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Asda Create your Own Pizza

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16 Reviews
  • so so much better than a similar cost frozen pizza
  • Tasty Toppings
  • Urgh
  • Can taste of other toppings
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    16 Reviews
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      25.09.2015 12:12
      Very helpful


      • "Lots to choose from"
      • "Tasty Toppings"
      • "Cheaper than a takeaway"


      • "Sometimes a very long queue"

      Good value, tasty toppings, good pizza.

      I don't tend to purchase these pizzas for myself, I buy them for my partner as he loves pizza, it is something quick and easy for him to throw in the oven when I am at work. I buy them at my local ASDA for two for £4 for the medium pizzas and individually £2.60, or if I am going to have a treat as well I will buy a big pizza for £3.50.

      One downside to the create your own pizza counter is that it always has a very large queue, especially on weekend nights, Friday and Saturday. If you are in a rush you can grab one of the ready made pizzas in the front of the counter, this is for quickness, but this is only good if you require the flavours of pizza that are already made. They tend to be the basic flavours such as Hawaiian, pepperoni and margherita pizza.

      At the create your own pizza counter you can choose between four bases, stonebaked, thin and crispy, deep pan and stuffed crust, which is excluded from the two for £4 deal. You can also choose between two sizes which are 10 inches and 14 inches, the 10 inch pizzas are the ones included in the two for £4 deal.

      ASDA have also recently brought in a limited edition Garlic chicken pizza, which does not have the traditional tomato base, it has garlic sauce instead. ASDA are becoming more adventurous with their flavours of pizza, they have brought in American Sizzler, BBQ Steak, Chic-O-Rizo (chicken and chorizo) and chicken fajita. You can also choose to have your pizza half and half, which is limited to the large pizzas, this is a good idea so you do not have to buy two large pizzas.

      Various toppings for the pizzas include, pepperoni, ham, ground beef, chicken, red onion, mushrooms, steak, jalepenos, peppers, tomatoes, sweetcorn, bacon, and of course cheese and pineapples.

      You can choose any four of these toppings to go on your medium pizzas, which is included in the deal mentioned earlier. ASDA has also brought in the double decker pizzas, these were £5. They are one pizza on top, and one on the bottom separated by a layer of cheese, they were very good value for £5 although I never tried one, they looked huge.

      Overall if I was looking for a tasty treat for a Friday night I would go to ASDA and buy a pizza, you get all the good quality food without the price of a premium pizza takeaway.


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      23.03.2015 21:25


      • "so so much better than a similar cost frozen pizza"
      • "large chioce of toppings and bases"
      • " very generous"
      • "Loaded with toppings"
      • "fabulous value"


      My favourite pizza bar the best takeaways at 3 x the cost

      My local Asda does a 2 medium pizza with 4 toppings for £4. Remarkable value! Absolutely loaded with toppings
      Tip: Get a freshly made one and because to are there watching I reckon they are more generous with the toppings!
      Tip: Before or after 5 mins cooking spread out he toppings to the edge, due to the loads of toppings if you don't the pizza can burn at the edges and the middle not being cooked enough.


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      17.09.2013 14:04
      Very helpful



      Unbeatable, every time

      I am not the kind of person that indulges in a takeaway often. I'm also not the kind of person that likes ready meals. Asda's create your own pizza breaks both of my rules - if you've never had one of these pizzas you're in for a treat!

      Recently I had a slice of a takeaway pizza from a very popular pizza company. When I opened the box it wasn't particularly aesthically pleasing but I'm a firm believer in not dressing up your meals and just enjoying the flavour. It was only a basic pepperoni but I was left with so much disappointment. The cheese was chewy, the pepperoni overly crisp, the crust floppy and it was topped with so much oil I could practically gargle with it. It wasn't enjoyable and I recall that I've never particularly been impressed with takeaway pizzas in the past. But what I have always enjoyed is deli create-your-own-pizza from Asda.

      Prepared right in front of you, you know precisely what you're getting and what it will look like when it's finished. You can choose your preferred base (thin and crispy, deep dish, stone bake etc) and they apply the tomato sauce and cheese as standard on top. Depending on which you have purchased you then get a number of fresh toppings of your choice. There's a wide variety to choose from - vegetables, pineapple, extra cheese, and various meats including plenty of choices of beef or pork or chicken. Once it's done you can have another sprinkle of cheese and then you are given the option of any oils and spices including salt and pepper, galic oil, chilli oil and basil oil before being sealed and having the cooking instructions stuck on.

      I have never been disappointed with one of these. It's so easy just to throw in the oven (any unpleasant burning is then my own fault and I don't have to call anyone to complain!) and it's ready in less than half an hour.

      Asda's Pizza is far better value than a takeaway, I would recommend it to anyone, budget or not. The saying is you get what you pay for but I'm far happier spending <£5 on a personalised delicious pizza than old oily bread for about £10.


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      29.09.2012 19:08
      Very helpful



      Delicious pizza in the comfort of your own home!

      Pizza is one of those foods that just hits the spot on a Saturday night in front of the telly. It's quick and convenient and you can have it in so many different flavours! For a number of years now I have been a regular buyer of Asda's create your own pizza's which are made freshly to your order or you can choose one of the ones that have already been made if you prefer not to wait for something specific.

