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Sandisk Sansa Clip plus 4 GB

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    4 Reviews
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      28.12.2013 20:13
      Very helpful


      • Reliability


      A perfect player for joggers and others who exercise

      I bought the SanDisk Clip Zip 8GB MP3 player from Amazon UK when it was reduced to £45. It was available in a number of colours but I chose a safe black.
      I had long since stopped using a portable MP3 player to listen to music with, opting instead to listen on my Smartphone. However, I wanted to listen to music whilst out jogging, without risking my £500 phone. The SanDisk is perfect for this.

      The player was much smaller than I anticipated - so much so that I initially feared losing it. This isn't a problem, however; it is ideal for heavy-impact jogging, walking and for other physical activities, with the small size making it unobtrusive.

      The sound quality is as excellent as the quality of earphones that you use and the quality of the MP3 encoding. The bundled earphones are rubbish, but I would expect this at this price point. The screen is clear and functional, and the battery life is AMAZING - I hardly ever need to charge it, unlike my Smartphone which needs charging daily.

      Price-wise, it is remarkable value. I remember that my last MP3 player cost over twice the price. The SanDisk Clip is not only a great price, but provides extra value by including a microSD slot so that you can add extra capacity very cheaply, or simply swap cards as you might have swapped a CD or cassette in days gone by.

      I only have 2 slight criticisms. The first is that the volume has gone down during jogging on a couple of occasions. I would expect the player lock to lock the volume control, but it appears that it doesn't. This has only happened a couple of times, however. The second criticism is that the much-vaunted clip became loose on my player quite quickly, rendering it useless. This may have just been my item, however, and did not affect how I use it.

      The player also has a radio, although I have never needed to listen to it. Likewise, I have never needed to use the voice recorder or stopwatch - but it's good to know that it has these features should I ever need to use them!

      Overall, this is a fantastic product at a fantastic price. It is perfect for jogging, running and other physical activity, and the battery life and extensibility with the microSD slot makes it a must-have.


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      16.09.2013 14:18
      Very helpful


      • Reliability


      thanks for reading

      I purchased mine from Amazon, but it is also available from play.com and ebay online stores. I choose to buy the simple black coloured one, but it does also come in variety of colours such as red, green, purple and silver.


      *Great audio quality in MP3, WMA, secure WMA, Ogg Vorbis, and FLAC formats, plus audio books

      *4 GB memory

      *Expandable microSD or microSDHC memory card slot

      *Ready for slot Radio and slotMusic cards

      *Built-in clip for easy carrying

      *Digital FM tuner and built-in voice recorder


      1.5 x 5.4 x 3.5 cm

      Weight: 23 g

      Batteries 1 Lithium ion batteries.


      The mp3 player is petite in size and also relatively thin. It looks simple but stylish at the same time, as I purchased the black version it has a nice glossy finish with black control buttons located on the front of the player. The Sandisk mp3 player comes with earphones and a USB cable for transferring music to and from devices. I would say that the product does not look highly expensive due to its simple looking design, but it is far from cheap looking and still looks more expensive than its price tag.

      My Experience

      The setup process was easy enough, however I did have to glance at the instruction manual a little to get it fully started. The mp3 player impressively plays a range of format files including MP3, WMA, secure WMA, Ogg Vorbis, and FLAC formats. It is also fully compatible to play audiobooks which is great little added feature.

      It has a mircro SD slot so if you run out of memory it you can always purchase memory cards, however I found the 4GB storage capacity manages to hold more than 1000 tracks and is personally more than enough for a music lover like me.

      It has an in built microphone that enables you to record voice memos easily and is highly convenient, the quality of recordings is also of a high standard with my voice memos playing back crystal clear. The mp3 player also has a FM radio playback feature, which is also great as it means I can switch from playing my mp3 tracks to listening to live radio tracks and shows.

