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  • Great for the enviroment
  • Saves money
  • A bit fiddly to start with
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    59 Reviews
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      31.12.2014 19:11
      Very helpful


      • "Great for the enviroment"
      • "Saves money"


      • "A bit fiddly to start with"

      saves money and it's great

      I bought this after reading reviews on it and I am very environmentally friendly where I can be. My friend recommended this after I was complaining about the pain every month and heavy my periods were as she has been using it for years.

      There are two sizes available size A is recommended for women over 30 and also if you have given birth naturally and size B is for women without children or if you have had a caesarian section. The makers have made it as easy as possible for you to choose the correct size.

      I bought the size A cup as I am over 30 which cost me £21.99 from boots but there are cheaper ways to buy it from the internet. It comes in a cardboard box with a linen bag which makes it easy to carry around with you and keep it clean.

      The first time I used it was a little bit fiddly trying to fold it as per the instructions and insert it correctly. The cup seemed too wide to be able to actually insert it and I did have a lot of leakage the first time I used it. I realised after I had inserted to far up and thought it should be used like a tampon but now I wear it lower down and it is excellent. It is a large silicone cup with a long stem attached at the bottom which I cut off close to the cup as I found it easier to use and more comfortable to wear it that way.

      The first month I used it my period seemed to be extremely heavy and last a lot more days than usual. The future months however were a lot lighter and I was surprised that I didn't have the pain I usually experienced. The first time I had to empty it I was very squeamish but as per the instructions I emptied and wiped it out and re used it. I have been using it for six months now and I would never go back to tampons.

      This is a great product and once you get used to it and has saved me so much money as this can be re used and the only care it needs to be boiled once a month to sterilise it and once the initial fiddly bit is over come I would recommend it as it's a great product.


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      22.01.2014 15:39
      Very helpful



      Fantastic product - very reliable, liberating and easy to use

      I first tried the Mooncup a few years ago and am so glad that I did.

      It's a soft rubber cup that fits inside the vagina, and collects menstrual blood. It's very easy to insert and remove (instructions are provided and there's a website with loads of useful information), and once in it's so comfortable that you can't tell it's there. It squishes down to fit the contours of your body, forming a leak-proof seal.

      It's easy to remove and you just empty it and reinsert. If you're at home you can rinse it under a tap; in public toilets, you can either rinse with a bottle of water, or just wipe it clean with some tissues.

      The advantages are huge. It's very small so you can keep it in your handbag/purse, and don't have to carry round loads of sanitary products. It needs changing less often so you have more freedom. You don't have a disposal issue, which means no blocked toilets or messing around with disposal bags. Sanitary products, like nappies, usually end up in landfill and are a massive environmental problem, which this product solves completely.

      Because of the high capacity it's great for people with a heavy flow, and it comes in two different sizes which are explained at the point of sale.

      Nothing could persuade me to go back to the bad old days of using towels or tampons. I have 3 of these now, to keep in various bags in case I suddenly need them.


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      18.08.2013 17:22
      Very helpful



      greta product, that will save you money, and should be given to all teenaged girls.

      I confess, when I opened the packet and saw the size A (over 30, after vaginal birth) mooncup, I was somewhat daunted. It definitely didn't look like it was going to fit comfortably at all! However, I was persuaded to try it by the huge money saving potential (£17 over ten years as opposed to many, many times more than that for tampons) Within a couple of days I was completely convinced that the Mooncup is the very best feminine hygiene solution.

      Firstly, it really is comfortable. In fact, if you can feel it at all, it just means you need to get a bit more practise at putting it in, as when it is in the optimal position, you can't feel it at all. I trimmed the stalk considerably, which helped. The folding description does take a couple of goes to get the hang of, but, if you are anxious, you can try it out and get the hang of it ahead of time! I didn't practise, and it only took me two or three goes to have it completely sorted.

      Secondly, there is none of that horrible tugging you get, especially at the end of your period, when the fibres from a tampon get left behind. And also, no worry about toxic shock syndrome.

      For me, one of the really great things is that it leaks MUCH less than any tampon I have used, even over night, or in the gym.

      Plus, you can travel almost indefinitely, since it takes up hardly any space in your bag, and you don't need to find shops to stock up on supplies while you are exploring areas as remote as you like!

      I was initially anxious about emptying it whilst out, but, there are two easy solutions to emptying in a public loo. Either, empty the Mooncup, and give it a wipe, reinsert it, and rinse it when you empty it at home, or, carry a small bottle of water with you, to rinse it there and then.

      There are two options for sterilising, you can either boil it thoroughly at the end of your period, or you can use sterilising tablets.

      In my experience, it has even made my periods shorter, and less painful. I have no idea why this would be the case, but, it is an experience that other users have also reported.

      All this, and it's good for the environment too!

      I only wish I had discovered it sooner.


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      30.07.2013 00:39
      Very helpful



      Saves you money, time, hassle, exposure to nasty chemicals, and helps the environment.

      Pads are not for me. I find them uncomfortable, I am constantly paranoid that they are visible from the outside, they cost a lot of money in the long-term, they contain chemicals that I'd rather keep away from my nether regions, and then they get incinerated or sent to landfill. Tampons sound more appealing, but I don't get on with them either, as I worry about Toxic Shock Syndrome and I don't like the idea of putting chemically treated goods up my.. Well you get the idea. I used to use Natracare pads because at least they are untreated, but they could be hard to get hold of and they are also quite bulky, so I didn't like how they felt when I wore them. So this is where my Mooncup enters the scenario.

      The Mooncup was recommended to me by a friend who raved over her's, and after I saw a couple of posters advertising the Mooncup in some public loos, I decided to give it ago. I ordered one online from the officail Mooncup website for £19.99 including postage, but you can also buy them in alternative stores, eg healthfood stores, and I believe some Boots stores stock them now as well. The Mooncup comes in two sizes, Size A which is the 'after birth' cup, for women aged 30 or above, and women who have given birth vaginally, and Size B which is the 'before birth' cup, for all women under 30 years of age who have not given birth vaginally. I used Size A before I had my first baby and Size B after baby came, but I didn't really notice a difference between the two, and even when you take into account the two costs my Mooncups have still cost me less than pads or tampons would. The Mooncup comes in a cloth drawstring bag that you can keep it in when you're out and about.

      The Mooncup is a simple but innovate design. It is made of silicone rather than plastic so it is slightly rubbery, not extremely bendy but not too rigid either. It is a cup shape - hence the name - and it contains no nasty chemicals, ie no BPA, bleach or other toxins, which believe it or not are found in most pads and tampons. Scary stuff. The Mooncup works by collecting the liquid produced during your period and keeping it in one place until you go to the loo and empty it out. No fuss, no mess, no nasties. I also have quite heavy periods but the Mooncup has never failed me yet, never leaked or anything like that.

