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Heroes of Might and Magic III (PC)

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10 Reviews

A PC Strategy Game.

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    10 Reviews
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      03.02.2013 20:29
      Very helpful



      The best game of all time.

      Hello readers!
      As my favourite game, I hope you are prepared for a lengthy read.


      Heroes of Might and Magic III (often abbreviated to HOMMIII or HOMM3) is a turn based strategy game developed by New World Computing. It was released in 1999 and has had numerous releases after but there has been a general consensus/agreement that this game will never be bettered. We're about to find out why...


      Although largely a single player game. This game can easily be played multiplayer with people in the same room as you, or online on a game server such as gameranger. I rarerly play it single player anymore as the novelty really has worn off, but with multiplayer with my friends I could play infinitely.
      There are many choices of multiplayer. You can play head-to-head or co-operatively against a computer or another human. My preference is co-operatively as there really is nothing better than co-ordinating your actions with your friends so you can truly perform your best in the game.

      Being a turn based game aswell, the game allows unlimited time to think of your decisions. This allows all the time in the world to think of the best possible action in the game and assures you that most (not all) of the decisions you make, will be good ones.


      This game is set in Enroth. Enroth is a large world that is present in most of the HOMM series as well as the MM (Might and Magic) series. As the game is set in this world, and this was one of the later releases, there has already been a large amount of history generated in the world from the 8 'Might and Magic' games that were released and the 2 previous 'HOMM' games. This lends itself to an extremely vast storyline which carries on to subsequent releases. Below, we will look at the story that is presented in HOMM3

      "The King of Enroth has gone missing and thus has left Queen Catherine to rule the land. Whilst the Queen is busy ruling the realm, her father, King Gryponheart has been assassinated and without her father, the stability of the realm is at risk. Queen Catherine takes it upon herself to rally up a large army, and seek out revenge against the evil necromancers which plan to conspire against the rulers of Enroth.

      During the rallying of the troops, the necromancers who had assassinatd King Gryphonheart are planning to revive the King as one of the undead. In doing so they hope to learn from him and use his wisdom in building up a truly manipulant army of the dead.
      Something that the necromancers (and the Queen) had not planned for, was the true power of King Gryphonheart. During his resurrection, he proved too powerful even for the necromancers and so became a lone member of the undead.

      As Queen Catherine finds out about this tragic news through word of mouth, she is forced to ally with the necromancers who performed this evil task and destroy her father before he gets too powerful for the rulers and the people of Enroth."

      There are 7 different directions (campaigns) you can tackle this story and it is up to you to choose one. Each campaign tells the exact same story but from a different angle. This large amount of campaigns gives an extremely large replay value which I personally have yet to finish. Given the large amount of levels within the campaign I can recommend it to anyone who is looking to invest there time into an extremely detailed world that can be seen from all angles.


      The game itself takes place on a large regional map. You the player take control of a 'Hero' whose duty is to gather an army, civilization and a large amount of resources to defeat the enemy. The armies you gain and civilizations you own are dependent on the type of hero you choose, of which there are several.

      When you choose a hero, there are also other things to take into account. Each hero has a different beginning set of skills and attributes, there are four types of attribute in the game and these increase when you level up. These are:-

      Attack - This is the physical power of all your creatures that you possess, the higher this number, the more damage they will deal to opponents.

      Defence - This is the amount of damage they can take. Physical or magical damage is absorbed with defence, again, the higher the number the better.

      Wisdom - This is the power of the spells you cast, more powerful spells not only cause more damage to enemies, but their effects also last longer.

      Knowledge - Knowledge is the amount of Spell points you possess. Each spell costs a certain amount of spell points, the better the spell the more spell points it costs so it is important balance out a high wisdom with high knowledge.

      When you have learnt the effects of these attributes it is useful to start looking at the sort of hero you would like to possess throughout the game;

      Wizard: main focus is on magic and so their spells are usually the most powerful.

      Knight: Knights are brave and noble heroes, whilst they can learn magic, they are most accustomed to battle and dedicate their time to martial knowledge

      Druid: While druids pursue their magical knowledge, it is their connection with earth that lends them to well developed physical attributes and thus are very good well rounded heroes.

      Necromancer: Necromancers are similar to wizards except that they are masters of the undead, the creatures and civilizations they control are extremely different.

