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Creative ZEN X-Fi3 8 GB

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    1 Review
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      03.07.2012 23:28
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      zen 8gb MP3/MP4 player with radio and video elements.

      My dad has an Ipod which he leaves in his bedroom stuck in the Ipod dock for some easy listening at night. I wanted to get him a gift for his birthday in which he could use in the car as he has all the cables and the ability to put his Ipod into the car but he had told me he always forgot it and was getting annoyed to be trolling back and fro from the car.

      This wasn't cheap at around £75 from Amazon and I thought it would be good as the radio in his car is subjective to whether his aerial wants to play fair or not. I wrapped it nicely and when the day came he unwrapped it and was chuffed to pieces.

      What does it do?:
      This is an MP4 player which in my opinion is pretty pointless. The tiny 2" LCD screen isn't worth eating into your 8GB storage for a video you will need a magnifying glass for. The screen is super clear and viewable, but a video that small would surely hurt your eyes. When he got it, he immediately plugged it into the computer. It's pretty simple. It opens up on the computer and you litterally just drag files into it. Easy as that. Then he put the headphone in. They are rubbish. If you are even considering buying this after this review, then buy new headphones. These ones sound like you have your ear to an empty jar. They hurt, they sound tinny and pathetic. We soon swapped them for the headphones which come with an Ipod and he was off. The sound is so much better with that and he put on his favourite tunes.
      Charging it doesn't take long at all. Approximately 1-2hours to get it fully charged.

      ~You can add photos to the player and hook it up to the TV to watch a slideshow of your photos if you're visiting family. It's a great way to keep everything in one place. This might also be a good idea for if you want to watch a video on the TV. You could upload it to the player, then plug it into to TV and watch them from there.

      The design:
      I find the design to look pretty cheap when its in your hands. It's quite fat and chunky which gives it that "argos cheap tacky" image. The screen of 2" pretty much fills the front of the player and the buttons surrounding it are touch screen. I felt quite embarrassed to see the quality of the player when he opened it as it looked so cheap and yet i'd paid £75. I would have been better off buying an Ipod nano.
      It has the volume buttons on the side and a lock button on the top.
      The instruction manual will tell you what buttons do what, and how to navigate your way through the player.

      The player weighs a measly 50g. That's another addition to the cheapness of the player. I suppose something light makes us think it's got nothing inside it and it's basic and lacks in top quality materials.
      Because it is so compact and small, my dad can put it in his glove box and not have to take it out of the car when he isn't using it.

      Does it work well?:
      Yes, it is so easy to use. My dad knows some about technology and I suppose with anything new you just have to wing it, but this is brilliant to use. My dad can easily change track whilst driving if he needs to and can quickly add songs without having to wait for itunes to load. The short USB cable is quite handy too. It's 5" long which is compact and great so you haven't got long cables sprawled all over the place.
      The menu is easy to navigate through if your a novice to technology.

      You have 8GB storage on the actual player, but this is brilliant because you have a mini SD card slot where you can add up to 32GB cards and that means more music. The mini SD cards are macro cards which are the size of your thumb nail. They don't cost too much to purchase and if you did want to add videos to the player, then it's worth the purchase.

      My opinions:
      First of all, would I suggest it to anyone? I'm torn. Yes it's super easy to navigate and works well, but the quality of it makes me say no. I bought this 2 months ago and it is still at the high price of £75.79.
      If I was able to see it before I bought it, I would have laughed at the sales person when she said the price. He has had no problems with it and I have fun in his car changing songs and flicking through what he has on there, but it's not worth the high price at all. The products functionality is great. It works like a dream and anyone would be able to figure out how to use it without even opening the instruction manual.
      The radio function is easy to use. It's not getting used very often in my Dads car, but I know from using it, it works and picks up the best quality radio stations.
      In some ways I wish I'd just bought an Ipod nano as they are even easier to navigate, but this is good for extra storage and it charging up so quickly. If it was slightly cheaper in price, then the design wouldn't make me feel so rubbish about how much it cost me initially. It's a shame as the photos online made it look so appealing but it's all smoke and mirrors. If you're not going to be showing it off in public, then this is a great MP3/MP4 player for you.

      I give it 3/5. It lost 2 stars due to the design looking so cheap.

      Thanks for reading my review.



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