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Sweex Clipz MP3 Player MP311

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4 Reviews

Sweex Clipz MP3 Player MP311 - Digital player - flash 4 GB - WMA, MP3, OGG - silver

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    4 Reviews
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      20.10.2013 21:14
      Very helpful



      Complete waste of time

      I was sold my sweex clipz as an ipod shuffle on an earning site. I was a bit dissapointed after trying to use it with itunes that it was not compatible, and after some researched realised I had got this instead of the ipod shuffle.

      That is the first thing I would say about this mp3 player, it is basically a clone of an ipod shuffle, with only subtle differences. The differences are firstly that the buttons are "the wrong way" around compared to the shuffle. Secondly the on off button is in a different place, and lastly the overall feel is... well... tacky.

      Anyway, once I realised this, I then tried to import some AVI and MP3 files to the mp3 play, and my goodness was it a faff. You had to get the file you wanted, and then convert it into avi format (it wouldn't take mp3 format for some reason), then it would take what I can only describe as an age to upload the file into the mp3 player.

      Anyway, after much faffing around, I finally had the music and songs on the player... but when I unplugged the player from the PC, and turned it on... nothing happened. Absolutely nothing, I couldn't get 1 song to play, all I could get was the little power button to light up. I tried different speakers and headphones, different songs, factory resetting and trying again, charging the thing overnight and trying again in the morning, I may as well have not bothered. Consulting the user manual was also pointless... the thing was some badly translated heap of rubbish that you essentially did better without than you did with.

      Basically thing thing is a cheap piece of rubbish. Maybe I just got a broken one, I don't know, afterall it was sold to me as a genuine ipod shuffle, not a sweex clipz player, however if I was you, I would not risk it with this mp3 player. I had such a bad experience that I quit the earning site I got it off (even though it was an item I bidded on to buy off another user with the points I accumulated, and the site are meant to "check" the item before you recieve it... obviously they didn't realise it wasn't a proper shuffle).

      Overall, this is definately a 1/5, it is basically a blatent rip off of another product, that is poorly made and doesn't even work properly.


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      13.10.2012 13:49



      A good bargain

      Smooth to the touch with responsive controls you can attach this cute small mp3 player to your clothing for music on the move.

      A reasonable 4GB storage for your music equating to around 1000 songs and the ability to memorize your previous position.

      It is perfect for hiking or biking which I frequently use it for. Reliable with a good battery life of around 4 hours (although the specifications say up to 5 hours, don't expect to get 5 hours each and every time your charge it).

      It is lightweight, so much so you will forget that you have an mp3 player attached to yourself.

      Charging is no problem via the USB cable, I have had no problems.

      I have owned one for over a year and it is still going strong, although it has taken a few scratches from personal biking accidents it still functions 100%.

      You can expect good sound quality for the money but don't expect the quality of an ipod.


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      14.08.2012 12:10
      Very helpful



      Nice design doesn't make up for basic features and fraility.

      I bought the silver version, and out of the box it looks great: slick, modern and easy to use. The back is taken up with a large clip, designed for pockets or belt loops, while the front has the controls in the almost standard circle layout most MP3 users will be used to. It is a very nice design: the clip is well designed and doesn't spring off easily, so you don't need to worry about losing the player, and the controls are easy to tell by touch without looking.

      As far as functionality goes, it is a very basic MP3 player: no shuffle, no radio, storage is inbuilt and not expandable, and no variable playlists. The internal battery gives about 5 hours play, acceptable but not outstanding, and is recharged by USB, although it does seem to take a while to recharge. Very easy to use, it is plug-and-play with most computers, and you copy tracks across with no specialist syncing software required. The tracks play in the order they are on the player.

      Durability was a problem for me. I'll admit I give my players a lot of use, but this failed a long time before I expected it to. After a few uses, the controls started to slip slightly - hitting buttons would produce the wrong effects. Not something you expect in the first month. By the second, the player was refusing to charge and I had to have it replaced. The replacement suffered similar issues. The cheaper own brand player I bought to replace that one is still going fine. If you give your MP3 light use, to-and-from work on the train or walking it would probably be fine, but this isn't one for heavy use.

      My real problem reviewing this item is that there is nothing outstanding about this player, not features, durability, or even value for money. It's a basic MP3 player with no extra features. That's it. It's not a particularly bad product, it's just that if you are looking for a basic MP3 player for a low price there are better alternatives on the market.


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      27.07.2012 20:15
      Very helpful



      One for the girls on a budget - Not for me though.

      Sweex Clipz MP3 Player - MP311
      - - - - - - - - - -

      I've noticed in the last eleven months brands seemed to have dipped into 'ultra-cute', nurturing marketing campaigns to not only get a consumer to buy the product but to have an emotive relationship with it. 'Sweex' is what you call a small dog that'll poke its head out of a pocket, with its hair platted, and finished off with a small ribbon sat neatly between two cocked ears. 'Sweex' is no different, (except it is not a small dog). There are times when I crave for profoundly ugly MP3 Players to hit the market, aimed to break the balanced laws of aesthetics - perhaps have the circular navigational dials on the device 'off centre' or the skin of the device modeled on items from the film, 'Silence of the Lambs'. Instead the avalanche of copycat Apple imitators is ever increasing. Not that I'm complaining at full velocity. I happen to like observing 'Sweex Clipz' ability to hang onto areas of a fit female's attire - which would be deemed as very inappropriate if my finger remotely ventured into the MP3 airspace - even if it was for observational or reviewing purposes. My offending forefinger would be placed under a temporary restraining order and the customary term of 'pervert' would stab into my ears as if I'd accidentally put the volume up to 10 while listening to 'Stayin Alive' by the BeeGees. The main reason why the voluptuous 'fit freak' beauty had taken such strong action against a wandering forefinger is due to the fact she likely had forgotten that the 'Sweex' was on her lapel - An occupational hazard, for a digi-device reviewer whose eyes require a closer look to seek out the brand - One of the negatives of 'nano technology' and aging MP3 enthusiasts. I wasn't the only one staring at her lapel; obviously there were quite a few 'digi-device' reviewers out that day on the same street. Tinkering on their U3 enabled devices, seeking out the price of her 'Sweex' - Only 15.00 GBP for a 4 GB slice of memory!

