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Jimmy's World Grill and Buffet (Derby)

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Address: Riverside Walk / Derby / DE12BB

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    1 Review
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      25.10.2012 22:46
      Very helpful



      An okay place to cater for groups of people with mixed tastes

      Jimmy's World Grill and Bar
      Riverside Walk
      Derby DE12BB
      Tel 01332 383498

      You must think we eat out every day but these have been stored up waiting for suggestions for UK to be allowed again. We went to this restaurant back in the summer with another couple on their suggestion and I booked the table on line and I also managed to change the booking as we had to change the date and that I also did on line which is very handy.

      This restaurant is one of a chain and others can be found in Bath, Epsom, Luton, Staines, Newcastle. Peter borough, The O2, Watford, Wembley and Wimbledon if you fancy investigating one for yourself.

      Lunch Buffet
      Mon - Fri 12.00 pm - 3.00 pm £7.99
      Sat - Sun 12.00 pm - 5.00 pm £10.99

      Dinner Buffet

      Sun - Wed 5.00 pm - 10.00 pm £12.99
      Thu - Sat 5.00 pm - 11.00 pm £14.99
      Children aged 11 and under are half price and those under 4 are free

      This is just behind the new Holiday Inn in Derby, near the Westfield Centre in the new Riverlights Complex. This is a very new, modern extremely large and to me it seems rather impersonal, restaurant. This is basically a huge buffet which has dishes from India, Japan, Italy, China , UK and possibly some other places but they are the obvious ones that I can recall.

      When we arrived we said that we had booked a table but were waiting for our friends. The gentleman was quite friendly and as it happens they turned up just as we were saying this and so they took us straight over to our table and there we sat for quite some time. In fact we actually had to attract the attention of someone to get us some drinks.

      When the waiter came to take our drinks order we had to ask how the place worked. Do we just help ourselves and is there some kind of order to the buffet. I don't think you should have to ask these things, the staff should ask if you have been before and explain the system to you as part of the welcoming procedure. In contrast at 'Slice of India' a wonderful curry buffet restaurant in Derby the service is fabulous and you get a tour of the buffet with explanations if you have not been before.

      Anyway we managed to work out that it was a buffet and we just had to work out where the starters were and the main course and desserts for ourselves. We took turns in going to the buffet as neither my friend nor I wanted to carry our handbags with us nor did we think we should leave them unattended at the table. We girls went first while the men stayed on guard and waited for the drinks.

      My friend and I came back with our starters and we took a sip and 'cheersed' each other and my drink was wrong. I specifically asked for a white wine spritzers with SODA not lemonade and it was made with lemonade, disgusting. I had to call the waiter over to get them to change it. Very poor I think when someone specifically says what they want and you get what you specifically DIDN'T want. By the time the men had returned I finally got my correct drink.

      Starters on offer included lots of Indian things like chicken pakora, lamb boti, chicken tikka, chicken satay, chicken peri peri, spring rolls, tabouleh, sushi, prawn noodle salad, wontons, Greek salad, hummus, chicken wings, veggie pakora, aloo tikki, chick pea chat and so on. The Indian things we okay, the sushi a bit samey with very little fish in them and no wasabi that I could find, the salads were hard to fault but really salads are hardly tricky are they? So starters were okay. In fact I then went around looking at the main courses and went back for seconds of the starters instead and only had a couple of mains to try.

      Main courses these had a sort of chilli code so you knew which might be hot and which not. I have to say that none of those I tried were at all spicey. The choices varied from Lamb Roganjosh, Bombay potatoes, Chicken Jalfrezi, Aloo Ghobi, Dhak Tarka, saag, seafood yellow Thai curry, Beef in Oyster sauce, Thai chicken green curry , grilled salmon steak, stir fried vegetables, Szechuan chicken and more. My problem was that the chicken was pieces not breast and I can't cope with bones or grizzly bits. I wasn't terrifically impressed with the mains but the others tried a few and seemed to like them. My husband agreed with me that they were not up to 'Slice of India' standard and they were pretty average. There was plenty of choice but the choices were not really that great.

      As well as the buffet selections there were a few 'live stations' these included the Duck pancake station where you could make your own duck pancake warps with spring rolls, spring onions and hoi sin sauce. The noodle station where your chose your noodles fresh vegetables and meat to make your own stir fry. The Mexican station allowed you to create your own fajitas with sour cream, guacamole, peepers and salsa. The tandoori bread station where you could have your own naan using cheese, chilli, onion kulcha or garlic. I did try the Mexican and found the salsa lacked taste and the guacamole was not very nice either. There was also a pizza station which is fairly self explanatory but if I had tried that I would not have been able to try anything else.

      The desserts were also less than exciting except for the wonderful ice cream teppanyaki live station. The desserts included gulab jaman, cheese cakes, fresh cut fruit, carrot cake, profiteroles, crème caramel which was pretty yukky and tasteless, barfi , nut tart and other cake like desserts. They were once again okay but none that really grabbed me but I was taken with the ice cream teppanyaki station so queued for about ten minutes to have one made for me.

      This was fun to watch and while in the queue I was able to watch a few made. You had to choose two ice cream flavours and these were then put on a metal board and chopped very quickly with two sharp choppers you then chose some things to add into the ice creams and options included cherries, chocolate, smarties, other sweets and bits and pieces that I forget now. The girl doing the chopping then chopped thee into the ice cream mix and then put this with a wafer sort of biscuit into a bowl for you. It actually tasted pretty much like it sounds with two flavours of ice cream with whatever you chose to add, in my case chocolate bits and cherries but it was fun to watch and made a bit of a novel dessert as I hadn't tried that before.

      The decor was quite American style with huge maps on the walls which I did quite like. There were also large pictures from around the world. The problem for me was the sheer size of the place which was not broken up much into areas so it just seemed a bit like a canteen sort of atmosphere.

      I can't say I will be rushing back here as we far prefer the 'Slice of India ' which is also big and a buffet but somehow has a bit more atmosphere and far superior service. Little things like every time we finished a plate of food the staff at 'Slice of India' were there to clear them away and came back with fresh cutlery and the jug of tap water was kept filled with fresh water, ice and slices of lemon. At Jimmy's if they took your plate and cutlery you had to hunt to ask someone for more or nick them from the table nearby where no one was sitting which is what we did. We had to ask for more drinks or in fact anything we needed which was poor service I think.

      This was not one we will be recommending. Thanks for reading. This review may be posted on other sites under my same username.


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