      Barbarian: Barbarians are interested in little apart from the physical act of brawling, they advanced most quickly with their physial attributes and have a strong attack and defence.

      Warlock: Warlocks rely heavily on the pursuit of magical knowledge so again, they are similar to wizards and necromancers...

      Witch: Witches have relied too heavily on the use of magic and thus the physical aspects of their army can at times, lack.

      Heretic: Heretics are mostly focused on the physical side of warfare but have a tendency to study the art of magic and therefore are quite a well rounded choice.

      Once you have chosen your hero, it is time to begin the game. The game as previously stated takes place on a large regional map. throughout the game you must acquire resources, with these resources you will expand and update your civilizations. When you expand your civilizations, you will find that more creatures become available to you. You can recruit these creatures for war. In order to recruit them, you will need gold.

      The game's emphasis lies heavily on resource management and it is not merely a 'hack'n'slash type of game. A large amount of your time will be spent travelling the region looking for coal mines, old abandoned golden ore deposits and others with which you will spend on a better army which you will crush your opponent with.

      When you expand your civilization, you do so by buying new buildings. All of the buildings you buy perform a function, I won't go through all of them as there are many, many, many buildings. However, here is a short list

      Mages Guild - This building allows you to research magic and so you can begin to cast spells as soon as this is built

      Statue - With this in your civilization it attracts more attention and earns you more gold per week.

      Well - With a well in your possession you will find that you are able to recruit more creatures per week and gain an advantage over the opponent.

      So as you can see, although the differences are large. None of the buildings aren't useful (double negative...Whoops!) so it pays to expand your buildings to as far they will go.


      Thankfully, being a turn based game, all of the images are largely stationary. There isn't much fancy animation and the art really has a chance to shine because of this. I could not fault the look of a single structure/object in this game, they all look exactly how you'd imagine and even with the lack of animation, it is still impressive.

      Due to the graphics and turn-based nature, you will find that this game will run on the majority of systems and all modern systems without pressuring the insides of your precious PC at all.


      The music is highly regarded as some of the finest within the HOMM series. Paul Anthony Romero is the composer of the music and manages to capture the essence of each environment, hero and civilization perfectly. The sound effects were done by Rob King who was also the chief composer of the 'Might and Magic' series. Two highly regarded musicians working on one project? Oh yes...

      Not only this, if you purchase the CD or download the game from GOG.com you will find that the soundtracks also come in separate file for your listening pleasure, I have listened to these many times outside of the game and even without any images to reference the music to, they are still a delight.


      I believe because of the nature of the game, it may not appeal to younger audiences or older players with less patience. It really is a slow game, that is not because of the game mechanics but more because of the tactical choices you must make through the game. If you want instant gratification, look elsewhere. This game is a long-term commitment with many 'short' games lasting at least 4 hours.

      Aside from length of play I do not possibly think I could fault this series, unfortunately later releases in the series were disappointing due to changing the product too much. This lost a large fan base and most fans regard this and the second game as the best in the series and also one of the best turn-based strategy gamesof all time.


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        21.07.2009 18:17
        Very helpful
        1 Comment



        The best game in the HOMM genre

        Heroes of Might and Magic 3 or HOMM3 for short, is a turn based strategy game which was released in 1999 by 3DO for the PC & Mac, and is the 3rd instalment in the genre (there are 5 at present). Its one of the best turn-based games ever.

        Basically the player controls a number of heroes, each with certain unique special abilities, the hero in turn commands an army of creatures which also have certain unique special abilities and statistics.

        The creatures can be produced within towns that you occupy. There are many different types of towns and each type allows you to produce different types of creatures whilst also providing sanctuary for your visiting hero. The creatures can also be upgaded from level 1 to level 2 status if you choose to upgrade the structures within the towns. Creatures can also be acquired on the strategic map either via recruiting posts or by allowing them to join you if they offer their allegiance.

        The strategic map has both an underground and above ground layout on which you can travel. This travelling consists of exploration & stategic movement involving the acquisition of resources such as gold, wood, ore, gems, crystals and sulpher, all with which are used to construct your towns structures and creatures. Also involved is the acquisition of artifacts which allow your hero to gain special abilities.

