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    28 Reviews
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      23.09.2014 17:08
      Very helpful


      • "Interesting "
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      Sea monkeys became massively popular when I was a child and I am glad to see that they are still around. Sea monkeys are in fact a tiny species of shrimp. In your pack you will your monkey eggs, some food and some water purifier. Along with of course your little plastic tank. It is easy to set up and could be great little project for a parent and child.

      Set everything up and place the little plastic tank on the window and wait for the magic to happen. For a few days there will be nothing in the tank and you will wonder if perhaps you have done something wrong. Then you will spot one or two tiny little things floating around your tank. Your sea monkeys have been born. They are really easy to care for and fun to watch, I was fascinated by them and watched them for hours as a kid, although other family members found them quite disgusting and didn't like them at all.

      Because algae grows due to the water being exposed to sunlight whilst sitting on a window sill you don't really need to buy any more food after it runs out. The water does evaporate but very slowly, you can buy purifier from the pet shop if you are worried about killing your monkeys but I just topped it up with un-purified tap water and nothing bad happened.

      They are the perfect pet when you think about it as you get all the enjoyment for practically no work at all, so they are great for kids. Plus it is really fun to watch your monkeys grow. And can be used for teaching as they basically have their own tiny little ecosystem.


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      22.06.2011 23:28
      Very helpful
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      childhood memory i adore

      I first got these little critters when I was younger and EVERYBODY had them as pets. It was considered 'cool' to own some sea monkeys!

      Sea monkeys are a type of shrimp that were originally sold in pet shops as fish food. They then became mystical creatures that turned from powder into living creatures that grew infront of your eyes.

      When you buy a kit of sea monkeys, there are a couple of small packets and a tank. The tank is not what you would expect and is small, plasticy and quite cheap. There are various magnified sections so you can see the monkeys closer. The packets you get with the tank are the eggs, growth food and water purifier. Obviously the water purifier needs to go in first as it makes the perfect living condition for your monkeys, helping them to survive and keep growing. I used tap water then added this and my sea monkeys lasted fine. The correct amounts of water are written in the instructions.

      After you have purified the water, you need to wait 24 hours then put in your eggs, stirring with the stick provided and wait for your eggs to turn into sea monkeys before your eyes. They seem to hatch within seconds, although they are as small as a pin prick to begin with, so you will need to wait for them to grow a bit. My monkeys got to about a centimeter in length before they died a month after hatching.

      The funny part of it all is that the shrimps mate at an amazing speed, so you will always have babies in the tank so it never gets empty. Their mating process is hilarious as you just see two 'getting frisky' by spinning at the bottom of the tank.

      Feeding your sea monkeys is easy, you simply put a small amount (measured out with a spoon that you get in your kit) into the tank 5 days after the monkeys hatch. The water turns cloudy upon feeding and this is a sign that they haven't eaten. You will not need to feed them again until the water is completely clear.
      monkeys to eat. You don't need to feed them again into the water is totally unclouded. A healthy sea monkey will have a dark stripe going down the centre of its body, when they get unhealthy they turn completely pale.

      *Best tip is to leave the monkeys on a windowsill, they eat the algae that builds up from the sunlight*
      Also helpful because it means you never have to clean them!

      Sea monkeys tend to last around 2 months but reproduce at an amazing speed, so you will never notice any going. The best part is that new sea monkeys hatch from the debris at the bottom of the tank once a couple die. I had my tank as a child for around 2 years without ever refilling it with eggs.

      The expensive part of the whole process is that you will need to buy extra food. You can also buy packets that make the sea monkeys more sexually active - wowza! These packts cost around £1.50 each and don't last more than 2 feeds (the sex one obviously needs to be poured in once then its done with).

      The business must of made a lot from all the varieties of tank and accessories to come with them too, but I didn't really bother with all of that.

      In my opinion, these can be quite funny as you watch them hatch out into living creatures, mate and spend hours swimming into the side of the tank. Although, I have to admit after a while they did become a little boring.

      To purchase your own little critters, visit any toy store! The kits cost different prices depending on what you buy.


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        26.09.2009 09:52



        I got sea monkeys about a month ago and they went well. I find that you dont need to feed them as much once the algae starts to grow and thats why I have mine set up in the window sill. Where it grows heaps of algae. After a while the algae began to grow a bit too strongly so I orderd some coco snails and sea bubbles from another company called itsybitsyseadragons.co.uk. After a few days they arrived and I was amazed at how quickly these little snails clean the algae of the sides of the ocean-viewer. Any way Im nearly out of my growth food now so ill be ordering some more from seamonkeys.com soon. I think these products are exellent.


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        02.03.2009 14:07
        Very helpful



        Sea monkeys are great little pets, unfortunately the pack info lets it down

        I'm sure my children are like most of yours with regards to pets. They moan and moan and moan for a pet and then when you buy them one they show next to no interest.
        In the past we've had countless hamsters, rabbits and gold fish and a dog. And every time it's been left up to me to feed and look after them.

        So when my two kids started asking for a pet again late last year I was reluctant to say the least. Then browsing Hawkins Bazaar for Birthday presents one day I saw these 'Sea Monkeys' on special offer so after reading the info on the box I thought this would be an ideal small pet for the kids to look after and help grow.

        The easy to use and grow pack includes everything you need to start off your sea monkeys, and it really is as easy as adding the water and purifier packet, waiting 24 hours for the water to purify and then add the eggs and watch them grow.

        The included booklet doesn't really tell you how many sea monkeys will grow as it all depends on the water temperature, but I was hugely surprised to find after just three days about 100 tiny creatures swimming around the small aquarium.
        'It really does work' I thought!

        At first sea monkey's are so small you can barely see them, but you can tell the difference between them and any bits/eggs, etc in the water as they jerk about in their movement, and within just two days they were easily visible.

        Now we come to the downside, and a BIG downside to these packs. One major thing that the instruction booklet does not tell you is that baby sea monkeys need oxygen to grow and survive. I read the instructions cover to cover and found no information about this.
        So I was more than a little surprised when I awoke on day 5 to find no movement in the tank at all. Basically all 100+ sea monkeys had died.

        I had a quick search on the net and found an extremely useful website from a sea monkey enthusiast which was far better than the official sea monkey website, and one of the first things mentioned on the site is that you have to blow oxygen into the tank from day one, at least once a day or the sea monkeys will die.

        Seeing as though this is such an important process in keeping sea monkeys alive I find it amazing that the booklet has no information regarding this, and I suspect it is why so many people purchase these and then feel disappointed because their sea monkeys have died.
        And this is why I have given sea monkey pack a 3 star rather than a 5 star.