      It does take a bit of practice to get used to this product, or at least it did for me. Unlike tampons it is not a straight insertion, but more of a technique. I find it easy to do now but in the beginning I was less confident. The cup folds into a smaller shape that then slips into place, and I have always found that tilting it slightly on entry helps too. Once it is in you have to shift it slightly to ensure that it is in place, which again is easy to do but does take some practice. It is also easy to take out thanks to a simple clever design - a stalk at the bottom of the Mooncup for gripping onto when you need to remove it. You can't just pull it out though, you have to squeeze the cup a little to remove it from the vaginal wall, and this will release the suction that keeps it in place. After this is easily slides out, you empty it out and give it a rinse, and put it back in. No pain, no rubbish, no fuss. I remember using tampons and worrying that the string designed to pull the tampon out would break and cause me major hassle, but I don't have to worry about this with my Mooncup.

      After I had my baby I did find it tricky using the Mooncup at first. I soon realised though that this was due to personal dryness that I never experienced pre-baby, so I simply waited until I was actually bleeding before putting the cup in, to ensure that there was adequate lubrication. Now all is back to normal down there so I don't have to worry about it any more, but then again I am pregnant with baby number 2 so I will see what happens when I get my monthlies after this baby has arrived.

      I am not ashamed to say that I love my Mooncup. No more faffing about with pads, having to carry them with me everywhere once a month, worrying that I will run out, having to choose between brands I don't like when Natracare isn't available, etc. I look at my Mooncup when it is shelved away in the bathroom between periods and I think that it looks like a flower. Well, it sort of does, as it is bell-shaped with a stalk at the bottom. It causes me no irritation, because there is no plasticky material between my legs which used to aggravate my sensitive skin, and best of all, I can keep it in for 8 hours at a time. This is pure bliss for someone who is always on the go and also a little squeamish about using public toilets when out and about.

      Between periods, the Mooncup needs to be sterilised, which you can do by putting it in boiling water for 5-10 minutes, or else with sterilising tablets. This is to prevent any bacteria from growing, which you don't have to worry about when you are actually on your period.

      Since I first tried this product several years ago there has been a lot more awareness about the Mooncup and it seems that its popularity has mostly soared by word of mouth rather than through aggressive advertising. People do rave about this product,because it has been revolutionary for so many women. There is also a Mooncup rap on Youtube that is well worth checking out, whether you use a cup yourself or not.

      5 stars from me and I cannot recommend it enough. Even if you buy one and only use it a few times because you decide you don't like it, it will still save you money in the cost of pads/tampons. What have you got to lose?


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        01.05.2013 01:34
        Very helpful



        A brilliant invention for women.

        *** Warning - I am an earthy type of gal and this will be graphic.... it is also long. Apologies ***

        When I was a teenager until my early 20's I suffered a lot with my periods. I had pain, some of which was severe and it was caused by a few issues, some very deep seated that needed to be worked though. As I got older I started to question how society sends subtle (and not so subtle) messages to us as women about being "clean" and I started to question and examine the advertising aimed at women which makes us feel "unclean" for natural bodily functions. Vaginal deoderants anyone? Why? Where are the penis deoderants? The testicle incense? Scented sanitary wear? Why? Full of chemical rubbish and fulfilling a need in women created by the marketing that surrounds this junk. Awful.

        Women are under so much pressure to conform to the "ideal" of femininity. Facial hair, body hair, periods- all of those things perfectly natural and yet a big multimillion pound market has been created to basically ensure that all women know their place and know how they should look. Usually for men. I am not a man hater before anybody gets the wrong idea but I am a Feminist and Patriarchy harms men as much as women. The issues around the portrayal of a natural function such as a period affect all of us.

        So politics over, this is where the Mooncup comes in for me. It all started with a book called "The Wise Wound", an amazing tome which examines women's bleeding rituals and goes into depth about the very issues that I discussed above. It sorted a few things out in my head and I chose to see my "bleeding time" as my time of power. I am pagan and this resonates on many levels through history- bleeding huts for women, the bible etc. If you are interested then you can Google more or get the book...

        For a long time I used tampons. As I grew more ecologically aware I looked for something less destructive to the body and not contributing to landfill. I gave washable sanitary towels a go (and still use these sometimes) but I do not like the squishy feeling of blood stuck to my body. So I bought a mooncup.


        A Mooncup is a re-useable menstrual cup made from silicone which is worn inside the body to collect the blood from a period. The action of the cup is to collect the blood not to absorb it like a tampon therefore it leaves the natural moisture and flora of the vagina intact. It holds 30ml of fluid and is medical grade silicone. There is no risk of toxic shock syndrome with the mooncup.

        To look at it is an odd looking thing and initially a bit boggling. However it is very soft and pliable and once you have practiced a few times it becomes easy to fit, use and empty.

        WHY USE ONE?

        * Environmental reasons - obviously using a mooncup means that you are not contributing to landfill by way of waste sanitary wear. Plus sanitary towels and tampons contain nylons, bleaches etc - all bad for the earth. The mooncup is long lasting and there is no packaging to dispose of. The blood can be disposed of down a toilet (or you can be really radical and use the blood for gardening - more on that in a later review - you have been warned!).

        * Health reasons - No bleaches, fragrances, dyes, nylons, or toxins are present. Tampons suck the moisture from the vaginal walls making you more prone to infection. The mooncup doesn't, it just sits there collecting blood for you without interrupting your body's processes.

        * Cost - The mooncup lasts a long time. I only stopped using my first one because I had a child and you need to "size up" due to changes in the cervix. The mooncup retails from £17 upwards which soon pays for itself. The cup holds around three times more blood than a tampon.

        USING THE CUP - My experience:

        The cup takes a while to get used to when you first get it but there is good advice available online and included with the cup itself. I notice it far less than I did when wearing a tampon so they are comfortable and unobtrusive. The trickiest part of using one is learning how to put it in so that it forms a perfect seal in your body. The cup does not move about nor does it fall out, it is held in place by pelvic muscles. The cup is boxed and comes with instructions which include cleaning information and diagrams. There is also a little bag included.

        Before you use the cup you will need to trim the little "tail" to the right length for you, this is easier than it sounds. Make sure you leave enough to pull it out again. If you leave it too long it will be uncomfortable. This is trial and error but start small and cut off small pieces until it feels "right".

