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Location: 13 The Headrow City Ctr, Leeds LS1 6PU / Tel: 0113 203 1821

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    1 Review
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      13.04.2011 12:00
      Very helpful



      see review x

      Where its based

      13 The Headrow City Ctr
      Leeds LS1 6PU
      Tel: 0113 203 1821

      This is based right in the middle of town so it would be more than likely one of the pubs you would pass when you are shopping. Also it is easy to get to with plenty of buses running to and from the same road.

      On walking into the pub

      Well if you go on the decor of the place you would not be too impressed, lets just say this is one of the pubs that people stick their noses up and and say that you need to wipe your feet on the way out. But I find that this is something that could be corrected put into the right hands and with someone who is willing to spend money to do the pub up a little but. You would expect more from a pub in the middle of town with plenty of people passing all the time.

      The pub is pretty big but does only have one room, but it is a big room, with a dance floor and a stage also. I do find it a little strange though that they have a pool table on the edge of the dance floor, so the planning of this pub does leave a lot to be desired. The bar is pretty big and runs throughout the pub from near enough where you walk in to just near where the dance floor starts, so no matter where you stand you are always pretty close to the bar.

      There is also a small part of the pub just as you walk in that is classed as the quieter corner, there is no doors to it but you are just further away from the dance floor, and sat round a corner so the music is not as loud. The floors are fully laminated, but they obviously get very sticky due to beer spillages, which is why people say you have to wipe your feet on the way out, maybe it would be better if they had carpeted floors, that won't get as sticky and even slippy.

      The entertainment

      They are a pretty busy pub and are open from 11am-11pm and lets say you will never actually see it empty. They do have a lot of regulars who will be in all day and a majority of the night, so by the time the entertainment starts there will be quite a few very drunk people loll.

      Through the week Monday to Wednesday they have no entertainment at all. Thursday to Sunday they have nothing on through the day people just go in to catch up with each other and have a drink, then at 8pm they start the Karaoke and disco. They have the same DJ on each of the nights, and it can get pretty boring, the DJ is nice enough, and yes it is a good night but if you went in there every day I think karaoke three days in a row would be just a little bit too much and I love karaoke. But I could not do three days in a row at it.


      They do not serve food in here, and if they did I don't think I would buy any in there as I have said its not the cleanest of pubs around Leeds.

      The staff

      They usually have at least three to four members of staff on behind the bar, and you usually do get served pretty quick, but I would not say they have ever tried to strike up a conversation, or even try to make me feel welcome and that's even on their quiet moments, so its not because they are too busy. I like a pub where the staff will go out of their way to talk to you and make you feel welcome, and here they just do not do that. The only person who works there that has ever made me feel welcome was the DJ.

      I will say though they do serve quickly which I suppose for a lot of people that will be the main thing.


      For a busy pub in the middle of town I do think it is pretty cheap at £3 for a pint of cider, I have paid more than that in my local pub, I am not sure on all other prices as that is the only drinks I have bought in there, but if they are as reasonably priced as the cider I am sure they will be good prices.


      This is another thing that I feel needs to be tackled, normally in a pub the ladies toilets are really clean tidy and nice smelling but not these ones. The floors are usually wet, they have 2 tiny toilets that are grimy too and need a good clean, and then you have one small hand basin. I feel for a town pub which is busy these are just not big enough and not clean enough at all.

      Also you are not always guaranteed to have toilet roll in either, so you would then have to ask them behind the bar for them. The toilets are never checked throughout the night which is probably why they are in such a state. You don't have enough room to move in them, if there was a queue in there you would only fit 3 in a queue before you were queuing out into the pub, that's how small they are.

      Suitable for disabled

      No, not at all, to get into the pub there is 3 steps, even if you had someone there to get the wheelchair up you would struggle with the doors, then even if you managed to get in after that, there is no disabled toilets, and as I stated in my toilet section they are only small so would no way get a wheelchair in there at all, so I would not recommend at all if you are in a wheelchair.

      Ever any trouble

      Ok well let me say people in there drinking day and night? well that can only lead to trouble anyway. Which is probably why they do have 2 bouncers on the door on a nighttime. Not that they are much use though, they are only interested in keeping trouble out of the pub, they don't seem to care much after that. I will give you an instance now of what happened one time I was in.A fight once broke out in there, so the bouncers made the people leave who were fighting, then they let them just carry it on outside, and shut the doors of the pub, and stood there watching out of the window. They never informed the police or tried to stop them, like most good bouncers would. I have seen several fights break out here, but they do usually get them out of the pub pretty quickly, I just would not recommend going outside straight after.

      Why you may like it

      * Cheap
      * Fast service
      * Good entertainment (although too much of same thing)
      * Good atmosphere most of the time, mainly on an afternoon.

      Why you may not like it

      * Not the cleanest of pubs.
      * Small dirty toilets.
      * Fights break out.
      * Same entertainment each night.
      * Not disabled friendly.

      My overall opinion

      Now having said all these bad things about the pub loll, it is still a pub I go into but only very occasionally to meet a friend before moving on to somewhere a little more upmarket. I have put undecided on my recommendation, as each person does have their own opinions, and some people may like this sort of pub. I mean the atmosphere is usually good in there, and you can have a laugh with people in there too, but I know a few regulars so I am not sure if you would all get the same atmosphere.

      Having said all that I do think the pub has a good making to be a better pub, it could do with a good make over, and bigger toilets fitted, also better planning for where things can be placed, but I doubt all that will ever happen as they do make their money and still get very busy even with all these faults.


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