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Sly Racoon (PS2)

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PS2 version: Play as a raccoon burglar. Action platform game. Elements of stealth. Beautiful cartoon-style graphics. Varied fast-paced gameplay.

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    4 Reviews
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      19.10.2012 20:43
      Very helpful



      A amazing game, 8/10

      Welcome to the world of sly cooper where stealing and being a master criminal is what you are and is more fun than ever, stealing from police and some of the most evil people that walk this earth, sly has a very good back-story and a very good story as well so lets get started shall we.


      The world of sly cooper is a good one you starts the game as sly breaking into the police headquarters to steal back his families book the thievius raccoonus (trying saying that 5 times fast) but just as sly tries to make his escape we meet the police woman who will chase sly down where ever he goes to catch him and but him behind bars Inspector Carmelita Fox but lucky you get away and live to steal another day the back-story to all of this is when sly was a boy sitting on his fathers knee his dad told him about there most prized possession the thievius raccoonus but that night a gang called the fiendish five attack and over powered slys dad and then stole the book. Sly was then dropped off in an orphanage where he met his two best friends and the people that help him on his mission Bentley the brain of the group and Murray the muscle. They plan to track down these 5 steal back the rest of the book and return it back to sly where it belongs.


      * Story, the story is one of the best in the gaming world I have seen after every level and at the beginning you get a little cut scene telling you who you are about to face at the end of completing all the different levels who the boss is going to be and then at the end you get a cut scene about what happened to them and how sly got away before the police showed up to try and find him

      * Different boss, not all the bosses are the same yes they are all different in the way they look but when fighting them most of them are different like the first boss you have to jump over and then hit but the next boss you cannot even hit because he is to strong so you have to go around the who area hitting the light to burn him, then the next boss after that is basically a game of very hard game of Simon says, so as you can see the bosses are different and so it makes you want to see what the next to bosses are like

      * Powers, one of the best things about this game is that in most of the levels are there green clue bottles and if you break them all and then find the safe at the end you get a page from the thievius raccoonus and this will give you a power, it can be anything from being able to dodge roll out the way or making a image of yourself enemies will go after and attack. Also when you have defeated each boss at the end of they area you get some more as well and these power will have to be used for the rest of the game the rail slide or jumping on pointy objects.

      * Extras, this really include s two thing so if the powers and getting all the pages of the thievius raccoonus which I have already talked about and then again for almost each level there are time trails where you have to complete the level within a certain time and this is good because when you do everything you get bonus cut scenes an example would be that when you complete the game not 100% yet you get the opening but the Japanese now this might seem pointless but to anyone who like to 100% games like me then he is something to go for


      * Just one hit, one of the down sides is that just one hit and sly is dead yes there is a away to stop thing but have a silver house shoe for 1 free hit on you or a gold for 2 free hits but if you cannot find any of those and you get to the hard levels it can be very annoying just as you are about to complete a level the last bad guy gets a hit on you and you have to do it all over again

      * Difficult levels some of the levels like where you have to be Murray and drive in a race for the key to the next area is no that much fun because it is so different from what the other levels are like and when Murray has to run around to get the key and you have to shoot the bad guys it seems like they wanted to make a kind of stealthy game and put these little bits in for other people but I think they should have just stuck with how the other levels are because that is what people and I loved about this game

      In conclusion this is an amazing game and started off these lines of games this is a must have game not only for the game play but the story as well there are two other game sly 2 and 3 and there is another coming out as well eventually so before that next one come out get this game play it all the way thought and if you loved it which you should get the other two because it is just more of what was great in the first game. Overall a great game and a must have


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      13.05.2011 01:06



      the weakest game in an otherwise strong trilogy

      This is the first game in a series of 3, and having played them all - this is my least favourite one. But saying that I must add that the other 2 are two of my absolute favourite games to play. The concept is there, you play a raccoon master thief who can jump, slide, sneak and climb on pretty much everything.

      The graphics is what really makes this game, it is like playing a cartoon! I fell in love with them the moment I saaw it. Its very very cleaver indeed.

      The story might be a bit on the thin side, but your 2 side kicks (a turtle and a hippo) more makes up for that fact. Sometimes you forget that you are playing a game and not watching a sit-com. The humour is very much for both adults and kids and the dialogue is very well written and thought out.

      The game is fairly easy to complete, but the 30 hidden bottles that are on each level can make it last a lot longer as you desperately try to find the last one!

      I would definitely recommend this, but if you want the real deal - buy the second or third game in the series.