        Inserting it:

        To insert the mooncup basically you squish it flat and then fold it in half before inserting it. Once in place it is pretty hard to notice that you are wearing it. To clean it you can carry a bottle of water to the loo (this is what i do - a bottle of water with a drop of tea tree oil) and I empty it and then swish it out before reinserting it. I also have a pot to tip it in if I am collecting it for gardening (blood is a brilliant fertiliser for plants and I will be reviewing it later on... )


        You will soon learn how often you need to remove the cup to empty it as this is dependent upon your menstrual flow. It is advised that you empty every 4-8 hrs.
        The cup forms a seal in a vacuum so be prepared for a strange "pop" sound when you release the pressure. It is not so loud that your neighbours will hear it though....
        Some care needs to be taken when pulling on the "tail bit" of the cup as an over-enthusiastic pull has been known to cause a splosh up a wall....
        Using your pelvic muscles aids in removal too... just think a really really big poo and push :)


        After your period ends you clean it and pop it away for next time. You can do this by using sterilising tabs or like I do by boiling it.

        It all sounds more complicated that it actually is. The instructions included are excellent and there is a wealth of info available online. I have not leaked since switching to the mooncup and it gives me no grief whatsoever in terms of comfort and ease of use. It feels natural to me and I am happy to know that I am not shoving bleached cotton up myself anymore. I recommend it totally to anybody who wants to be more in tune with their body and more eco friendly.


        It is easy to buy from the manufacturers website or from chemists, Amazon etc.
        There are two sizes, you will need the larger one if you have given birth although the difference is only 3mm in diameter. The mooncup starts at around £17 and you will recoup the cost fairly quickly.

        Thank you for reading and sorry if I put you off your toast....


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          15.08.2012 13:34
          Very helpful



          Fantastic alternative to pads or tampons. I wouldn't go back.

          I've tried many different types and brands of sanitary protection over the years. When I was a young girl and I first started my periods with no mum to show me what was what my poor old dad used to go out and buy sanitary towels for me. He didn't know what he was buying and I was given a sanitary towel called Dr. Whites. If you haven't heard of these imagine the thickest least absorbent towel you can think of like supermarket own brand towels. No wings so they moved about and so thick it felt like I was wearing a nappy!!!! That coupled with the most horrendous pains you can imagine made having my period a complete and utter nightmare.

          As I got older I bought my own sanitary protection and I praise the day I discovered Always Ultra. So thin it was like heaven. Years later I plucked up the courage to try tampons and Tampax Compaq was my brand. Comfortable to wear they made me feel like I wasn't even on my period!! But I soon discovered that on lighter days I was left feeling dry after using tampons. I developed two thrush infections during the time I was using them because of this, something I'd never had before. So I decided to look for an alternative. I aw a poster for the Mooncup in the waiting room of my doctors surgery and decided that when I got home I'd look it up. After loads of time spent umming ad ahhing and reading reviews I decided to take the plunge and try it. Below I've given a full and honest review that isn't for the squeemish lol. When I was researching the Mooncup I wanted to know everything so I've tried to include as much helpful information on my experiences with it for anyone who is considering it. I hope it helps :-)

          ~~~What is it?~~~

          Simply put it's a silicone cup designed by women to be a safe and eco friendly alternative to tampons or sanitary towels. It's made from soft medical grade silicone, latex free and contains no dyes. BPA, toxins or bleaches. It's 100% suitable for women with sensitive skin because you will not experience any irritation whilst using it.

          Tampons contain chemicals in them like rayon for absorbency, dioxin which is potentially carcinogenic and bleached cotton. The Mooncup doesn't contain any of this. Also when inserted into the vagina tampons absorb. That's what we expect them to do right? But as well as absorbing the menstrual fluid they are also absorbing the natural fluid in the vagina. The inside of the vagina is lined by a mucous membrane which secretes a sugar called glycogen. This provides energy for the normal, healthy bacteria of the vagina, which ferment the sugar and produce lactic acid as a by-product. This lactic acid results in the interior of the vagina being slightly acidic, which protects it from microbes, and also, rather oddly, sperm. (Semen therefore has to contain substances which neutralize the acidic environment of the vagina.) It is important that this natural balance of healthy bacteria is maintained inside the vagina, otherwise a woman may experience frequent infections such as Candida (also known as thrush). because the Mooncup is medical grade silicone it doesn't absorb at all, it simply collects the fluid in the cup leaving the natural balance of good bacterias in the vagina.

          Mooncup started on 2002 and in 2012 celebrated it's 10th Anniversary.

          ~~~What does it look like?~~~

          It looks like a rubber cup with a little stalk on the bottom and is about 2 inches long. The stalk on the bottom is designed so that you can pull on it like you would a tampon string to remove it. I found it too long so cut it down with a pair of scissors. After I had tried the cup out I discovered I didn't actually need the stalk at all to help me remove it so cut it off completely which made the cup a lot more comfortable and I couldn't feel it when inserted. If you do get the cup bear this in mind and cut the stalk if you find it uncomfortable. One of my worries was what if it went so far up I couldn't get it out! Don't worry the cup has absolutely nowhere to go. It will not disappear off up there somewhere, you will always be able to get it out.

          The cup also comes in a sweet little hessian bag with a ribbon drawstring. You can carry it around in your bag in this for emergencies but it's no exactly discreet because it has tha Mooncup logo written across it.

          ~~~It comes in two sizes how do I know which one is right for me?~~~

          The Mooncup is available in two sizes so should meet the majority of womens needs.

          Size A - Recommended for all women aged 30 or above, even if they haven't given birth, and all women who have given birth vaginally.

          Size B - Recommended for all women under 30 years old who have not given birth or who have had a caesarean section.

          I am 33 now and have never had children. I started using the Mooncup when I was 29 and chose size B. I am still using a size B.

          ~~~It looks big compared to a tampon, I don't think I'll be able to insert it!~~~

          I thought this too. I know the vagina is designed to fit much bigger things but just looking at the cup made me wonder if I'd be able to insert it. I mean how on earth was I suppposed to get that up there? The Mooncup is designed to be folded and inserted into the vagina and it's very easy to do. When I first got mine I was so eager to try it out I decided to see if I could insert it straight away. I wasn't on my period and this was a big mistake!! Do not try and insert it for the first time unless you are in full flow on your period. You do need that lubrication to help it slide in. I wasn't on and really struggled and felt deflated because I couldn't do it and get it to fit comfortably. I went online again and asked some people who had been advising me on a forum about this and they all said the same thing. Try when you're actually on your period. So I waited and tried again.

