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Trixie Metal Salad Rack

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Brand: Trixe / Type: Small Pet Accessories

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    1 Review
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      27.06.2012 14:25
      Very helpful



      Quality rack and certainly one of the best I've tried.

      As anyone who has read my profile or any of my previous reviews will be aware, I am the owner of 5 guinea pigs... or rather in this instance they own me! My boys make up quite a large chunk of my life and I will be the first to admit that they are indeed quite spoilt. I use fleece bedding for my boys and whilst it is lovely and soft for their little paws the downside is that hay doesn't half stick to it, this is a nightmare come washing day as despite vigorous shaking and sweeping with a bristle brush, little hay bits always remain and there is always the worry that the washer will clog up with the stuff.

      To try and relieve the problem I use racks in my cages rather than piling the hay up in a corner as I used to do, I also have litter trays underneath the racks to try and contain the hay further. For some reason my boys are rather fussy when it comes to racks and I have tried numerous types and varieties over the years, they aren't keen on ones with only small gaps as these make it harder for them to pull the hay out, being rather lazy piggies mine tend to give up and sulk instead of perservering.

      One of the hay racks I have had success with is this one by the french brand, Trixie. I bought mine a couple of years ago from zooplus and at the time I recall it costing me less than £3.00. The rack is meant for holding salad, vegetables and the like but I find it just fine for hay, the wider spacing between the bars means that the piggies can easily pull the hay out from the bottom and sides but the hay is contained and doesn't just drop out messily on the floor of the cage.

      The rack itself is constructed out of strong metal; it's sturdy and not something flimsy that is easily bendable or broken. It also has nifty little hooks for holding it on to the bars of the cage; my boys are quite boisterous at times and have managed to knock it off on to the cage floor but these instances are few and far between so this doesn't detract from the product. The surface is smooth and I imagine would be easily wiped clean, though as mine only ever has hay in it I haven't really needed to wash it thus far. Another note I would say is that whilst the rack is quite large and you can stuff a fair amount of hay in there, for bunnies or more than one piggy I'd personally invest in more than one rack just to be on the safe side as your pet should always have unlimited amounts of hay and never be without it :)


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  • Product Details

    Sturdy metal salad rack for all kinds of greenery.