaurant, May Sum, in Nottingham. In that review, I mentioned another all you can eat restaurant called Peachy Keens. My family recently came to Nottingham to see me and as everyone likes extremely different thing, I figured Peachy Keens would be a perfect place for us all.

      Peachy Keens is situated on Upper Parliament Street, only a minute further down the road to May Sum. From market square it will take about 5 minutes to walk here and from the train station about 20 minutes. Upper Parliament Street has great transport links with most of the buses stopping down here somewhere or another or very close to it. With Peachy Keens being at the end of the street, it is not being hidden by shoppers or people getting off the buses every 2 seconds.

      As my family came during the day, we decided to go and eat at around 1pm. At this time of day, during the week a buffet is only £6.95, the cheapest it ever is and this is a great price. The restaurant wasn't extremely busy at this time but there were people placed around the restaurant all over the place. It was nice that the restaurant wasn't too busy or too loud as we all wanted some time to chat while we ate. There were 5 of us and we were taken to a nice big table with plenty of space for us all and our bags as well as not being too close to other tables.

      Unlike May Sum, Peachy Keens is an all you can eat buffet with foods from around the world instead of only Chinese food. Here, you can choose from a range of food from: Chinese, Italian, Indian, English, Thai, Japanese and Mexican as well as a few others. I was quite excited to see what was on offer and to see what I could try that I hadn't before. From our table we could see most of the food although a lot of it was in metal containers to keep it as hot as possible and it all looked amazing. In the middle of the buffet is a large table filled with different kinds of salads and the more normal things like lettuce and cucumber etc. as well as tomato sandwiches, which I thought was a little strange.

      The Chinese food has its own section towards the front of the restaurant which is right next to the desserts. I'm not quite sure why it is placed here but I assume because of lack of space and nowhere else for it to go. I love Chinese food and this was to die for. I only sampled a little bit but the chow mein I had was nearly the best I have ever tasted. Unlike May Sum as well, Peachy Keens did have boiled rice as well as fried rice on offer which I was extremely thankful for. Next to this section was a chef cooking up fresh noodles etc. if you wanted them. There are normally a lot more fresh cooking sections but as it was lunch time, they weren't open.

      I don't eat Indian food but the section for that was by far the largest in the restaurant and everyone else who did have this said it was delicious. There were ranges of quite mild dishes to very hot ones so there is something for everyone. Among the other foods on offer were cheesy pasta, lasagne, mini burgers and hot dogs, paella, meat dishes in different sauces, potatoes, chilli con carne and so much more. The dishes change quite frequently (as in per day) so the next time I go there could be things that are completely different. All of the food I went for was hot at all times and it always looked fresh and appetising. Nothing I ate here tasted bad or like it could have been much better. Everything was really good.

      The dessert section was just as good as the main food. Along with ice cream factory and a chocolate fountain, we could choose from a few different types of chocolate cake, apple crumble, jelly, crème caramel, fruit salad and much. My Mum and I went up a few times and got a few different things. If I hadn't been so full by this point I would have quite happily tried everything.

      The restaurant is very big but as we were eating, it began to fill up really quickly so I can only imagine how busy an evening meal would be. Still, we were never waiting to get to any of the food. Also, as the restaurant got really busy, we thought the toilets would also be like this but they weren't. The ladies toilets are large, spacious and clean with enough stalls for about 10 people which was really good.

      While I loved May Sum, Peachy Keens wins for me now. There is so much on offer and I enjoyed the variety of food to choose from and the fact that it could be different next time I go. A great buffet restaurant.

      Monday to Thursday: Before 5.30pm £6.95
      Friday to Sunday: Before 5.30pm £7.50

      Monday to Thursday: After 5.30pm £11.95
      Friday to Saturday: After 5.30pm £13.95

      114 Upper Parliament Street
      NG1 6LF


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