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Graco Quattro Deluxe TSB

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Brand: Graco / Standard / Single Seat / 5-Point Harness / Reclining Back (4 Positions) / Overall Weight: 28.22 lb.

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    2 Reviews
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      26.01.2011 16:27



      You definately get what you pay for!

      When I was expecting my daughter I looked around for a long time for a travel system. After months of contemplating whether to spend a small fortune I decided to go with a cheaper option and bought the Graco Quattro Deluxe. I purchased this item in navy with grey spots from Kiddicare.com for a reduced price of £180. The travel system came with a car seat, a car seat base, a cosytoes and obviously the pushchair.

      Unfortunately the item came with no raincover so I had to purchase this separately along with a parasol so do bear this in mind when purchasing the item.

      The travel system came in a rather large box and there was some minor construction required. The pushchair itself has two double wheels at the front which rotate 360 degrees and single wheels at the back, these need to be clipped on when you first take it out of the box, this is relatively straightforward and even a novice would be ok. The pushchair itself is suitable from newborn, it has three settings a lie flat position, a slightly reclined postion and an upright position. It is rather difficult I think to move the seating position, you have to pull a metal lever behind the seat this then moves two plastic pieces which allow you to click it into the right position. There is also a headhugger for newborns, it is recommended that you keep your newborn flat until 6 months or until they can sit up in the instructions. The seatbelt harness in the pushchair is 5 point for extra security, there are also padded harnesses and the seatbelt can be adjusted to three different levels depending on the age and size of your baby. The pushchair has a plastic tray so that when your baby can sit up there is a space for juice and toys/snacks. This tray comes away with a one click release, you can therefore get your older baby in and out easily. You can also raise and lower the leg rest, this can again be done with a simple click of a metal lever on each side it can be adjusted to different levels. There is also a large canopy that can be removed if you wish, this allows you to protect your baby from the sun it also doubles up as a cover if you are caught out in a shower as it is waterproof. The canopy also has a little flap that can be moved back to reveal a mesh panel that allows you to see what your baby is doing. The pushchair has a very large shopping basket that holds a lot, the only problem is it can be difficult to get into the basket when the pushchair is in the lie flat position and it can disturb your baby. The pushchair also has a built in clock and temperature gauge which gives you an idea of the temperature inside the pushchair. There is also a sunglasses case built in, two drinks holders and also a small compartment which fits keys or a mobile phone in.

      The pushchair itself handles fairly well, it is rather bulky and can sometimes be cumbersome around the shops as well as too bulky to fit down some ailses particularly in clothing stores. The pushchair has a good built in suspension and very chunky tyres for this reason it is really good off road, I have used it on the beach too and because of the large wheels it copes really well in the sand. The suspension also provides a smooth ride for your baby minimising bumps on the pavement. The handle of the pushchair is covered in a grippy foam which is comfortable on your hands.

      To fold the pushchair you need two hands, you need to twist the handle and slide a little red button, the pushchair then folds flat onto itself with relative ease. It is also easy to put up you simply pull the handle until you hear a click and then the pushchair is ready for use.

      You can also use the pushchair as a travel system and simply click the carseat onto the pushchair. The carseat itself is great it's easily the best part of the package. It is a group 0 carseat so it is suitable from birth to 13kg in weight. The carseat has a canopy which can be used to shelter your baby from the sun while in the car. The cover is also removable and machine washable. The carseat also comes with a foam pad and a headhugger for extra protection for your newborn, once they are old enough this can be removed. I did find that the headhugger made my daughter really hot and sweaty, even though it is made from breathable material she seemed to overheat really easily. The seatbelt for the carseat can be set at two height levels and the length can be adjusted easily using a simply metal clip which you push to extend the belt. The seatbelt also has pads to prevent it from digging into your baby. The car seat also has a gauge on the side which will go orange if the carseat is places in the car at the wrong angle. This provides extra piece of mind. The carseat has a handle that clicks back while the baby is in the car and that allows you to also move the car seat easily from the car to the house without disturbing your baby. The carseat is secured using a three point seatbelt, there are guides to make it easy for you to make sure it is secure as well as a picture printed on the side.

      When using the car seat with the pushchair you simply need to set the pushchair to the lie flat position and the car seat then clips to the tray on the pushchair. It is then secure until you pull up a red lever to release it. When the car seat is attached to the pushchair you can use the canopy from the pushchair and the canopy from the car seat to provide a cocoon for your baby keeping out sun etc, unfortunately my daughter hated this. It is not recommended you use the car seat attached to the pram fro long durations as it is recommended you keep your baby flat as often as possible. My daughter is now 6 months and we are still using the carseat, it is better than other models I have tried as she is very tall for her age and in a Maxi Cosi seat her feet were dangling off the edge. The carseat is also fairly lightweight it weighs 4.4kg. It also has triple impact protection for added security.

      The third part of the package is the car seat base, this is made of sturdy plastic with an extendable leg at the front. You secure the base to your car using a normal three point seatbelt, there are guides to show you how to place it you then adjust the leg to secure the base and make sure it can't tip forward. I have only used the base twice, my first car was a Vauxhall Astra sport hatch and unfortunately it wouldn't fit behind any of the seats it was so bulky you would need a decent sized car to use it. I have only managed to use it in my partners car which is a Suzuki Grand Vitara. The base I also find raises the car seat really high and my daughter didn't like this for some reason. It is however easy to use as you simply click the carseat onto the base and it is secure, there is no need to fiddle with belts and such. The car seat is released using the same lever that you use to remove it from the pushchair.

      Overall this has been an ok travel system, unfortunately the three cars I have owned since purchasing this have only just fitted the pushchair in, it is so bulky when folded I struggled to get it in a Seat Ibiza, Vauxhall Astra and a Fiat Stilo and when I eventually did manage to get it in there is no room for anything else in the boot. The system itself looks really solid and sturdy this is probably why it weighs in excess of 12kg, it is rather heavy to lift in and out of the boot by yourself and even worse if you have to carry it up a few steps which has happened on a few ocassions. My daughter also looked very lost in it, she is nearly six months old and can sit up so I have been putting her forward facing for a few weeks, she is a decent size for her age but looks so tiny in there. If you need to use a parasol with it you also need to buy a Graco one as the universal ones do not fit it, there is simply nowhere to click it. Overall I don't think I would buy this pushchair again, I would have rather spent the extra on a pushchair with a multi seat that could face me and outwards facing. I have since gone on to buy a Britax B mobile which cost me a lot more but in comparison is fantastic, when you have tried a lightweight pushchair/travel system it is so much more practical and manoverable you can see why it is worth spending more, particularly if you use it frequently.

      I would give this 3 out of 5 stars, the best point is the car seat.


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      21.10.2008 23:02
      Very helpful




      Graco Quattro deluxe tsb- I brought this pram,when i was expecting my first child back in 2006, i liked the look and colour so decided to buy it, i personally thought the gold and black was a very rare colour in pushchairs, it came with a carseat which had a hood, newborn snuggle insert and headrest. A black cosy toes, raincover, and a carrycot.
      The pram itself is lightweight and has easy swivel wheels which is also easily steerable the carseat clicks into the base of the pram itself and faces you,then the hood of the carseat and the hood on the pram close so baby is covered.
      It has four positions to recline baby, flat, upright so as baby grows he/she can sit up,
      their is also a reasonable sized shopping basket underneath which holds a decent amount of shopping
      what i liked best about the pushchair is how it folds down in one simple click which can be done with one hand- very handy if you have baby in the other
      i would reomend this pushchair to anyone who loves graco


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