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Jade Palace (Coventry)

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Address: 48 Torcross Avenue / Wyken / Coventry

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    1 Review
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      30.04.2013 23:58
      Very helpful



      Lovely and great prices for what you get!

      One thing I love is Chinese food, as do my family and from time to time we like to have a Chinese takeaway and this is the place we order from the most for our Chinese food as it isn't far from my mums house and its been consistently good for years and years and this is an established take away cos I remember having food from here as far back as 1987 (We had a takeaway from here when the Sky Blues won the cup lol)!

      The Place:

      Jade Palace
      48 Torcross Avenue
      Telephone: 02476 636844

      This is just a takeaway that you can go into and place your order, telephone and collect it or they deliver too and your have to have a minimum spend of £6.00 and the delivery costs £1.60 for three miles or less or £2.60 for four miles or less and they don't deliver further afield than that. Delivery time is usually about 40 minutes from the time we call them however for a lot of food ordered when we're in there it only takes about 10-15 minutes. The place is always closed on a Monday unless its a Bank Holiday Monday then Tuesday - Thursday it is open 5pm-11.30pm, Friday 5pm - Midnight and Sunday 6pm-11.30pm.

      The Place:

      This is basically a shop unit, light and clean with a large counter and the tv is always on. The staff are clean and tidy and know the menu inside and out, all the chefs are in uniform (there are loads of them!)and although they are at the back of the large counter that has menus under glass plus paper menus to peruse if you'd rather do that, you can see them hard at work and there are benches to sit on whilst you wait. The place does get very busy, its right opposite a nice pub and it is a popular place for locals!

      Parking is a nightmare here, there is no car park for this place and its on a busy main road so if your in a car you need to find a space on a nearby road.

      The Food:

      The menu is vast and with competitive prices and you always get very large portions. Whether we have collected the food or had it delivered it has always been hot and never have they got any of the order wrong, even when its been a large order with special requirements. If there is anything on the menu or something you want omitted from a dish they will usually do that for if they can. My Stepdad likes a curry from here but likes it hotter than its usually is made and they always accommodate that for him.

      Having been using this take away so long I think I have pretty much tried everything on the menu to be honest! There are soups, appertisers, spare rib dishes, sweet and sour dishes, rice main meals, chow mein dishes, speciality dishes, peking dishes, kung po dishes satay dishes, scheuzuen style dishes, Hong Kong Style dishes, chilli & salt dishes, wok fried hot dishes, curry dishes, foo yung, chop suey, roast duck dishes, king prawn dishes, chicken dishes, beef dishes, roast pork dishes, English dishes, stir fired vegetable dishes, set meals for up to 4 people and extra/side Dishes. There are lots and lots of vegetarian dishes to choose from as well.

      Like I have said I have over the years tried loads of stuff from here and if I remember rightly I have never not enjoyed anything from here. I can recommend so much but I'll stick with talking about the things I have had recently!

      I do like the soup from here and the chicken and sweetcorn soup for £2.20 a cup is lovely, great flavours and meaty, I love the 2 pancake rolls, they're absolutely ginormous and cost just £2.20 for the two. They are Vegetarian and just really nice and not too greasy and just packed full with really fresh ingredients

      For main meals I particularly enjoy sweet and sour chicken balls and I think you get 10 of them in a portion and a huge sweet and sour sauce (£5.00), The special chow mein comes in a huge container (£5.40) and contain meats, prawns and vegetables and you really do get alot in this, the satay chicken and the beef Schezuen dishes (£5.00) each, again are lovely though they don't come with rice or noodles. I usually have a large special curry that does come with rice or chips which is £7.80 and I've had a lot of different king prawn dishes as I love King prawns and I always get loads of them in any of the dishes I have ever ordered. Alot of the English dishes are omelettes with chips that all cost about a fiver and you can get side dishes such as various rices and noodles and sauces which are all lovely though I have to admit I don't like their soggy chips (£1.70-£2.00) and there are only two desserts you can buy which are banana or pineapple fritters for £2.00 and you get two of those in a portion but I find these a bit too sweet and soggy for me though.

      There are numerous set meals to choose from as I mentioned earlier from £6.50 for one person to £34.70 for four people and these offer excellent value for money as you get a few dishes and all in large sizes.

      My Verdict:

      I like the food from here, it always looks lovely, is tasty and hot the only problem we have as a family is what to have as we really are spoilt for choice! Mum tends to stick to chicken balls and my Stepdad a Singapore chicken curry and we always have king prawn balls to share no matter what as me and my Stepdad are really addicted to them! You can pay by cash or card and really...you can't go wrong with this place the only one thing I will say is don't bother with the chips from here, go across the road and buy them from the chippy!


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