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      22.05.2007 21:51
      Very helpful



      Hey come back with my money you punk!

      -(Game Information)-
      Name:Sly Raccoon
      Publisher:Sony Computer Entertainment Europe
      Developer:Sucker Punch
      Genre:3D Platformer
      Release Date:Jan 17, 2003
      Age Rating:3+
      Number Of Players:1
      Developer Site:www.suckerpunch.com/main.php
      Product Site:www.slyschool.com
      Memory Card Usage:55KB

      Sucker Punch are one of Sony's main developers. While they made a game called Rocket:Robot on Wheels back in 1999 for the N64 (Ubisoft were the publishers), Sly Raccoon on the PS2 have been their main focus. Releasing three games on the console, Sly Raccoon have been one of the system's top franchises, along with Ratchet & Clank; Jak and Daxter and God Of War.

      -(The Story)-
      Sly Raccoon follows Sly, a raccoon (duh) who comes from a long line of stealing raccoons. All the secrets of their great stealing moves are in a book called the Thievius Raccoonus. All Sly's ancestors received the book when they are the right age, and now it was Sly's turn. BUT wait! These 5 strangers come to Sly's house, beat up his dad, ransack his house and take the book. Then they ripped it up and took a section each. Wow, how harsh! Anyways now Sly sets out with his hippo and turtle buddies to get the pages back and learn some of the tricks from the book.

      -(The Controls)-
      Sly controls great. Moving around can be done with the left analog stick, swiping your cane can be done with the square, jumping can be done with the X button and special moves can be done with the triangle. You can change the special move with the L2 and R2 buttons. The circle button is like an action button, which lets you slide along edges; climb onto pipes and other things of that nature. The camera can be controlled with the right analog stick. The camera can be centered with the R3 button.

      -(The Gameplay)-
      Sly Raccoon plays a bit like a less limiting Crash Bandicoot. Rather than limiting you to a path like Crash, you can explore the worlds your currently exploring. But don't get me wrong, this isn't like Jak and Daxter where you can roam around. You're still pretty limited to where you can explore during the levels inside the worlds as there's no different routes or secret passages to explore. But still, this isn't nearly as linear as the Crash Bandicoot games on the PSone.

      In the levels you have to collect keys at the end of the levels. Once you've collected the key, you're done and you probably won't need to come back to the level. But it's quite a challenge to get there. But a fun challenge. This is probably mainly because, like Crash Bandicoot, one shot and you lose a life, and considering how sparse lives are in the game, this is quite challenging, but if you are a survivor and can stay alive, you'll breeze through Sly as it's pretty easy. Also, collecting these horse shoes help as if you're attacked or fall into a pit then you're safe as you'll get another chance.

      The way you progress through Sly is that you must collect keys to unlock things which will help unlock new levels, for example you have to get three keys so you can unlock this generator so you can destroy it and go through an electrified tunnel so you can find more levels with keys. Then you have to find all seven keys so you can unlock this cannon which will shoot you up to the boss. This is a standard way to progress, but it's still pretty good.

      While Sly isn't fully a stealth game, there's lots of stealth mechanics. There's lots of lasers and searchlights in Sly and if you get caught in the light, rather than have security chase you, these lights turn into lasers which can kill you if you walk into them. Also, some guards have lights which if they see you will kill you. It's basically the same as other guards, but you can kill them without them even knowing who you are.

      Aside from the standard platformer/stealth levels, you have these mini-game type levels in which you usually have to drive vehicles. These vehicle missions usually consist of you taking the role of Murray in which he'll have to race other guys and come in first, which are especially hard as you have to come first otherwise you can progress through the game. There's also one mission where you have to hit fifty chickens. It sounds easy, and crazy, but these roosters holding bombs will come at you and try to blow you up, and considering one shot kills then it's much harder.

      There's also boss battles in Sly. While there's only about five of them, they are all really fun. They all have a huge health meter in the left side of the screen, which must be depleted obviously. Usually you have to find out their patterns, then strike them when they're open. But there's one really cool boss which involves you doing a rhythm game. This person throws these voodoo buttons at you, and you have to hit the buttons to dodge them. If you hit it, you're successful but if you miss it you'll be killed. Overall this was the best boss in the game and the other bosses are great as well.

      Also, you collect these bottles which give you clues. Bently will use these clues to find a code and if you use the code you can unlock this steel vaults. These will usually give you new abilities from your ancestors, as well as a helper that lets you find other bottles and breakable objects by looking into your goggles. The main thing you collect are coins. Though you can't use these as currency, once you collect 100 of these, you get a life which is pretty helpful.