      ~Price & Availability ~
      As far as I know asda is the only supermarket which does this kind of pizza counter where you get your own personalized pizza. You can choose from a variety of pre-made pizzas such as vegetable supreme, meat feast, spicy veggie, pepperoni, Hawaiian, four cheese and many more. But you can also just tell the person at the counter what base, size and toppings you would like and they will make one right there for you just how you like it, so it's great if you have some fussy eaters! There are several different topping choices including various vegetables, meats, cheeses and spices. The pizzas come in three sizes and you can choose from thin and crispy, stone baked and deep pan bases. A 10 inch pizza with any base costs only £2.50 and a 14inch £3.50, which compared with a takeaway is a bargain! Asda currently have an offer on of two 10 inch pizzas for £4.00!

      ~ Packaging ~
      The pizzas come wrapped in a tight plastic wrap for freshness and are kept sturdy on a round piece of cardboard which is great if you're having to transport it home in your car! On the front of the wrapper is a circle sticker indicating which topping you have chosen for your pizza and on the back of this sticker you will find the cooking instructions. There is no allergy or nutritional information because this is baked on the site.

      ~ Cooking ~
      To cook, simply unwrap your pizza and take it off the cardboard and transfer it onto a tray. Then set your oven to 180 degrees and bake for around 10-12 minutes depending on your oven! I usually leave mine in for about 12 minutes because I like the edges to be slightly crisp. During cooking you can smell all the gorgeous toppings cooking and see them bubbling away.

      ~ Appearance, taste, texture & smell ~
      Taking the pizza out of the oven you will notice all of the lovely colourful toppings! They all look very fresh and inviting. The dough is perfect, not too tough and dry and definitely not soggy. It has a nice bite to it when you sink your teeth in. The tomato base is very nice and tangy without being overpowering and the cheese is very creamy and plentiful. Coming to think of it, all of the ingredients are in very generous amounts for the price you pay! There are a good couple of handfuls of each topping. All of the toppings taste extremely fresh, especially the vegetables they are still very juicy and crunchy. All of the flavours compliment each other very well whatever topping you choose, the ratio of base to tomato to cheese to topping is spot on! The pizza smells very tomatoey and cheesy and if you have spices or meat on it that aroma fills the room too! One thing I love is that the pizza is not at all greasy or oily like a takeaway pizza!

      ~ Over all opinion ~
      Asda's pizzas are so much tastier and cheaper than takeaway pizzas! Why fork out all of that money when you can sit in the comfort of your own lounge and enjoy something ten times more tasty? I would certainly recommend asda's create your own pizza counter and would strongly suggest to try it before ordering a takeaway to save yourself a bit of money and have a tastier meal! Its especially good if you have special dietary needs or don't like certain things on a pizza as you can amend it to how you would like!

      I am going to give Asda's create your own pizza counter 5/5 stars! I could not possibly give it anything less and I will continue to visit this counter for an Italian treat!


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        09.08.2012 10:37
        Very helpful
        1 Comment



        A tasty pizza at a good price.

        For a long time we used to order takeaway pizza on a Friday night. It was the perfect end to the week, no cooking along with tasty food.

        Then the cost started to creep up and the pizzas themselves seemed to come along with a layer of grease.

        The two things combined put me off buying, and next time I was Adsa I decided to buy one of their create your own pizzas, and have never ordered from our local pizza takeaway since.

        You can get the create your own in a variety of sizes (10 and 12 inch ) and base types ( thin crust, stuffed crust -- this will cost extra, and stone baked ) and while our local shop has a selection of pre-made pizzas displayed in front of the pizza counter, in my opinion it's worth waiting to create the exact one that you want.

        After selecting your base and size you'll be asked if you want a tomato or bbq sauce base. We always get tomato and once that sauce is spread on the base it's covered by a layer of grated cheese. Then it's time to pick toppings. We usually get the four topping 12 inch pizza which costs £3.50.

        A while back Asda introduced a variety of new toppings such as hot dogs etc, but I guess they didn't sell well as they've gone back to a smaller selection. Off the top of my head they have chicken, spicy chicken, pepperoni, chilli beef, jalepenos, tomato, spicy cheese, cheese mozzarella discs, sweetcorn, mushroom, red onion.

        It's also possible to get a half and half pizza. For example, my son isn't keen on chicken so our usual order is a 12 inch with spicy chicken on one half, pepperoni on the other, and then the whole thing covered in mozzarella discs and red onion.

        Finally, after topping are added more cheese will be sprinkled on top then if wanted, either a garlic or chilli oil as a final touch.

        An extra here. Right now our local Asda has a deal where you can get a 12 inch four topping pizza and a 1.5l bottle of coke/diet coke for £4. Or, if you want a 10 inch you can get two of that size for £4. Not bad deals in my opinion.

        The pizzas themselves cook well. On occasions we've had ones that were slightly greasy but I suspect that's due to the addition of too much oil.

        I can't fault these pizzas. They're good value for money, taste great and really, you can't get better than that.


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          20.06.2012 22:48
          Very helpful



          good tasting pizza

          I love pizza.
          At the moment though I feel let down by the shop pre packed ones and the takeaway ones are getting a little bit too expensive.
          The pre packed ones seem to be using cheaper ingredients or something because they either taste bland or the base is like cardboard.

