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Dusk Nightclub (Weymouth)

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Dusk, 51 The Esplanade, Weymouth, Dorset, DT4 8DQ.Tel:01305 788884

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    1 Review
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      14.07.2009 22:10
      Very helpful



      a decent place in a town of undecentness!

      Before i talk about dusk, let me talk a little bit about Weymouth, the seaside town in which it inhabits. Weymouth is one of Britain's established seaside towns famous for it playing host to King George the third when he was going through his ill phase. Since then the industry has grown from strength to strength and Weymouth has solidified its position as one of Britain's best loved weekend breaks away. It boasts clear sands and water, a busy nightlife, a decent array of shops and hotels and many 'other' things to do for tourists such as the sealife centre, museums, swimming pools, go karts, golf...etc. Unfortunately despite it's great family appeal, weymouth does play host to some truely undesirable characters. Luckily i have since deserted the place and i do miss my friends but unfortunately there arent enough of my decent friends to overlook the characters that exist!

      Now Dusk Nightclub is situated on the seafront, more specifically on the esplanade, a road that runs all up the coast with good links from portland and dorchester. Either side of dusk are other bars and nightclubs and restaurants such as 'the lazy lizard' and 'banus'. All are good in their own right but dusk is by far the busiest place in Weymouth year in, year out and there must be a reason for that. Being a local myself i like the place because many of my friends frequent it, however if i was visiting as an outsider i most probably would not like it.

      Firstly I will talk about the disadvantages, plastic glasses! Ergh! Unfortunately dusk is forced to have this policy due to a local crack down on 'bottlings', even more unfortunately is that now the police deem it necessary to only serve bottles in plastic bottles! I say don't let idiots in in the first place and let the civilised people enjoy a nice drink in a nice glass glass but alas the police arent on our wave length and bar managers (not just Dusk) need to make a profit in this gloomy economic time. After all someone has to pay their wages!

      A short while back they introduced a bar called 'the liquid lounge', which i absolutely loved, cocktails, sofas galore, glass glasses and premium beers and spirits all accompanied with a chillaxed environment and ambience. Unfortunately there werent enough 'sophisticated' people in weymouth for this to be a success and it has since installed a dance floor for those who feel the need to look stupid drunk and wiped out the cocktail menu nearly altogether. Oh and the plastic glasses have returned! :(

      After many refurbishments you can't deny the management do spend a lot of time and money on looking after the place. New dance floors, colour schemes and, more recently, a bigger bar has given the place a bit of an uplift and continued its rivaling of bigger chain bars and pubs such as barracuda and wetherspoons. The dance floor currently operates a strict no drinks policy which i think is a good thing after having fallen over too many times on silly girls and boys spilling their drinks whilst in blissfully ignorant appearances.

      Doormen/women are normally something i really hate; rude horrible people who never ask nicely for ID and make you feel like they're doing YOU a favour by letting you in! But Dusk is different; the majority of door staff there are really friendly and nice and treat people with respect. I hate the stereotypical door staff profile that exists in most bars so it takes a lot for me to say that!

      The bar also has a cashpoint that charges the usual disgusting £1.75 to get YOUR OWN money out and receives credit cards but charges £1 a transaction. The bar also has a roofless 'room' where people can smoke their lives away.

      As well as the 'liquid lounge' there is also a middle bar that hosts a number of DJ's playing all sorts of music from pop to cheese to RnB to trance. This is pretty large and a good place to go if there isn't enough room elsewhere. The bar also hosts many decent bands which are pretty good to see now and again however watching them week in week out can be a bit of drag as they rarely change their playlist.

      All in all this is a good local bar and nightclub which really does try. It's a shame there isn't more money in entertaining a nicer target audience but we don't tend to go out twice a week! :p so instead they are forced to cater for those who may occasionally get into fights, drink til they drop and do other audacious things whilst out of their face. You can take the Weymouth out of the bar but unfortunately you can't take the bar out of Weymouth. So yes if you happen to be in Weymouth and want a good lively night out and can overlook plastic glasses I do wholeheartedly recommend Dusk Nightclub.


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  • Product Details

    Dusk nightclub in weymouth is situated right in the heart of the night time economy. Hosted over three floors, with dj's and live music every night and a 24 hour licence you are bound to find everything you need for a great night out.

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