        After reading the website it recommended not throwing away the water as there is almost certainly eggs that have still not hatched, so instead I looked at how to get Oxygen into the tank.
        And there are three ways you can do this....

        1. Those who intend to continually grow sea monkeys can splash out (Excuse the pun) and buy a small airflow system which constantly blows oxygen into the tank. But at around £25 this might not be for everyone, especially as you can blow oxygen into the tank for free.

        2. Buy one of those plastic droppers and blow air into the tank this way. I know there is a name for these things but I can't for the life of me think what it is. But basically you push the end and if it's empty it will simply blow out air.

        3. Use a straw and blow into the tank for around 2 minutes a day (Which is what we do), especially in the first week or two.

        All three of these methods will provide enough oxygen to baby sea monkeys and after doing this I discovered that the sea monkeys grow a lot faster when they have oxygen, so it is amazing how this is overlooked in the instruction manual.

        Despite all the first sea monkeys dying, after a few days of blowing oxygen into the tank 12 new sea monkeys grew and are still alive today, around 6 weeks later.
        They have mostly grown to around a 1 1/2 cms in length and look extremely healthy and active.

        New eggs have also hatched this week so there are at least another 15/20 baby sea monkeys. Some of the original 12 are also carrying more eggs so we are expecting more in the coming weeks.

        I can certainly understand people's frustrations with these small creatures and why sea monkeys have such a low rating with some, but armed with the correct information then it is far easier to grow these creatures and keep them alive for up to 2 years.

        So I would recommend anyone buying these to search google for 'Sea monkeys' before starting off and find out all you need to know first. The official website is good but not perfect, but there are several other websites out there with lots of Frequently asked questions and answers to help you out along the way.

        Once you have discovered the best way to grow sea monkeys then it is quite amazing to watch them in action, they seem to have different personalities and traits. Some spend all their time at the top of the tank, some at the bottom, some seem to swim very fast all day and night, and some seem to play with others.

        You only have to feed them the tiniest amount once a week and if you watch them you can see if they have had enough food or not as they have a black line which runs through them, this is the food they have eaten.

        Sea monkeys are not the most attractive creatures ever but for the price and the time it takes to look after them they are ideal pets for most children and adults to look after without too much worry.
        The website also states that if you were away on holiday they can live for several weeks without food, which is another bonus in having them.

        If you read the various websites first and know the best way to grow and nurture sea monkeys then they are the perfect pet for those who don't want the cost and restrictions of a bigger pet.

        But the sea monkey pack is hugely let down by the lack of vital information to keep them alive. You can easily enjoy these pets for a long time by visiting various websites for information, but you shouldn't have to, it should all be included in the pack.


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          02.02.2009 23:54
          Very helpful
          1 Comment



          Good little pet - Please don't pour them down the sink :P

          Sea Monkeys are a great first 'pet' for all supervised children. They are quite 'magic' as the powder turns into little shrimp things but not as instantly as advertised on the front. Wait 3 days before actually being able to see something for real. In the tank pack you get the eggs, powder to add to water, and the food. One thing to remember is that you should not over-feed them by putting in more than one scoop every 2 days. I have forgotten for a week and they have been fine. Another thing to realise before buying is that you will not get 30 sea monkeys in one tank. I have about 5 sea monkeys' in the tank in total which has been for about 6 months. Another free tip is do not put them on your window ledge as direct sunlight makes the food look like sewage or algae ad will kill your lovely sea monkeys!


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            31.01.2009 20:47
            1 Comment



            Don't bother

            What a con. These little Daphnia water fleas you magically bring back to life - fair enough and a good educaton to kids. What I'm opposed to is all the riduculous mechandise that goes with it. The castles, the food, the funny stuff that brings them back to life when you forget to feed them, water them and let them dry out.

            I did have these when I was a kid and despite my best efforts I could never get them to last like they reckon on the packet.

            These don't really teach children to be responsible either, it doesn't matter if they all die let them dry out and they whet them again and they come back to life and live happily every after until you forget about them again.

            someone had their head screw on this day when they came up with this marketing ploy. Bet they've a house in the Bahamas buy now.


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              24.10.2008 02:35
              Very helpful



              I was a bit dissapointed as they didnt last long and my daughter was upset that they died.

              I used to have Sea monkeys as a child and loved them. I had forgotten about them actually until I was shopping for birthday presents for my daughter who would be 4 in "toys r us". I noticed these on the shelf. I was delighted as I remembered them. I decided to buy the bog standard set which cost £9.99. In the set it included a small plastic tank with built in magnifiers, food, water purifier, eggs, pipette and also a spoon for feeding them and a key ring in which you can carry a sea monkey. You can also buy the larger sets which are themed (i.e. space etc..) I found that sea monkeys were actually brine shrimp.

              The instructions clearly stated that we had to used bottled water in the tank and add the water purifier . You then had to leave the tank for 24 hours. My daughter was extremely disappointed with this as she wanted her sea monkeys there and then as most 4 year old children would. After 24 hours you can then add the eggs. I found out that these contain yeast and various types of salt also blue dye so the sea monkeys seem more visible. The instructions stated that you would properly be able to see the sea monkeys instantly but I couldn't.

              Every other day it states for you to pour the sea monkeys and water into a clean container and then back into the tank. This was meant to make the sea monkey's more active. Around the 3rd day we did seem to notice the sea monkeys swimming about. They looked like very small and about the size of a pin head. I was delighted that they hatched as I really didn't think they would. My daughter could see them after another few days. We decided not to use the pipette and key ring as I found this to be rather cruel.

              After 5 days you can then start to feed them. They state every other day. You use the food sachet and the smallest scoop. My daughter loved feeding them. We would sit and watch them swimming. The sea monkeys grew to about 1 cm. They had to be kept in a well light area. We kept ours on the window cill.

              After a few weeks I noticed the sea monkeys getting less and less ( we did have around 9 to start with) They did seem to die quite quickly and despite following the instructions properly we got up one am and found we had none left and they had all infact died. I think we only had the sea monkey's for about 4 weeks which was very disappointing. I have noticed that you can get replacement packs online with the food, water purifier and eggs so I may get another pack soon to start the process over again. I just hope they can live a little longer this time.


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                01.04.2008 13:06
                Very helpful



                Gives me something to watch at work!

                ---An introduction---

                When my colleagues asked me what I wanted for my birthday last year I remembered that I had an idea a while back that sea-monkeys for the office would be a good idea.