      -(The Graphics)-
      The graphics are amazing in Sly Raccoon. The game uses a gorgeous cel shaded look, which looks really appealing to both adults and kids. The environments are great. You'll travel over the world to places like China, a jungle filled with voodoo and even this volcano. These levels are really large, meaning for more exploration, and it's nice to play a platformer with real places, rather than imaginary worlds. The characters look amazing as well. They support the cel shaded look as well, and their animation is amazing as well, as is Sly's, though his tail's animation looks a little rough at times. The particle effects look good, as when you smash up crates and other items and they do smash. Sadly, the frame rate isn't so hot. It's not as bad as 24:The Game, but it's noticeable. While the first two worlds look fine, with no slowdown that i noticed of, the last three worlds had quite frequent slowdown. It's not gameplay effecting, but it detracts from the amazing graphics.

      -(The Sound)-
      Another excellent aspect of Sly is the sound. The voice acting is excellent. While Sly comes off as a little cocky at times, he is great and really appealing to kids. Also Murray and Bently are an excellent duo. Bently is a shy and careful nerd who always can find a code or hack somthing. Murray is the dumb yet always friendly hippo who doesn't have the power, but he has the heart and is the most appealing character for kids. The 5 evil characters have evil, yet appealing voice acting, the best out of the bunch being the last character. The music is also excellent, though sometimes repetitive. Though it's certainly not as repetitive as the music found in the original Kingdom Hearts. It's mostly upbeat music, but near the end it suddenly turns into this techno music vibe. The effects are pretty standard, with the enemy's grunts and the smashing of breakables. But the music when you find the key in each level is great as it really is upbeat and really great for kids to just jump in the air and shout WHOOPEE!

      -(Replay Value)-
      Sadly, Sly mainly falls short in this area, as the game is only 10 hours long, or less if you're comfortable with this kind of game. There's some replayability, as, if you haven't done it already, go and get all the pages from the Thievius Raccoonus by getting all the clues and unlocking all the steel vaults. And after you've done that you can do the time trials in certain levels. But sadly, the replay value is kind of lacking compared to, say, Crash Bandicoot:The Wrath of Cortex. Once you've done all that, you're pretty much done with the game, though you will probably play through the game to see if you can beat it quicker. Overall, i wouldn't pay the nearly £60 offer that's on amazon for brand new copy of Sly Raccoon, but maybe a £6.99 offer is more appreciable. You pay as much as you want, but proceed with caution.

      Replay Value=6
      Overall Score=8.4

      -(Ending Comments)-
      Put simply, Sly Raccoon is a great game. It's main strength is that it's great for kids. The graphics and voice acting is really appealing to them, and the gameplay is simple enough for them to get into and challenging enough to introduce them to videogames. But don't get me wrong, teens and adults will also enjoy the game and like the cel shading look, but they may notice the slowdown rather than kids. But the biggest problem with Sly is that it's way too short. 10 hours is not enough for a platformer. But still, this is a great game and pretty much worth your money, though you may want to be careful on how much you spend on this.

      -(If You Like This I'd Suggest)-
      Jak & Daxter
      Ratchet & Clank
      Crash Bandicoot
      Spyro The Dragon

      -(Where You Can Buy It)-
      Amazon:Used and new from £12.99


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        22.03.2003 17:51
        Very helpful