          This time it was a totally different experience. I mentioned earlier it's best to at least cut the stem down a bit at first. Then after inserting it you can decide if you need to cut it more. I cut mine off completely. Ite cup is circular but think of the circle like it has four sides. I push one side right in then squeeze the other two sides together so the cup is squashed down and folded in on itself. Now they say that is worn internally a lot lower than a tampon but I have found that it is better for me to insert it as high as I can. It doesn't actually go up that far but the higher I place it the more comfortable it is and I honestly do not feel it at all. So once folded down with two fingers holding it insert it into your vagina. Now I'll be honest for me I find it much easier to pop one leg up on the toilet or side of the bath to do this. It gives me better access. You need to comfortable with your body and relax. Remember it's not gonna get stuck in there and it's perfectly safe. I get one leg up and just push it in. I push it up as far as it will go then release my grip a bit so it unfolds. Sometimes if you've squashed it down too tight you will need to give it a little squeeze from the bottom to release it but you can feel when it opens up with your fingers. Ok so it's in there and opened up. Now you just need to give it one turn. This forums a light seal with your vaginal walls allowing menstrual fluid to pass into the Mooncup without leakage or odour. And you're done.

          You may find like I did that the stem is still too long and you can feel that, if so just cut it all off. I did and it's still perfectly easy to remove without it.

          ~~~How will I get it out?~~~

          I worried after I had actually go the thing in that I wouldn't get it out but I can honestly say that over the 4 years I've used it I have not once had a problem removing it.

          To remove it simply sit on the toilet lift your bottom off the toilet slightly and reach up with your index finger and thumb and grip it from the base. Now if you can't reach it do not panic. Just bear down as if you were doing a poo, still with your fingers up there and you will feel it come down towards your fingers. At this point the suction between the cup and the vaginal wall is still there. Do not just pull on it for gods sake lol. It will just pull at you and hurt if you do it this way. You need to release the suction. Releasing the suction is very quick and easy, simply squeeze the sides of the cup together. Then just gently remove it taking care to hold it upright to avoid spilling anything. Tip the contents into the toilet and wash out in the sink and re-insert. If you're in a public bathroom and there is no sink next to you just use a bit of tissue to wipe it out.

          ~~~How often do I have to change it?~~~

          It can be worn for up to 8 hours!!! I have done this many times when I've gone to work and haven't wanted to change it in the work toilets and had no problems with leakage whatsoever. And because it's all natural there in NO risk of Toxic Shock which you can get with tampons.

          ~~~Is it really comfortable?~~~

          100% yes. Just like with a tampon when inserted correctly so it's high enough you do not even feel it there. I love it. Once or twice I've inserted it an bit too low and felt it there slightly. I simply then whip it out and pop it back in higher.

          ~~~So is it messy?~~~

          Honestly, yes it can be. I am a heavy bleeder and on occasion when in full flow I've taken it out and accidentally spilled it on the floor. It's easily cleaned up but not pretty lol. When inserting it or removing it your fingers will get bloody. You do need a sink nearby for washing your hands afterwards. I have also 3 times over the four years woken up in the morning to find the cup has leaked and I have been soaked in blood. Not nice! This has actually only happened recently and I'm thinking now I'm older I need the other cup size. I never had any problems until very recently with leakage. Also when removing in a public bathroom please be aware sometimes there is a squelching sound when you release the suction and remove it. This can be embarrassing if other people are around to hear it.

          ~~~How do I clean it?~~~

          Simply boil it immersed in water for 5 - 7 minutes. This will completely sterilise it. be careful not to let the pan of water boil dry or you'll be left with a melted cup!!! You can also use sterilising tablets. I just boil mine in a pan of water. It's important you sterilise the cup when you first get at and then once after each period. Leave it to dry then place back in the bag. There is absolutely no need to sterilise your Mooncup during your period, as the vagina has its own self-cleansing system, and medical grade silicone (from which the Mooncup is made) is specially designed not to support the growth of bacteria.

          ~~~Why switch to a Mooncup?~~~

          -The Moocup collects the fluid rather than absorbing it meaning no dryness or irritation

          - It's safer. It's made from medical grade silicone islatex-free and contains no dyes, BPA, toxins or bleaches.

          -It's also great for women with sensitive skin.

          -It's greener. On average, one woman will use over 11,000 tampons or pads in their lifetime, which will end up in landfill or in the sea.

          - It's cheaper. One woman uses up to 22 items of sanitary protection every period. Regardless of your flow, you only need one Mooncup, and it lasts for years and years, making it the most economical sanitary product you can buy.

          ~~~Where can I buy it and how much does it cost?~~~

          I haven't seen it available in many places on the high street to be honest. I know that Boots sell it though and that's the only place I've seen it in the shops where I live. You can also buy it online from:

          www.ebay.co.uk - £17.95
          www.boots.co.uk - £21.99
          www.bodykind.com - £17.95
          www.peak-nutrition.co.uk - £18.97
          www.earthwisegirls.co.uk - £17.50
          www.amazon.co.uk - £17.95
          www.mooncup.co.uk - £19.99

          Also as well as being able to buy it from the official mooncup website they will give you a list of stockists in your area.

          ~~~It's quite expensive am I really saving money?~~~

          In a word YES. I purchased mine 4 years ago now and still have the same one I bought then! I have used it every month for 4 years. If you think of the cost of your usually sanitary protection and add that up over a year you're already saving.

          ~~~Where can I find out more information?~~~

          Full information including reviews can be found at www.mooncup.co.uk

          Mooncup Ltd
          40 Arundel Place
          BN2 1GD

          +44 (0) 1273 673 845
          +44 (0) 1273 628 187

          Thank you for taking the time to read this review and I hope I've been as informative as possible :-)

          Also published on Ciao under the same username


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            20.07.2012 23:17
            Very helpful
            1 Comment



            Highly recommended, makes periods a little easier

            I puchased my Mooncup about 2 years ago and haven't used tampons at all since. I do actually love it!

            WHAT IS IT?
            A Mooncup is a resuseable silicone cup which is worn internally to collect menstrual blood.

            There are several reasons for using a Mooncup rather than pads or tampons:
            1. Environmental - disposable pads and towels and their packaging all end up either in a landfill or in the sea, a Mooncup reduces the need for this environmental impact and lasts for years. Have an ethical period!
            2. Health - the Mooncup is made from medical grade silicone, it is latex free and hypoallergenic and is also free from dyes, bleaches, pefumes and other nasties whch may be contained in other sanitary products. It is non-absorbent, it collects the menstrual blood rather than absorbing it, therefore does not disrupt the vagina's natural pH balance and self cleansing process. There is no known risk of TSS. No fibres are left behind.
            The Mooncup also allows women to observe the volume of their menstrual loss which can be helpful if women are concerned about heavy periods. Have a healthy period!
            3. Convenience - you don't need to carry spare products or worry about running out. The Mooncup holds about 3x more than a super absorbent tampon meaning you don't have to worry so much about the location of the nearest bathroom when out and about. Have an easy period!
            4. Cost - a Mooncup costs around £20 and lasts for years, it doesn't take a mathematician to work out this is considerably cheaper than buying disposable tampons/pads every month. Have a cheap period!

