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Amaretto (Ashington, Northumberland)

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2 Reviews

Address: Woodhorn road, Ashington, England

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    2 Reviews
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      07.07.2012 19:21



      Me and my husband decided to try this after driving past a few times. This was on a Saturday around 4.30pm. We arrived and the staff all seem so nice and welcome you. The service was very quick and the food fantastic ! The bill was around 28 pound we have starters main meals and a few drinks , I would of paid double the price for the food we had I can say the best food I have ever tasted !! All deco was nice clean and open. All I can say is this place gets my vote 100% planning our next trip already !!!!!!!


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      11.03.2012 14:41
      Very helpful



      A brilliant Italian restaurant well worth a visit!

      I live four doors away from this Italian restaurant; needless to say we have frequented it often since it opened early last year. The restaurant has been built onto the side of a pub which has been there for a number of years. We never frequent the pub (it has been known to attract trouble over the years) but we've been to the restaurant so often that we are on first names terms with all the staff! The pub and restaurant are separately owned/run and once inside Amaretto you wouldn't know where you are next door to!

      I love Italian food and this restaurant has quickly become my favourite place to eat (even better in the fact that it's very easy walking distance from my house!). We first visited after hearing how lovely it is through word of mouth, and now we are almost addicted to visiting! We all love this restaurant and the staff make us feel extremely welcome. I recommend this to restaurant to all my family and friends who haven't tried it yet. I've not heard anyone say a bad word against it and it has quickly gained a great reputation.

      ~ Menu ~
      The menu offers a large selection of freshly cooked Italian food at reasonable prices.

      ~ Starters ~

      There is a large selection of hot and cold starters ranging in price from £2.25 (soup of the day) to £5.95 (King Prawns). Between us, we have had quite a range of the starters from the menu and have yet to be disappointed. I often try the soup of the day which is always beautiful (even flavours I wouldn't usually go for). Their minestrone soup is also amazing and probably among the best I've tasted (it's my favourite soup and I've tried it in lots of Italian restaurants over the years.) As we are regulars they sometimes give us a complimentary garlic and cheese pizza before our starters arrive. (They are only priced at £2.50 on the menu so this won't cost them much, but the gesture is lovely, and it always makes us feel even more welcome!)

      ~ Main Course ~

      There is a wide variety of main dishes and I'm sure pretty much anyone could find something to suit their taste. There's a large selection of pizza's (ranging in price from £4.85 for a margherita to £6.45 for a seafood pizza, with most being priced at £5.85). The pizza's always look and taste lovely. If you don't finish it they will happily give you a box to take it away.

      There is also a good selection of pasta dishes (all served as a choice of penne, tagliatelle or spaghetti) and are priced at £5.85 (apart from the seafood pasta which is £6.45). They also do pasta al forno (lasagne, cannelloni and penne al forno). All the pasta dishes I've had have been really nice. Usually when I go to an Italian I opt for Bolognese, I've had this a couple of times at Amaretto, it's nice but it's not the nicest I've ever tasted. I prefer some of their other pasta dishes (particularly the penne al forno!).

      There is a small selection of risotto (£6.95-£8.95). I've personally never had risotto here but my sister has a few times and she always says they are lovely, and they are always well presented.
      There is also a selection of chicken (£7.95), fish (£10.95-£13.95) and steak dishes (£11.95-£16.95). The chicken is always beautiful and well presented. I don't think any of our party have ever had fish. The steaks are usually really nice too. On a couple of occasions they haven't been cooked quite right (medium instead of well done) and both times they brought out a fresh steak cooked correctly.
      All the dishes are very well presented, cooked well and are delicious. The presentation differs slightly depending on the chef but they always look and taste lovely.

      ~ Deserts ~

      Deserts are priced between £2.90 and £3.25 and there is a good selection. They sometimes have homemade cakes which are not on the menu. Deserts include ice cream, banana split, chocolate cake, home made tiramisu and children's shaped ice cream (in a plastic toy, egg man or a penguin - which my niece enjoys!)