                Work is not the most exciting of places for me (it's not for most people I realise!), and morale is often quite low (especially when I'm in a bad mood - my line manager did point out that "when Mary's in a bad mood, everyone is in a bad mood"). So, my thinking behind the monkeys is that they will improve the office atmosphere, and generally keep me in a chirpy mood.
                I don't get on well with the office plants - it seems to be that I have the role of deputy plant monitor which I do not like. Basically, my line manager (the plant monitor) waters the plants on Fridays. However, on occasions when she has the day off (or leaves early - I'm sure she does it deliberately so that I'll water the plants) it seems to be down to me, and I have to get up on the step ladder and touch the vile thing that looks like some sort of mad green and brown wig - it is probably as old as me and is hideous and I have to look at is constantly.

                So, you've probably gathered from my annoyance with the plant watering I have to do every so often that a high maintenance pet was just not going to be an option - no cute little hamster for the office. Even a goldfish would prove to be a bit of a hassle, especially as I come to work on the train, and don't really fancy taking a fish home for the Christmas holidays on the train. Besides, I would feel too guilty at weekends that it wasn't being fed or given attention. I actually don't know what the policy is on office pets.....there probably isn't one, or if there is it will be "No Pets".

                ---Sea Monkeys - the factual information---

                The official sea monkeys website can be found here - www.sea-monkey.com

                Everything you want to know about the technicalities of the creatures can be found there, and it is written in an entertaining manner. Basically, any questions about hatching, feeding, healthcare (etc) are answered there, along with a lot of useless but fun information! I would advise that you get a good grasp of the instructions BEFORE doing anything. This site also has a lot of interesting (and probably useless) information - www.seamonkeyworship.com/science.htm

                I will give a brief summary which should give you everything that you need to know, before I get onto the exciting part of talking about MY sea monkeys!

                -What are sea monkeys?-
                Sea monkeys are a type of hybrid brine shrimp, scientifically called Artemia NYOS. They are not called sea-monkeys because they look like monkeys, but the website does point out that sea-lions don't look much like lions!

                -How long do they live?-

                Sea monkeys live much longer than normal brine shrimp as they have been engineered to do so! The special formula in the 'magic crystals' is what does this, and a sea monkey tank is expected to live up to 2 years (I didn't have that much luck though). I am not sure how long individual monkeys can live for though.

                -How big are they?-

                When they hatch, sea-monkeys are tiny. But they grow in size apparently up to three quarters of an inch.

                -Who are they suitable for?-

                The packet says that they are suitable for age 6+. I am certain though that a 6 year old would not be able to manage everything on their own, as it's not as simple as filling up a jar from the tap and putting a packet in. If you do that then nothing will happen.

                So, a child will require adult supervision. Perhaps from the age of 10 it could be done without any adult input, however I feel that sea monkeys are to be shared. So, it would be good if the whole family participates!

                ---My Life with my new friends---

                What follows is a day-by-day diary of my life with the sea monkeys. I realise that this might be to some about as exciting as watching paint dry, although I will as ever try to entertain. I have already given the factual information so you can now stop reading if you wish!

                -Tuesday 22nd May 2007-

                I opened the card from my colleagues to find an excellent card saying "Dave went home with a real moose" (complete with picture of a moose) and my £15 (5 of us each put in £3 on birthdays). Excited, I went straight onto the Internet and chose my sea-monkey set. I went for the Magic Castle as thought it looked quite cute - there are a wide variety available including an alien theme, and a posh looking office executive tank. I was so excited at the time that I wasn't really thinking about looking around to get the cheapest price, and my main concern was getting them delivered quickly! The set comes with tank, a plastic pippet type thing (called the million bubble aerator), a plastic school for food and plasma - 4 packets - one of water purifier, one of sea monkey eggs, one of food (this lasts a long time as they only get a tiny scoop) and one of plasma (special powder stuff).

                I bought it from:

                £12.95 + £3.53 postage

                The set can also be purchased from:

                6&strPageHistory=cat - £10.99 + £3.50 P&P 3-5 days shipping
                In fact the set is available from Woolworths online for £7.99 + £4.95 for postage

                So, it can be seen that I didn't get the cheapest possible price, and a sea monkey set can cost as little as £5 (if you're not bothered about having a pretty magic castle).

                -Thursday 24th May 2007-

                Tim from the post room came through with a parcel for me (bless him, he could have just phoned, but I think he likes us in here) saying "Early Christmas Present!" It's a bit early for that I think - but then I hope that sea monkeys are the gift which just keep on giving.

                I opened the box and realised that things are not perhaps going to be as simple as I thought. For a start sea monkeys (according to the packet) should be by a North-facing window. Our office only has a South-facing window. It will just have to do.
                Then comes the issue of time, and water temperature. The optimum hatching temperature is between 75 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit. I've looked at the thermometer in the office (no idea if it's accurate), and it says 76. So my thinking is that if I put normal water in, then it will become room temperature at some point? I'm not a scientist, this seems a bit complicated!

                So, I have put the water in the 'tank' - I took it from the 'PowWow' water thingy, as I read that tap water isn't any good. Only the best for my monkeys!

                Then, I added the water purifier which was in a packet marked 1, and stirred it for a minute (as per the instructions). I put the lid on the tank, and now have to wait for 24 hours.

                However, problems arise since it is then the Bank Holiday weekend (and we have Tuesday off as an office holiday), so I don't really want to put the eggs in tomorrow as I will miss them hatching (although I might miss it anyway). Mind you, the water probably won't be warm enough by then anyway since it was fairly cool what I put in. So, I will wait until Wednesday.

                So far, the whole experience has actually caused my stress levels to rise. I got water over my desk, and I forgot to take the post as I was in my own little world! So, it is a waiting game now. I think perhaps that if a child received this as a present they might be a bit upset that they have to wait - although saying that, I remember drying flowers in books and waiting months for them (or was that because I just forgot about them?)
                At the moment I'm feeling a little bit disheartened by it all....... :o(

                -Friday 25th May 2007-

                I arrived at work this morning to find that some of the water appears to be missing (an inch or so). Since I hadn't noticed the water level line on a sticker on the tank yesterday, I'm not sure exactly where I'd filled it up to. This could mean one of the following:
                * The water purifier makes the water evaporate quickly at first, or the purifier absorbs the water?
                * The office is exceptionally hot at night and it has evaporated
                * The tank is leaking - but then wouldn't there be a puddle of water on my desk?
                * The cleaners spilt it? Very unlikely since as far as I'm aware (and judging by the layer of dust) our desks don't get cleaned.
                I am hoping that it is the first option. Anyway, I have refilled (to the line), and will see what it looks like at the end of the day - but the real test will be how much water is left next Wednesday.
                It is now the end of the day, and the water level is still at the line. Although my monkeys do not yet exist, I already feel quite attached to their magic castle....and will eagerly return to this review next week!