            The reasons above are those given on the Mooncup.co.uk website. I would add:
            5. Comfortable - I find my Mooncup way more confortable than a tampon. I never ever get that feeling of it being in not quite right, I never feel like it moves when my flow is very heavy. I can in fact forget completely that I'm wearing it. It doesn't cause any irritation or soreness as continues to be comfortable right until the last day of my period when my bleeding is very light and tampons weren't. Have a comfortable period!

            Have a happy period? Well I would say happiER since discovering my Mooncup, and definitely easier. Their slogan is 'smarter sanitary protection' and I would agree with that!

            I bought a Mooncup after reading a discussion about them online. It appealed for several reasons - I have pretty heavy periods, I found tampons to be uncomfortable at times, it would save me money, it would reduce my environmental impact.

            The Mooncup is sold online on their own website or Boots website and also in most Boots stores, so they're easy to get hold of. It comes in two sizes dependent on age/whether you have given birth. There's only a 3mm difference in the diameter but according to Mooncup this is crucial due to the changes in pelvic floor tone associated with age and childbirth. There's a little chart on the box so you can be sure you're buying the right size.

            Mooncups come in a litte box containing the menstrual cup, an excellent instruction leaflet with diagrams on how to use, cleaning info and troubleshooting tips, and a small natural cotton drawstring bag to keep it in.

            I found my Mooncup fairly easy to use from my first period with it. It takes a couple of goes to get the folding right (the cup is soft, to insert it you squash it flat and fold it half, there are very good instructions on the packaging), which made it a little uncomfotable to insert, but once it was in place I was really pleased that I could barely feel anything. This has continued, inserting it is no problem now - I pretty much always wet it before insertion as the water acts as a lubricant and makes it that little bit easier.

            Initially the Mooncup has a stem which can be used to aid removal. The instructions tell you to trim it to the desired length, I cut mine off completely after the first use as I didn't find it particularly helpful in removal - finding it easier to get hold of the actual cup, and also I found this was the only part of the Mooncup I could feel when wearing. What I do often feel after insertion is a little pop as the cup unfolds properly, not uncomfortable at all, just a little odd!

            I remove my Mooncup be bearing down to bring really low down in the vagina and then griping the bottom with my forefinger and thumb, give a little squeeze and wobble to release the seal and it comes out easily.

            The Mooncup should be rinsed before you insert again, however this may not be possible if you have to empty it in a public toilet where the sink is outside of the cubicle, the few times I have needed to do this I have just emptied it and wiped it with toilet roll.

            You're advised to empty it every 4-8 hours. However I find that because of the volume it holds, other than on the first two days of my period when my bleeding is very heavy, I can easily go longer than this. Which is very handy as I work 12 hour shifts and can often go nearly the whole day without having a chance to go the loo, its also handy when out and about as you don't have to worry about the above (not being able to rinse it).

            I have only leaked a couple of times with the Mooncup, this has always been on the first couple of days of my period when my period is very heavy and either I haven't been able to get to the bathroom often enough (i.e. at work!) or overnight. When I say leak I mean there has been blood on wiping before removing my Mooncup (usually there would be nothing to see) and maybe a little bit on my underwear, nothing major!

            Between uses there are several options for cleaning I choose to use Milton sterilising solution because it seems easiest, rinse it with plain water, leave to dry and store it in the little bag. You can also boil it or use a microwave steriliser - again the information provided on cleaning is very good.

            Some of my friends find the idea of a menstrual cup completely disgusting, and I suppose you do have to have a certain level of comfort in your own body and its processes. I am happy to insert and remove the Mooncup, actually I don't find it massively different to a tampon, and I am weirdly fascinated by the volume of my bloodloss and observing the changes in it during my period...I am a midwife though, so these sort of things are obviously not going to phase me! I think initially women might think it sounds a bit gross, but this can just be because it is a different idea to what they are used to, and when they think about it logically (especially considering all of the benefits) its not really that different to using tampons/pads.

            I'm planning on going travelling next year and I also think my Mooncup will compare positively to other sanitary products then, it will reduce my packing and any need to try and find tampons abroad, as well as all the benefits above.


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              07.06.2012 09:53



              Stick with it as it's worth it in the end

              I always used tampax and was always happy with them before I suddenly developed TSS and ended up in hospital and told never to use them again. I liked the freedom they gave them and felt as though during the five days when my period came it was horrible. I hated pads they didn't give me the freedom I was used to as the swimming and running I loved where controlled by this thick horrible piece of material stuck or not so stuck between my legs.

              I was talking about this to a friend and she suggested the mooncup and after reading reviews I was very sceptical as the reviews were so mixed. When I got it home from boots I looked at it and thought how on earth am I going to get that up there? It looks like a rubber cup with measurements on the inside and a little lip at the top, which makes it slightly wider. The stick should be cut short but I cut mine off completely and grab the bottom of the cup as I felt even a short stick was rubbing on my skin and made me sore. It also comes with a little cloth bag with drawstrings to keep it in when not in use. It's very compact and easy to pop in your bag in case of emergencies. First time I used it took some clever folding and a lot of pushing and shoving to get it in place and contemplated going back to pads. Then disaster struck I went to the toilet and there was blood everywhere it took some time to get out and clean myself up luckily I had spare underwear and that was it me and it were finished. I spoke to my friend and told how rubbish they are she told me to put it in lower than a tampax and try again. Well under the new instructions I tried for a second month and have to say it was amazing it was a bit of a stomach turner to empty to start with as I am a bit squeamish but that soon got easier. The biggest benefit is my periods aren't as painful as they used to be and they have gone down from 5 days to an average of 3.

              I love this now and wouldn't go back to pads for anything I can swim and run without fear of ever getting TSS again never had to go to the hospital again. The best benefit is never buying expensive products that fill the landfill every month I have used it for a year now and its most defiantly paid for itself. I would recommend this to anyone I know it's a little fiddly to start with but it is worth persevering with.

              Highly recommended I am defiantly a convert.


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              04.06.2012 16:34
              Very helpful



              Will never use anything else ever again.

              First off I was pretty apprehensive about using a mooncup and if you are one reading this trying to decide if the mooncup is for you I felt the same way as you do now not so long ago. I read reviews not only on Dooyoo but on several different online sites and the majority of verdicts are really positive but there are the odd bad experiences which do put you off.

              Just to give a small description of the product it is a cup (in the name!) which you place inside you to collect all the menstrual fluid during your period. It is soft so it folds quite easily, you don't put insert it in the shape it is in the picture. There are a few different ways of folding and it all depends on your personal preference which way you use.