          So last week I tried the create your own at asda. (I haven't had them for at least a year)
          I had to fill an order form in ticking what size and crust I wanted and then tick which toppings I wanted on each pizza.
          You can choose between a 10 inch and a 14 inch.
          The bases are thin and crispy, stone baked, deep pan and stuffed crust (10 inch only).
          A 10 inch with up to 4 toppings cost £2.50. The stuffed crust is more expensive (£3.20 I think) and up to 6 toppings is £3.50.
          The 14 inch one is £3.50 for up to 4 toppings and I am not sure how much for 6 toppings but obviously it will be more than £3.50.

          Some of the toppings you can choose from (from memory) are mushrooms, pepperoni, sweetcorn, peppers, jalapeno's, chilli cheese, onions, pineapple. some sort of chicken and beef.

          You can also choose if you want the barbeque sauce rather than a traditional tomato one. You can then choose if you want a chilli oil or garlic oil drizzled on top of the finished pizza.

          In the pastmy husband has had the chilli oil and wasn't impressed.

          We ordered a 10 inch for hubby with jalapenos, peppers and chilli cheese and for the rest of us a 14 inch with just extra cheese. Both a thin base with the normal sauce.
          When we got them home my hubby chopped some chillies to go on his as well as asda don't have them to choose from.

          When they prepared the 10 inch they put a load of cheese on then let it fall off and leave just a bit on before adding the other ingredients. This is fine because my husband has chilli cheese on as well but it wouldn't be so great if he didn't and I would have to ask for a sprinkling of cheese on top.

          The 14 inch that was just extra cheese was just the tomato sauce and lots of grated cheese.

          The 14 inch just about fitted in my oven and it was so cheesey that quite a bit of cheese dripped down. So it is good to keep an eye on it and as it starts to drip just push it back on the pizza with a knife.

          They took about 18 minutes to cook and were quite crispy which I like, I warmed the plates slightly before getting the pizzas out of the oven and they stayed crispy until eaten which is always good for me. (I don't like it whne crusts go soft).

          These pizzas are worth buying at the moment


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            24.08.2011 10:39
            Very helpful



            Great way to get the pizza you love made exactly as you like it.

            As a vegetarian who doesn't like peppers (why do meat free pizzas always have peppers on them?) my pizza choice is often limited to cheese and tomato. Every now again and again I might opt for the ever more exciting 'four cheese' pizza. Now don't get me wrong, I love cheese. In fact, for someone who likes to watch and control their calorie intake I probably love cheese far too much. I do, however, often long for something else on my pizza, something different, something which will add more flavour.

            My favourite pizza has to be a deep pan base, BBQ sauce, cheese, pineapple, black olives, mushrooms and sweetcorn. If you've ever seen one of those in the freezer section of your local supermarket please let me know so I can stock up immediately. I think I'm probably correct in saying, however, that you haven't.

            So how do I get my pizza fix? Well I could go into my local pizza takeaway. Most places that serve pizza offer a create your own option which could easily supply me with my requested toppings. Unfortunately, I do not wish to consume that amount of calories on a regular basis. Nor do I think anyone does who wants to live after the age of 35.

            Fortunately for me, Asda have come to the rescue with their create your own pizza counter! Where I live you can barely turn a corner without seeing an Asda store so I've been to a few. Everyone has the create your own pizza counter sat next to the deli counter, more often than not this at located at the back of the store.

            Asda claim you can get your pizza in three easy steps. These are:
            1. Select your base.
            2. Pick your toppings.
            3. Put your pizza in the oven.

            That is about the top and bottom of it really. Obviously you have to wait for your pizza to be made and then make the journey home before you can move on from step two to step three.

            The prices of pizza are as follows (correct of August 2011):
            10 inch with four toppings - £2.48
            10 inch with six toppings - £3.48
            10 inch stuffed crust with four toppings - £3.18
            14 inch with four toppings - £3.18
            14 inch pizza with six toppings - £4.78

            There is just about every topping available you can think of. You can decide between tomato and BBQ sauce and a selection of different cheeses. I'm pretty sure there are five cheeses to pick from, I'm afraid the only one I can ever remember is mozzarella.
            The biggest let down for these pizzas is the fact sauce and cheese count as a topping. So if you're ordering a pizza with four toppings, by the time you've got the basics you're only allowed two, what I would call, proper toppings.

            'Proper toppings' however, are varied and there is something to suit just about everyone. There is a wide selection of meat toppings such as ham, pepperoni, bacon, sausage and chicken. Then there are the vegetarian friendly options such as the dreaded peppers, onions, mushrooms, sweetcorn, olives, pineapple and chillies. There are also a selection of oils to add to your pizza if you wish, again these count as a topping though and I feel it's a wasted choice thus opt out of this option.

            Value for money purely depends on who is serving you at the time. After you've ordered a couple you soon start to figure out who to look for when ordering a pizza. For instance, at my closest Asda there is a lad who works there who piles toppings on like there is no tomorrow. Given the fact there is always a large queue of pizza hungry customers when he is on I'm guessing most regulars are aware of this.

            Every store does, however, have what has come to be known as a 'toppings Nazi' (I hope that isn't offensive to anyone). This being a person who is extremely tight on toppings and reduces the value for money of the pizza significantly. Again, you get to know who these people are and avoid buying a pizza when they're serving!