                -Wednesday 30th May 2007-

                Well, I arrived at work to find that thankfully the water level has not gone down. I poured in sachet 2 which is the eggs, and gave it a stir. The water is now murky and slightly green. There are a lot of white specks and tiny black dots floating around. So, now it is a case of waiting!

                -Thursday 31st May 2007-

                Nothing appears to be happening. But then it was quite cold in here yesterday...Hang on!!! I have just been looking on the website, and it says that when they first hatch they are no more than the size of a '.' (fullstop) I have just been peering through the magnifier on top of the tank, and I am sure I spotted one of the white dots swimming.

                Over the day I have periodically been checking my tank (in between reading and rating reviews on Ciao - what a constructive job I have). I have seen what looks like two dots swimming around towards the bottom. My colleague came and verified that yes there is definitely movement in the tank. The plot thickens!

                -Friday 1st June 2007-

                Initially when I got into work I couldn't see any movement. I aerated the tank with the million bubble thingy! Ten minutes later I looked again and sure enough, there are two TINY white sea monkeys swimming around. Again, my colleague verified (it is an exciting life we lead!)

                It's now midmorning, and I have found a patch of sunlight on my desk so have moved my tank into the light. Now that they are in the light I can see that there are actually far more than just two little monkeys, I have counted 7 (and am sure there are more), it's actually quite hard on the eyes staring at them while they are still so tiny. They seem to like the sunlight though!
                I am so excited about Monday morning and feeding time. Yes, my life really is that exciting! On another note, I watered the plants this afternoon.

                -Monday 4th June 2007-

                I was telling my mum all about my monkeys on the phone last night....she humoured me. I arrived at work this morning to find the monkeys pretty much the same as they were on Friday. I announced feeding time, and one colleague came to watch (the other two didn't seem bothered) - it was not quite like feeding the penguins at the zoo. I measured out a tiny scoop of the food (in packet 3) in put it in the tank. Immediately my tiny little monkeys swam up to the surface to the food! Now hopefully they will start to grow!

                -Tuesday 5th June 2007-

                They're definitely growing - they must be about 1.5mm now. I took the tank to show a bloke at the other end of the office who said that he couldn't see them. But he was impressed nonetheless!

                -Wednesday 6th June 2007-

                Still growing - would feed them again, but there seems to be some kind of residue still at the top, so I'll leave it for today. Apologies, this must be getting a bit boring for the reader!

                -Thursday 7th June 2007-

                Since they really seem to be taking off I have fed them again - two colleagues were present for feeding time. Every time someone new comes into the office I have to show them!

                -Friday 8th June 2007-

                This morning I have added 3 of the large (I say large, because it's in comparison to the food scoop which is tiny) scoops of Plasma, stirred and aerated. Plasma III is "formulated so that 50% more young sea monkeys will grow and thrive".
                To be honest though while my monkeys were very active yesterday they seem to be a bit lethargic today and staying towards the bottom of the tank. I'm a bit worried that they might be in shock after the plasma experience. They do seem a little depressed......

                -Monday 11th June 2007-

                I've actually been having bad dreams about my sea monkeys, dreams where I drop the tank. Perhaps I'm getting too obsessed with them.
                Arrived at work this morning to find that there appears to be one big sea monkey and 2 small ones. I am sure that there were more. I think the big one has eaten the others....and he also has a bit of fluff attached to his body.

                Have fed them again. To be honest though I'm a bit disappointed with their progress over the weekend. I have had a look on the Internet, and have deduced that I might not be aerating the tank enough.....I can see dead monkeys at the bottom. This is not good at all.

                -Tuesday 12th June 2007-

                On a positive note at least the one big monkey and two little ones are still with us. I have made sure that I've aerated the tank. I have named the big one "Taylor" (as he has a long tail).

                -Thursday 14th June-

                I just had a close look and am positive I saw a tiny baby swimming around. All is not lost then! Taylor is getting bigger, as are his two smaller companions. But taking photos is not easy as they swim so fast, and my camera phone is a bit slow!

                -Friday 15th June-

                I greeted my monkeys with a cheery "Hello" this morning, and they seemed happy to see me. Taylor is great - and I have taken pictures today. There is definitely one baby, but might be more. I am a bit worried though with the weekend coming up again.

                -Monday 18th June-

                All is well in the sea monkey magic castle. Taylor and his 2 companions have grown, and they are joined by at least 2 babies. I have fed them.

                -Thursday 21st June-

                In my two-day absence from work (to do other things) my colleagues were left in charge. I have returned to work this morning to find that things are not good at all. The three small babies are thriving. However, Taylor is lethargic. Worse still one of his companions appears to be dead, and the other one very close to death. I don't know what to do, this is awful.

                -Friday 22nd June-

                The dying companion was dead this morning, and I managed to remove him and gave him to one of the office plants. The other dead one I couldn't find. Taylor is still with us, but still not very active. I've added a scoop of the plasma to the tank as two weeks have done by...I figure that it can't really make things much worse.

                -Wednesday 27th June-

                Taylor passed away over the weekend. I have given the dead body to the plant again - a kind of living memorial (although the plant is dying as well . I just don't like the way things go. They get big and then they die.

                I have two fair sized monkeys at the moment and about 3 babies....but I just don't want to get attached to them in case they die.

                A long gap................

                -Friday 13th July-

                I'm afraid I lost my motivation. I had my appraisal at work last week, and my line manager said that she thought the monkeys might not have been a good idea as they only see to make me miserable.

                The two fair sized monkeys I mentioned on 27th June are now dead. On the up side, there are always monkeys in my tank - there are usually one or two big ones and lots of babies. At the moment my big one (I privately call him Taylor2) is doing well....but with the weekend coming up I do worry.

                On reflection I think that maybe I'm just not up to motherhood - clearly I am doing something wrong. Although I do have my suspicions that the office environment is at least partly to blame.....or maybe the cleaners are poisoning them.
                I think next year I'll just ask for a book.....

                ---UPDATE - 25th July---

                Since writing the review I have moved my sea monkeys to a lighter spot on my desk. I reckoned that the only thing I could be doing wrong was that they haven't been getting enough light. They seem to be much more chirpy.

                Taylor2 is doing so well, and it turns out she is actually a she-sea-monkey. She has an egg sac on her back. The BIG news is that on Monday morning she was mating with one of the other monkeys for 2 hours - yes, 2 hours! Honestly, they were really giving it something. I did take photos, but they are not clear as they were moving around so much. I'm starting to sound a little bit pervy, so I'll shut up now!

                Just 2 weeks after that they were all dead and never to return. Very devastated I could not bring myself to talk about it until now. i put the dead bodies in the plant pot, and about a month later the plant died.

                ---April 1st 2008---

                Today I am starting again, who knows what will happen this time. And no, this really isn't an April fool - new financial year, new sea monkey life.......wish me luck!