              My first worries were 'how will I get it in properly?' and 'how is it going to come out?'. The first one is dealt with by folding and being quite comfortable rummaging around inside (I would also recommend running it under the tap first). On your first couple of goes I wouldn't worry too much about it being in exactly the right place, I would wear a pad to begin with as it is difficult to get it exactly right. Once it's inside it's best to use one finger to feel round the edge of the cup as once it's inside it will expand and be back in its original shape. This creates the seal everyone talks about which should stop leaks. Now the steam, again this is something you won't get right from the off. I've had to cut a couple of rings off it so I don't feel it once it's in. The steam should disappear once the cup is fully in and you shouldn't be able to see or feel it on the outside. It's a bit of trial and error, I'd cut one ring off at a time until you feel it's comfortable.

              One thing I definitely recommend is persistence! It will feel a little weird when you first use it and it's not something you're used to. Once you've got it in leave it there and try to forget about it. I remember being really conscious of it at first. On my first period using it I didn't use it all the way through, just a few times to get used to it. It will leak on your first few goes but it's a case of practice getting it in the right place.

              Now the tricky part, trying to get it out. You probably will have a few moments at the beginning where you panic and start to picture doctors stood around you working out how to remove this thing. However if you do struggle you can always leave it in a while longer and try later (you don't have to worry about TSS). Best thing to do is relax, squat as low as you can go and push down from the inside. Yes it has a steam and it is there for a reason but that reason is not to pull on it to drag the mooncup out! The seal needs to be broken first to allow it to come out easier. To do this you need to squeeze the bottom of the cup and try to get one finger up round the rim. I then squeeze the cup together to get it out, sort of folding it a bit like when putting it in. Yes there is blood and it is messy! Personally, blood doesn't bother me but if you are someone who is a bit squeamish the mooncup isn't for you. My only problem is I wouldn't really like to use it in a public toilet. Partly because of the mess and it being unavoidable getting blood all over your hands but also it still does take some time to remove and reinsert the cup. However I do find it much easier than I did to start with.

              I'm now five or six periods in and I've only in the last couple have I exclusively used the mooncup. I am someone who was happy using tampons (never really felt dry like some people complain about) except I always leaked when I did use tampons. This often meant using a pad as well as a tampon which kind of made the tampon pointless! I hated using pads as you're always really aware they are there. I'm really glad I tried and persevered with the mooncup as I think it's a great solution. Definitely happy about not having to buy or use tampons and pads anymore. Whilst the mooncup isn't perfect from the start it does take some getting used to.

              I would definitely recommend it!

              Coming back over a year later (and after just over 18 months of using a mooncup) I'm now even more convinced by it. Whilst I wouldn't recommend giving it to a girl who has only recently started her periods I do think it should be something every woman considers at some point.


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              24.04.2012 19:15



              A worthy alternative on comfort merits as much as on health, economic and environmental ones.

              Let us be frank, the Mooncup is an acquired taste. Not everyone likes it. However it is a viable alternative to tampons and pads; it's eco-friendly, never been connected to toxic shock syndrome and doesn't require you to shell out a fortune every month because nature's angry you're not having children yet. My immediate thought upon seeing the Mooncup was that it was too big, conditioned as I was by tampons, I was of the opinion it wasn't going to fit. It did, though I do recommend you run it under water first. It sits lower than a tampon but once inserted properly you can't feel it and it allows the same freedom of movement and activity. There isn't a lot of blood, in fact using the Mooncup does make you far more aware of how little you lose, but you do have to feel comfortable with your own body. At the beginning especially, insertion and removal do require a fair bit of fiddling before you get the knack. Removal, in particular, due to the seal that very effectively prevents leakages can be uncomfortable while you're learning. The website recommends that you try it for three periods before judging properly but I liked it after only one. The Mooncup had two very important benefits for me; it made my periods lighter and it made them less painful. While I doubt this is a guaranteed effect, I am not the only one who found this (it may be connected to the fact that unlike a tampon the Mooncup doesn't absorb natural secretions necessary for the health of your vagina) and I am of the opinion that anyone who suffers should give the Mooncup a try. It could help alleviate some of the suffering. And that is worth a bit of fiddling.


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              26.01.2012 08:24
              Very helpful



              Ethical alternative to expensive sanitary products

              Menstrual cups have been around since the 1930s, but only in the last few years has advertising started to pay off, as women have become annoyed at the costs of regular sanitary protection and concerned about the effect of it on their bodies and the environment. The Mooncup is one of these menstrual cups, about two inches long with a little stem for easy removal. (Some women find the stem awkward and annoying and cut it down or off. Don't do this until you have the hang of removing it.)

              I bought mine in November 2008 and was immediately gutted to get pregnant and not have the chance to use it for over a year. When eventually I did get to break it out of its box I was amazed. The thing is awesome.

              It's a bit tricky at first getting it in and needs a bit of practice, you need to run it under the tap so it's a bit damp, and then once you get the hang of it you can cut the stem to the length you need (NOT before, please trust me). I find that on the first two days I need a pantliner or something as well, but I'm sure if I had time to empty it more often that wouldn't be a concern. They recommend emptying it every 4-8 hours, although you can go longer overnight and you won't fall over in a bleeding heap if you don't; Toxic Shock Syndrome has never been associated with Mooncups (info available on their website, mooncup.co.uk).

              I totally recommend the things, they're a bit weird but there is something strangely satisfying about seeing *volume* (don't judge me, you don't know) and I have always begrudged paying loads of money for tampons. Potentially off-putting things - they're made of medical grade silicone or latex, and they discolour after a while. If you need to wash them in public toilets (you shouldn't have to, you can just empty it, wipe it off or rinse with bottled water and reinsert) it can be a bit alarming. Husbands who come across them may do ridiculous things like pretending they are trumpets. They come in two sizes - one for ladies under 30 with no children, one for ladies who have had a baby vaginally and/or who are over 30. It's to do with pelvic floor strength, so if you're some sort of Kegel expert then you might need the smaller size regardless of your age or number of children.

              Finally, I bought mine online for just under £18. I won't buy toilet paper; going into a shop for a menstrual cup was FAR outside my comfort zone. You can also buy them in Boots or ethical product shops.


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                19.07.2011 12:45
                Very helpful



                Quite possibly the best investment you can make!

                If you're fed up with spending a fortune on sanitary products and don't like lugging them around in your bag, this could be the one for you.


                Hardwearing silicon that is easy to disinfect, and will last for years.

                -Ease of Use-

                The product takes some getting used to (probably around three periods), so make sure to have back up during the time.

                The common problems are:

                - Inserting. The mooncup website, plus many others selling menstrual cups show various 'tricks' to help you insert the product comfortably and correctly. Experiment until you find the right one for you. When done correctly, you won't notice it at all. When done incorrectly, it can be painful and cause leakage

                - Leaks. Even when inserted correctly, if not changed regularly enough, it will leak. After a few periods, you begin to get a feel for how often it needs changing. As with tampons, you should not leave the product without changing for longer than eight hours.

