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X-Adventure Trekker

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2 Reviews
  • good off-road
  • lightweight
  • small basket
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    2 Reviews
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      10.02.2015 16:40
      Very helpful


      • "good off-road"
      • lightweight
      • cheap


      • "small basket"

      brilliant value

      When looking around online before getting this pram I couldn't find many reviews on it, so I thought I would write one here in the hope it helps someone considering this pram.

      This is an excellent pram, especially considering the cost. Normally priced around £150 which is a lot cheaper than most of the other prams I have owned and also includes the carrycot and a thick mattress.

      The chassis size when open ready to use is 104cm x 75cm, and when folded 81cm x 57cm x 34cm. The chassis weighs 9.5kg including the wheels, which are quick release should you need to remove them at all, and the carrycot is very robust but also quite light weighing 4kg.

      It has nice big alloy wheels at 31cm with air tyres and good suspension, and an aluminium 3 wheel chassis which is brilliant on rugged terrain. The wheels make it perfect to use both around the city and just as great on off-road tracks for those who like to go on countryside walks.

      The safety harness is a 5 point harness, which is much better and safer than the 3 point harnesses some pushchairs come with, and the seat is multi-recline. It lies completely flat so is suitable for newborn babies if you wanted to use the main seat unit rather than the carrycot.

      The handle height is adjustable so can be adjusted to suit whoever is pushing which makes it great if you have a partner who is much taller than you like I do! The handle also has a foam grip for more comfort when pushing.

      This pram is very easy to assemble, and also easy to steer. The only real niggle I found was that the basket at the bottom could be a bit bigger as you cant fit a lot in there.

      Overall this pram is excellent value for money and I would recommend it to anyone, not just those on a budget, but also those who want a good lightweight off-road pram.


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      24.01.2013 19:45
      Very helpful
      1 Comment



      Good for a country stroll, but only if you get it for a discount

      I had my son I was very insistent on getting a pram where he could lie flat, I strongly believed that lying in a bent position would hurt his back. I also wanted to buy just one product that could be used for a long time. Also, I did not have a huge budget. I spent a long time trying to find a car seat where the baby could lie flat or a carrycot that would fit in the car, but I have since come to the conclusion that this kind of thing does not exist and you have to compromise somewhere. Eventually I ended up getting a separate car seat and this X-Adventure Trekker pram/stroller combination. Another factor which nudged me towards buying it was that I found it on offer at preciouslittleone.com for £100 whereas the actual price is around £260.

      To be honest, I wasn't aware of the brand until I bought this, and I still dont know much about the brand. They have a website on which they give an address in Nottinghamshire, but you cannot buy their products from their website.

      Included in the package were:
      Three wheeler aluminium frame
      Carry cot with a mattress and mattress covering inside
      Sunshade for the carrycot
      Stroller seat with sunshade
      A rain cover which can be used on both
      Underseat bag

      I bought it online and it was delivered promptly, earlier than expected. A bit of assembly is required. There were no instructions provided, so we were guided by the picture of the assembled thing on an accompanying piece of paper. It was a bit fiddly without instructions, but we managed it in the end.
      I have the same colours as the image shown, black and brown-beige, there doesn't seem to be any more colour options on the website.

      ----Frame & wheels-------

      As seen in the image, this is a three wheeler.
      The frame is made of aluminium with plastic components, and feels quite strong. It can be folded down to fit into a car. The release mechanism to release the frame is on the side, it is quite simple and easy to operate. The handle is one straight bar across, with a soft black covering on the area you grip. You can hang a changing bag across the handle but it is not possible to hang loads of shopping bags on it, as I have seen people do.
      The wheels are probably the best part of this stroller. They are huge compared to the ones you usually see (25 cm across) and air filled, so it is quite steady and comfortable even when going over pebbles and uneven ground. The front wheels rotate 360 degrees, so it is very easy to steer it around small spaces.
      The brake is a bar which you can press downwards with your foot to lock the two back wheels, and it works very well. To release the brake, you simply lift it up with your foot, although you might have to move the stroller a bit to tease it out of the lock. I have only filled in air the very first time we set it up, and I use it at least once on most days.

      ------- underseat basket-----------

      The underseat basket is made of a net like material and straps on to the frame via canvas tags that you attach around the frame and snap into place with a press button. It has a fairly large capacity, and can easily hold the contents of two or three standard size changing bags. It is not in an excellent position for easy use as there are two bars right in front of the bag. Smaller items can be put in and taken out over the top of the bag, but for larger items you would need to unclip one of the straps attaching it to the frame, which i find a bit fiddly and inconvenient.

      ------carry cot----------

      The carrycot is rear-facing, it has to be placed in the rear-facing position to be secured on to the frame. The obvious advantage is that you can see your baby as you go along. It is made of plastic and feels strong and sturdy, with cloth covering on the outside. It is fairly heavy, but is not difficult to attach or detach. You place it onto the frame and there are two slots at the front and back where the carry cot attaches to the frame. You can hear a click sound when they lock in place. The mechanism at the front then has to be pressed firmly to release the cot, so it is very secure.
      It is quite long and roomy and my son has been quite comfortable in it, even though he is a big baby. It comes with a removable and washable mattress and mattress cover. The sun shade is to be attached to the head end by means of press buttons, and it can be retracted or put up at various levels. There are two buttons on each side to attach the shade and one at the back. The rain cover is also to be attached here to the same buttons, so I usually attach the shade to one and the rain cover to the other one.
      The carry cot has little legs beneath it, so it would be alright to set it down on the ground if you wanted to.

      ------------Stroller seat---------

      The stroller seat seems to covered in the same material as the carry cot. It is to be attached to the frame with a series of straps and belts and secured with large press buttons, which is quite bothersome. I dont feel this is very safe as the seat seems just suspended from the frame, without any actual proper physical connection. The seat is not at all comfortable, there is no padding whatsoever on the seat or the backrest. In fact the backrest is quite hard. There is a five point harness system made of canvas belts just about an inch in breadth. This is again quite fiddly to secure and feels very flimsy as everything is just held together by a plastic hook. it seems quite small and uncomfortable when my son sits in it, and i am seriously considering getting another stroller. There is no restraining bar at the front of the stroller for the baby to hold on to.The sun shade for the stroller has a clear plastic window through which you can sneak a peak at the baby.

      The rain cover provided can be used on both the carry cot and the stroller. It is not a big one and only covers the exposed area from the edge of the sun shade to the leg area. Also there is no footmuff provided.

      The frame is quite large when assembled and I tend to leave it at the entrance to my flat, where there is a bit of space that is only for getting in and out of the house. We have a Ford Focus and I can only fit either the carry cot or the frame in the boot, but it did fit quite comfortably into the boot of a taxi ( it was a large saloon type car with a large boot).

      -----My verdict------

      Size: Rather large
      Design: There is a lot more room for improvement.
      Ease of use: satisfactory
      Materials: good
      Price: As I got it for £100, I cant complain but I definitely wouldn't be happy to pay the retail price for this item.

      Overall, it works well with the carry cot but I am seriously considering getting a new stroller. in hindsight, I feel it might have been better to get a carseat/stroller combination.


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