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Temple Bar Inn (Amroth, Pembrokeshire)

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Temple Bar Inn in Amroth, Pembrokeshire.

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    1 Review
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      18.07.2012 16:46
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      mmm... Hot Chocolate!

      Temple Bar Inn is a pub in Amroth, Pembrokeshire which I recently visited on a camping trip to Wales.

      Temple Bar Inn is located within the main row of shops on the Amroth sea front. The bar is easy to find as the road is the only one running along the coast line.

      The pub is open everyday from 11am until 11pm and they serve food right up until 10:30pm.

      Our Visit to the Temple Bar Inn
      We entered Temple Bar Inn and made an almost instant decision to sit on the nice comfortable looking sofa, after the night we had just had sleeping in the car (see my tent review for the reason!) the sofa seemed the best option.

      We visited Temple not long after it had opened jut after 11am, because of this it was really quiet with just a couple of customers sitting around the bar. After a quick debate over who's turn it was to move from the comfy seats and walk to the bar I headed for the bar and ordered a large latte and hot chocolate at a cost of £1.90 each.

      The man who served me was friendly and attentive and told me to help myself to the sugar from the little stand by the bar. He made the drinks while I was waiting which gave me a chance to see that they serve a wide range of drinks including local beers as well as the usual Carling and Fosters. They also had wine on the shelf behind the bar and various alcopops in the fridges. These drinks are around the £3 mark give or take a bit depending which drink you have.

      Once our drinks were made I paid the man and took them back to the sofa. In front of the sofa was a table which was just the right height to work well with the sofa. Around the rest of the pub I could see the main seating area was filled with tables and chairs, they were quite modern looking and kind of dining room style. The decor in the pub is quite modern but at the same time it still has a nice cosy feel to it. The atmosphere wasn't amazing but I think this could be more to do with the fact I was very tired and it was first thing in the morning.

      Going back to our drinks, my hot chocolate was lovely and smooth and just oh so nice! I could have quite happily drank another had we not had plans to go elsewhere! I asked my partner how the latte was and I got the response "can we come here again?" so I think that translates as good!

      We sat drinking our drinks then had a little play in the games room before heading on to our next destination.

      There is a large outdoor seating area which has a nice view overlooking the beach, but at the time of our visit it was rather windy and cold so we stayed inside.

      Games Room
      At the rear of the pub there is a games room. You actually have to go through this room to get to the toilets. The games room is quite large and home to a pool table, 4 or 5 games machines, a couple of small grabber style machines and a couple of gambling machines. All of these games are between 10p and 50p a game and when we visited they were all working fine.

      Temple Bar Inn does serve food including breakfast options, although we didn't eat while we were here. I could see from the large menu boards on the walls that they serve a variety of meals including breakfast, steak, fish & chips, lasagnes and salads. The prices on the menu are around the 5 or 6 pound mark depending on what you have. Breakfast is slightly cheaper around the £3 mark.

      Dog Friendly Pub
      Like a lot of pubs in the area Temple Bar Inn is dog friendly providing you keep your dog on a lead and that he or she doesn't sit on the furniture.

      The toilets here are located through a door in the games room at the rear of the pub. At the time we visited they were quite clean and stocked up with all the necessary items such as toilet roll and soap.

      Wheelchair Friendly?
      Temple Bar Inn is wheelchair friendly. There is a ramp to the side of the outside seating area and plenty of space inside the pub to move around freely.

      Overall, I would recommend Temple Bar Inn. I was half asleep when we visited but it was a nice pub and the hot chocolate was amazing! If we'd of had more time while we were in Wales then I would have happily gone here again!

      Thanks for reading :)


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