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Brand: Mamu

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    2 Reviews
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      23.01.2013 12:05
      Very helpful



      Good budget pushchair.

      I bought this as my second pushchair for quick trips out as my other one was a big clumsy travel system that was wide and heavy and I wanted something smaller and lighter.

      I paid £25 for this from Argos, it was the cheapest pushchair I could find with a hood, just a step up from very basic ones I had seen.

      It is light, it has an umbrella fold so it is very easy to put up and put down again.
      The hood pops on and can be placed at any height so it was handy to be able to move it down when the sun was in my sons eyes.
      It came with a raincover which was a bonus for the price.
      It is very sturdy, it has been many places and it shows no signs of wear and the wheels have put up with alot.
      The handles are comfortable, it is quite tall so you don't need to bend yourself at all.
      It has lockable front wheels.

      It doesn't really sit up enough, the highest position is still too reclined when children want to sit upright and look around.
      The back doesn't really have any support, it just cradles the child and needs to be firmer.
      The basket is quite small, a changing bag won't fit in it.
      The harness is far to big, it says its suitable from birth as it reclines almost flat but the straps don't go anywhere near tight enough. At 20 months my son still can easily escape.
      A negative for it being so tall is that it makes it harder to push uphill.

      I have had this for 18 months and it's still going strong, it does its job well and if the negatives really bothered me that much I would have bought a different pushchair. It has worn well for the price I paid and I will keep it for my daughter. But I would have replaced it if this was going to be my only everyday pushchair as I don't think it is comfortable enough for that. It looks smart and I have it in black with a blue harness.


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      16.01.2013 21:35
      Very helpful



      Great budget pushchair


      We were in need of a stroller style pushchair rather than the chunky pram that we had when our daughter was newborn, as the pram is now too large for our needs most of the time as we do not need to carry so much around with us for little one whenever we leave the house. To be honest price was our primary concern whilst searching for a pushchair as we would still have our bigger pram as a backup. Our other chief concern was the fact that the pushchair had to be as compact as possible as our large pram takes up quite a large amount of space in the boot of the car

      After searching for quite some time we finally come across this Mamu Jump pushchair in a well known high street catalogue shop for £29.99 which seemed to be a fair enough price. The Mamu Jump looked as though it would do the job we required it to as well as any of the other more expensive pushchairs that we had seen, it was light, compact and the right price so this was the pushchair we purchased. In the end we actually ended up with two of these pushchairs so that our daughters grandparents would also have one for convenience sake. This meant we ended up with one in pink and black as well as the orange and black one we purchased for ourselves.

      This pram is advertised as being good to use from birth all the way up to a weight of 15kg (approx 33lbs) so has quite a bit of useful life in it depending on the age and size of the child it is being bought for. The seat itself also has a choice of 5 positions between lying down and sitting up to choose from so is handy for a sleeping baby. The pram itself weighs around 7kg which I thought was a reasonable weight that is easy enough to lift into and retrieve from a car boot. The wheels are advertised as having suspension however this is very rudimentary leaving a lot to be desired as it does almost nothing to iron out anything larger than a tiny bump.


      Looks wise this is a very basic stroller of tubular steel construction with a silver powder coated finish to make it friendlier for the little one onboard. The seat is made of a tough black fabric which is available with black or pink stripes running vertically through the seat with the branding Mamu in the same writing, the harness also matches the colour of the stripes. The back of the pushchair has a set of three bars that fold to allow the pushchair to collapse, and lock when it is unfolded.

      The wheels are quite small but this was mainly brought with the intention of being used in and about town so didn't prove an issue for us. There is a footrest made of flexible plastic for the passenger. foam handles to make it more comfortable for whoever happens to be pushing. The one thing that I instantly noticed was the fact that there was very little underseat stowage for luggage, with just a tiny net bag being present; however this was outweighed by the fact that there was a rain cover included at no extra cost.

      Overall in appearance this pushchair looks exactly the same as those of twenty years ago being very basic in design, construction and materials. For the price that we paid I was fully expecting this so although next to no effort has gone into making this pushchair look anything but functional, this did not put me off as simple and functional was pretty much what I was looking for whilst considering this product purchase.


      I believe the most important consideration when buying a pushchair such as this is how easily and quickly it collapses into its smallest form and reassembles into a pushchair. Now this isn't the easiest pushchair I've come across to fold and unfold as it is a bit stiff and requires a bit of effort and wiggling to get everything to click into place, although the theory is quite simple. It is simply a case of pulling up the black knob on the metal bar at the back of the pushchair then pushing the two sides together (this is where the jiggling comes in), then folding the pushchair in half on itself to convert it to its folded state; putting it back into pushchair form is simply a case of reversing the procedure above.