        Gaining experience is an important feature in this game and is a must for your hero as it allows him/her to gain special abilities, increase attack & defence levels, knowledge levels, and spell power levels in order to conjure magic spells. Experience can be acquired when fighting creatures situated on the strategic map or any enemy players that you may come across. Picking up treasure chests or moving into camps or certain buildings also allows you to gain experience.

        Fighting is the best element of this game because when you attack or when being attacked by another player you are morphed into a chess style battlefield in which you choose to either move, attack or defend with your creatures. You can also fire your long range weapons and use your heroes abilities & spells to defeat the enemy on a turn by turn basis.

        I very cool feature of this game is the Map Editor where you can create your own maps and edit any element of the game to your liking.

        Gameplay 9.5/10

        Graphics 8/10

        Sound 8/10

        Re-playability 10/10

        My advice would be to buy this 3rd instalment in the HOMM genre over the rest. Its a must have in your game collection if you love turn-based games.

        Thanks for reading.


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          19.05.2009 16:15



          Great turn based strategy

          In my opinion the best of the Heroes of Might and Magic series to date (at time of writing there are 5), the gameplay will be familiar to anyone who's played the rest of the series. You control an army or armies each under the control of a hero, and 1 or more towns which you must protect. The object of the game is usually to capture all the other towns on the map and defeat all enemy heroes although some maps / scenarios will have different requirements to complete them. As your heroes win battles they gain levels and abilities. Since there are many more skills combinations than the 8 skills on any given hero allow there is a huge amount of customization available for any hero. Add to this the ability to pick which troop types to put in the army under a given heroes command and you have an endlessly repayable game.
          I really enjoy this game - the range of options even at the start of a scenario make each play completely unique. The variety of skills, creature types and abilities let you create armies and heroes personalized to your playing style. The different towns are well balanced, none of them are overpowered compared to another. This isn't a new game so the graphics aren't cutting edge but they are clean and more than adequate. I haven't explored the multiplayer aspect of these games simply because I find the SP campaigns, custom maps and AI difficulty sufficient to keep me entertained but the game can be played over IP/TCP if you so desire. However as it's a turn based game with up to 8 players on any one map I imagine it would involve dull waits while the other player(s) consider their moves.
          Overall its a fine game that I've been playing for many years and intent to play of many more.


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          16.12.2008 05:56
          Very helpful



          This review is about Heroes of Might and Magic 3.

          -The Review-

          I would break this review down into five parts. The first is the improvements that I have noticed in the game which I will entitled "What's New." The second is the specifications needed to run the game in "System Requirements." Third is "Introduction to the Game" which highlights how the game is played The fourth. is description of the various towns in "Introduction to the Towns." It highlights each race's strengths and weaknesses based on personal experience. The fifth is "The Verdict" which I will give my thoughts on the game.

          -What's New-

          -Eight new town classes - Castle, Tower, Rampart, Inferno, Dungeon, Necropolis, Stronghold and Fortress.

          -Heroes are now divided into two kinds - one might hero and one magic hero. Each with different statistics.

          -Each hero now has a specialty skill. This could range from having a 4th level spell added to his spell book (prayer, chain lightning) to giving bonuses to certain creature types (goblins, elves). Choosing starting heroes matter now.

          -Choosing towns matter also. For example choosing the Castle will enable you to have more movement through the stables. Likewise choosing the Dungeon will make one of your heroes have double the spell points in reserve through the Mana Vortex.

          -The artifacts have more interaction now. Combining certain artifacts will result in a new artifact being formed.

          -The disparity between the towns is not as great as in Heroes of might and Magic 2. Crusaders for the Knight town only had 65 HP while Black Dragons at the Warlock town had 300 HP. Now the Castle has the Arch Angel at 250 HP and the Black Dragon still at 300 HP.

          -Each town has more options now. You have the options to build silos that produce resources and defense structures.

          -There are new creatures such as Monks, Zealots, Angels,
          Archangels and Gremlins.

          -A new campaign and new maps.