                - Mess! As it is reusable, you can't just chuck the product away. The contents should be emptied into a toilet, and until you get the hang of this, you might accidentally spill the contents, so try practicing at home first.

                - Cleaning. It is recommended that you clean with unfragranced soap and rinse with drinkable water. When your period is finished, the cup should be placed in boiling water for a couple of minutes, just to ensure it thoroughly disinfected. The cleaning routine isn't really practical in public loos, but a quick wipe and remembering to clean it properly when you get home is sufficient.

                Once you have got the hang of using the cup, you'll never look back. Its convenient, comfortable and none of the dry unpleasantness associated with tampons.


                These products retail for around £20, but given that an average period probably costs you around £5, that's a bargain!


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                  03.07.2011 19:16
                  Very helpful



                  Would not use anything else for my periods

                  ~Finding the Mooncup~

                  I was in Boots the chemist two weeks ago whilst having a visit from my dear "Aunt Flo" and was amazed by the variety of sanitary products there are and of these there are maybe 1-2 reuseable/biodegradeable alternatives which although more expensive are actually the way forward in my honest opinion. I generally get through 25 pads in one period which means that I am dumping 300 pads a year into landfill which is a staggering amount and when you think about the number of women in the world doing this then it gets rather scary especially seeing how they take hundreds and hundreds of years to degrade. So I decided to try something different and paid £21 for a Mooncup which seemed rather expensive initially but after calculating how much I spent on sanitary products I realised I would be saving in the long run as the cup can be used for 5 years although I know of some people who have had theirs longer.

                  ~What is the Mooncup~

                  The mooncup is a menstrual cup which is inserted into the vagina not unlike a non-applicator tampon and collects the blood and is then removed, emptied, washed and then reinserted. The cup is made of medical grade silicon and is quite flexible and remains at room/body temperature. The mooncup comes in two different sizes A (Those over 30 and/or have had a vaginal delivery) and B (Under 30 or under 30 and have had a c-section delivery) and although I'm over 30 and have had a c-section I ended up going for a B as I am really small and after talking with the members of staff from Mooncup (Number is on the packaging) they said they would replace my mooncup with the larger size should it not be appropriate.


                  Sterilisation, insertion and trimming the stem

                  Well I got home and decided to read through the instructions and get on with it. The mooncup should be sterilised before it's first use and between each period - I used a pan of boiling water and boiled the mooncup for 6 minutes and then allowed it to cool. I would highly recommend that when inserting the mooncup you are relaxed, wash your hands, dampen the cup with some warm water to make insertion easier and when selecting the fold I would advise that you use the punch down rose rather than the C shape as it allows for less resistance as there is a smaller surface area. Images and instructions of these folds are given in the instructions or the mooncup website but please see below for my description. When you first insert the mooncup you will have a stem on the bottom which you are mean't to trim to a length that is suitable for yourself - the stem should not be seen externally and should sit behind the pelvic bone in the vagina to prevent discomfort. Personally I chopped the whole stem off and found it much easier to manipulate the base of the cup rather than the stem - this seems to be the case with alot of the people I've spoken to but it's a personal choice that each lady has to make.


                  The punch down rose fold: Basically you just punch down the rim into the mooncup and the cup folds into itself like a pointy rose and it's that simple
                  The C fold: You squeeze the mooncup rim together and then bend the middle of the fold into a C shape - I honestly found this shaped very difficult to use as it offered the greatest surface area and unless you've got a baggy faff you're not going to find this one comfortable on your first go.

                  Removal, empty and reinsert

                  Now this is where it got scary as I initially inserted the mooncup quite high and didn't read the instructions properly which explain that you first have to break the suction by either squeezing the base of the mooncup or inserting a finger along the side of the cup to break the seal. Instead I tried to remove the mooncup by bearing down and then grabbing the base and pulling which wasn't horrendously painful but let me tell you my faff was not a happy bunny. It did take a few uses to get to grips with the removal process but once you've figured it out you've cracked it - not unlike tampons. I personally recommend inserting a finger between the wall of your vagina and the mooncup to release the pressure and then push using your vaginal muscles to move the cup lower down and then using your fingers gently remove the cup one side at a time. Admittedly the removal process can get a bit messy but nothing too scary and all you then have to do is empty the blood down the toilet, wash the cup in water and then reinsert and make sure you wash your hands.


                  Well I personally love having my mooncup and wouldn't go back to using sanitary towels/tampons. I hold my hands up and confess that it did take a good 5 goes to get to grips with the removal process and it was a little uncomfortable (not painful) but now it's like second nature and I just get on with it. I would highly recommend this item to women willing to give it a try but wouldn't preach to anyone who didn't want to use it as what works for one women doesn't always work for another. I would just like to add that when out and about you can either carry a bottle of water with you to clean it out, blot it with toilet tissue or find a baby change/disabled toilet which always has a sink.


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                    11.06.2011 16:52
                    Very helpful



                    An eco friendly way to deal with your periods

                    I first came across the moon cup when I was at a festival. Anyone who has been to a festival will know firsthand how disgusting the toilets are and the thought of changing a tampon in one is horrifying. Moon cup were there promoting their product, if you are anything like me your first thoughts are repulsion. "A cup? To catch your menstruation blood? Are you mad?" However I read all the literature and spoke to the girls who advocated them and I was convinced enough to buy one.

                    *Price and availability*

                    You can purchase the moon cup from the website for £19.99 and that includes free delivery. You can
                    also buy it from Boots and I think it is priced around £21.99.

                    *So what exactly is it?*

                    The Mooncup is a reusable medical grade silicone cup that is around two inches long. It is inserted inside your vagina (it sits where your tampon does) and forms a light seal with your vaginal walls, allowing the menstrual blood to pass in without leakage.


                    The mooncup comes in two sizes. The Mooncup website advise that if you are under 30 years old and have not had children or had children by caesarean you will need size B. If you are over 30 years old or have had a vaginal birth you will need size A.

                    *My experience*

                    The first time I came to use the Moon cup; I read the instructions that accompanied it in order to try figure out the best way of inserting it. If you remember back to your first time with using tampons you will remember the struggle that was and this was a similar experience I just couldn't get it in. However with a little perseverance I managed it. The best way I found was to squeeze it together and then fold it in half and have your fingers in the middle of it, pinching it keeping it folded. You then insert it as you would a tampon. I simply squat and push it in. One it is in and you've let go, you will feel a very unusual sensation as it 'pops' into place! This isn't painful but it is quite odd. You are then ready to do whatever you need to do. It is very comfortable and after a few minutes, you don't even know you have one in any more as you can't feel it. I go swimming, running, climbing and other activities with it in and it does not bother me at all.