            To order you simply make your way to the counter, tell whoever is working there your size, base and toppings choice and they will tell you how long it'll be before it's ready to collect. On average I find it takes around ten minutes but it can be a lot quicker or shorter depending on how busy they are at that particular time. I find the best thing to do is order your pizza first and then come back to collect it at the end of your shopping.

            The quality of the pizza is good. It's fresh so obviously tastes a lot better than those frozen pizzas and my toppings have always been of a good quality. Obviously I cannot go into details on the taste because this would entirely depend on the pizza you have ordered. I find them to be nice enough though. I'm not suggesting that the pizzas are anything amazing in terms on taste but they're certainly good enough to keep me (and many others) going back for more.

            I've never experienced any messing up of my order either. Although I would say this depends on the store and staff member serving at the time but every time I've ordered a pizza I've gone back to find it nicely shrink wrapped with the correct base, sauce, toppings and size. The pizzas take around fifteen minutes to cook and full cooking instructions are on the packaging.

            I love the idea of this service, as far as I'm aware no other supermarkets offer anything like Asda's create your pizza service so it's a unique supermarket experience for reasonable prices. It's great for those who can't find their favourite pizza pre-made (fresh or frozen) and who don't want to continuously order from takeaways be it for health, money or both reasons.
            I'd highly recommend trying this service at least once, I doubt you'll be disappointed!


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              20.01.2011 17:37
              Very helpful



              see review x

              I have not had one of these pizzas for ages now, as unfortunately I do not live near an Asda no more. I used to buy these quite often for my husband and me.
              They are really good, you go to the counter and you have the choice of base, thin and crispy or deep pan. I am greedy so used to choose the deep pan loll. Then you choose the choice of toppings, tomato puree and cheese come as standard. Then you choose four other toppings, as I don't like peppers and things like that I used to just get 2 or 3 different types of meat, like pepperoni and salami and so on.

              As it has been a while I can not remember what I paid, but I know it was quite cheap to buy, I think around £3, but the prices will have changed by now anyway.
              To cook is very simple, just take it out of all the wrapping, put it on a tray, and stick it in the oven on gas mark 5 for around 15-20 minutes, but I would advise to keep checking it to make sure it does not burn.

              The taste of it is absolutely lovely, although I would recommend leaving it to cool down for a while first, as the melted cheese is very hot and does burn the mouth, as I soon found out when I first tried it, I had a big blister on the roof of my mouth for ages afterwards loll.
              I never let me put of buying these though, I like the fact that you can choose what you want on your pizza, you can even choose whether or not you want the cheese and tomato puree on. Then you have a choice of all sorts of different toppings including meats, peppers etc.

              They are very clean while preparing your pizza in front of you, they wear gloves for handling your pizza with, so at least while you watch them prepare it you know that it has been done with the highest of hygiene.
              I would definitely buy these again if I lived closer to an Asda, they taste great, and are cheap also, a real bargain.


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                16.08.2010 15:09
                Very helpful



                better than a dominoes!

                With out a shadow of a doubt these pizza's are definately good value for money. It's great to be able to customise your pizza and have it made in front of you.

                We often go to asda for a pizza on a Friday night, you have a choice of Deep pan, Thin crust & Stonebaked bases and a good range of toppings to pick from.

                I have never been a huge fan of Peperroni but have fell in love with the one at Asda, it isn't too spicy for those like me who can't handle hot food!!!

                They have a selection of chickens (cajun, spicy & plain) and your usual toppings such as sweet corn, pineapple & mushroom etc.

                At the counter there is normally pizzas that have already been made up in the front so if you are in a hurry then you can just grab one instead of waiting.

                The staff are always hygienic and wear gloves and aprons.

                You can have a choice of tomato or bbq sauce to go onto the pizza base, we always choose the bbq sauce but if you are having a 4 topping pizza they class the bbq sauce as a topping so you will only get 3 things to go on top.

                Afterwards they offer you oil to go on top which we always have the garlic which gives it a nice kick!

                They also offer an extra sprinkle of cheese to finish which is lovely when it melts over your toppings in the oven.

                The pizza's are covered and handed to you over the counter.

                They only take approximately 15 - 20 minutes in the oven and are ideal if you have guests.

                They are filling and we sometimes struggle to have a large deep pan between us!


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                29.01.2010 13:46
                Very helpful



                A great price for a good pizza

                After work on a Friday I go to Asda to do my big shop. I can't stand the queues on a Saturday so Friday night is the lesser of 2 evils. By the time I finish shopping its gone 6 and I just want something I can chuck in the oven whilst I put the shopping away. Asda create your own pizzas fit the bill perfectly.

                The pizza counter in my store (Grantham) is situated at the back next to the deli. There are several ready made-up pizzas on the front of the counter with a variety of more familiar topping combinations. There is always a small plastic menu holder on top of the counter filled with paper for you to mark your choices on. A friendly face behind the counter takes your slip, checks for toppings and lets you know how long it will be. It normally takes around ten to fifteen minutes on a Friday because they are fairly busy. I don't see this as a problem as I go at the beginning of my shop and just nip back before going to the checkout.