      Sweex for my peepers...

      Although; 'Sweex' is not a brand that automatically comes to mind when you think of the mainstream mini portable players, I was aware of the brand, but never seen it close up. I couldn't help but smirk mildly when she shrieked: "Ah, you're looking at my 'Sweex!' It was a natural response. I made my apologies in a Hugh Grant style and then we both moved in different directions - when I say 'moved', she graced the pavement as if she was on the red carpet at a Premiere.

      Appearances can be deceiving after opting for a masculine Grey one. This is no Shuffle, or has the sound quality of a Creative Lab product - As a viable portable media product it doesn't enter the 3G arena let alone what I've been use to on my 'Apple Shuffle' and that is saying something. 'Sweex 'competes purely on the 'nano technology' front - if you have an option to 'not buy' their ear pieces then don't. I tend to plug in my 'Sennheiser CX 299' to devices; 'Sennheiser' is kind to my ear canal. Yes, 'Sweex' deals happily when it comes to USB 2.0 connection, direct to your workstation and transferring audio downloads (Mpeg 3 format - WMV - and OGG) - however, compatibility to iTunes and their apps is a no-go area. The brand purely is a portable media player, and has no internal app enabler to 'Sweex' app stores for example; (incomparable to Apple's iTunes).

      Sweex Clipz functions purely as a portable MP3 player. The 'Sweex' unique selling point is the versatility of where it hangs, via the 'clipz' at the back. When it comes to the dimensions, 'Sweex' competes with the 'Shuffle' - Each device has a width of 29 mm - the 'Sweex's' length is 12.5 mm longer than the 'Shuffle' and 'Sweex' weighs in at 0.4 g heavier than the 'Shuffle' at 13 g. The notable plus point is the 'Sweex's Clipz' - sublimely subtle - evidence of a master-class in clipz technology. Both products are remarkably similar for the untrained eye - yet the quality lacks in the 'Sweex' - also 'Sweex' may have miss the wagon when it comes to the wonders of 'Shuffling' - I know I like the concept and many digi-techies appreciate the surprise element of having an internal DJ choosing the next track. Quite a big selling point, in my opinion -'Sweex's Soft-Off in comparison only remembers the track position - not a bad navigational function; although it's hardly ground-breaking. Or will determine bigger sales mark-up compared to how the 'Shuffle' function does. This isn't a device whereby you're going to spend a lot of time deciphering over - partly due to the lack of visual interactivity. The (1- 10) volume control is as much interaction as you'll be getting. Not including the mandatory circular dial giving the tip of your little finger employment. Any other will struggle to deliver the goods; the bane of nano technology, especially for those who've been blessed with widen finger tips.

      Sugar for my money...

      For a majority of keen MP3 Player enthusiasts this player price-wise will suit budgets (being 20.00 GBP cheaper than a standard Apple Shuffle) - but for an audio fiend, the 'Sweex' lags behind on audio quality - you do pay for what you get, when it comes to MP3 devices. 'Sweex' may look like a desert from the 'Great British Menu' - however, it doesn't wet my appetite enough to warrant it three stars.
      The 'clipz' function works effectively and no doubt in time many users will lose a lesser number of 'Sweex' devices than the 'Shuffle'. Sadly, in this case, I wouldn't mind losing my grey device. The built-in flash card is mandatory, post {2009} manufactured MP3 Players. A full Lithium battery will enable nearly 5 hours of continuous listening time - again not a poor duration - but nothing out of the ordinary.

      Marketing wise the brand name is purposefully equipped for a cute device such as this. Cute girlies who want to listen to a 1,000 sound tracks (the average amount you'll get on a standard 4 GB device) will rave about it. They'll pout when they call it 'Oh I love my sweex' and when they do; all I want to do is run to the hills, where other techie types flee - so I can get a better view of the girls Sweex' without being called a pervert or be put in harms way while we peer through our binoculars viewing what model of 'Sweex' are on offer.

      Not recommended: Two Stars.


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    • Product Details

      The player charges during USB connection

      With soft-off, the player will remember playback position

      The player plays back files in the order in which they are placed on the player

      Volume is controlled in 10 steps

      To place music on the player, simply connect it to your computer

      Technical Data

      Product Description: Sweex Clipz MP3 Player MP311 - digital player
      Product Type: Digital player flash based
      Components: Headphone
      Enclosure Colour: Silver
      Dimensions (WxDxH): 2.9 cm x 4.4 cm x 1.2 cm
      Weight: 13 g
      Playback Digital Standards: WMA, MP3, OGG
      Sound Output Mode: Stereo
      Audio Specifications: Digital Player - Response Bandwidth - 20 - 20000 Hz
      Flash Memory: 4 GB
      Headphones: Headphones - stereo
      Interface Supported: USB
      Battery: Player - rechargeable - Lithium Ion - 130 mAh
      Manufacturer Warranty: 2 years warranty