                    The moon cup comes with a stem on the end so that you can pull it out easily. I was advised to trim this as it is quite long, so I cut the stem down. After getting used to pulling it out, I realised I could cut them stem even more and now I have cut it all off. The bottom of the moon cup has some ridges on which make it easy to grab hold of. Now when I wear it, you cannot even tell that I have one inside.

                    If I go to a festival I leave the moon cup in for days but usually I empty it every day however you can go longer. You simply pull it out and empty it and then give a quick rinse and pop it back in. At first I was worried I would spill it as it came out, but this is not the case.

                    I remember being told at school that women only bleed half an egg cup full every month and thinking what a joke, I could fill a bucket. However it is true, I was surprised at how little blood there was in it on the first time of using it and it put my mind at rest from worrying it would over spill.

                    Sometimes when my periods get lighter at the end of the cycle, I find the cup a little harder to insert. Just how tampons feel a bit dry sometimes, so does the cup. You can use a little lubrication to assist you but I just persevere.

                    During use, to clean it all you need to do is rinse it out but after the period is over I boil it in a pan of water to kill off any bacteria and then put it away in its little draw string bag. I keep it in my handbag so it is always available for my next usage.

                    The main advantages from using it that I can see are that it is 1, eco friendly; there is no wastage and there are not any dangerous chemicals used. 2, There is no risk or toxic shock syndrome associated with tampons. 3, I don't have to worry about changing it that often which means it is perfect for long journeys, festivals or camping.

                    The moon cup should last seven years so after factoring the cost of tampons every month it will pay for itself in less than a year and save you £120 over its lifetime of use.


                    I use the moon cup every month and it has changed my life. I'm in the process of convincing all my friends to try it as it is such a great idea.

                    My only gripe and it is a small one, is that the moon cup is made from see though material so that after a while the blood does stain it making it look a bit dirty. I think the product would be more successful if it was a different colour that the blood couldn't stain. Maybe it needs to be see though however, as they don't want to use any unnecessary chemicals to colour it, I'm not sure. It's not a major problem though because no one gets to see it other than me!


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                      10.04.2011 12:44
                      Very helpful
                      1 Comment



                      see review

                      Watching an episode of Embarrassing bodies the other week got me thinking about how much fluid I lose over the course of my period. The show talked about how if you lose more than 70ml in one menstruation it can be a sign of a problem. Extra loss can be a sign of such things as Endometriosis and a few other things. I have always had rather heavy periods but have never had the slightest idea how much. The show showed three women using a Mooncup to measure their loss.

                      Menstruation - The shedding of the uterine lining (endometrium). It occurs on a regular basis in reproductive-age females.

                      I decided I wanted to know how many ml I was losing and started researching where I could buy a Mooncup. An internet search showed that I could buy a Mooncup in town at our local Boots for £17 so I headed into town where I found it priced at £21. Quite expensive and I did have a little think before buying it but I figured that it would be a £21 well spent to know that I am losing a normal amount and if I got on well with it I would never find myself without any sanitary products.

                      I had found with tampons that towards the end of my menstruation I would get rather dry and not be able to comfortably wear a tampon over that last bit. The Mooncup isn't cotton and thus I shouldn't face that sort of problem. I have a slight allergy to latex gloves but thankfully the Mooncup is latex-free so I shouldn't have any problems there either. Also it contains no dyes, BPA toxins or bleaches.

                      Which size?
                      According to the Mooncup website the cup size is related to age and childbearing history. If you are under 30 years old and have not had children or had children by caesarean you will need size B. If you are over 30 years old or have had a vaginal birth you will need size A.

                      How does it work?
                      The Mooncup is reusable cup shape instrument about 2 inches long. It's made from medical grade silicone and forms a light seal with your vaginal walls, allowing menstrual fluid to pass in without leakage.

                      Why choose a Mooncup?
                      Mooncup won't leave fibres behind or dry out your vagina. Lots of sanitary products contain bleaches and pesticides whilst Mooncup is completely free from all of that. One woman in her lifetime will use at least 11,000 throwaway sanitary products which end up in landfills or even in the oceans. Whilst the initial price had me debating the purchase it works out much cheaper in the long run. My normal box of tampons costs about £2.50 for 30 tampons. One box will last me two periods (give or take a few days). The price of the Mooncup is how much I would have paid for tampons in about 8-9 months' time. If I like the Mooncup and stick with it and then I will be saving myself a few pounds every month and in the long run saving a lot of waste. Plus I never have to worry about leaking past the tampon of over the sides of pads.

                      Comfort and ease of use:
                      Hmm, it was certainly an interesting first experience! I opened up the box and found the Mooncup came with its own little cotton carry pouch which is nice for those days when you're waiting for your period to start. It can hang around in my handbag and no worries of it getting filthy in there. I read through the instructions and found there were two methods of inserting the cup. I took the cup out and just sat there looking at it for a moment thinking it looked huge. My fiancée poked fun at me saying the children were much bigger but all the same I sometimes find a tampon too large for comfort during this sensitive time. I decided to have a go and did the first method which is folding the cup in half and then in half again. The top bit went in rather easily and then I had to fiddle for a minute to position it just right. The instructions say that you may need to trim the stem/handle bit at the bottom if it hangs outside the vagina.

                      I put the Mooncup in one morning and then as I stood up the cup popped open into place which was a funny feeling! Didn't hurt or anything like that but was a very odd sensation.

                      Their website says that the cup can be worn at all times including whilst exercising, swimming and so on so when I was planning my Sunday morning run I put it in and got ready as normal. I'm not sure if it was just being new to the cup or what but I had to stop a few times when I got the feeling that it was moving. It hadn't moved a cm so it was all in my head. It's very comfortable until I think about it if that makes any sense at all. Every now and again I will think about it being there and thus I'm probably tensing. It may also be that I'm getting used to something sitting a bit lower than a tampon would.

                      Time for a change:
                      Change and empty out the cup every 4-8 hours and after a sleep. Apparently after a while of usage women find they empty out the cup a lot less often. No more taking my handbag with me to the loo so that everyone at the table knows what's up!

                      Use water and non-perfumed soap. No need to sterilise mid-period as your vagina has its own cleaning system but at the end of my period I gave a boil to sterilise it. It does need to stay immersed in water during sterilisation so for you mothers with microwave sterilisers make sure it's got quite a bit of water in it.

                      Relax the vaginal muscles and slowly take the stem of the Mooncup and tilt it from side to side to release cup from its position.

                      History lesson - http://www.mooncup.co.uk/about-the-mooncup/history-of-the-mooncup.html

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                    • Product Details

                      The Mooncup is a reusable menstrual cup around two inches long and made from soft silicone rubber. It is worn internally like a tampon but collects menstrual fluid rather than absorbing.

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