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Canon T-shirt Transfers TR-301

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    1 Review
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      31.03.2013 12:55
      Very helpful
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      will not use again

      I like to experiment with new things and I like to decorate my home with kitsch and attractive pieces. I had heard of t-shirt transfers and I thought they were a great idea so I decided to buy a packet and try and make some of my own custom cushion covers. I find cushion covers really expensive so I thought I could make some of my own by using my own photographs and printing them on to the fabric so I could have a cheap way of making posh custom cushions! I thought the idea was ingenious and I bought a packet from Amazon.


      As these are Cannon sheets the packet recommends that you can use them with the following models: CLC700, CLC800, CLC900, CLC1000/1100/1110/1120/1140/1150/1180, CLC2400, CLC3100, CLC3900/3900+, CLC4000, CLC5000/5000+, CLC5100. In actual fact you can use them with any printer however if anything goes wrong then you cannot blame the manufacturer and the quality is not insured.

      ==Price and availability==

      You get 10 a4 sheets for £15 which works out at quite a lot but I thought I was getting a good deal as I could buy a cushion cover for £2 and then add a custom design and create a lush, expensive looking cushion for next to nothing. In actual fact, things did not work out as I planned but it was worth a shot.


      The sheets measure 11" by 17 inches and are a4 compatible. The sheets are designed for you to customise any white/beige fabric and you can make your own mouse mats, t-shirts, shorts, flags and cushion covers.

      To use the sheets, fan the transfer paper and place in the bypass tray with the Canon Logo facing down and make sure the glossy face is up. Make sure you have the feeding tray set for heavy media. Next you need to print and I always use photo settings so you get quite dense amount of ink transferred on to the paper.

      Once printed, you need to trim the excess paper from the design as otherwise you will have a white section around the image. Photos work perfectly as you can have a nice little mount around the edge, however if you are cutting out more intricate designs then they do not look good as you have a big white ring around them, unless your cutting out is very neat indeed. Whilst cutting out the image try to minimize handing of the image to prevent the picture smudging and scratching.

      Next, preheat your iron to the hottest setting and then lay the image on the fabric with the ink side down and the paper side face up. Then you need to press the iron on the paper and the heat causes the transfer to stick to the fabric and you can peel the sheet off. Try to make sure there are no crinkles or creases and make sure you press for as long as possible or you will end tearing the image. The best thing to do is slowly peel back the paper smoothing it off as you do it.

      ==The results==

      I must say I was disappointed with the results as although the image transferred on to the cover and it looked ok, ie the colours were bright and the image was clear with no smudges, the image cracked. The transfer is quite thick so as I put the cushion inner inside the cover, the image was pulled and it cracked leaving thick lines in the image. It looked really cheap and fake and not quite like the end result I had anticipated. I was a little cross really as I had spent a lot of money on these transfers. I tried again with a few other sheets and in the end gave up as they all cracked with bits peeling off so it looked dreadful!

      I kept hold of the paper and I have just made some cheap and nasty hen do vests (I know, very tacky indeed!) We are going to Go Ape so we did not want to spend a lot of money on custom printed professional tops so my friend and I used the rest of this stuff and we wrote our names and stuck them on the vests; again it cracked but as we were only doing it for a bit of fun and as a quick fix, we did not mind so much.

      I guess the moral of the story is if you want stylish designs that look amazing and professional then this is not the right sort of material. If you are wanting tacky looking, fun transfers then these will see you though. I probably would not buy them again though.

      ==Washing and drying directions==

      Wash on a low temperature.
      Wash inside out.
      Do not iron the design.
      Do not use chlorine bleach.

      Neither the vest nor the cushion would survive a wash so it is pointless giving you this information, the transfers are not made to last.


      These are really disappointing and I think I had convinced myself so much I was on to a winner than when I realised I had got it so wrong, I was very cross with myself. There is no way you would want to decorate anything with these and think they looked good. They are nasty and cheap looking ; yet the paper is expensive! These are definitely not worth it.


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