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Mother of the Bride - Kate Lawson

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5 Reviews

Genre: Fiction / Author: Kate Lawson / Paperback / 416 Pages / Book is published 2010-04-29 by Avon

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    5 Reviews
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      04.11.2010 14:17
      Very helpful
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      Read it!

      Wow! I have just finished reading a really good book!! As many of you will know, my favourite genres is chick-lit and am always on the lookout for new books to read. My favourite authors are Sophie Kinsella and Paige Toon, although I am always on the lookout for new authors.

      My latest read is one by Kate Lawson, and is called 'Mother Of The Bride'. The book was released at the beginning of this year (2010) and is currently selling for £5.49 from Amazon which I think is quite expensive considering that I got my copy as part of a "£1.99 each or 3 for £5" off from the works, which I thought was fantastic value considering that the book is very recent!

      Jess is getting married to Max! Although they haven't been together long, they think that they have found eachother's 'one', and are so desperate to get married that they book a date which is just a few weeks away! Molly's mother works for a radio station, and when Jess suprises her mother live on the radio, that Max has proposed, the radio team come up with the idea of doing a 'countdown to the radio' special on the radio. However, Jess's step-mother, has other ideas, and wants it to be the best wedding ever ? Who's wedding is it? Is Jess doing the right thing ? Read Mother of The Bride to find out!

      When I first began reading this book, I was a bit like 'oh, this is going to be so predictable', although it wasn't that predictable! Ok, I did have a slight idea what would probably happen at the end, but when reading the book, I was thinking 'ah this is obviously going to happen next' and then I would be suprised as the total opposite would happen!

      I thought that the characters in this book were a great bunch! My favourite ones were ; 'the bride' Jess , 'mother of the bride' Molly and Jess's best friend Helen. I really hated Jess' step-mother or Max ; they were both really horrible. One thing that I liked about the characters was the fact that the characters were 'real' ; just like people you would know in real life. I also liked the fact that the book went from 'Jess's point of view' , to 'Molly's point of view' and then to 'Max's point of view' as it allowed the reader into the minds of the characters which helped understand why they were doing what they were doing.

      Despite the radio thing, there is nothing over the top about this book ; everything is real , there's no talk of 'running away to New York without notice to "find yourself". I think a lot of ladies will love this book as it is so easy to relate to. However, I wouldn't really recommend it to brides-to-be (until they have got the wedding out of way!!) as it might put them off a little bit!

      I really liked the plot and the fact that it is very different. The author obviously knows a lot about planning weddings. I thought that it was a great idea to broadcast the wedding live on the radio as it made the event even more dramatic.

      I really like this author ; I read so many books, and never remember the names of authors, and so I when I bought this book and even while reading it, I was thinking that I had never heard of this author, until I typed in her name on Amazon to see what else she had to offer, and discovered that I had in fact already read one of her books ; 'Lessons In Love' which I absolutely loved! So now that I have read two great books by this author, I am definately going to keep reading her books!

      I liked the author's style of writing. One of things which I was impressed by was her use of descriptive writing; she has such a fantastic way with words, and I really felt as though I was in the places , and taking part in the events that she mentioned! I also liked the fact that a large amount of dialouge was used, as it made the story really interesting and kept things moving quickly.

      Normally it only takes me around three or four hours to read a book like this, although this book took me ages to read! I was ready a few chapters every night for over a week ; there is just so much to read within the four hundred and sixteen pages. Although, in a way, I was kind of glad that it took me a long time to read it, as I was enjoying it so much that it meant that the enjoyment lasted more than a couple of hours! This is definately a great 'holiday read' or book to read for relaxing! It's the kind of book which leaves you in a happy and positive mood after reading it!

      I would definately recommend this book!

      Thanks for reading!
      November 4th 2010
      xd-o-n-z-x (also posted on ciao under xdonzx)


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        27.10.2010 10:21
        Very helpful
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        A good read for those who love a happy ending!

        So I stumbled across this book in the few loaned to me by my boyfriends Mum, and thought as I'd already read 'Lessons in Love' by the same author I'd give this one a go.

        The cover is a really vibrant shade of pink, with paler pink stripes running through it.
        The cover picture is a silhouette style picture of a bride throwing her bouquet and the 'Mother of the Bride' grabbing onto her veil and reaching out for the bouquet.
        On the left hand side of the cover is the title - Mother of the Bride - in huge, metallic purple lettering. Underneath that is written, "3 women. 1 wedding. Whose big day is it anyway...?" and at the bottom right corner is the authors name - Kate Lawson- written in quite small black lettering.
        The back cover, as with Lessons in Love, is full of the text of the synopsis.

        "Molly Foster's daughter Jess is getting married...

        To Molly's delight - and surprise. And with Molly's radio show featuring a wedding countdown, the whole town of Wells-next-the Sea is ecstatic - even as Molly worries that the groom-to-be Max's commitment may not be all it seems...

        Meanwhile Jess's control freak step-mother Marnie is determined to turn the event into a chi-chi society bash - a world away from the day Jess envisaged.