      ~ Children's Corner ~

      There is a small selection of children's dishes on the main menu. My 6 year old niece likes choosing from here. She sometimes choose something off the main menu and they give hera smaller portion.
      When the group of 8 of us go (5 adults, 3 children) it usually costs us around the £100 mark and we all have a 3 course meal and drinks. The price of the bill varies depending on how many drinks we have (I think, like most places, they make most of their money on the drinks - though they are averagely priced for Ashington).

      ~ Specials ~

      On a lunch time 12noon-3pm Monday-Saturday you can get 3 courses for £4.95. You get a choice of 2 starters (soup of the day or potato skins), the main can be any pizza or pasta (except sea food) and the desert is a choice between ice cream or coffee. I love the lunch time special as I think it's great value for money and the portions are still a good size.

      On an evening (Monday-Thursday 5pm-7pm) if you order two of the three course specials (£14.95) you get a free bottle of wine. There is a little more choice than the lunch time special as you can have some of the meat dishes. I think this is a good deal as a couple could have a 3 course meal each and a bottle of wine for £30.

      They do traditional English Sunday lunches for £4.95. We've been for this once and it was really nice.

      ~ Staff ~

      All of the staff are lovely, are good at their jobs and make everyone feel welcome. They like to have a chat with us and the younger male waiters are flirty with me (and my female friends). They always make a fuss of the children, especially my niece who has flashing twinkle toe shoes :) and the waiters joke about wanting to swap shoes with her. The staff always give the children a lolly after we've paid the bill (I sometimes get one too!).

      ~ Ambience ~

      The atmosphere and décor is lovely and it's easy to forget your true location (a socially deprived town) and get lost in an Italian world for a while.

      ~ Service ~

      Service is usually really good but can sometimes be a little slow. However, it is never so slow to cause us a problem (I don't like feeling rushed when I am dining out anyway) and the friendliness of the staff easily make up for service being slower at busier times.

      ~ Location ~

      Amaretto is located near the centre of Ashington and has a small car park which it shares with the pub next door. This can get extremely busy and people often have to park in our street (often annoyingly in front of our garage!). There is a bus stop outside the restaurant so it is easy to access on public transport from neighbouring towns.

      158 Woodhorn Rd
      Ashington NE63 9EN
      01670 810 810

      www.amarettoashington.com - check out their recently launched website for more details and the full menu. I've taken so many photos when we've been here that they asked us for some to add to the photo gallery of their website :)

      ~ Parties and making a booking ~

      Amaretto happily accept large bookings for parties etc and this is simple to do. They do birthdays, weddings and funerals. We've been a number of times (as a group of 8) for birthdays and they sing to the birthday person if requested. We have also had food here after a funeral recently (we catered for 35) and this was a hot and cold buffet. They charged £6.95 per head and the food was beautiful.

      We booked a table for 8 on the night of my graduation and I took a balloon in with me. After the meal the waiters had me standing on a chair making a 'speech' (it's the first time I've actually EVER been speechless!) before giving me a complimentary shot of flamin' sambuca!

      My family and I went to Amaretto for our Christmas dinner and this was a fantastic experience! The food was beautiful and prices extremely reasonable for Christmas Day. One of the waiters dressed as Santa and all the children received a gift bag of sweets. As we were at the second sitting and there was git bags left over, our children got an extra gift bag each, and my sister, brother-in-law and I also received one each :-)

      ~ Overall Experience ~

      As you can probably tell I adore this restaurant. The food is fantastic, the prices reasonable, the staff lovely and the décor friendly and warm. I would thoroughly recommend this restaurant for a family meal out, a night out with friends or a romantic meal for two - whatever the occasion you are sure to have a lovely meal out at Amaretto. The main disadvantage is that I live so close it's beginning to cost us a small fortune! The smell of the food cooking when we get our car and go into the house is just too tempting! Extra exercise and more hours at work needed!! All in all I'd thoroughly recommend this restaurant!

      Thanks for reading! bluejules


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