                The bases come in 10" and 14" and can be thin & crispy, thick crust, stuffed crust or stone baked. I always go for a 14" thin & crispy as I find this is plenty for two adults with no chips or salad. If you're planning to have it as part of a meal a 10" will probably be adequate. You can choose between tomato or barbeque sauce on the base and then there are several choices of topping ranging from different meats (chicken, pepperoni, spicy beef) and vegetables (pineapple, onion, peppers) and then different cheeses to go on the top.

                I always go for a half and half as my partner and I never agree so this is the best option. When I go to pick it up the top is covered with cling film that's been heat sealed and there is usually a good amount of topping. I do sometimes find that I pick a few bits off when I get home as it can be too overpowering but it's better than a stingy portion.

                The pizza cooks in around 20 minutes and when it comes out it's just a case of slicing it and dishing it out. I sometimes find if I have the oven on a bit high the edges tend to burn and the centre is soggy so I do now try to cook as per the instructions given to get a better finished product.

                Most weeks the pizza tastes great. The cheese goes crispy on top but still stringy when you bite and the there is just the right mixture of topping to balance out each taste. I have had several different toppings depending on my mood and generally they're pretty good. Occasionally I find they are a bit sparse with the cheese and this then has a detrimental effect because the topping goes hard when it is cooked because it is exposed to too much heat. I do tend to find that this depends on the person making the pizza, a couple of idividuals at my local store could perhaps do with a bit of re-training because they're efforts are a little sub-standard.

                A 14" thin & crispy is £3.18, but quite often on offer for £3.00 this comes with a choice of 4 toppings . The 10" are around £2.50 but are normally on offer for 2 pizzas for £4.00. The stuffed crusts tend to be pricier but I still think these are great value. You can add extra topping for a bit more.

                They taste much better than the frozen varieties and just as good as the expensive takeaways. I would recommend these if you're after a quick meal or having a cheap night in. They are suitable for freezing so you could keep a spare tucked away for one of those nights you just can't be bothered. Why pay £10+ at Dominos or Pizza Hut when you get the same choice and taste for less than half the price.


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                  12.11.2009 13:12
                  Very helpful



                  Great ideas for fussy eaters!!

                  Asda's Create Your own Pizzas!

                  Sometimes you go into your Asda and look for a pizza, but they just never satisfy everybody in the family. There will always be someone who doesn't want onion, or doesn't want pineapple, or who doesn't like meat. Some may think the only other option is to buy the (very!) expensive Dominoes pizzas where you can choose your own toppings, these cost almost £8 for a simple cheese and tomato pizza at 13.5inch, this is for a regular pizza base, and simple cheese and tomato! You can go into Asda and buy a simple 14inch pizza for just under £3, plus your toppings which cost £1 for two toppings. So, that's only £5 for a Pizza with two extra toppings!


                  The pizzas unlike Domino's or Pizza Hut do need to be cooked by you at home, but this means you can freeze it or buy it hours before you are going to eat it.
                  Of course the taste all depends on your personal preference! You can choose exactly what you want on your pizza, so if you want Garlic oil squirted all over your pizza with Jalapeno's and Pineapple (a combination your unlikely to get in a pre-made pizza!) then you can have it. There is a choice of different bases:

                  10 inch Pizzas (Thin and Crispy, Stone Baked and Deep Pan)
                  14 inch Pizzas (Thin and Crispy, Stone Baked and Deep Pan)
                  10 inch Stuffed Crust Pizzas (where your crust has melted cheese inside giving it that extra kick of taste!

                  And also hundreds of different toppings which you can choose from *which I will go through in a while*.The pizzas from Asda taste just as good, if not better than Domino's and Pizza Hut, as you can cook them for as long as you wish, if you like your Pizzas crunchy (how I do!), you can leave it in for an extra 5 minutes whilst I find Domino's pizzas very soggy and the bottoms seem very wet, which I can't stand. With these Asda pizzas you don't get this unless you cook it like this yourself (in which case you have nobody to blame but yourself!!). The pizza bases are perfectly cooked before hand, and all of the toppings are top quality foods. The pizzas taste as I said earlier, better than Domino's, and make a delicious and quick meal for all the family.


                  As I said earlier, the toppings cost £1 for two, and are as follows:

                  Meat & Fish

                  Cajun Chicken
                  Spicy Beef
                  Spicy Pork


                  Onion (red or normal)


                  Mozzarella Slices
                  Pineapple Chunks
                  On top of the toppings you choose you then get extra cheese sprinkled all over and a choice of Pizza Oil, either Basil or Garlic flavoured (at no extra cost!).


                  The Pizza's are heat shrink wrapped (like what you get in the Supermarket when they have been pre made), with a barcode sticker for the till. So it doesn't come in a box like you get from a Take Away restaurant, but they do come in an easy to open bag, which keeps the pizza fresh until you re open it to cook it!

                  Cooking my Pizza

                  Ok, well of course when you buy a pizza from Domino's it is already cooked for you, and this takes away some of the hassle, but as I said earlier, this can sometimes be soggy, and even a little cold depending on how long you have waited for it, or how far you have had to drive since picking it up.

                  Cooking your Asda pizza couldn't be easier.
                  Remove all packaging, not forgetting the polystyrene disc which keeps it stiff in its packaging, and place on the middle shelf of your oven, with a tray below it (to catch any drippages!), best on a Pizza tray in the oven to cook evenly.

