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Baa Bar (Manchester)

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Address: Deansgate Locks Whitworth St West / Manchester / Greater Manchester / M1 5LH

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    1 Review
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      31.05.2009 11:36
      Very helpful




      On a night out, I always like to start at somewhere where the drinks are cheap and the atmosphere is good before heading right out to a nightclub. In Manchester with it being such a big student focused city, it really isn't difficult to find a bar doing drinks promos any night of the week as people are pretty much out every night. I have been to Baa Bar in other places like Liverpool and different areas of Manchester. Baa Bar is a bar chain only found in the North West though so if you don't live anywhere around then you won't have heard of the place. They are well renowned for their many shots as they have every possible combination and I want to try them all

      I usually never have problems with this bar, the staff are usually nice enough and at the door they check I.D. as standard and then they let you in. I have only once ever had a bad experience on the door here after a night out. The other month I tried to get in here but they said my friend was too drunk when she wasn't then the bouncer started being really rude to me which was unprofessional as there was no need for the way he spoke to me. I then went back later and he didn't recognise me and I got in but it was ridiculous and apart from that I still like the bar chain.

      So, the drinks in here are pretty cheap, you can get most drinks, all bottled things like Strongbow Cirrus and Alcopops cost roughly about £2 on a weekday and the shots are all £1. Pitchers are about £5 but you get about 6 drinks out of one so it is worth the money and they have a good choice.

      To give an idea of the shots list, I will list a few of the selected shots I have tried to let you know what they do. They have a Cream Egg one which is probably my favourite and in this you have Banana, White Chocolate and Irish Cream Liquers. They then do the likes of Brain Damage which has Peach Schnapps, Irish Cream and Grenadine. You can add 50p and increase the size of the shooter if you want as well. For only £1 they are no more expensive than any other bar and a few of these is a great way to start the night and get you on the way to having a good night.

      With their shootails which are their pitchers they have flavours like Tequila Sunrise which I opted for and it has Tequila, Triple Sec, Orange Juice and Grenadine but hardly tasted alcoholic even though it must have been. They also have Long Island Iced Tea so more popular cocktail pitchers as well.

      The music played in here is a mix of everything from dance to older 90's dance to some current chart and then some remixes as well. It's good though, I don't really go in here to hope to hear the latest songs out, it's more about just going in to get my drinks and have a good time and not spend too much as most bars charge so much.

      This one isn't the biggest bar of the Baa Bar chain but it's big enough and there are tables and chairs around but it is nice and dimly lit with their light wall inside which makes it bright inside. It has a fun, social atmosphere in here and is never dead I think everyone loves their £1 shooters they are probably what reel in the crowds.

      So, as mentioned before if you don't live in the North West sadly you will not be able to experience Baa Bar but if you do then there are three bars, as I have mentioned two in Manchester and one in Liverpool. The addresses are as follows:

      Liverpool - 43-45 Fleet Street

      Manchester- Arch 11 Deansgate Locks and 27 Sackville Street

      Wigan- 32 Wallgate

      http://www.baabar.co.uk/ This website is the official site for the chain and it has all information including a full menu of all drinks and shooters. It also has information on locations, staff, parties, promotions, history and contact information.


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