          -System Requirements-

          System: Pentium-133 or equivalent
          RAM: 32 MB
          Video Memory: 2 MB
          Hard Drive Space: 200 MB

          -Introduction to the Game-

          The game is played in a turn based style. A turn is done once you hit the proper icon. Each turn represents a day and each day, your structures such as towns, silos and mines produce resources for you to use. These resources can be used to build creature dwellings which generate troops on a weekly basis or build various defense and resource gathering structures. The game is usually found when you have captured all opposing town and beaten all opposing heroes. However there are campaigns and scenarios where you have to do something like find the Holy Grail or flag creature dwellings to win the game.

          Each hero has statistics in Attack, Defense, Spell Power and Knowledge. Attack enhances the own attack value of your creatures. Likewise on the defense that increases the defense value of your creatures.

          The game comes in three modes - scenario, campaign and multiplayer. In the scenario, you try to vanquish computer controlled foes. In campaign, you lead Queen Catherine Ironfist to glory against the evil forces of Tatalia, Nighon and Deyja. Erathia has fallen and its up to Queen Catherine to restore its honor. In the multiplayer, you can take turns on the same computer or play with someone over the internet.

          -Introduction to the Towns-

          The Castle


          The Castle takes us back to medieval times. This is because troops are mostly human rather than magical creatures. This army is supplemented by the addition of Griffins and Angels. The might hero is the Knight and the magic hero is the Cleric. The castle is a reprisal of the Knight town of Heroes of Might and Magic 2. The castle represents the Kingdom of Erathia.


          Pikemen /Halberdier
          Archer /Marksman
          Swordsman /Crusader
          Griffin/Royal Griffin


          -The town has pretty good melee troops such as Pikemen /Halberdier, Swordsman /Crusader, Griffin/Royal Griffin, Cavalier/Champion and Angel/Archangel.

          -Troops such as Marksman and Crusader have double strike. This means they launch two attacks at once.

          -Christian is an excellent starting hero that comes with Ballista and Ballista skills. The ballista acts like an extra stack which has a ranged attack.

          -Archangels can regenerate fallen troops.

          -Most troops are inexpensive.


          -Clerics are average spell casters.

          -Clerics do not have good starting offensive spells. The best is prayer and it's not useful without a good creature stack.

          The Tower


          The tower is a reprisal of the Wizard's town in Heroes of Might and Magic 2. The creatures are almost the same except for the Gremlins and Gargoyles. The might hero is the Alchemist and the Magic Hero is the Wizard. The Tower represents arcane magic and represents the Kingdom of Bracada.


          Gremlin/Master Gremlin
          Stone Gargoyle/Obsidian Gargoyle
          Stone Golem/Iron Golem
          Genie/Master Genie
          Naga/Naga Queen


          -Many of your troops have ranged attack (Master Gremlins, Mages, Arch Mages, Titans). This allows them to damage opponents without getting hit themselves. This also helps in defending your castles during a siege.

          -Through the Library you gain access to more spells than other town types.

          -One of the starting Heroes (Solmyr) has a chain lightning spell that gives you a quick advantage since it can hit multiple stacks of enemies. Even with limited troops you can go far.

          -The titan is the second most powerful creature in the game after the Black Dragon.


          -One of the starting troops that you have usually consist of Gremlins. Unfortunately they are slow and are easily killed.

          -The town has a high gem requirement. If you hope to take advantage of spells and Titans you have to find a source of gems.

          -The town has a very low wall that can easily be destroyed.
          The Rampart


          Creatures of mythology abound the Rampart. This town looks like it was lifted from a Tolkien book. You have elves, centaurs, dwarves, pegasus, unicorns and dragons. The might hero is the Ranger and the magic hero is the Druid. These magical creatures represent the Kingdom of Av-Lee.


          Centaur/Centaur Captain
          Dwarf/Battle Dwarf
          Wood Elf/Grand Elf
          Pegasus/Silver Pegasus
          Dendroid Guard/Dendroid Soldier
          Unicorn/War Unicorn
          Green Dragon/Gold Dragon


          -The creatures and heroes have very good defensive stats.

          -Wood Elf/Grand Elf are the two best ranged creatures in the game.

          -The town is rich in resources with a silo, a pond that produces random resources and a treasury that gives interest on your gold.

          -The creatures have magic resistance (Dwarf/Battle Dwarf, Unicorn/War Unicorn and Green Dragon/Gold Dragon)

          -The Centaur is among the best level 1 creatures in the game.