                Previously published on Ciao as marymoose99


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                  07.02.2008 15:30
                  Very helpful



                  a total con

                  sorry to tell you but sea monkeys are technically just brine shrimp that us normal human beings would use as food to feed other animals.

                  Sea monkeys is just a gimic name to sell the idea of these to people.

                  Sea monkeys can reproduce after mating or asexually meaning you only need a female.

                  These brine shrimp that you are buying as sea monkeys have been messed around with a bit to make them slightly larger, about 1 and a half centimeters in length and to allow the group to continue for around 2 years.

                  You can buy kits of sea monkeys ranging in price from £5 to £15 but they all do the same basic thing.

                  You get a small plastic tub like tank and 3 sachets.

                  You put water in your tank and sachet 1 which says it is just a water purifier but actually contains eggs,

                  The next day you add sachet 2 which is more eggs and a colourant for your water making it a bluey green, the eggs look like they have hatched instantly but they havent the sea monkeys you can see are the eggs you added yesterday but the dye has made them more visable.

                  After 5 days you begin feeding them, this is what sachet 3 is for.

                  These will continue to breed and die for around 2 years leaving you with a plentiful supply in your tank during the two years and an empty tank at the end.

                  Sorry if i have spoilt anyones fun by telling you that this is all a con but i realy dont see the point of these and think they are a complete waste of money, my mother brought some for the children, they were that interested in them i fed them to our fish about 12 months ago and the girls still havent noticed they are missing.


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                    16.01.2006 12:05
                    Very helpful



                    A great thing for the kids to become involved in

                    This is something my son was given as a Christmas present, to be honest I had never heard of them and was very curious to know how you could grow creatures from powder and thought it was another of life’s great rip offs and to be honest I thought it wasn’t worth time even opening the pack but my son like most anxious children wouldn’t let me forget it so I thought ok lets get on with it.

                    Opening the packet I found there was a tank which sea through is roughly 20cm high and 10cm wide and has magnifying areas around , a tiny scoop and 3 sachets each numbered 1,2, and 3.

                    So it came time to get started so as per usual mummy took charge and we got the instructions out and first we needed to clean the tank which is easy just rinse it out a few times then fill the tank to the fill level but it is important here do not use tap water, you should use bottled spring water (not mineral). If you don’t have any bottled spring water to hand then what you can do is boil some water and leave to cool overnight.

                    Once you are ready to fill your tank you should use 300ml (or 10fl oz) water and empty the sachet with no 1 on it and stir until all the powder has dissolved. There is nothing else to do now for 24 hours.

                    When your 24 hours are up its time to add your eggs which are in sachet 2. Add all the sachet to your tank and stir gently. Wait a few minutes and then soon tiny little white specs about the size of a full stop will begin to appear which believe it or not are your sea monkeys.

                    Now the work begins, your tank has to be oxygenated regulary and this is done by carefully pouring the contents of your tank into a clean sterile container or jug 4 or 5 times. This has to be done once a day for a week afterwhich you will see your Sea Monkeys double in size. A word of warning it is better if you do this and not your child as it takes a steady hand so not to lose any of the water.

                    You don’t need to feed them for 5 days which is what is in sachet 3, to feed them you use the little scoop that was in your pack and put one scoopful into the tank, you only have to feed them again when the water turns clear. You will know if you do overfeed them as the water then turns very cloudy, be careful not to overfeed as this will harm your Sea Monkeys and they could die. If your Sea Monkeys should die then all you do is pour more water (make sure its spring or boiled water as above) and more Sea Monkey’s will hatch.

                    So now we have our healthy Sea Monkeys and to be honest I feel that my son had very little to do with the production of them but he loves watching them and the magnifying areas of the tank are great for this.

                    There is a website which is


                    here is where you can purchase more food and accessories although the sachet of food we got at Christmas time has done us well.

                    For advice on how to care for your sea monkeys and fun facts etc visit



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                      02.09.2005 22:25
                      Very helpful



                      amusing, entertaining, cheap,

                      It was my son's Birthday a couple of weeks ago, I was wondering around Toys r us when I came across the educational section, My son loves Science at school so I thought I would buy him something scientific. I saw these Sea Monkeys and thought they looked interesting, I didn't really know too much about them at the time but thought for £6.99 they were the perfect present.

                      What are Sea Monkeys?

                      Well I wasn't sure myself at first what these things are, but apparently sea monkeys are just tiny eggs in a packet that are kept in suspended animation until you hatch them into the water. They are kept in instant life crystals for years, which preserve their lives until they are ready to be hatched. Sea monkeys have been around since the late 70's but are uncommon. They are a hybrid variety of brine shrimp, for many years brine shrimp have been harvested to supply to pet shops as fish food. They are living, breathing, instant pets.

                      The packaging

                      So his birthday came and we opened the box, well it's really just a plastic tank with packaging around it. The tank is about 20 cm high and 10 cm wide, and inside it were two booklets and 3 sachets numbered 1,2 and 3. The bottom of the tank is green and shaped like the bottom of a seabed, and the top just has a green lid with a few air holes in it. The plastic part in the middle is see-through with small magnifying bubbles around it.

                      Starting your tank

                      Firstly, you need to rinse out your tank to get rid of any chemicals that may be harmful to the creatures. Once you have done this you need to fill the tank with cold water to the level. Then you add in the sachet with number 1 on it, this is the water purifier. You then stir in the powder and leave it to settle for 24 hours, this is so that the water is the correct temperature for the creatures to live in. This is the boring part.

                      After 24 hours you can add, sachet number 2. This sachet contains the live eggs you just add the sachet to water inside it its like powder with little grains of white and black, which are the eggs. Stir the water gently. Once in the water wait for a few minutes and you will see tiny little white things swimming about erratically, these are the sea monkeys, they are about the size of a full stop at the moment.

                      On day 2 you need to oxygenate your tank, you can do this by either buying a pump or you can do it the cheap way by pouring the water from the tank back and forth into a jug, carefully. You have to do this 4 or 5 times once a day for a week. After a week the sea monkeys will have doubled in size.

                      You should keep your tank on a windowsill but out of direct sunlight. This is because light rays are used by algae to create chlorophyll, which causes the sea monkeys to re-produce.

                      The good thing about these creatures is that they are born with food supplies so you don't need to feed them for the first 5 days. You get a little scoop inside the tank when you purchase it and sachet number 3 is the food. To feed the creatures (after day 5) you use the scoop to put the tiniest amount of food into the water, the food dissolves into the water. The sea monkeys gather the food with their specially evolved legs. You then only have to feed them when the water becomes clear, if the water is cloudy then they have been over fed.