        In the years since the first Playstation was released up until the grand Playstation 2 we have now we have seen possibly the largest assortment of games of any other console in such a short period of time. Of course quantity means nothing without quality and variety and Sony has come through masterfully on both accounts. With the continuation of the much loved Final Fantasy series after the falling out between Nintendo and Squaresoft and the pick up of Metal Gear from Nintendo Sony demonstrated they could successfully master already popular series but they also made their own impacts as well. From horror hits like Silent Hill and Parasite Eve to plain vanilla fun for all ages games with the introduction of Spyro the Dragon and Crash Bandicoot they've more than proven they can and will continue to produce the massive onslaught of games that will keep them going strong. Since massive companies like Squaresoft are in constant demand Sony has drawn in many newborn companies as well to help fulfill the gargantuous demand for games. By doing so this not only helps keep Sony on top of the sales list it also gives these new companies a chance to show the general public how creative they can be and perhaps become a major company in the process. On such example is Sucker Punch, creators of Sly Raccoon and the Thievius Raccoonus. With colorful cel shaded graphics, nice sound and the ingenious twist that the player must steal from other thieves in order to become the ultimate master thief himself this game puts this company off to a very promising start. GRAPHICS The graphics in this game gives to a somewhat mixed review. During the game itself the game boasts beautiful graphics. With a unique blend of cel shading and three dimensional graphics it has a cartoon quality while at the same time looking very realistic, something to the effect of Dragonball Z: Budokai for the PS2 or The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker for the GCN. The motions are fluid a
        nd smooth as Sly stealthily sneaks around columns, rolls and jumps to dodge motion sensors and lasers and sneaks past patrolling foes. The lighting effects are excellent as well which is a good thing for a game that revolves around a thief. Sly will appear shaded in dark areas of a room, appear partially exposed near light or jump right into the light and be full view. Even the type of light has various effects. Light from a flash light will play around the room as the villain holding it moves about whereas torches will cast flickering light across the room and of course Sly Raccoon. The only part lacking is the cutscenes. The cutscenes between adventures are short cartoon clips which have a jerky look about them, like some of the earlier children's PC games such as the Freddi Fish and Putt-Putt series. The characters don't really move during theses scenes and if they do it's in quick jerky motions. The other thing is they don't move their mouths during these scenes even though there are voices during the scenes. This makes it hard to determine if Sly is actually talking, thinking out loud or simply narrating a flashback. Whether this was done intentionally to give a more comical, animated feel to the scenes is unsure but it takes a little from what could have been a very good example of cel shading done right. Since the cutscenes are not the bread and butter of this game however this was an exceptional job by Sucker Punch. 19/20 SOUND Sound is a very important trait in a game such as Sly Raccoon, where the main character is a thief. The music must be lively to keep the player on their toes and the sound effects must be top notch to alert the player of nearby enemies or other threats and this games follows through nicely in this area. The music is soft yet lighthearted which perfectly complements the stealthy mood of the game while at the same time bringing out the toonish qualities that the cel shading portrays.
        Couple that with a whole arsenal of zany sound effects and great voice actors and its easy to see how this game scores high in this department. With a game of such immense variety the music must be equally diverse and this game has just that. For the most part the scenarios are set around being a master thief so the music is comprised of stealth type music with a little toon quality mixed in, giving it a sort of mock James Bond/Mission Impossible feel. During battles an upbeat music kicks in which although good, aside from boss fights is short lived since most enemies can be destroyed in one hit. Lastly for the goofy minigames and comical scenarios there's a nice collection of music for the occasions. The sound effects are good but its the voices that really stand out in Sly Raccoon. There's almost constant conversation between Sly and his comrades throughout each mission and the voice quality is superb. Even the villains will instruct their teammates via an intercom system as Sly ventures through their lairs, even warning them to be on the lookout for him! The sound effects however tend to sound almost exactly like those used in Crash Bandicoot. This isn't exactly a bad thing as the sound effects do fit this game, it just takes a little away from a games originality when its obvious the sound effects have been borrowed from another game. Again though, a nice attempt for the most part. 19/20 LIFESPAN The lifespan of Sly Raccoon is not bad for a straight forward adventure game. With five hideouts and seven areas per hideout to explore its about an average length and probably could be run through in a week or so but the extra sidequests are what will definitely lengthen the game. With a safe containing a page of the Thievius Raccoonus, a book passed down from generation to generation in Sly's family in each level that can only be unlocked by finding every bottle in that area expect to be searching for quite