                  The oven should be pre heated to Gas Mark 6/200°C/400F, for 12-15 minutes, or until the crust is golden and the cheese is bubbling away nicely, but beware to keep checking the Pizza as ovens can vary and you don't want a burned pizza! If you have frozen your pizza (which must be done on day of purchase!), cooking time will be increased to 15-22 minutes.


                  No pizza is ever going to be "healthy", but of course it all depends on what you have on the top of your pizza as to just how "unhealthy" it's going to be. If you have triple helpings of cheese, bacon, ham, chicken, and everything else you can have, then it's of course going to be less healthy than a simple chicken and mushroom pizza.
                  It is very hard to work out exactly what the nutritional information of a pizza of this kind is as it all depends on what toppings you have, what type of base you have, and what size pizza you have, so I wouldn't be able to give you exact calorific information, and neither would the store, but it's simple really if you want to have a healthier pizza have healthier toppings. If you're not really all that fussed about what you eat, then to be fair, you wouldn't care about the nutritional values of the pizzas!!!!!!

                  As for allergy information, the pizzas do contain gluten, milk and wheat.
                  They are suitable for vegetarians should the vegetarian choose vegetables and not meat! But the meat and vegetables are kept behind the same counter, as a non vegetarian I can't see that been an issue, but maybe for some vege's it may be.


                  As I said earlier they are much cheaper than the other pizzas you get from Domino's and Pizza Express for example. And are on offer at the moment, two 14inch pizzas for £4 (this is without toppings), and as I have mentioned a few times, it is £1 for two extra toppings (extra to your basic cheese and tomato base), so in theory you can get two great pizzas for all the family for £6!!

                  I am quite boring when I have my pizzas and I choose Cajun Chicken and Bacon with Garlic Oil, I hate onion on my pizzas, which comes on most of the pre-packed ones, and I'm not too fussed on peppers either, so these pizzas are perfect for people like me!

                  In Conclusion

                  Asda create your own Pizzas are excellent for fussy people, people like me who don't like having nasties on their pizzas, or if you're allergic to certain toppings! They're perfect for kids (you can get individual pizzas), as they can pick their own toppings themselves so they don't have to sit there picking the "bits" off the top! They can pick their favourite toppings which might be the strangest of combinations, but if it's what they want and they're going to eat it all, then what's the problem!!!
                  These are certainly the best Pizzas of this kind for their price, for a 14inch pizza which will happily feed 4 people you will pay £5 for the base with two toppings, £7 for four extra toppings, who could ask for more!!!!!

                  I would recommend these pizzas to everybody, no matter who or what their tastes are. Excellent value for money, and very yummy! :)


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                    11.11.2009 12:10
                    Very helpful



                    Ok for a quick and simple meal, but don't expect anything special.

                    Asda Create your own Pizza is a really nice idea. It looks tempting in the store, with all the potential Pizza toppings laid out for your choosing, and some ready made fresh Pizza's if you prefer to just pick one up quickly. It's a lovely idea to be able to create your own Pizza, and a good idea to get children involved in trying different things, but unfortunately in my experience the Pizza isn't really all that good, and I'd rather choose my own toppings in a real Pizza restaurant. Having said that I have had one of these Pizzas from different Asda stores and found that one was awful, and the other was delicious. I'm not sure if this is due to the person who makes it, what I chose to have on the Pizza, or maybe the length of time the ingredients had been on display (something which does concern me).

                    This could be viewed as a fun way to enhance meal times, or as just another person with their grubby mits (although I'm sure they wear gloves or something) all over your food.
                    If you really want to be more involved in making your dinner, or have fun chosing Pizza toppings, I think it would be far healthier and more fun to make your own Pizza at home, preparing fresh toppings of your choice. That way only your grubby mits will have been in your food, you'll know it's fresh, and you will have had fun doing it!

                    At least they use minimal packaging, cardboard bases for packaging are recycleable.

                    Originally written for Ciao under the name 'Karibou'.


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                      10.11.2009 17:39
                      Very helpful



                      Pizza Perfection !

                      >>> INTRODUCTION <<<

                      We do the majority of our weekly shopping at Asda and whilst we do prepare and cook most of our own meals we do treat ourselves from time to time too ! Asda have two great deli counters that we visit each week ... one that sells the freshly prepared Chinese/Indian Takeaway Meals and the other where you can Create Your Own Pizza.

                      I read several reviews about Asda Create Your Own Pizza yesterday and discovered quite a few out of date reviews (in terms of prices) and I also found several reviews that mentioned the fact that you could buy a Create Your Own Pizza with a 12 inch base ... which is rather misleading (in my opinion) as this size of base is not offered. Despite the fact that this is a product I buy on a weekly basis (and have done so for quite a few years) it is also a product that I buy without actually looking at the price so I also contacted Asda's head office yesterday to find out the current prices and offers so that I could include information that was both up to date and accurate. The prices that I have included in this review, therefore, are accurate and are also fixed until January 2010.

                      >>> THE CREATE YOUR OWN PIZZA COUNTER <<<

                      When you arrrive at the Create Your Own Pizza Counter you will see quite a few pizzas that have already been prepared and shrunk wrapped. There are usually a selection of the most popular pizzas (such as ham and pineapple) but I would suggest avoiding these and actually taking part in the "Create Your Own" process ... it may take a little longer than simply picking up one of the pre-prepared ones but believe me it is more than worth it !!!