          -The healing tent is excellent for limiting your creature losses.


          -Some of the creatures are very slow. (Dwarf/Battle Dwarf, Dendroid Guard/Dendroid Soldier).

          -The offense is not very strong.

          -The starting spells of the druids are decent but their spell power is awful so the spells are near useless.

          The Inferno


          The Inferno looks like what we would imagine hell to be like. It's a place filled with hellfire, brimstone and demons. The might hero is the Demoniac and the magic hero is the Heretic. They represent the Kreegans of the Kingdom of Eeofol.


          Demon/Hor ned Demon
          Pit Fiend/PitLord
          Efreet/Efreet Sultan
          Devil/Arch Devil


          -The creatures that abound the Inferno have a variety of special abilities. The Magog can hit fireballs that do spread damage. The Pit Lords can create Horned Demons out of fallen troops. The Efreet Sultans are resistant to fire and have a fire shield which do extra damage to opponents.

          -The can be built to easily transport troops from town to town through the Castle Gate.


          -The Imp (the Inferno's first level creature) is the weakest in the game.

          -The creatures you have have lower HP.

          -The starting stats of the Heretics are awful and not ideal for spell casters.

          The Dungeon


          The Dungeon is home to creatures that live underground. You have Troglodytes, Evil Eyes, Medusas and the like. The might hero is the Overlord and the magic hero is the Warlock. They represent the Kingdom of Nighon.


          Troglodyte/Infernal Troglodyte
          Harpy/Harpy Hag
          Beholder/Evil Eye
          Medusa/Medusa Queen
          Minotaur/Minotaur King
          Red Dragon/Black Dragon


          -The Dungeon is home to some of the best creatures in HOMM 3 like the Minotaur King (an excellent melee creature with nice attack and speed) and the Black Dragon (the best creature in the game with excellent attack, speed and immunity to all spells).

          -Deemer is one the best starting heroes with the ability to cast Meteor Shower. It damages stack to a certain radius.

          -Warlocks are the best spell casters in the game with a starting 3 power and 2 knowledge.


          -The Dungeon needs a lot of sulfur to fund your dragon army.

          -You have to be reliant on magic if you use Warlocks. They give zero bonuses in attack and defense.

          The Fortress


          The Fortress is a swampland inhabited by insects and reptilian creatures. They are very tough as they can absorb a lot of damage because of their defensive statistics. The might hero is the Beast master and the magic hero is the Witch. They represent the Kingdom of Tatalia.


          Gnoll/Gnoll Marauder
          Lizard man/Lizard Warrior
          Serpent Fly/Dragon Fly
          Basilisk/Greater Basilisk
          Gorgon/Mighty Gorgon
          Wyvern/Wyvern Monarch
          Hydra/Chaos Hydra


          -The creatures here are very tough. They have high defensive statistics.

          -The Beast master is the best defensive might hero.

          -The healing tent is perfect to further shore up defenses. The creatures are tough to damage and when they do, they get healed.


          -The offensive skills of the creatures and heroes aren't great.

          -The witches are not powerful spell caster. They have weak stats.

          The Necropolis


          The Necropolis the home of the undead. They are filled with creatures such as zombies, skeletons and vampires. Playing this is like playing a horror movie. They represent the Kingdom of Deyja.


          Skeleton/Skeleton Warrior
          Walking Dead/Zombie
          Vampire/Vampire Lord
          Lich/Power Lich
          Black Knight/Dread Knight
          Bone Dragon/Ghost Dragon


          -Necromancy gives you free troops! For every army you vanquish a percentage of it is risen up as Skeletons/Skeleton Warriors. Imagine the huge army you can generate!

          -Vampire Lords are one of the best midlevel creatures in the game because they can regenerate so long as they are dealing with living flesh. I have decimated an army of living creatures using just a few vampires.

          -There are spells that resurrect dead creatures.


          -The undead are many but not that tough. They are quite fragile.

          -The undead are vulnerable to certain spells that target only undead creatures.

          The Stronghold

          The Stronghold is a reprisal of the old Barbarian town. The place is filled with big strong brutes and monsters such as goblins, orcs and ogres. The might hero is the Barbarian and the magic hero is the Battle mage. They represent the Kingdom of Krewlod.