      The USB cable allows the mp3 player to be charged easily by connecting it into a usb slot on a computer. The battery capacity is quite good in my opinion, it can play back music for around 14 hours before it needs recharging, however over time (a few years) I have found that the battery would need to be charged after listening to music for around 6 hours. This is not a huge problem as it is easy to recharge and recharges quite fast.

      The button functions are easily visible and work great and enable controlling the playback of music simple and effective. The play, pause, rewind etc symbols are labelled white and therefore are easy to recognise against the black contrast of the device. The control dial allowed me to navigate between tracks easily and also scroll through menu options without any issues and therefore is very user friendly.

      The screen is small but still manages to display track details clearly. The clip that is positioned at the back of the device and is strong and fixes onto belts or upper trouser area easily and securely, I have clipped this on my pair of jeans a few times and have never had any problems with it falling off. However as it is already small sized, I tend to just stick it in my pocket while I listen to it.

      The power button is easily found at the top of the player, and a simple click of the on button and the player is ready to go. The volume levels can be controlled by the side buttons, and have found that even it medium volume levels the sounds is more than loud enough.

      The playback quality of the music is great, the vocals and overall music can be heard clearly with no background buzzing sounds. As I am a bit picky, I found that the headphones that come with the mp3 were not that great; therefore I use my own earphones to really bring out the full potential of the track and mp3 player.

      Transferring songs to and from the music player is very simple, and requires a simple drag of files to/from the computer folder into the mp3 folder and they are transferred within seconds. Songs can be organised on the computer or via the device itself and makes the process of listening to certain playlists and music genres so much easier.


      I would highly recommend this mp3 player as it is cheap but high quality device that plays quality sounding music. It is easy to use and well designed, and it is hard to believe it is only £20 while other similar mp3 players are so much more expensive. I would therefore rate this mp3 player a high 5/5.


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        03.09.2013 12:18
        Very helpful


        • Reliability


        Excellent lightweight, easy to use MP3 player, ideal for use when out running.

        Item: Sansa San Disk Mp3 player
        Size: 4gb
        Price: £25 (I bought this with a voucher from a newspaper when I saw the deal on Money Saving Expert Website)
        Bought in: Currys

        I bought this as I needed a light and attachable MP3 player, that I could add songs to easily for when I go out running and I didn't fancy an iPod shuffle and my actual iPhone is too bulky.

        Packaging and design:

        The wrapper - This mp3 player arrives in one of those clear plastic packs that usually results in a deep cut to the hand and a trip to A & E when you try to open it! haha I was extra careful to open this (and actually got my OH to slice the plastic open with a Stanley knife) so I didn't actually damage what was inside it! Inside the pack you get the mp3 player, a set of earphones, a tiny disc that goes in to your lap top and a very short black USB cable (NO USB PLUG).

        The MP3 player/accessories - this is really sleek looking and the one I chose is all black. The whole thing is black with white writing on it. It says Sansa across the front and that's all the words there is on it. It measures 3 x 5 x 1.5cm. The front has 2 sets of buttons on it and a third of the front is the actual screen of the MP3 where you can see song names, details and can view playlists etc. This is great as other small and light MP3's like the shuffle don't give you that level of detail on view. Which is very valuable to me as I like to look through and pick my songs. The earphones that come with this are really cheap and felt like they are made from those edible strawberry laces! The MP3 has a standard jack input section though so I was able to use my own better earphones very easily. The clip on the back of the MP3 player is brilliant. It is 4.5 x 2.5 so is nearly the full size of the MP3 player and clips on really securely to any of my running gear.