        But does Jess really know what she wants? Especially when she meets the gorgeous Oliver... Though there's no going back now - is there?

        Can Jess take back control of her wedding - or will the mothers of the bride run the show?

        Grab your hat for the funniest read of the year, a must-read for fans of Carole Matthews and Kathy Lette."

        To my mind, this book is not quite as enjoyable as the other Kate Lawson book I have read, but it's still fantastic for a lazy afternoon on the sofa in your pyjamas.

        Molly is a local radio show host, and one day while she's broadcasting live she gets a call from her daughter Jess who tells her that her boyfriend asked her to marry him and she said yes! This came as a shock to Molly as Jess has only been seeing Max for a few months, but of course molly tried her best to be happy for her daughter and help her organise the wedding.
        All goes well until Jess's step-mother Marnie cuts in bringing a wedding planner, both of whom have as much taste as a used flannel.
        Jess fights to have her opinions heard and to try and get the wedding day she wants but to no avail. Especially as her 'fiancée', Max is showing such little interest in the wedding and even less interest in the plans, (it's almost as if he doesn't want to marry Jess...!) which leaves Jess frustrated and confused.

        Now to really shake things up, they all pay a visit to Jess's brother at his residence/place of work where Jess meets his boss and friend, the gorgeous head gardener Oliver. (Uh-oh!)

        So you can probably see what direction this story is going in next.
        That brings me onto the bad things about this book.
        The storyline has no unexpected twists and plots which is a damn shame to my mind. It's too predictable, sadly.
        Also there are too many people to like in this book and not enough to dislike, which I think a story like this really needs. But of course that could just be my opinion.

        Of course the characters that are to be liked are indeed very likeable so that's a plus. There's Jess, seemingly naïve but has more to her than meets the eye which is good.
        Molly and Nick, , my favourite characters who are both not sure that Jess is doing the right thing in marrying Max but don't want to upset Jess so try to keep hush about their thoughts about Max and the wedding.
        The unlikeable characters are, I think, Marnie, who is my least favourite by a long shot because all she seems to do is take control of every situation and upset people unnecessarily with no regret. And of course there is Max. I'm not quite sure what to make of Max, I'll be honest. He seems and ok character at first but as the story unravels he becomes more unlikeable and just plain frustrating.


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          04.08.2010 11:02
          Very helpful



          A very entertaining book

          Mother of the Bride is the first Kate Lawson novel that I have read. I am so glad that I did as it turned out to be a fabulous read and has made me determined to read more by this great author. It has all the ingredients for an absorbing read with equal measures of humour and pathos.

          The book tells the story of Jess Foster who is busily preparing for her forthcoming marriage to Max Porter, willingly aided by her mum, Molly, and her stepmother, Marnie. It soon becomes apparent though that the women have different ideas, particularly opinionated Marnie who seems set on Jess having the society wedding of the year and even goes as far as hiring a wedding planner. Molly, on the other hand, agrees with Jess that things should really be kept simple. Thus the scene is well set for all the moods and mayhem that occurs when arranging a wedding. Will Jess be able to stick to her guns and arrange the type of wedding that she wants or will it just be easier to give in to other suggestions?

          Max is not much help either, preferring to let Jess get on with the arrangements, but then deciding he wants something different to what she has decided. Also, Molly starts to wonder exactly why Max is marrying Jess at all as he doesn't seem that keen. He doesn't even want Jess to move in to his house. However, he is quite happy for the wedding and the build-up to be featured on Molly's local radio show. Could he possibly have an ulterior motive, and if so, what could it be?

          From the moment I picked up this book I loved it. I loved the story; I loved the characters; I even loved all the excitement and stress in the build up to the wedding. It was one of those books that I just did not want to put down. I think that one of the reasons that it was so successful for me was because of Kate Lawson's acute observational skills and her great attention to detail. Characters were described so well that I felt like I really got to know them. Difficult situations were played out bit by bit making me want to squirm at Marnie's over the top suggestions or Max's social ineptitude. As Jess became more and more confused by Max's strange behaviour, I felt every little slight or rebuff with her. At other times I shared her joy and delight, particularly when she tried on her stunning dress for the first time.

          I also really believed in the relationships between the different characters. At the heart of the novel is the relationship between Jess and her mum. This lovely warm relationship allows Molly to share in her daughter's excitement and preparations, but also means that when she has her doubts, Molly feels that she has to express them even if it does mean risking the bond that they have between them. All the characters were extremely believable and by the end of the book I felt that I knew them all well.

          Mother of the Bride is a brilliantly absorbing read as well as the opportunity for a bit of escapism. However, I'm not sure I would recommend it if you are planning a wedding in the near future as it just might put you off. If you are not though, go ahead and enjoy it - it's a fabulous read!

          The paperback is currently available on Amazon for £4.73.