          Wolf Rider/Wolf Raider
          Orc/Orc Chieftain
          Ogre/Ogre Mage
          Cyclops/Cyclops King
          Behemoth/Ancient Behemoth


          -The Stronghold is the easiest one to use for new players. All you do is attack, attack and attack.

          -The creatures are very strong and can do a lot of damage.

          -The heroes have very good offensive stats.


          -The town has limited magical capabilities. The mage guild can old reach level 3 maximum.

          -The heroes don't have very good defensive statistics.


          The graphics are average 2D with some 3D cut scenes. The graphics are quite detailed in battle scenes. The graphics on the main screen are similar to old games like Warcraft and Starcraft. The graphics are more realistic looking than the cartoonish Heroes of Might and Magic 1 and 2.


          The sound isn't great compared to newer games though it was good when the game was released. You could here the voices in the cutscenes quite well especially Queen Catherine and you could hear realistic sounds like a unit getting hurt or the thundering of horses' hooves.

          -The Verdict-

          I thoroughly enjoyed the third installment of the Heroes of Might and Magic series. It added a lot of new elements to the series while maintaining the elements that made it fun, engaging and highly addictive. The game also has endless replay value.

          Whether you are gunning for a faster finish in the campaigns or are battling wits with a human nemesis. Though the graphics are smooth and so is the animation, it pales in comparison to today's 3D filled environment. But more graphics power does not always mean more fun. Take for instance some of the most fun games of all time like Pac man, Donkey Kong and the original Mario Bros. series they are inferior in terms of looks but are so fun that they keep on getting re-released and bought.

          On a personal note my favorite town is the Tower. This is because I like to use spells to vanquish foes. Building creature dwellings and gathering enough troops take time and a lot of resources. Taking advantage of spell caster's bonus spells like in this case Solmyr's chain lightning spell is an easy way to even the odds with opponents having stronger heroes and a larger army. I also like the fact that the Tower's troops have ranged attacks so that I can avoid creatures getting killed.

          I recommend this game to any person especially those who love strategy games. This game was released in 1999 and has outdated features as compared to today but the fun factor can never be outdated.

          -Also published in Ciao and Ciao UK


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            28.10.2008 15:36
            Very helpful



            A classic, definitely worth a go if you've never played a HoM&M game

            Of all of the Heroes of Might and Magic games, this seems to be the one that I go back to the most - no, the graphics aren't swish and 3D, but for a solid Fantasy RPG/Strategy experience, this game is still an absolute winner.

            Another advantage... you can pick it up for less than £5 from most gaming shops such as Gamestation or Game!

            For anyone unfamiliar with the HoM&M series, the turn-based gameplay generally involves guiding your hero around a large world map, slaying beasties, finding treasure, capturing castles and amassing huge armies - all the time recruiting more heroes to assist you in your goal.

            The gameplay lies somewhere between turn based strategy a la Civilisation, turn based combat and RPG. This mixture of styles is the main draw of the HoM&M series in my opinion, and I find it really appealing. You get the exploration and 'levelling' aspect of an RPG, with various treasures to be found in the nooks and crannies of the world, and lots of chances to develop or learn new skills. You also get the opportunity to build up a huge army of all sorts of creatures, from huge Titans to dainty little fairies.

            Combat generally occurs either when you 1) Bump into a group of beasties on the world map 2) Cross paths with an opposing hero or 3) Lay siege on a castle held by an enemy player. Combat takes place on another screen, showing your army on one side, the opposing on the other. This can be a bit disappointing visually at first - if you have 30 Giants, for example, you won't see 30 Giants charging at the enemy. Instead you'll see one Giant with the number '30' underneath. However, you soon get used to this niggle, which is essentially purely aesthetic.

            On the plus side, this means that you don't get overwhelmed with a screen full of tiny troops to control. One thing that irritates me occasionally about strategy games (especially RTS games) is the end game, where the game has been going on for ages, you have hundreds of troops and you have to fight the temptation to select them all and tell them to attack one thing, just to save the bother of having to think through the actions of every single one. This is of course, strategic suicide. This doesn't happen in HoM&M, because you just can't have that many units!