      Round and about town this pushchair comes into its own being light and highly maneuverable it is easy to push around as well as get into and around shops even those with the narrowest aisles. However show this pushchair a stretch grass or anything rougher and it soon becomes quite a chore to push with the added weight of a child onboard with the small wheels being a real hindrance. The small wheels which can be locked or set to swivel for added maneuverability by simply flicking a switch between the wheels themselves really do stop this pushchair from being great rather than just good. The brakes on this pushchair lock the rear wheels and are very effective at their job rendering the pushchair immobile whilst they are applied which gives great peace of mind.

      There is a five point harnesses which are pretty standard when it comes to strapping little ones into pushchairs these days, these result in a secure, fully adjustable and very almost escape proof means of strapping in a child. There is no extra padding on the webbing style straps where they go over the infants' shoulders or between their legs which is a little bit of a letdown when compared to competing brands efforts at this style of pushchair. This said if we are likely to be out and about with our daughter for quite a while we will take the bigger pram as it is more comfortable for her.

      The fact that there is a rain cover included in the purchase price is a real bonus and in this country at least doubles the usability of the pushchair straight out of the box. Due to the bargain price of this pushchair the rain cover is as expected a very basic one indeed, with no opening to allow easy access to the seat area with the only option being to roll the whole cover up. I have not found this to be too awkward as I usually just stick an arm inside, but this does result in me getting a wet arm if it's raining heavily. The rain cover was a small mission in itself to get onto the pram first time round therefore instead of removing it after each use we simply roll it up to the top where it scrunches snugly between the handles and back of the pram out of the way until needed.

      The one main that lets this pushchair down as mentioned previously is the fact that there is not enough underseat stowage, even a slightly bigger net bag hung from underneath would have sufficed, as I would not recommend hanging bags from the handles of this pram as it is so lightweight and will tip easily. This is really the only thing that completely lets this product down with regards to being the perfect budget pushchair for around town.


      We have had this pushchair around 8 months now and I would have to admit that it is lasting very well indeed, even after what I would consider to be moderate to heavy use throughout this time. This pushchair has been jumped around in, thrown up in, had food and drink spilt inside of it, yet still looks as good as the day we bought it. The food, drink and other not so tasty things that have ended up in the seat area have simply wiped off with a damp cloth leaving no visible signs of staining. The way that the seat material is connected to the frame also means minimal fuss when cleaning as there are very few hard to get to places.

      The pram still folds and unfolds well although still needs a wiggle to get it to function correctly although is a little less stiff but not by a lot. The wheels are also working very well after being covered in mud, snow, and dirty water plenty of times, with the rain cover still keeping our little one dry, whilst showing no evidence of UV fatigue as it is still subtle and clear.

      The five point harness still clicks together securely and is just as easily cleaned as the seat however the clips themselves are hard to clean but this cannot be avoided. Although they are still going strong at the moment I can see the clips being the weak point of this pram in the future as they are very regularly used, but do not seem up to the quality of other prams and I feel that they may end up snapping eventually. This may just be my pessimistic side coming out but thought it worth a mention.

      For a budget pushchair the Mamu Jump gives excellent results with regards to overall durability, especially when the price of this product is taken into consideration.

      In Conclusion:-

      If you are looking for a very basic lightweight pushchair at a bargain price then I would not hesitate to recommend the Mamu Jump, however if you are looking for a pushchair with all the bells and whistles then steer well clear as you will be disappointed. Personally I find this pushchair great for around town however if we take our daughter with us to walk the dog we will always take our bigger pram due to the way that the Mamu Jump bounces her about.

      In my opinion the Mamu Jump provides great value for money when everything is taken into consideration. Yes the build quality could be improved to make folding it a little easier, I feel the wheels are too small for all round use rather than just town, and there could be some extra underseat storage space, however there is no denying the fact that it is functional and cheap. It is great to use around shops and town as previously mentioned and takes up very little space in the boot of my car, and it is very easy indeed to get our little one in and out of providing that she is in a cooperative mood.

      So overall I am quite impressed with the Mamu Jump despite its short comings, I feel that the price tag justifies these as a similar brand name pushchair with all the extras are costing £80 - £100 sometimes with the rain cover being sold separately. With this taken into consideration £29.99 certainly seems a fair price and the fact that it comes with a rain included at this price has saved it from a lower star rating than I have given it.

      For the fact that this pushchair is so affordable and the fact that the Mamu Jump claims to be nothing other than a basic budget pushchair, I feel that it is only fair to award 4/5 stars despite the downfalls of this pushchair as it performs its main job of getting our daughter around town easily and practically, and never claimed that it would do anything more than this. A recommendation from me purely because it's cheap, it works as well as it claims to and does nothing to mislead the customer into believing this is a high end rather than a budget model.

      Thanks for reading and I hope this review is of some help.


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