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Alba PD2 Digital DAB/FM Alarm Clock Radio

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    1 Review
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      12.02.2011 15:34
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      Cheap but still effective

      This digital radio retails from time to time at Argos, and on Ebay for around £30. We chose this particular radio because we were not sure a) how much we were likely to listen to the digital stations so did not want to spend a fortune on it and b) we liked the look of it - ie the way that it is encased in a wooden frame which I think makes it look a bit more stylish and expensive.

      The overall look of it is that it is compact and sleek, and not too heavy. It also has a nice handle andan extendable aerial. One gripe that I do have about its appearance however, is that it has black mesh over the speakers - I can't help but think that it would have looked so much nicer had they gone for a silver effect to complement everything else about the radio.

      You can preset up to eight stations using the buttons that run along the top of the button panel. You do this by using the tuning buttons on the left hand side and then holding down one of the numbered buttons to 'save' it on finding the station that you want. The name of the station comes through as you scroll. To access the final 4 presets you have to press shift beforehand, so you kind of have to have your wits about you to make sure that you do not overwrite on one that you have already saved. The screen will detail which station you are on when you set it. It's signal is boosted by a standard aerial and it is powered through the mains.

      Aside from the manual + and - tuning buttons on the side you can also use the autoscan to do an automatically run through trying to find channels. There is also a mute button for quick silence (please note this radio does not have a remote.)

      It can also be used as an alarm which is set using the directional buttons and has a sleep function also. However, I think that the yellowy light of the screen is perhaps too bright for having in the dark if you are like me and need near pitch blackness!

      I really like this radio. It works well at picking up signal (although obviously your digital signal is dependent on where you live.). It looks good and is not something that you would want to hide away, despite the slight problem which I had with the colour of the speakers.

      The buttons are relatively easy to operate and even without the enclosed instruction manual it is actually quite intuitive to use.

      It is a nice size so you could probably fit it in any room, but its size and the fact that is lightweight makes it easily portable. It does not really have any fancy settings but in all honesty if you really are just looking for a radio then I really do not think that you could do much better in this price range. I also think it would be a good option for somebody who is intrigued about listening to digital radio but is not actually sure how much use that they would get out of it and would like to start off with something effective but cheap

      One last criticism that I would have though, is that I would like to have more than 8 stations as presets especially if you become quite keen on digital radio as I have become because there si just so much out there to enjoy but once you have programme in the basic BBC stations it really does not leave you that much room left.


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