            A lot of gameplay in HoM&M III takes place in the towns/cities/castles you visit and own. Here you can recruit new heroes in taverns (more heroes = more armies!) as well as recruit troops into your visiting heroes army. You can also build new structures or upgrade existing ones to unlock certain abilities or level up your units. Different castles have different types of troops, which certainly adds a bit of variety, this means you can have an army of dragons and zombies as well as the 'good guys'.

            Multiplayer is fun, with network and modem (!!) options as well as internet play, although I've not tested multiplayer with modern technology! I did have loads of fun when the game first came out playing modem to modem with my friends, although in my experience the games would take absolutely ages - I guess just like any other multiplayer strategy game can, really.

            The graphics are nice and crisp 2D sprites and artwork. They are pleasant to look at and clear, and in my opinion you don't feel like you're playing an incredibly outdated game.

            Levelling up your heroes is fun, with plenty of high powered spells to unlock as you progress through the game!

            The only frustration is that some people may find HoM&M III a little bit slow paced for their liking. I also have found that it has quite a steep learning curve, and when I started playing I would often get wiped out pretty soon into the game. I soon got better though, how could I not, I was addicted to it!

            Overall, HoM&M III is definitely worth a go if you're a fan of fantasy type games. Strategy and RPG fans alike should have a blast with this one, and at a mere £5 it's still a tempting slice of retro pie!


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              17.12.2007 16:58
              Very helpful



              Wether you love or hate heroes, it still stays a good game!

              Heroes of Might and Magic III is a Fantasy Management game with a difference. Choose your race and your hero, and off you go to conquer the land.

              The game is based around the concept of building up a town and recruiting creatures to your cause. There are about 9 different types of towns and races. You can be anything from a Human to an Elementalist, a Necromancer to a Barbarian, and A Lizzard man to a Minotaur.

              You can build various structures for your town, each with it's own advantages. You can capture more towns to further your cause and build them up the same way you would your capital city.

              There are over 70 different creatures available for hire. This ensures that you have virtually unlimited as to the combination of your army. You can have up to seven types of creatures under the control of your hero (or store them in your cities for protection from siege) at any one time. That may not seem like a lot, but once you take into account that the amount of creatures per type can well reach over the thousands, it makes it seem a little more appealing.

              There are a bunch of valuable and powerful artifacts that you can claim, whether to use their power or to sell them for resources is up to you. You can have several castles and several heroes under your command. You can also capture resource structures like gold mines and ore deposits to build up your reserves.

              Your heros gain experience with every battle they win. As you level up, you are offered a choice of upgrades for your hero's abilities, or new abilities altogether. Some of these include Necromancy, Leadership and Diplomacy.

              There are also quests for your hero to complete along the way, the most significant being the search for the Grail, an ancient artifact that will greatly enhance your cities.
              The grail can be found by revealing a map, piece by piece, by visiting certain structures on the map called obelisks. Each obelisk reveals a different part of the map.

              ---Graphics & Sound----
              Heroes of Might and Magic III doesn't really revolve around superior graphics like most other games. Make no mistake, the visual quality is appealing, but not in a 3D way.
              It relies heavily on concept art, player portraits and animations. All of these were done with great detail and determination by the artists.

              The sound is very well suited to the game, with certain sounds for certain events. Each creature has it's own unique sounds and every race has it's own theme music.

              ---System Requirements----
              >OS : Windows 95/98/2000/ME/XP
              >CPU : Pentium 133 MHz
              >RAM : 32Mb
              >Graphics Card : DirectX 7.0a Compatible
              >CD-ROM : 4X CD-ROM
              >Hard Disk : 425Mb at least
              >Internet : Modem 28.8 Kbps (OPTIONAL)

              ---Final Words----
              This game is one of my favourites, and although there are newer versions available, this game still remains great fun to play. It's a great time passer and offers excellent singleplayer, multiplayer and skirmish, with a rock-bottom price tag to boot. Recommended.


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                11.09.2006 00:28
                Very helpful



                A fine turn-based strategy game, more suited to beginners than experts in the genre.

                Heroes of Might and Magic III is a turn-based strategy war game set in the land of Erathia, one of the stable locations of the Might and Magic series. This once peaceful land has recently been ravaged by attacks from other empires and all sorts of undead types, so as a general of Queen Catherine, you have to find out why – and, of course, stop the multiple invasions and bring peace and unity back to the land.