                      If you over feed the sea monkeys then the uneaten food consumes oxygen, which suffocates the poor little creatures, and they die.

                      Another good thing about these creatures is that they re-produce on their own, within about 3-4 weeks. So if your sea monkeys die then you just add hot water into the bottom of the tank and the eggs will fertilise again so you have new sea monkeys…Happy Days

                      What Happens Next?

                      When sea monkeys are born they have three eyes and as they get older they lose the middle eye. This is one way to tell when they are full-grown, although it is hard to see the third eye. There are other, easier ways to tell when Sea Monkeys are mature. First, they grow bigger - up to 3/4 of an inch long second, the males will grow pincers under their chins. Third, you will see an egg sac on the stomach of the female. And finally they will have moulted their shells quite a number of times. If you look on the bottom of the tank, you might see some black things that look like Sea Monkeys. These are discarded shells. You can tell when they are moulting it is hard but if you watch carefully you can see them shedding their shells.

                      My opinion

                      I originally bought these for my son, but I am fascinated with them they are brilliant little thing, it amazes me how they have been born in my home from a tiny little packet. They are really relaxing to watch them swimming around. And it's amazing to watch them grow and mate.

                      They swim so erratically around the tank and they swim upside down and sideways, along the top of the tank to get oxygen. They really are entertaining, much more exciting than a fish, and a hell of a lot cheaper and easier to keep than a fish.

                      My advice is that these would make great pets for any child, they are entertaining and educational. They are easy to look after and not at all expensive. Kids would love them, and adults also.

                      My sea monkeys are a month old now and are brilliant, they can last for a couple of years and even when they die they are re-producing all the time so you have more to grow. You could end up with a whole generation on sea monkeys in your tank.

                      For more info on these wonderful creatures check out www.sea-monkeys.com.

                      You can purchase them from £5 - £20 from places such as
                      Toys r us, Early Learning Centre, Amazon, Ebay and other online shops. You can also get them from those gadget shops.

                      They are designed for ages 6+


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                        15.02.2005 16:41
                        Very helpful



                        I always try and find at least one present (whatever the occasion) for someone that is that little bit different, something that they are not expecting but it will either amuse or intrigue and hopefully like (and if they don’t it is guaranteed that I will so bonus).

                        This time it was Sea Monkey's for my beloved at Christmas, I had originally bought some for my god daughter Chloe who is 5 because her mum is mean and wont let her have a rabbit or a cat and to also annoy her, but when my beloved mentioned he would like some, I toddled back to the Gadget Shop to buy some more.

                        When I was at University, one of my leaving presents from my then best friend was some Sea Monkey's, I didn’t have a clue what they were and had never heard of them before so they intrigued me back then and I was hoping they would have the same effect now.

                        *What are Sea Monkey's*

                        'Artemia nyos’ is the Latin meaning for Sea Monkey and they are basically Brine shrimps, apparently a man called Harold von Braunhut founded them in 1957, and the term nyos comes from New York Ocean Science (Laboratory) where the whole thing started.

                        *Where can I get them*

                        I have always bought Sea Monkey's from the Gadget Shop simply because it is the easiest place for me to go and get them from and they usually have a few different varieties of tanks and equiptment.

                        However, they can also be bought from Toysrus, Tesco and online from places such as amazon.com, Ebay and the usual gadget shop places.

                        *So what can you get and how much do they cost*

                        There are a few different types of Sea Monkey outfits you can buy, it pretty much depends on how much you are willing to spend, how big a tank you would like and also where you buy them from. Prices do vary and you should be looking to pay anything from £4.99 to £20, the ones priced at £20 have a guarenteed lifetime of 2 years or your money back.

                        So for my £7.99 I got a tank, which is about 14 cm high, 10 cm wide and inside it has a sort of rocky looking landscape. Around the tank itself on the plastic screen is are a few bubble shapes and these act like magnifying lenses to see the Sea Monkeys better.

                        It has a lid so nothing can get in (especially the cat) and so nothing can jump out and the lid also has on a see through removable cap to enable food to be placed into the tank easier.

                        There is then an instruction sheet, giving easy instructions on how to assemble your Sea Monkey tank, an instruction booklet on what to do next and then there are some sachets of water purifier, food and Sea Monkey eggs.

                        * So what dya do with them? *

                        Once you have managed to assemble your tank, by simply making sure the lid fits properly on the tank, your next task will be to ensure you fill the tank with a correct amount of water by simply rinsing out the tank a few times with hot water and then you are too fill the tank with either bottled water or boiled tap water before adding sachet number 1 which is the water purifier which you leave for 24 hours after stirring the powder until it has totally dissolved into the water.

                        After your 24 hours are up and your waiting impatiently watching every second on your watch like an excited child at Christmas it is time to add the Sea Monkey eggs, again as you did with the water purifier stir the powder until it has dissolved and then voila if you look closely enough through your magnifying bubble you should see before your very eyes the Sea Monkey eggs hatching! Unless your blind like my better half that insists he couldn’t see a thing.

                        The Sea Monkey’s when hatching basically look like little bits of dandruff floating about in the water, but do not despair they are infact your little Sea Monkey’s freshly hatched.

                        The good thing about Sea Monkey’s is that you don’t have to feed them straight away because they are born with food cells from their eggs, so DON’T FORGET to feed them after 5 days or you could end up Sea Monkey-less.

                        So now you’re a parent of some lovely little swimming Sea Monkey’s and the hard bit is done, all you have to now do is remember to feed them, and food can be bought online or by using the leaflet which comes with your Sea Monkey Set, you can also order more Sea Monkey eggs if your first attempt at hatching them fails.

                        If the water level within the tank falls then all you need to do is top it up with boiled tap water or bottled water as you did when you first started.

                        * Is that it? *

                        I love Sea Monkeys and have always found the whole concept fascinating, and although they look nothing like the Sea Monkey pictures on the box, they are still interesting little creatures.

                        So what else is good about them? Well they are easy to look after, don’t require walking, stroking and playing with, they are not expensive to look after and as long as you keep them out of direct sunlight they should live for up to a year or more. So you have got some self made pets with commitments to make, you don’t feel guilty about leaving them home alone and they sit in their little tank (or swim) and entertain you.

                        The last set of Sea Monkey’s I had lasted for just over 9 months and they did grow to be quite big, some of them did die within the first month, but as with all things great and small this is an eventuality we have to expect. Sea Monkey’s are recommended for children from the age of about 5 or 6 years old, and

                        *Sea Monkey Facts*

                        Did you know?

