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Yates (Peterborough)

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“ Address: 1–3 The Broadway / Peterborough / Cambridgeshire / PE1 1TA „

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    1 Review
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      25.04.2013 22:48
      Very helpful




      I recently visited Peterborough and whilst out shopping we decided to look for somewhere cheap and cheerful to have a late lunch. We came across this 'Yates' pub and having looked at the menu decided that there was something on there that all four of us like the sound of.

      ~ * What Sort of Welcome? * ~

      We walked into the pub - it was quite a 'dark' place with an informal atmosphere. There were lots of different styled seating with window seats and cosy corners etc. We could choose where we wanted to sit which was nice. The pub itself is quite nice - if you have been to a Wetherspoons' pub before then this is kind of similar to one of those. The pub itself is quite large with lots of different styled tables and seating arrangements. You can easily find a nice cosy corner here. There was a nice atmosphere there - very relaxed and chilled out.

      ~ * Menu * ~

      There was plenty of choice on the menu from all day breakfasts to burgers, curries, jacket potatoes, bangers and mash, fish and chips, steaks, pies etc. So something for all tastes. The prices were fairly reasonable too and so there is something to suit all tastes and budgets on the menu.

      I decided to have a veggie burger, another member of the party had a chicken burger and another had an all-day breakfast. The food arrived within around 15 minutes - although that's probably because it's all microwave food. My veggie burger was ok (the burger itself) although the bun was as dry as dry can be and so I left the bun and just ate the burger. The salad was also very 'dry' and 'old' and didn't look as though it has been washed and just looked as though it had been 'lying around in the kitchen all day'.

      The other member in our group who had the chicken burger was also disappointed. They had ordered a...I can't remember if it was a spicy chicken burger and they ended up with a plain one or they ordered a plain one and ended up with a spicy one... Their burger bun was also very, very dry like mine. The all day breakfast was ok. The fourth member of our group just had chips as they are a fussy vegetarian and everything they wanted to order they had run out. So the food wasn't good at all. We didn't complain either as 1) we couldn't be bothered to make a fuss as we were tired after travelling all day and 2) the silly staff didn't seem mature enough to handle complaints and probably would have just pulled faces at us and taken the mickey out of us.

      ~ * What About The Staff? * ~

      The staff there were awful. The afternoon we went - it was quite quiet. There was a young girl and a young man working. All they did was mess around the whole time like school kids when the teacher had gone out of the classroom. They were shouting across the pub to each other - it wouldn't have been so bad if it was work related but it was just silly stuff. When we got up from our table to go and order, they were both standing having a chat behind the bar, when they saw us approaching the bar, looked at us and then just as we were about 5 steps from the bar both ran into the kitchen. When they did return a minute or so later they were laughing and being silly. When we did place our order they weren't sure if they were doing certain items on the menu that day (due to running out of ingredients etc) - so the girl would shout to the lad and he would be silly first and then go to the kitchen and ask - he then came back nodding his head at her and saying 'no they didn't have' whatever it was we had wanted to order.
      They made us feel very uncomfortable -as though they were taking the mickey out of us behind our backs. They weren't professional at all. The staff could really do with customer service training.

      The tables weren't very clean either and there was no one clearing tables. It wasn't that busy yet that's still no excuse. No one was clearing glasses or plates and we sat for a while waiting for our plates to be cleared. No one asked if everything was alright when we were eating either. It was only on the way out that the young waiter asked if everything was alright - we just muttered 'thanks' and went.

      I don't think that there were enough staff working either. I know it wasn't busy but still there was only one behind the bar and one waiting on and then I guess that there was one chef in the kitchen.

      The condiments on the table were empty too. There was a bottle of Heinz tomato ketchup which was completely empty. We then had to get another one from another table; they were also empty.

      ~ * What Else? * ~

      The staff and the food let the place down on our visit. The place itself was quite nice with a nice chilled-out atmosphere (apart from the staff making us feel very uncomfortable). So as somewhere to eat, I wouldn't want to eat there again - although perhaps going there for a drink on a night out would be ok.

      The toilets were disgusting - really dirty and unclean. Some of the toilet seats were broken etc. I think had we gone to the toilets before ordering then we probably would have left having seen the state of them, although as we had already ordered when we went to the loos it was a bit too late.

      ~ * Other Information, Bits & Bobs * ~

      They have a huge range of drinks from soft drinks to hot beverages, to beers, alcohol and wines etc - all at pretty reasonable prices too.

      Opening Hours:

      Monday - 9am - 11pm
      Tuesday - 9am - 11pm
      Wednesday - 9am - 2am
      Thursday - 9am - 1am
      Friday - 9am - 1am
      Saturday - 9am - 1am
      Sunday - 9an - 11pm

      They have lots of different offers on so that's something to look out for. For example they currently have an offer which consists of "50% off food on Thursdays".

      I can't remember how much we paid. I think for a veggie burger and a large Pepsi it was around £8-£9 which isn't bad. Although when the bun is very dry and the lettuce leaves old then I think it is bad value for money. Although on a good day, if the bun was fresh and the salad fresh then I would consider it to be good value for money.

      So all in all would I recommend it? Yes and no really! I would imagine that it would be a good 'evening' place on a night out as you could imagine it having a really busy atmosphere. Whilst the food and staff were bad on the occasion we went - perhaps if there were different staff working then it may be different and better on another occasion.

      Thank you for reading!
      April 2013
      Xdonzx / xd-o-n-z-x


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