        Getting started:
        Open the box, charge the battery up using the USB cable, then attach to your lap top and voila! I am not that savvy on technology and picked this because I had heard that it was really simple to set up. It comes with a user guide and this is illustrated with easy to follow diagrams and directions. I managed to do this myself in one go with no tears (when I tried to set up my first iPhone I actually cried with frustration and nearly threw my lap top on the floor!! Haha )

        What do the buttons do?
        The button on the top is how you turn it on and off, holding this for a few seconds either starts it up or turns it off. There are 2 main sections of buttons on the front, one is very small and has a picture of a house on it, this is the home button, it literally takes you back to the song that is playing when you click it, like taking you back to the home page on your computer. Handy if you have been sifting through your music then decide you don't actually want to change anything. It also doubles as the "lock" button and you can click this is you are putting the MP3 in your pocket etc while still on, to stop any buttons being pressed and changes made. The other sections of buttons are much larger and are a square within a square. This is where you can decide if you are going forward, back, play, pause and these directional buttons are used as the arrows suggest when you are going through the song lists and picking songs. The buttons on the side are for volume and you click the bottom for quiet and the top for loud, it really is that simple and the buttons are so simple that you can actually work out what they do without reading the manual.

        Adding music to it:
        This is really simple and when you are ready to add or remove music you simply connect the USB cable to the MP3 player then clip it in to the USB port on your lap top. Your lap top detects that you are using your MP3 and icons for the Sansa Clip Icon will appear on the screen and you can either click on that to open it to remove music or if you want to add music you then just open the music files, highlight what you want to add and drag it over to the Sansa Clip icon and drop it over. Depending how many songs you are moving in one go it will vary time wise but for me it has never taken more than 3 to 4 minutes.

        Making up your own play lists:
        The bit I like to do!!! You can do this on the actual MP3 player. To go in to your playlist you simply go in to the "home" screen and scroll up or down until you get to "music" select this using the middle button on the front of the MP3, click through until you get to play lists then pick the one you want to listen to. To add music to a play list again you just scroll to that song then when it is playing use the bottom button on the front of the MP3 which takes you "down" and go in to the menu and click on "add song to playlist".

        Techy bits (well my LOW tech bits):
        You can add in a Micro SD memory card to the side of the MP3 player, but I have never done this as it holds 1000 songs on the internal memory and I only have 786 so far and that has been plenty for me. As I really only use this for when I am out running there are a load of much slower melodies that I would never add to this anyways so rarely add many new songs, as there are so many already on there that I love to run to. There is also a radio on this MP3 but I have never used it. I find it hard to run to radio and the signal varies when you are on the move, so I just don't bother with that function on this device. You can copy over podcasts from your lap top though if you wanted to listen to radio uninterrupted by poor signal. The volume is also great, the standard volume is really pretty loud but you can also go in and alter the equalizers if you want to ( I don't really do that) and it is lighter than your average tin of lip balm so is very easy to carry about.

        The lack of a plug:
        Well the fact that there isn't one isn't actually an issue for me. I already had a plug with the Nintendo DS and iPhone that I use and you can attach the USB cable to your lap top for charging too. I prefer to use the plugs though as it seems to charge a lot quicker. If they had added in a plug I am sure that this would have added to the cost and as I already had a suitable plug to use I was happier to save the money and use my own.

        I really like this MP3 player. I do pretty much just use it for when I am out running but if I didn't have an iPhone to use for other music and pod casts I would happily use this one more. The battery usually last for about 12 hours play. The clip is really secure and as the buttons are so simple I can actually flip between songs as I run without having to look at the device. The screen displaying details such as next song and more than one lines worth of text is really good too. I highly recommend this MP3 player and I will keep using it until it dies and am likely to just go get another one when it does.

        5 stars from me.


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          25.04.2013 12:58
          Very helpful


          • Reliability


          Excellent little MP3 player with extras.

          I have a very large music collection and several stereo systems to play it on. I use my laptop for music as well and connect it up to a separate amplifier so really I did not need an MP3 player. However I was gifted this from an American friend and it has turned out to be very useful. I use it when sitting in the sun in my garden and to connect up via 3.5 cable to my car stereo.