                      I will now take you on a "virtual tour" of the Create Your Own Pizza Process ... but if you have yet to try this yourself then I highly recommend that you visit your nearest Asda and try it for yourself.

                      >>> BASES <<<

                      Your first task is to choose which base you would like form the choices listed below ...

                      1) Thin Crust (10 inch & 14 inch)
                      2) Stone Baked (10 inch & 14 inch)
                      3) Deep Pan (10 inch & 14 inch)
                      4) Stuffed Crust (10 inch only)

                      The great thing about the bases themselves is the fact that are prepared and baked in the actual store (as part of the Asda Bakery). Therefore, not only do they have a great taste and texture but they are also fresh !!!

                      >>> TOPPINGS <<<

                      As soon as you have decided on which base you would like you then have a choice between a traditional tomato based sauce or a slightly more tangy barbeque sauce. Once that has been added the base is then generously sprinkled with a mix of grated cheddar and mozzerella. By now your mouth is already watering and it's time to start creating your masterpiece !!!

                      There is a wonderful selection of freshly prepared pizza toppings to choose from and as part of the process you get to choose 4 (included in the price). There's something for everyone too ... from classic pizza combos to some rather more adventurous toppings. The beauty of the Create Your Own Process is the fact that it's entirely up to you.

                      * Meat ... bacon, cajun chicken, chicken, ham, salami, spicy beef, spicy pork & pepperoni.

                      * Fish/Seafood ... anchovies & prawns.

                      * Vegatables ... mushrooms, onions, peppers, red onions, sweetcorn and tomatoes.

                      * Others ... jalepenos, mozzerella slices, olives and pineapple chunks.

                      Once you have selected your toppings (and if you don't want any extra toppings)there is a final and, once again, generous sprinkling of grated Cheddar and Mozzerella. Then your Pizza is lovingly shrunk wrapped to seal in the freshness and make it easy to take home. Please remember not to just chuck it in your trolley though ... I have done this a few times (and forgotten about it) only to discover at the checkout that the perfect pizza I so lovingly created has infact been squashed beyond all recognition !!!

                      >>> EXTRAS !!! <<<

                      When your pizza has been made you will have already selected 4 different toppings that are included in the price. You can, however, add as many toppings as you like ... it is your pizza after all. You are the creator so feel free to ask for the toppings you want to make your perfect pizza !!! At the moment, Asda have reduced the price to a fantastic £1 for two extra toppings ... so why not treat yourself ?

                      Next you can add a bit of "Va Va Voom" to your pizza by adding one of the speciality pizza oils. There are two very different flavours available A traditional Basil and Garlic Oil (which tastes divine) and a chilli based Spicy Oil (which adds a wicked kick). Both of these oils are free.Finally, for an extra £1.78 you can also walk away with a delicious freshly baked traditional 10 inch garlic bread (a new product which has only recently been introduced to the Create Your Own Pizza Counter).

                      >>> PRICES <<<

                      * 10 inch Create Your Own Pizzas (Thin and Crispy, Stone Baked and Deep Pan) are currently £2.38 each
                      * 14 inch Create Your Own Pizzas (Thin and Crispy, Stone Baked and Deep Pan) are curently £3.00 each.
                      * 10 inch Stuffed Crust Create Your Own Pizzas are currently £3.18 each.

                      >>> CURRENT ASDA OFFER <<<

                      At the moment Asda have an offer where you can get buy two 10 inch Create Your Own Pizzas for £4.00.

                      >>> STORAGE <<<

                      Create Your Own Pizzas can be kept in the refrigerator but should ideally be eaten within two days of purchase. They can also be frozen ... but I have tried this and the end results are not as impressive as cooking one that has been freshly made. I would recomend eating these as soon after buying them as you can. We often have ours when we have come back from shopping. We pop them in the oven, unpack the shopping then relax in front of the TV for a while ... and instant takeaway (just much less expensive and to be honest a hell of a lot more tasty).

                      >>> COOKING INSTRUCTIONS <<<

                      The guidelines for cooking the Create Your Own Pizza are as follows ...

                      * 12-15 minutes (fresh)
                      * 18-22 minutes (frozen)

                      I would recommend keeping an eye on them though as there's nothing worse than a Pizza that has been slightly overdone.

                      >>> NUTRITIONAL & DIETARY INFORMATION <<<

                      Asda's Create Your Own Pizza does not actually come with nutritional information simply because it has been hand made and the ingredients themselves have been selected by the customer. I have found out, however, that the base does contain wheat and gluten and that the toppings themselves (as well as the pizza dough) have been prepared in an environment that could contain nuts. I do, feel, howver, that they are far more healthy than many of the takeaway pizzas you could buy and if you choose a pizza with lots of veggies as your toppings (as my other half does) then it's actually a very tasty way of getting a decent amount of the recommended five a day !!!

                      >>> HOW DO THEY COMPARE WITH "OTHER" PIZZAS ? <<<

                      Pizzas are are more popular than ever and are everywhere these days but as consumers we have a massive choice of where to get our pizzas from. We could visit one of the large well known pizza chains or we could phone one of the many independent takeaways ... we could even simply select one of the countless brands from the freezer sections of our local stores.

