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Birds Eye Eat Positive Chicken Penne & Vegetables

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Brand: Birds Eye / Type: Chicken

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    3 Reviews
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      15.11.2009 00:23
      Very helpful
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      100% recommended

      I desperately needed to stock up my freezer today as it was looking pretty pathetic, so I took a trip to the amazing Farm Foods to see what was on offer. As well as a few of the usuals and some junk food for X Factor viewing, I picked up this amazing looking ready meal by Birds Eye. It is identical to that pictured above and it was only £1 so I had nothing to lose. The meal is from their Eat Positive range and it is Chicken Penne and Vegetables served in a tomato and basil sauce...sounds quite fancy doesn't it?

      It stated on the cardboard sleeve that each meal contains half of your 5 a day regarding fruit and vegetables. It also states that it contains no artificial colours or flavourings. There is a plate on the front showing the finished product and this just makes me want to buy it even more because it is colourful and appetising to the core.

      No sooner was I through that front door than I was heading towards the microwave to put this meal in. The cooking time is between 8-10 minutes depending on how powerful your microwave is. It does not include cooking instructions for the oven so try it at your own risk! It comes in a plastic oval tray and the film lid already has a steam vent so do NOT go ahead and pierce it because it has already been taken care of.

      I couldn't smell anything until I opened the microwave door but it smelled absolutely heavenly; a lovely rich tomato smell with the seasoning too. I peeled back the film lid and cut the chicken to check that it was piping hot; it was, so follow the cooking times exactly.

      The chicken looked mouthwatering and the colourful array of vegetables looked delicious. I had to stir it to reach the penne pasta, I almost forgot it was in there. Red peppers, green beans and onions are the vegetables used in this recipe. The chicken was tender and proper chicken too, not full of water or reformed. The tomato and basil sauce was of a good consistency and full of flavour and the green beans and peppers were full of colour and had a nice flavour to them, they weren't overcooked or anything. Everything was cooked to perfection and full of natural flavours, no salt or anything detracting from it. Needless to say i finished every last bit of it.

      The nutritional information for this meal is as follows:
      Calories - 325 - 16% of your RDA
      Sugars - 13g - 14% of your RDA
      Fat - 5.2g - 7% of your RDA
      Saturates - 0.4g - 2% of your RDA
      Salt - 1.5g - 25% of your RDA

      As far as microwaveable meals go, this is by far THE BEST that I have ever had. Nutririonally it is pretty sound and it was absolutely gorgeous. I am going to make a point of filling my freezer with these. They are the lazy girl's answer to the perfect ready meal; delicious, cheap, convenient and nutritous so pretty good for the diet! I would recommend these to absolutely everybody, a gem of a find in the ready meals department!


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        20.10.2009 22:43
        Very helpful



        A great and easy meal.

        I love Birds Eye Steamfresh Chicken Penne Pasta, it's a quick and easy meal that you make in the microwave. It is a meal in a tub which includes runner beans, tomato sauce, penne pasta and chicken.

        ---- The Packaging ----
        Birds Eye Steamfresh Chicken Pasta comes in an oval tub. The outside label has a lovely picture of the meal itself. It also has all the dietary information on the front which is very easy to read.

        ---- The Product ----
        This is so easy to make you do not need to pierce the lid as it already has special vents in it for steaming the food. You just put it in the microwave for around eight minutes and leave it to stand for 1 minute. You then serve it.
        I love this meal the pasta is always really soft. If you cook the meal according to the instructions then the chicken breast is always cooked just right and the vegetables are never too overcooked they are always just nice. The tomato and basil sauce really brings the meal together without it the food would be too dry and would not taste of anything.
        This meal is really good if you are always busy and just cannot seem to find the time to cook anything extravagant.
        Another good thing about this meal is that it is really low in calories there are around 325 per tub and it is one portion of you daily fruit & vegetable intake. This one for me is an all round winner.

        --- The Price ---
        The last time I bought this product it was around 2.00 which is great for a meal.


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        21.08.2009 21:21
        Very helpful



        a must for my freezer for those quick snacks

        Birds Eye eat positive Chicken Penne & Vegetables

        This meal is served with a tomato and basil sauce. It constitutes half of your five a day fruit and vegetables and is a natural source of vitamins giving you a nice balanced diet.

        Tomato and Basil Sauce
        Tomatoes, white wine, water, onion, tomato pure, vegetable oil, sugar, garlic, Corn flour, basils, salt, leek, carrot, pepper, and sage and seasoning.


        Vegetables include
        Tomatoes, red pepper, green beans.


        Marinated freshly cooked chicken breast
        Chicken, Paprika, & Salt.


        Cooked Penne Pasta


        Pack Size is 400g. Microwave instructions for this pack areas follows:- Remove cardboard cover, place the dish on a microwave plate without piercing the top as the top has a vent for this purpose and this aids the steaming process. Cook on full power for 8 - 9mins for 850w 9 - 10mins for 750w raising cooking time accordingly for lower watt microwaves.
        It also gives a warning that the pack may loose its shape in the cooking process but the contents will be fine, if you follow these simple instructions. Do be careful when opening the pack once removing it from the microwave as the contents will be piping hot.


        Taste test
        This meal is satisfying and is very pleasantly flavoured. It gives you a Mediterranean flavour which is very rich in tomato and pepper with a hint of basil. It is very tasty and the chicken is a very nice piece of real chicken breast. The vegetables mostly green beans are cooked through but still left with a bite so they are still nice and flavoursome, the penne pasta is well cooked and not too rubbery as I have found in some other meals of this nature, the sauce finishes the whole thing off nicely. I enjoyed the flavours of this dish and relished every mouthful. It left me with a feeling that I would buy it again. I felt satisfied that I had eaten a meal and was not left feeling hungry.


        This starts right from the start of the cooking process, as you can smell it cooking and the aroma moves around the room transporting you to the Mediterranean with its lovely peppery and basil sauce. It has subtle undertones of tomato and sage and smells delicious making you eager for the dish to finish cooking. Once you start to serve up the smell becomes more apparent giving you a really powerful aroma which sets your taste buds going. I am very glad I chose this product as I think the aroma is very much a part of the eating process and if something smells this good it has to taste even better, which of course it did.


        The look of the product before cooking looked quite pleasant with the chicken sitting on top of the penne pasta and the sauce covering both, with vegetables nicely nestled around it. It looked nice and tasty even before cooking. After the cooking process the food still held its shape and gave a good texture looked good to eat and smelt and tasted wonderful.
        It did not give the appearance of preformed food which of course it was not and looked like something you would have done yourself if you could have been bothered. The quality of this product showed through right from the start.

        I really enjoyed this product and for a small fee of £1.50 per pack I thought my find in Farm foods was well worth it. I will be buying this product again as a good back up in my freezer.


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