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A Winter's Tale - Trisha Ashley

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2 Reviews

Genre: Crime / Thriller / Author: Trisha Ashley / Paperback / 416 Pages / Book is published 2008-11-17 by Avon

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    2 Reviews
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      08.05.2011 13:17
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      A great Winter read!

      ~* Apologies for this Christmas review - I was going through my files on my computer and saw this review which I had wrote back in December, but saw that I hadn't actually posted it on here! *~

      I absolutely love winter - it's my favourite season. I love everything about it ; cosy nights in by the fire, Christmas, hot chocolates with marshmallows, and so you can see how this book caught my eye.
      A Winter's Tale is a chick-lit book by Trisha Ashley. The paperback version of this book is currently available to buy from Amazon for a price of £3.68 which I think is great value for money.

      In this book : Single mother Sophy Winter inherits a mansion in the countryside in Lancashire. All her dreams have come true! Soon, the reality hits her and she realises that this is going to be a challenge. What will happen when she discovers that this was once the home of Shakspeare and when she meets a hot young man ? How will she cope in her new home ? Read A Winter's Tale to find out!

      I really enjoyed this book and thought that the plot was interesting one. I thought that the book had a very good plot, which was different ; a lot of books in this genre begin with a girl who leaves her 'horrible boyfriend who cheated on her', enjoys the single life for a while and then meets the man of her dreams. I liked how this book started off differently ; Sophy inherited the mansion ; I thought that it was great seeing how the 'rich' live from a working class point of view.

      I liked the characters in this book. My favourite was the main character Sophy as she seemed so 'normal' and 'real' that she was really easy to relate to. I felt so sorry for her, when she had all these people 'wanting to know her', and she couldn't make out if it was because of her new found wealth or because the genuinely wanted to know the 'new girl'. I did not like Jack, as he seemed like a real 'sleaze', and I was hoping that Sophy wouldn't get with him.

      This is the kind of book which leaves you in a positive mood. I love these kinds of books, as when you have finished reading them, you feel as though you can achieve anything, and so this book is an instant mood booster.

      I found this book to be a great releaxing read which is perfect for reading whilst sitting by the fire on a cold night. I was hooked on this book as soon as I had read the first couple of sentences, and just could not put the book down. When I wasn't reading it, I kept thinking 'when will I get to read that book again?!'. This book has over three hundred pages, but I loved it so much that I had read it within a couple of hours!

      I thought that this book was well written. The descriptive writing was excellent ; I really felt as though I was in the mansion and found the author's descriptions to be interesting and comical at times.
      I really enjoyed this book, and am now going to buy some of the author's other books!

      If you are looking for a great book to keep you entertained during these cold, dark nights, I would defiantely recommend this book to you!

      Thanks for reading!
      December 13th 2010
      xd-o-n-z-x (also posted on ciao under xdonzx)


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        26.05.2010 09:52
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        Brilliant Book!

        I found this lurking around in my Mums kitchen the other day, I was looking for something new to read as I had just finished my latest book so after asking whose it was and learning it was my sisters I decided to have a read.

        On first appearance I thought that the book would be solely focused around Christmas, this was due to the cover and the title of the book. The cover shows a large manor house with snow falling down around it. The snow is glittery so the book cover is quite sparkly. The title of the book is A Winters Tale but this does not mean the book focuses solely around winter as Winter is infact the family surname of the main character. The book is set over the winter months but I think only one or two chapters are given to Christmas Day so your not going to find yourself feeling too Christmassy in May!

        The story begins by introducing us to Sophy, she is at a lost end. She has just lost her job and her house and doesn't really know what to do. She is all alone as her daughter, Lucy is out teaching in Japan and she is feeling rather miserable. She is just sitting down to write Lucy a letter explaining the situation when someone knocks on the door.

        There stands a man who introduces himself as Jack and one of her long lost cousins. She finds herself instantly attracted to him and although he is angry he has something about him. He informs her that she has wrongly inherited the manor house she and her mother used to live in with her grandfather when she was young. He gives the impression that the house is beyond repair, however he would make an offer on it to take it off her hands because at one point it was his family home too and he has grown rather fond of it.

        Sophy cant believe it, it seems all her prayers have been answered. However she is understandably sceptical. She later is visited by her Grandfathers financial advisor who tells her not to make any decisions until she visits to Winters End herself as her Grandfather did intend to leave the manor house to her and it was not a mistake. So Sophy packs a bag and prepares to leave the following day, what will she decide to do?

        I absolutely loved this book, my sister told me that I would and she was right! I was hooked to the book and read it from cover to cover in just a couple of days which for me is a miracle as often I take weeks. I found myself being unable to put it down and was hooked on the story.

        I adored the character of Sophy from the start, she was so loveable and I found myself really relating to her. I hated Jack throughout the novel, some of the things he took upon himself to do were outrageous and I'm surprised he got away with so much!

        I found the writing style of Trisha Ashley really good and I followed the story well. The style is informal and laid back and I enjoyed it as an easy going read. I have not read any other Trisha Ashley books before but I am keen to discover more so I plan on ordering some more later.

        The plot flowed really well and there was never a dull moment in the book. There is no real climax in the book and it is not filled with action but I found it really interesting to follow Sophy over her winter and see what happened.

        The ending was predictable (to an extent) but was done very well and I felt that it wrapped everything up perfectly, with every character covered. I would love a sequel to the book just to see how things turned out for everyone!

        *Additional Information*
        The book is written by Trisha Ashley.
        It was published by Avon in November 2008.
        It has 416 pages.
        It is available from Amazon for £4.49.

        From my review you can probably tell that I loved this book and would not hesitate to recommend it. If you enjoyed Stately Pursuits by Katie Fforde then you will love this!


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