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Khyber Indian Restaurant (Croydon)

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Address: 284 - 288 High Street / Croydon / London / CR01NG / Tel: 020 8681 6565

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    1 Review
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      14.03.2010 19:25
      Very helpful



      Review also on Ciao - Erenthae

      The Khyber: Indian Restaurant

      'The Khyber Restaurant, founded by the Khalique family in 1978, is acknowledged as the gourmet destination of choice by both the professional restaurant critic, and lovers of affordable, fine Indian cuisine.Firmly established at the heart of Croydons leisure dining experience, the Khyber offers an unique blend of high quality classic menu favourites - served with a contemporary twist.' - The Khyber Restaurant Website

      I heard about the Khyber restaurant 2 years ago when Croydon council was hosting a 'food month'. This event consisted of the top restaurants and bars in Croydon as well as the local college's food students participating in a month long tribute to good food by offering money off, giving cooking lessons and having a regular food market in the center of Croydon as well as other events promoted by chefs and foodies alike .
      Being a foodie myself, me and my boyfriend decided to try out and participate in the events and during all of these events the Khyber was regularly coming up as one of the top places to eat in Croydon. We decided to go to the Khyber for a more traditional Indian meal rather than a takeaway, even though they do have takeaway option. We have now been going back probably twice a month since then due to the excellent food, decor and exceptional customer service. The Khyber really stands out to me and my partner as the best restaurant in Croydon It has a large fan base and many regulars and it's not hard to see why.

      The Values of The Khyber:

      Fresh Intoxicating Flavours:
      The Khyber freshly grind their spices daily, which gives them the distinct and beautifully fresh flavours that range from the delicately subtle to super spicy hot dishes. The food can only be described in one way - Aromatically Inviting and Exceptionally Fresh.

      Exceptional Customer Service:
      Whenever we go to The Khyber the service we receive is always perfect. We are greeted by having the door opened for us, and being taken to our table and being seated. Our waiter/waitress will always pour our drinks and are always checking on you to make sure everything is to your liking. The staff are always immaculately and professionally presented in suits (men and women) and are always clean cut and tidy. But best of all, they are always smiling.

      But the maître d at the Khyber is really where the service really shines. Being a regular he always talks to me and my partner, he talks to us on first name basis and regularly asks how we have been and what's been going on with himself and the Khyber. He now knows our voices on the phone and ways when we walk past to go to work! He is knowledgeable enough to recommend dishes and wine to accompany your meal. I have checked to see if he treats other customers (non-regulars) any different and he is just as sincere and helpful to everyone equally.
      The main reason I regularly return to this particular restaurant is due to the service being consistently excellent, I always feel I am being taken care of.

      Brilliant Affordability:

      "where to get a royal meal without paying a kings ransom" by Fay Maschler of the Evening Standard

      This quote epitomises how I feel about the prices and affordability of the Khyber. As with everything, the price of something is to cover all the aspects of the product i.e the product itself and all the effort that went into making it, the normal cost of production etc and the service of the products staff/promoters. Considering all of this ... The Kyber is worth its weight in gold.

      But if you want actual figures....

      For me and my partner to have 4 popadoms, 1 naan bread, 2 starters, 2 mains with rice and 1 sharing desert it cost us £50 approx with a 10% service charge on top of that

      What did I Have?
      4 Plain Popadoms with Mint and Cucumber Raita dip and a Chunky Tomato Salsa (This is presented to all the customers)

      The popadoms were slightly thicker than standard takeaway popadoms but pretty much the same in flavour. The mint and cucumber raita was lovely. Very cool and not overwhelming in mint. The Salsa consisted of small chunks of white onion mixed with spices and a fresh tomato pulp mixed in with salt and pepper.
      Plain Naan Bread

      .... I hate naan bread, this was my boyfriend. I tasted a small bit and it was delicious. I can't remember the flavour exactly but I think it has a blend of spices put into the dough as it didn't taste or smell like other boring naans I have tried in the past.

      Starter: Tandoori Jheenga and Seekh Kabab
      The Tandoori Jheenga was recommended to me by the waiters, it is a favourite and regularly ordered starter. It is grilled fresh water prawns (de-shelled, head and tail off) marinated in spices and spiced yogurt on a bed of carrot and potatoe that has been put through a spaghetti machine to make long 'noodle like' strings. This is so tasty and presented beautifully.

      The Seek Kebab is lamb patties shaped into long cylinders, skewered and grilled in garlic green chilli and spices. The meat was perfectly cooked and very tender. The flavours were very savoury and not too hot.
      Mains: Shahi Rezala Chicken and Chicken Korma with Pulao/Steamed Rice

      Shahi Rezala was another recommended dish and it was beautiful!!!! Very tangy with a little kick of heat. This is diced chicken cooked with pistachio and its own unique blend of spices with a hint of yogurt and fresh cream.

      This Korma was very creamy but not too rich. It was traditional coconut and cream with almonds and fresh spices. Some kormas can be too bland or too sweet. This was just in the middle.
      The chicken and rice in both dishes was cooked perfectly.

      Desert: 3 layered chocolate mousse with gooey chocolate center
      We contemplated sharing ice cream and was about to order it when this beauty floated past us, and we decided to have it instead. It was very fluffy and bubbly with a soft gooey center.

      All the portions were just the right size, not too small and not to large, just enough to keep you wanting more but not under fed. They have a selection on vegetarian dishes but more vegetarian sides than mains. Nuts are used in a lot of the dishes so if you have a nut allergy there is no guarantee you will not be nut free.
      Wine: Bottle of the House Wine
      Very nice white wine, very smooth and crisp.

      In short...

      Go to The Khyber. That's all I have to say.

      I will be sending the Khyber into Gordon Ramseys F-Word competition for Best Local Restaurant 2010 if he does this competition again this year.

      The Khyber are great competitors for the previous winners 'Lasan' - also an Indian Restaurant.

      If you regularly make a journeys for good food and great service in your restaurant head into Croydon for the Khyber. If your local, I will see you there next week... x

      Opening Times
      Sunday to Friday
      12:00 noon - 2:30pm
      6:00pm - 12:30am
      Open 7 days a week including all bank holidays
      284-288 High Street,
      CR0 1NG
      Tel: 020 8681 6565
      Getting There

      Bus Routes
      277, 458, 171
      Nearest Trains/Trams

      West Croydon BR - 15 minute walk
      East Croydon BR - 15 minute walk
      George Street (tram) - 10 minute walk


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