                        (1) Sea Monkeys breathe through their feet
                        (2) Sea Monkey eggs can survive for years without water
                        (3) They are born with 1 eye but develop 2 more--that's 3 eyes
                        (4) They are attracted to light so you can teach them tricks with a flashlight
                        (5) They require water and feeding once a week

                        And if this isn’t enough information for you then please visit http://www.seamonkeyworship.com where you will find out a lot more information than I could possibly include in this one detailed review without boring the pants off everyone.

                        The website is totally dedicated to Sea Monkeys and there very existence and there is a National Sea Monkey Day on May 16th!


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                          12.02.2005 01:06
                          Very helpful



                          • -

                          What are Sea Monkeys
                          Sea Monkeys are weird little beasts. They are a hybrid variety of brine shrimp (Their correct Latin name is ''Artemia nyos''"after the New York Ocean Science Laboratories where the hybrid Sea-Monkeys were developed.")

                          Brine Shrimp for many years were harvested either live or as eggs to be sold in pet shops as fish food. After some cross breeding, Sea Monkeys, a variety of brine shrimp specially bred to live longer and be bigger than other varieties, were created.

                          Sea Monkeys appeal has always been in their unusual life cycle .By a rare process called ''Cryptobiosis'' (meaning hidden life') they are able to exist in latent suspended animation inside their miniscule eggs for indefinite amounts of time.

                          Starting a Tank
                          When you buy a sea monkey kit, there are three sachets included with the tank. These are water purifier, ''Instant Life'' (eggs) and growth food. You don't actually need to buy a special sea monkey tank though, a clean pint glass or jam jar will do so long as you measure in the correct amount of water.

                          The job of the water purifier is to make the water just right for your sea monkeys, mainly by neutralizing any metal oxides that may come from your plumbing and getting rid of any chlorine or fluoride, which would otherwise kill off your sea monkeys.

                          You should ideally use bottled spring water (NOT mineral water, and obviously not sparkling water) rather than tap water. However, tap water is okay to use so long as it has been boiled and then thoroughly cooled overnight

                          You need to measure the correct amount of water into your sea monkey tank, (usually 300ml or 10 fluid ounces), and empty in the sachet and stir until the powder has dissolved. You then need to wait 24 hours before you are ready to watch the birth.

                          After 24 hours, empty the ''Instant life'' sachet into the tank and stir with the plastic thing provided for a minute. Then place the tank in front of a strong light, as this enables you to better observe the miracle of birth!

                          They say instant life and they really do mean instant. After a few seconds, you can see tiny little flecks in the water, going in the opposite direction to the current from your stirring. They really are tiny, about the size of a full stop. While this is undoubtedly fascinating, it’s much more fun when they get bigger, and change they're appearance. They double in size in just one day, and keep up this rate of growth until they die, so after a few days they're much easier to see.

                          They also mate (and it's funny to watch those tiny shrimp going at it with lots of uncontrollable spinning and seizing at the bottom of the tank.) at quite an amazing speed, so there are new babies being born all the time.

                          One last thing I need to add is NEVER put your sea monkeys in a tank with any kind of fish. NOt only will the fish eat your sea monkeys, but the sea monkeys will clog the fishes gills, causing a long slow painful death by suffocation.

                          Feeding Your Babies

                          The only food suitable for sea monkeys is the growth food, which is a specially developed selection of nutrients designed to help them live longer and grow larger.

                          You need to give them their first feed 5 days after hatching them, carefully measuring out the food with the tiny plastic spoon thing included in the packet, using the small end. The water will become cloudy. Don't worry about his, it just means there’s still plenty of food for the sea monkeys to eat. You don't need to feed them again into the water is totally unclouded.

                          You can tell if they are well fed by looking at them. A healthy sea monkey will have a dark stripe going down the centre of its body. Generally though, they only need feeding once a week.

                          Sea monkeys also eat algae, so you don't even need to clean the tank. These little babies clean up their own home!

                          How long do they last?
                          Sea-monkeys can reproduce both sexually and asexually, so they don't need to have sex to make babies. They seem to like mating physically though, and when they do it can last DAYS on end, spinning round and round together and bumping off the sides of the tank. They also have a variety of position, including face to face and from behind

                          Sea monkeys reproduce so much that I've had the same tank going for three years without ever having to buy any eggs.

                          The best thing about sea monkeys is this...if all your sea monkeys die, or the water evaporates, you simply top up the tank with some more purified water, and more sea monkeys will hatch miraculously from the detritus at the bottom.

                          There’s more
                          You can, via the sea monkey online shop, purchase any additional sachets you need to keep your sea monkeys happy, healthy, and...Erm...frolicking. Yes, you can buy, for £1.50, sea monkey aphrodisiac, which comes with a description I've decided to quote.

                          '' For shy Sea-Monkeys afraid of "marriage", this fabulous formula will give them a quick trip "to the altar"! Once "hooked", former "bachelor" Sea-Monkeys will fill your tank with oodles of cute babies - fast!''

                          You can also buy sea monkey ‘Dessert’, and 'Sea diamonds' which I've bought myself and which seem to provide hours of entertainment for the little creatures, who toss them about the tank with their tails.

                          Plus you can get all kind of different tanks and tank accessories for them.

                          My Thoughts

                          Sea Monkeys are great. Watching them hatch is exciting, and I felt almost like a proud parent when my babies came out. It's great fun watching them swimming about and playing, and, if you're crude like me, quite good fun spying on their lovemaking too!

                          They're also quite funny when they fight for mates if there are onlt a few females and lots of males

                          Sometimes they swim upside down at the surface of the water (this is because they breathe through their feet, so this is the easiest way for them to get oxygen). If you've got kids, it might be worth making them aware of this otherwise they may think they're dead.

                          They're great for children and adults alike, although it's best for an adult to do the feeding, as they can only handle a small amount.

                          They're not the most thrilling pet in the world, but they're lower maintenance than a fish and they make a great relaxation device...just staring at them relaxes me no end.

                          Overall, wonderful, entertaining, low maintenance pets.

                          (Oh, and have you seen the Sea Monkeys evil cousin, the Triops! Scary Stuff, I've included a picture, you can also buy these from the sea monkey company)


                          http://www.sea-monkeys.com/html/shoponline/uk/ -The place to go to buy all your tanks, foods, and aphrodisiacs for your sea monkeys.

                          http://www.seamonkeyworship.com -Everything you've ever wanted to know about sea monkeys, and loads of fun stuff besides. Practical advice on what to do if your sea monkeys fail to thrive . Check out the sea monkey wall of grief, it's hilarious!


