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Maxell XL CD-R 700 MB 48x

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    1 Review
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      17.03.2005 13:50
      Very helpful



      Remember Maxell? Way back in the 80's they had some spooky advertising, and if I remember right, this was for it's audio cassettes. Long before the days of the CD-ROM, CD-R, let alone the DVD. They go back before my time though, right back to the latter part of the 60's - so you could say they're established now. They still do the cassette tapes, as well as the latest recordable media,

      I used to buy the cassette tapes, thought they were one of the best around - perhaps the ads had some hidden messages, anyway I now find myself buying their CD-R's. I use another brand for CD's which I can print onto, but Maxell doesn't seem to offer these. I don't always want printable ones though, so find myself using these for general everyday backup use.

      I don't always need the protective cases either so this time I've gone for a 25 cakebox pack (although Dooyoo's product description is for the 50 pack), primarily to archive the huge amount of photographs sitting on the two hard disks inside the PC. The good thing about cakeboxes is that you don't have to peel off celephane wrappings off the disks to get to them - a boon when you are rushed to make a quick copy. These are 700Mb disks, capable of writing at up to 48x speed. Whilst I have a 52x writer, 48x is absolutely fine. If you have a slower speed drive, you can still use these disks up to it's maximum recording speed. 700Mb should be enough to store several hundred photographs or other files (depending on their filesize obviously). If you are recording music for play on a non-MP3 player, you can store up to 80 minutes worth.

      The writable side of the disks are of the green dye variety. The top of the disks are silver in colour, with the Maxell logo, CD-R 80XL and 48x logo. The surface seems to accept any standard permanent marker pen, which stays put.

      I was perhaps one of the first people to ever have a CD-Writer, when they first came out, and have gone through a fair amount of media during that time. I've always had mixed results, but usually a few percent of disks fail, and you expect that. So far, though these Maxell disks have been 100% reliable during writing. Part of the reason is that my CD-Writer is very stable, but part must be down to the quality of the disks too. Whatever the reason though, I'll carry on buying these for as long as they provide this kind of reliability.

      The disk complies with Orange Book II standards, therefore should be suitable for any drive or recording software which also adheres to these standards (in theory anything made these days). Maxell do guarentee the disks, should you find them faulty, although obviously if you lose your data, it's not their problem.

      For those of you (including myself) not yet jumped into the DVD-R, market, these disks will be as good, if not better than any others on the market. The 25 pack is available widely, for less than the price of a couple of pints, or for the 50 pack, it'll probably set you pack the same as a couple of cocktails in a club.


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