        some time. If that weren't enough there's an extra challenge for each level called the "Master Thief Run" which puts the player's thieving skills to the maximum limit. This game is a collector's paradise. The goal of the game is to collect the Thievius Raccoonus, a legendary thief's manual passed down in Sly's family, and although the main pages are collected by defeating each boss character there are several other pages scattered throughout the world as well. One page per area in each hideout is locked in a vault which is hidden somewhere within the area, but simply finding it is not enough. In order to unlock the vault the vault code must be deciphered and the only way to do this is to collect the bottled clues scattered throughout the level. As the gamer progresses through the different hideouts the number of bottles required becomes higher and higher, making unlocking each vault that much more difficult. The reward however is a new move inscribed on each page found which enables the player to navigate Sly more successfully through the ever challenging levels through each hideout. Many of these moves become necessity, especially for those who dare to take on the "Master Thief Run." The "Master Thief Run" is for those who are out to show what they're made of. Basically each area starts with a timer set at various times for various areas and once the timer is started the entire area must be completed within that time limit. This is an insanely difficult challenge though that cannot be completed without the moves from the hidden pages mentioned above. Again however this challenge is much the same as the timer mode on the Crash Bandicoot series so it is not really all that original. Still in yet it is a fun challenge for those who like to test their skills and it must be done in order to unlock everything the game has to offer so it's recommended to give it a shot. It could've stood t
        o be a bit longer considering how long other games like it are such as Spyro and Crash Bandicoot but its not bad at all. 24/25 GAMEPLAY The gameplay of Sly Raccoon would be perfect if it weren't for a few flaws. With no hangups in moves, beautiful ingame graphics and fluid like movements it's obvious a great deal of work went into this game. The game itself is hard enough but the extra challenges just make it that much harder. It's one of those games that once started, no matter how frustrated one may get at it, they'll find themselves coming back later for that famed "one more try" at getting that last page or perfect run. The controls are easy to learn and execute and shouldn't prove a problem for new or veteran gamers. The game is quick to respond to any commands given to allow for very stealthy sneaking. Another good thing is once more than one move is learned instead of assigning each move to a different button its simply a matter of using L2 and R2 to toggle to the desired move which will be assigned to the triangle button. Since generally there's not much need to toggle often its really more a matter of which move is preferred by the gamer at the moment. The only major flaw gameplay wise is in the controls, more specifically the camera. The camera does not always follow Sly so it must be constantly adjusted to view to either side of him, which wouldn't be bad if it weren't for the way the control for the camera is set up. The right analog stick controls the camera. This is not a problem when simply viewing the surroundings but it makes it nearly impossible to turn the camera and do anything involving the buttons at the same time. This means its important to know where every enemy is and adjust the camera accordingly before running into battle with them. It also has a nasty habit of getting stuck one way in a tunnel area but this can be easily fixed by simply turning it ar
        ound from first person view. As far as storylines go this one is actually pretty interesting for one given after the completion of the very first mission. The main character, Sly Raccoon comes from a long line of master criminals who only steal from master villains in order to showcase their prowess. All of their master thieving secrets were recorded in the Thievius Raccoonus, a book passed down to family only for if these secrets should fall into the wrong hands it could spell doom for all. One fateful day however five villains appeared at their home, defeated Sly's father and stole the Thievius Raccoonus. Soon forming the "Fiendish Five" these masterminds began wreaking havoc over the world. After training for years in an orphanage and gaining two invaluable friends in the process, he is now ready to steal the Thievius Raccoonus back and avenge his father's defeat. Difficulty may be a factor for some in this game as it is very easy to be killed in this game. To make things fair they've made it where although the enemies can be killed in one shot, so can Sly Raccoon. Sly also cannot swim and therefore will drown if he falls in deep water and of course if he falls from a high ledge the he will also lose a life. With enough vault missions completed the water and cliff problems will be a thing of the past once the "Swim Invincibility" and "Cliff Invincibility" moves are discovered, but the way to increase health is a little trickier and not permanent. The only way to increase health is once again, Crash Bandicoot style but instead of masks Sly must find lucky horseshoes to carry with him or aquire one by collecting one hundred coins. Two can be carried at one time, allowing Sly to absorb three direct blows before finally giving out and losing a life. Then of course there are the extras. As mentioned earlier the vault missions and the master thief run missions provide extra entertainment for those wh
        o ran through the game first or just want to complete the game 100%. Those that do complete the game fully are rewarded by two extras, one extra movie clip and the other being a section of outtakes and the commercial for the game. This doesn't seem like much but any reward is better than just simple bragging rights. Aside from this and the camera problem this game was done really well. 23/25 ORIGINALITY Although the game is the first of what will hopefully be a series, it feels so strongly fashioned after Crash Bandicoot that it is hard to call it an original idea in itself. It's true that there are many of the same genre of games out there and points should not be taken away for that, but the fact that the game uses the same sound effects, the same health meter and offers the same challenges in the same fashion as the Crash Bandicoot series does seem to be more than just a mere coincidence. It does have its original points though, such as being one of the few games where the object is to not be seen by the enemy at all, its own unique storyline and style that set each game apart from the others so all is not lost here. In hopeful sequels perhaps these problems will be fixed so the game can really shine through as an original. 5/10 OVERALL Basically any Crash Bandicoot fan will really enjoy this game but don't let that alone discourage a rental at least. Despite the many similarities it also has just as many differences that makes this game a great game. So please do not let my many references to the bandicoot leave the impression that this is another game where the player jumps around on boxes collecting fruit for it is not like that at all! 90%


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