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In Too Deep - Portia Da Costa

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Author: Portia Da Costa / Paperback / 320 Pages / Book is published 2012-08-02 by Virgin Books

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    1 Review
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      02.06.2013 11:27
      Very helpful



      Erotic story

      ==Synopsis of the book:==

      You certainly would not describe Gwendolynne Price as having an exciting life. Having been divorced she now lives in a small flat and works in the local library. However her life takes an unexpected turn when she starts receiving erotic mail when she empties out the suggestion box in the library. The messages are very steamy and this attractive lady finds them whilst shocking still interesting. They are from a man who signs himself as Nemesis and tells in sexy graphic detail what he would like to do to her.

      Gwendolynne while stunned by this finds it quite erotic this stranger has such desires for her. And as a result she starts to look forward to the next note. While trying to work out out of all the users in the library who would be sending her these. What has he in store for her and should she encourage or even consider meeting a man with such a vivid and sexual imagination?

      ==My thought on this novel:==

      What is going on here? Why on earth am I reading 'girl porn?' When I have enough trouble reading a 'chic lit'. The answer is simple, a lady at work knows I love reading and so she asked me to read this and she wanted me to review it on the website. That's my excuse and I'm sticking with it!! Added to this I have a rule that even if I do not like or enjoy what I am reading I must complete the book so that I can have a fair opinion of it. So I will never fail to complete the book I have started.

      That is just as well as to be honest I really struggled to read this book. I noticed when I was given this book the lady had a little grin on her face and I thought she was being just kind giving me this book. I didn't realise what it was and how much it was stretch me to read it. On the positive side at least I gave it a good go and I can now contribute an opinion on this style of female erotic stories. As for me this was not a particularly good piece of fiction.

      I think the main reason I did not like it and it is quite understandable is it was not written for the male species. It was written by a women for a female audience. So from that point of view I was never likely to fully understand or appreciate how a women feels about sex and what turns her on and off men. Although given that it was for me also an interesting to learn more. And while I do not rate this novel very highly I think I would just as critical of a erotic story for men, if they exist as it is just not my cup of tea. I would much read about a murder mystery than an erotic tale.

      Portia Da Costa is an author I am unfamiliar with. This immediately puts her at a disadvantage as I often finds it takes a couple of books to appreciate and understand her style of writing. This English author writes mainly romance and erotic fiction, with many of her stories being set in the 1880's and 1890's. She since 1990 has written an amazing 30 books and has plans for another three in 2013. She has worked as a librarian and in local government before turning her hand to writing full time. The book I am reviewing her was a Sunday Times best-seller.

      When I looked at this book there was nothing to suggest this was adult reading. Although maybe I should have got a clue from the title!! The only reason I say this is what is to stop a child from picking up this book full or steamy sex? Nothing as far as I can tell. Anyway I flicked the book over to see what it was all about in the summary. This gave me a short introduction as to the erotic nature of it and while short it did at least set the scene for the book. At this point I wondered what I had let myself in for but decided I must do it.

      When I opened the book up I was immediately impressed by the contents page. Not only where all the chapters listed but each had a title and additional they all seemed a far size. So I began with chapter one and immediately found the story very easy to get into. The print was a easy to follow and I did not feel the sentences were being crammed in. There was space and it looked inviting to read. Although almost immediately the story focused on an erotic note Ms Price had received from an unknown stranger. I would have initially liked to learn more about the books main character before we got too carried away in the erotica.

      On the positive side I found I liked the concepts and ideas behind this story. The idea of this mysterious man sending this unsuspecting lady these notes and stories sounded interesting to me. I was curious how she would react and I thought the story contained a lot of possibilities. Certainly for me as it turned out I found this was not exploited as I would have liked and the story for me turned out to be a bit basic, lacking twists and turns that I would have hoped for. I kept expecting a clever twist in the story but it never really happened instead it focused on the sexual games of the main character. So from my point of view the story was quite predictable and once you've read one sex scene the next isn't going to be that much different.

      That is not to say these scenes where not well described, but for me they were a little too well described. They were full of erotic detail and while the storyline in general lacked depth these scenes did not and I'm sure many would enjoy the detail the author employed in these. These were the scenes I struggled with as I found our respectable librarian changed from a normal everyday women into what seemed like a nymphomaniac. Unlikely I thought and as a result I found it quite hard to believe in.

      Maybe I expected too much from the story but I kept expecting more depth within it. And while I got to know and understand a little more about Gwendolynne Price I did not get to learn to much about the way her mind worked only in as far as men and sex were concerned. And even as the story came to its climax(sorry!!) I found this quite dull and it just seemed more like a fairy story than a story for the real world. It was a disappointing end and one that lacked sparkle. Although to my surprise once I finished the main story there was a short erotic story of 39 pages. This was an added bonus and if you liked the main story I'm sure this was a great bonus. For me by this stage I was bored of this kind of literature and did not enjoy it.

      Gwendolynne was the main character in the story. I found her easy to like and admire although had the story been slightly longer and focused a little more on her life rather than sex I may have enjoyed it more. I found the hidden side to her character quite shocking and her changing personality odd. Although I did think the author was very good at getting into her head and explaining her sexual feeling and desires. I would have liked to had a little insight into the main male characters in the story viewpoint as this was left out.

      I found the story very easy to read and there was a relaxed style to the authors work that made it quite a quick read. Yes I would have liked more twists in the story but for what it was it was a well written story. I am sure I will not be reading a story like this in the near future simply because it is not a style I would choose. Give me a murder mystery and I am happy. But having said that I am pleased I at least tried this and I can see why some would enjoy it.

      One additional aspect that impressed me was that it was available in a paperback format from Amazon for just 3.86 as well as available in hardback and Kindle formats.


      This is not a piece of erotic fiction that I can hand on heart recommend. Yes it was my first attempt and probably last at this kind of book so maybe I need more similar styles of stories to compare it to. For me while the sex scenes had a lot of detail in them the general story itself was weak and lacked depth. But then I am sure if your are reading this type of book it is the erotic scenes that are most important.

      ==Other Information:==

      Pages: 320
      Price: 3.86 New from Amazon
      Publisher: Virgin Books
      ISBN-10: 0753541270
      ISBN-13: 978-0753541272
      Year first Published: 2008
      More about the author: www.portiadacosta.com

      Thanks for reading my review.

      This review is published on both Ciao and Dooyoo under my user name.

      © CPTDANIELS June 2013.


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