                      However, in my humble opinion, Asda Create Your Own Pizzas are by far the best pizzas available. There are a number of reasons I say this, so please let me explain ...

                      Firstly, unlike many of the frozen pizzas you could buy these pizzas have an extremely generous amount of topping. Secondly, unlike visiting a pizza place or ordering a takeaway the cost is actually quite low ... you can't really complain at £4 for two 10 inch pizzas can you ? Thirdly (and most importantly of course) is the taste. I used to go to Pizza Hut quite regularly because, in my opinion, they were the tastiest pizzas around. However, that was until I discovered Asda's Create Your Own Pizzas !!! Since we started buying these I haven't set foot in a Pizza Hut ... and why would I when I can buy fresh, delicious tasting pizzas from my local Asda where I get to choose exactly what goes on them for a fraction of the price ???

                      >>> MY OWN FAVOURITE CYO PIZZA <<<

                      I have tried many CYO combos out during the past few years and to be honest I have rarely been disappointed. My own personal favourite, however, is as follows ...

                      10 inch Stone Baked Pizza (with the tomato sauce)
                      Cajun Chicken
                      Red Onions
                      Spicy Chilli Oil
                      with ...
                      Extra Mozzerela Discs
                      (oh yes !!!)

                      It's tastes truly delicious ... and am sure that if you try out the Create Your Own Pizza for yourself you will also discover your own favourite !!!

                      >>> FINAL THOUGHT <<<

                      It's very hard to find any fault with Asda's Create Your Pizzas simply because they are truly delicious and are also fantastic value for money. All I can say is that I highly recommend that you try these for yourself ... I don't think that you will disappointed !!!

                      THANKS FOR READING ;)

                      >>> jedimastergray73 <<<


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                        04.11.2009 15:52
                        Very helpful



                        Way better than a Goodfella's!

                        Pizza's are beautiful things, a full meal presented on a circle of bread - what's not to like! However there are so many different pizzas to choose from, it's hard to know which to go for. Well, if you 'create your own' at your local Asda, then you won't go far wrong.

                        So why are they so good?

                        Firstly, the cost, you can get a 14" pizza for around £3.50, which includes 4 toppings in addition to the standard cheese and tomato base - compare this to take away prices (around £6 for 12") and you can see the saving you make!

                        Secondly, the quality and choice is excellent. You can choose from a selection of sizes and bases (my favourite being 'Stone baked'), and add a range of popular toppings including meats and vegetables (i.e chicken, pepperoni, bacon, sweetcorn, pepper, onions etc).

                        Lastly, the Pizzas always taste fresh and 'clean'. By clean, I mean they are not dripping in grease like your avergae take away pizza is. I know pizza's are far from healthy, but you do feel that these pizzas are better for you than the frozen or take away options are, which tend to be very salty and have cheaper quality toppings.

                        Overall, if you fancy a pizza as a weekend treat, then ASDA's CYO pizza should be your no.1 choice, it's cheaper, it's bigger and tastes much better!



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                        04.11.2009 10:49
                        Very helpful



                        Asda's create your own pizza counter

                        Everyone loves pizza...or at least should do! Easy to prepare and can constitute a full meal. Heck, even depending on the ingredients you can get one or two of your five a day...kind of! Well here are Asda's very own Create Your Own Pizzas.

                        In every decent sized Asda, which the majority are, you'll find a Create Your Own Pizza point near the Deli counter where you can whip these things up. Often there'll be a queue, as they're just so popular, and cheap for the quality of product.

                        You can pick a size between 10, 12 and 14-inch bases, and the type of base - stone baked, thin and crispy, deep pan, and stuffed crust for the largest size base. Then the fun really begins...

                        The vendor will ask if you want traditional tomato sauce on the base or a barbeque option, then they'll add cheese. Then normally you can pick 4 types of topping and then they'll add yet more cheese. Of course, you can have as many toppings as you really like but four is the amount they allow without upping the price, but in all honest four is more than enough.

                        The toppings to choose from are plentiful. You've got the vegetables (or fruit if you include pineapple) such as mushroom, red onion, tomato, olives, sweetcorn, mixed peppers. Then there's meat such as pepperoni, ham, bacon, chicken - both plain and Cajun, and spicy beef. There's also the option of having one of your toppings as additional mozzarella discs. There may be stuff such as anchovies thrown in there, but they're disgusting so the less said about them the better.

                        Often with pre-made pizzas, be it fresh or frozen, the toppings will be minimal, won't reach the edge of the base and if they're frozen will easily burn in the oven. But the Create Your Own option often results in plenty of topping spread evenly around the pizza. Perfect.

                        At the counter there are pre-made traditional types of pizza such as Margarita, Hawaiian, American Hot, Meat Feast etc. etc. but sometimes they don't look too appetising as they look as if they've been rushed together and lack the topping you get if you have it custom made.

                        Price wise, last time I was there they cost approximately £2.39 for a 10-inch pizza, with offers available such as two for £4, or on the larger pizzas two for £5. An absolute bargain anyone who's tried them will agree. They're certainly the best tasting supermarket pizzas I've come across, and some can be rubbish it's fair to say. So next time you're in Asda, have a wander past the Pizza section. If you walk straight past, you'll be a fool!


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