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                            17.11.2003 17:40
                            Very helpful



                            It is sad I know, but I have wanted Sea Monkeys of my own for about 30 years. The 70's have a lot to answer for! You see, to me Sea Monkeys were the strange mysterious things that were advertised in comics when I was young, along with X-Ray specs and dirty soap bars. So maybe they were just a big joke, but I would never know unless I actually got some. After much deliberating as whether I should take the plunge or not, and trying to convince my boys that they would like some, I gave in and got myself a Sea Monkey set for £4.99. Yes, myself, as the boys had no interest in them at all, and they thought I was mad! Mine came from Tescos, in the Toy Aisle. Amazing Live Sea Monkeys Ocean Zoo, The Worlds Only Instant Pets it claimed, just like it did in the glory days of my youth. Infact the design of the pack still has that retro look. So feeling a bit like a mad scientist, I took my set home and started fiddling. What I got for my £4.99 was a tank about 14 cm high, 10 cm wide and 5 cm thick (or deep). It has a sort of alien landscape look, or maybe it is supposed to be the bottom of the sea. There are round bubble effects going up the front, these act like magnifying lenses to see the Sea Monkeys better. It has a lid so nothing can get in, or out! Mine has the red base and lids, but they are available in different colours. There is an instruction sheet, giving easy instruction, and also an order form to send off for more food and toys for the Sea Monkeys! You can even get these things leashes!! There are three packets included in this marked 1,2 and 3, and a little measuring spoon, and I mean little! The packets are water purifier, Sea Monkey eggs and growth food. As I was in mad scientist mode I made sure I took notes of all I did when it came to hatching and raising my Sea Monkeys. So here for your info is a month from my Sea Monkey Diary. Day One ******** Filled the tank with
                            tap water up to the line suggested. Added powder in No 1. Stirred water! Will have to wait until tomorrow to do more as needs 24 hours to get the water just right! Day Two ********* Poured powder in No 2 in the tank and stirred. Waiting all day to do this was hardest, but I managed to hold myself back until the 24 hours were up! Day Three ********* Large lumps of what look like jelly have appeared in bottom of tank! I think I see something moving about but it is so tiny I am not sure, think this full-stop at the end of the sentence is bigger than it is. Day Four ********* Jelly stuff still at bottom and more little dot things swimming about. The boys are taking an interest! Day Five ********* Mustn?t feed them yet until they are 5 days old, so just watched lots of bigger dots wiggling about. They seem to swim in patterns. Day Seven ********** Sprinkled some of the food from No 3 on the top of water, using smallest end of measuring spoon. Jelly still at bottom of tank but Sea Monkeys are much bigger. Day Twelve ********** Feed them, as the food had finally all gone. Still jelly lumps at bottom. Day Thirteen ************ They are getting big, can see their fins. They don't look anything like monkeys! Day Fourteen ************ Only seem to be 4 big ones and a few little ones swimming about, no idea where the rest went! Day Fifteen *********** Didn't feed as there is still food floating about. Day Sixteen *********** Only one left, rest disappeared into nothingness, still that jelly stuff at the bottom though. Day Seventeen ************* None left! Just the jelly stuff and some food floating on the top of the water :o( Day Twenty-Two *************** One little speck is swimming about! :o) Day T
                            wenty-Three **************** Loads of little specks swimming about. Fed them :o) Day Twenty-Eight **************** Fed them. Loads of them swimming about and getting big. Some must be almost 1cm long! ***************** Hope that didn't bore you too much! At the time of writing this (a month later) I still have those from the second hatching (for the want of a better term) swimming about. Most of them are over 1cm long and I would count them but there are too many and they don't exactly stay still long enough for me to count them anyway. They whiz all over the place in the tank. Also I am sure they are breeding as there are some little specks swimming about in there and the jelly stuff disappeared weeks ago. They have to be fed every couple of days, but I do sometimes forget and they often go 4 days without food, but as there is still food in there I don't think it matters too much, and they seem happy enough anyway. Since having Sea Monkeys I have found an amazing amount out about them. There is a website that is really quite interesting and has some photos of what they look like in close up. www.sea-monkeys.com I was fascinated by some of the stuff you can buy these things, not that I will be bothering, unless they happen to run out of food, but it seems that will last ages yet as they need so little of it. Useless Info Time **************** They are related to Brine Shrimp, Artemia Salina. They live naturally in salt lakes. But these are Hybrids to make them grow larger and live longer. I am not sure that I am too keen on that idea, but at least mine are in a predator free environment. They have been taken up in to space by NASA. The don't have little arms and wave at you like they do in the pictures of them in comics or on the pack :o( They don't live in castles, or wear crowns :o( More food costs £1.35!
                            They like banana flavoured dessert that you can buy for them for £1.35! No way am I getting that! They are harmless to humans if swallowed! Ewwwwww who tested that? If they do get into the water supply they won't hurt anything, but will die as it is not salty enough for them to live in. *************** Overall I think they are fascinating little things and I often spent a while just watching them swim about like loonies in their tank. My sons are also impressed and show anyone that comes to the house our amazing pets that came out of a packet. I won't be buying them any of the toys and other such nonsense that are available on the official site, as I am still unsure how long they will last, even though they do seem to be breeding. If or when they do finally disappear for ever I will update this. No where on the sites I have visited about Sea Monkeys can I find their expected life span, which I find odd. But for a fiver its worth it just for novelty value, and the fact that I have finally had my curiosity fulfilled. Thank you for reading Sarah :o) P.S. If you do get some and they suddenly vanish over night, don't throw the water away, you never know there might be more on the way!


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                              06.04.2002 02:25
                              Very helpful



                              I knew nothing of sea monkeys until at age 24 I unwrapped them as a christmas present from my husband, I am allergic to everything else (and moan continously about it!) The instructions seem quite clear, add water purifier to boiled water, wait , add monkeys, then what? I spent 3 days staring at the sea monkey castle (treating it as a magic eye picture works best, I discovered), still no monkeys. I certainly didnt see them spring to life when added to water, as you could believe from the box! I proclaimed loudly to everyone that my husband had bought me dead invisible monkeys for christmas for a total of 5 days,until I could at last see a moving white dot. I did everything they told me to, added plasma, food etc and managed to only have at most 6 small monkeys. After 2 months 1 sea monkey grew to be big enough to see properly (eyes and everything) we named him Kong, King of the Sea Monkey Castle and watched in fascination as he grew daily. When you can see them, they are hilarious, as they have less sense of direction than me on a bottle of vodka! They swim into the wall, the castle and each other, which is amusing to watch for at least a whole minute. Anyway, I invested in more monkeys and a life supply of food via the net when I eventually had 3 large monkeys and a few tiny ones, only to find that 2 days later they were all dead. I saw Kong's body all brown and lifeless at the bottom of the castle and began to cry.I am a bad mother! My castle lays empty until we move house and start again, its a good job I never got these when I was a child, my mother would have gone insane!


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