          This review has previously appeared under my name at www.thebookbag.co.uk


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            24.07.2010 10:54
            Very helpful
            1 Comment




            'Mother of the Bride' by Kate Lawson

            I'd not heard of Kate Lawson before but the bright pink cover caught my attention then the write up sounded like my kind of story so I was persuaded to give the book a go..

            I struggled at first to get into the storyline - it didn't grip me straight away but with a bit of perseverance and a few chapters in it did pick up.

            The book is based on local radio presenter Molly - she'd broadcasting live when her daughter Jess calls with good news; "Max just asked me to marry him and I said yes!" Molly is left in complete shock but is of course pleased for Jess.

            Stan at the radio station suggests a 'Wedding Countdown Special' following the wedding through to the big day..

            Jess has to battle with her stepmother Marnie and Marnies sidekick Noo Jackson (the wedding planner) to have her wedding opinions heard and then there's Max who isn't showing much interest in the wedding preparations - where is his mind?

            Of course it never runs smoothly - enter an ex and the gorgeous head gardener to stir things up and leave characters wondering if they're doing the right thing...?

            There are plenty of different characters in the book, some you like; Molly and Nick (Mollys partner) who are worried that Jess isn't marrying the right person but try to do what's best without upsetting or falling out with Jess, to Max who I found most frustrating and uncaring character leaving me wondering why on earth Jess agreed to marry him..!

            Unfortunately not the best book I've read in a while (it needs an unexpected twist) and although I wouldn't go out of my way to look for another by Kate Lawson I would give any other books by her a go - but only as a holiday read I think.


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              10.07.2010 18:08
              Very helpful



              A book by Kate Lawson

              This book was another I bought for my holidays and as it was an author I had not read before I wasn't really sure what to expect! However, I knew that because I always need something to read on a plane journey to get the time to pass quickly, I knew I would stick at it even if it turned out to be rubbish which was why I took it with me as at least then I could make sure I read it since I had already bought it!

              The author:
              Kate Lawson is an English author and has written many novels although it seems under a couple of different names! She has written under the names of Sue Welfare and Gemma fox as well as Kate Lawson! So it is worth bearing this in mind if you spot any of those names on possibly second hand books as I think she may have re released all now under the new name! I am honestly not sure which is her real name.

              The plot:
              Jess is getting married much to the surprise of her Mother Molly. She hadn't quite expected her to be settling down with Max her now fiancé. However she doesn't have much time to worry about that when her bosses at her radio show decide what a great idea it would be to follow the wedding of her daughter in the run up to the big day and she also has to contend with Jess's mother in law Marnie going way over the top and getting involved much more than either Molly or Jess would like.
              Throw in the hunky gardener friend of Jess's brother and the whole town seeming to be following the wedding plans and before long the day is so far removed from what Jess expected her wedding day to be like, she is not sure she can cope!

              The characters:
              Even though Jess is the one getting married, Her mother is also one of the main characters that shares part of her side of the story in the book. I like the way she comes across as she is quite down to earth, protective of her daughter but, actually doesn't seem to go in pushing her daughter to choose things for the wedding she doesn't want. She seems very level headed and for this reason it is very easy to like her.
              Jess herself is a little bit of a worrier almost like she wants to please people but, at the same time she gets more and more frustrated as time goes on with the way her step mother seems to be taking control and choosing everything for her without even consulting with her first! She doesn't seem to be able to stand up for herself in a way and this I did find annoying a very time bit as I certainly wouldn't let people be with me the way some were with her but, of course there would be no story if this was the case!
              Marnie, Jess's mother in law, is horrid! She has been written to be a dreadful person who seems to have no understanding of boundaries or how she is with people and treats Jess's dad as a money machine. Thankfully she doesn't have any parts of her own that are from her point of view but, the author has portrayed her very well as being the horrible step mother type character!
              Max is the last main character who of course is Jess's fiancé and he is somebody I do not warm to at all during he book. The author I guess wanted the reader to feel this way and it does work as I found myself getting annoyed at his antics and how he just didn't seem to care at all!

              The price:
              I bought this as part of a multi buy offer in Waterstones so on average it cost me around £4 and some odd pennies for the book. You can pick up a brand new copy on many sites or second hand for much lower. Alternatively you can see if your local library will have one you can rent out!

              Overall opinion:
              I did start reading and the first chapter didn't grip me intensely but, after the next couple I was really enjoying it and couldn't stop reading! The author has managed to create characters that you want to read about whether they are bad or good people as she has made them interesting and also makes you want to find out what will happen even if you don't like a person. What I really liked was that the author threw a couple of interesting plot twists in and this made reading the book even more engaging. I was really pleased with this book because it was a lot better than I had anticipated it being especially as the sub line of the front cover reads; '3 women. One wedding. Whose big day is it anyway?'
              This at first made me think it would just be about the bride and mother and possibly the mother in law but, in actual fact I didn't find this to be the case at all and that is where it seemed to differ slightly to the usual chick lit book where a wedding would be taking place and you presume the main 3 women would be bride, mother and mother in law!
              Overall I would definitely recommend this book and will certainly be looking out for more from her in the future and also her other previously released books.


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