          To look at the Sandisk Sansa clip mp3 is very attractive. Mine has a black plastic case which is high shine which contrasts nicely with the square matt centre button. The Sansa clip comes in a variety of alternate colours and there are 2gb, 4gb and 8gb models available to buy. The player lights up in a shade of bright turquoise blue which is not only appealing but great if you are in the dark at night and feel an uncontrollable urge to listen to Engelbert Humperdink. This has never happened to me though, but if it does then I am very well prepared.

          The player is intuitive to use and set up, lucky for me really because I often read instructions long after the event (if at all). It has black side buttons which are an upgrade from the silver ones on the 2gb model before this one. On this one, these are your volume controls and a lock feature. There is a standard size jack for headphones so you can swap the ones that come with this for the phones of your choice, an excellent feature as there is nothing more annoying than integral headphones that are uncomfortable and cheap. I swapped mine over to a pair of in ear Sennheiser headphones. The player can also be attached to mini speakers should you wish via the headphone socket.

          The player has 4gb of integral memory and this is expandable by use of the micro SD card on the side. This is useful if you have a lot of music on your mobile phone as it can be swapped across in seconds before you go out into a much smaller device. The player supports up to 16gb of additional memory which is a large amount and has been plenty for me.


          As the name suggest, this is a clip mp3 player. The back clip fastens very securely to a belt, waistline or pocket and the clip is strong and springy. When fully charged the mp3 player lasts a surprisingly long time, I have managed to get 15 hours use out of it before it died. I love the fact that it has an integrated FM radio which is easy to use and scans effectively even in poor coverage areas like the place that I live. The headphone cable acts as an antenna for the FM function and the radio stations that I scanned (all of the main ones plus some quirky small ones) were clear and easy to listen to even when moving about.

          The sound quality is good, even more so with good headphones. The ability to adjust equalisation is part of this. It can sometimes be a bit tinny on standard settings on more pop type music but I listen to a lot of Bass driven rock and Reggae and it copes well.

          THE MAIN MENU:

          This again is user friendly and intuitive but being so tiny it can be a bit fiddly to access the different functions without concentrating. It has no large lcd screen, indeed the screen holds just four lines of text in a 1 inch area and there are no pictures to guide you so you have to scroll through via bright blue text along the menu into different folders. The downside to this is unless you catalogue your music in folders, you will spend time faffing about trying to find a track. Very annoying. The next model up (the "zip") does have a larger screen and picture facility.

          The player has a good range of equalisation and play modes including the standard repeat and shuffle. The equaliser has settings for jazz, rock, pop etc and can be individually adjusted.

          Like I said the headphones that came with this were cast aside for a pair of nice ones and I think that this is important. The included headphones are standard and perfectly functional but I do like to hear every facet of my music so opt for something more sensitive and dynamic.

          The player supports MP3,WMA, Ogg and Audible audio file formats. Another nice feature is the inbuilt voice recorder which works well even in a pocket and gives clear results.

          This player is really very tiny, slightly smaller than a matchbox. It is just 0.7 inches deep. I like the fact that it is so portable but do miss the ability to access songs easily via album art.


          The Sansa clip features a high-speed USB 2.0 interface so music can be transferred from pc/laptop easily.
          The moveable SD card function enables the user to transfer music across devices such as other players, phones, laptops etc. A mini USB mains charger is available to buy seperately as a spare as are cases and data cables. The next model up, the "Clip Zip" has a larger lcd screen that does show album art so if this is something that bothers you, it is easy to upgrade for a few more pounds.


          * Easy to set up
          * Good sound quality and rich bass
          * Cheap and versatile
          * Expandable memory slot via SD card (up to 16gb)
          * Secure clip feature
          * FM radio and audio book function
          * Voice recorder
          * Accessories are available cheaply


          * Standard budget headphones are functional but recommend an upgrade
          * Small interface and lots of scrolling

          All in all this is an excellent little player with many useful features. For the price it is very good value.
          Available on Amazon for £24.99


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