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Ebdon Arms (Somerset)

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Address: Lilac Way / Wick St. Lawrence / Weston-Super-Mare / Somerset / BS22 9WE / England / Tel: 01934 513005

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    1 Review
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      20.02.2010 16:36
      Very helpful



      Zilch enjoyment!

      Whilst me and my mate stayed in Weston-Super-Mare in a caravan over the New Year one thing we hated doing was cooking all the time in a confined space and with four dogs running around us. For the majority of the time we actually ate at the pub my best mate runs which was fabulous but on a couple of occasions we wanted to just go out on our own for a little while and investigate the surrounding areas of where we were staying and have a good private gossip about things lol!

      The Place:

      Ebdon Arms
      Lilac Way,
      Wick St Lawrence, Weston Super Mare,
      BS22 9WE
      Tel: 08721 077 077

      We came across this pub as it was recommended from the owner of the camp site we were staying at. It was literally a five minute walk and in Wick St Lawrence and he told my friend that they had an all-day breakfast on that was amazing for £2.99 so as soon as my buddy heard she knows how I adore a fry up and offered to treat me, an offer I was unable to refuse!

      On our way to my mates pub we decided to pop in for a bite to eat and were immediately impressed by the exterior of this pub. Lots and lots of parking to behind the pub, it's off road and situated by a posh looking hairdressers and the area is just green and clean. The pub was a large brick one level building with flowers outside and set in like a courtyard setting. Double doors allowed wheelchair access and once inside the place was really pretty and open and light!

      Large bar, well stocked with everything you can think of from alcopops, fine wines and real ales. Lots of dark and highly polished tables and chairs with a couple of sofas, the place was clean, bright and uncluttered (was when we arrived soon wasn't by dirty plates stacking up though lol).

      However with only one member of staff serving and only a couple of people in I thought we'd be in and out in reasonable time!

      Wrong. First off lets talk drinks. Drinks menu had lots of offers on it and to me, all the drinks were reasonably priced. We sat at a table and looked through the humongous menu. Again meal offers were in abundance and me and my mate went for the £3.99 offer offer of a main meal of fish and chips each and a dessert (other options for this price were available). My mate being Vegetarian was rather upset that really there was nothing she could eat so decided on fish and chips as a compromise! For me being a meat eater though there was plenty to choose from, from steak to wraps costing as little as a couple of quid, large selection of starters, desserts and side dishes were also available along with kiddies meals.

      My mate then went to the bar to order. No one was there. After some toe tapping from her a few minutes later she did get served after the barman had finished chatting to a lady bar staff member who was eating her dinner at the bar!

      Then we waited. Waited.... and waited some more. The place was near on empty and every one got served before us. Ok we excepted that various foods take longer than others to cook but we're talking over 40 minutes for a plate of fish and chips each. My mate complained twice, third time she went to the bar to ask for a refund and the food did arrive to which we took our jackets off but were in no mood to enjoy it by that time!

      Sauces were in abundance all in little plastic squares that you help yourself to and the food was cold and very small portions. Tasted like oven chips and frozen fish really with a few peas but yes it was ok but nothing special it just filled a gap in the tummy type of thing. Then we waited for desserts...another half an hour. Apple pie and custard, tasted ok again small portions but all in all this was a £3.99 meal!

      Other people looked unimpressed at the waiting times too! Kids got restless and everyone looked around nervously!

      Yep kids are allowed in to eat here, there is seating outside though no smoking area as such (no heating). Music plays softly in the background and tables are not cleared up thus making the place look untidy over time. Toilets and the disabled toilet are very clean and functional and although this looks a very nice pub it simply lacks atmosphere and decent service. This to me with the offers on is like a Wetherspoons in concept and has the promise to be a fantastic pub but me, I wouldn't go here again no matter how nice the pub looks looks due to it being so slow on serving and lacking enjoyment!


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