                To do this you utilise the skills of several heroes – you can recruit them at the town taverns. Once you have a hero you can start to build a little army around them, perhaps several raiding parties controlled by different heroes or two large armies, one to go out a-conquering and one defending your city. When you meet with opposing armies you will be taken to the battle screen, where you must control your forces to win the battle. All sorts of different unit types will become available to you throughout the game – from fairly normal pikemen and archers right through to medusas, minotaurs, troglodytes, and other strange creatures you wouldn’t like to meet in a dark alley (or even a light one). Moving them, attacking, defending, or using spells you’ve picked up along the way, you must out-manoeuvre the foul foe before you. Aiding you in this will be the experience you earn as you win battles, which will enable your heroes to enhance their skills or perhaps even learn new ones. There are also many artefacts scattered throughout the land that can aid your quest by giving you additional abilities or powers. Teachers there are also if you can find them.

                While you keep your armies busy and roving about the land, you must also take care of what’s happening in your cities. You will need to build these up economically, add fortifications, and build barracks and sometimes even breeding grounds so that you can create more troops. There is an overall mission objective for each scenario, each getting progressively more difficult, and each scenario builds towards the overall campaign goal. There are three different campaigns to choose from each with its own set of unique scenarios, which you can play individually or as part of the campaign. Whichever way you decide to do it, or whether you want to play a multiplayer game (which can be done over a modem or network), you can save your progress at each point.

                Aesthetically, Heroes of Might and Magic III delivers some very clear and nice graphics, which do create a real atmosphere of the fantasy land it’s set in, and the music is excellent (if a little over-repetitive). There are some suitable sound effects and good animation, though sometimes the characters fire upwards when the animation is for them to fire forwards, which looks a bit odd! Each city type has a very distinctive style, and the many different creature types are easily identifiable. The difficulty level is set pretty well, from the beginning it’s challenging without appearing impossible. There is a tutorial level which is basically a small-scale map to get you into the swing of things. It’s not a “tell you what to do each step of the way” type tutorial, but it accomplishes what it needs to do, which is get you familiar with the basic commends. There is an on-disc manual which it recommends you print out, but personally I didn’t bother and the excellent interface (an explanation of any function is only a mouse-over or right-click away) makes this a game you can easily learn as you play, which is always the best way.

                Though the setting is the same as 3DO’s other Might and Magic games, the style is nothing remotely similar except that there is a certain RPG element in building up your heroes statistics. Personally I found this to be a somewhat more enjoyable but less immersive game experience to the real-time RPGs of the series. It’s certainly a game that will keep you playing for a long time if you like turn-based strategy games.

                The video clips that explain the storyline are high quality if somewhat cheesy, with the voice-acting particularly reeking of gorgonzola at times. This is a game that would probably appeal to the slightly less series end of the real-time strategy fan base, as to experienced gamers it may appear a tad over-simplistic. For instance, though your heroes can gain experience, the individual army units don’t. On the other hand they are affected by things such as morale and the hero’s base luck score, so it’s not completely mundane experience. The battle maps are rather small but in a way I liked that, because even with units that don’t move very fast the battles don’t take forever before opposing units actually meet each other.

                After the problems I had with Might & Magic VII (which I think must be set almost directly after this game in the series, because in that game Queen Catherine rules over Erathia), it was a joy to find that this one installed and ran with no problems whatsoever, apart from the usual problem 3DO games have with identifying recent DirectX versions. The system specs aren’t very high (listed below) so if you like this sort of game, at ?4.99 (or one of 3 for ?10), there isn’t much to stop you getting this game!

                Overall I really enjoyed this game though in some ways it’s a little repetitive and the computer-controlled players’ AI is definitely a bit iffy at times (at least it doesn’t cheat though!). If you’re really into turn-based strategy then you may find it slightly too simplistic for your tastes, but for beginners and those who like to dabble in this style of game, I’ve played few better.

                Minimum System Specs

                CPU: Pentium 133
                OS: Windows 95/98/Me (doesn’t say it runs on XP but it ran fine for me with XP Home Service Pack 2)
                RAM: 32Mb
                Graphics card: DirectX6 (it didn’t recognise mine which is 9.0b, but had no problems running.) The game only uses 16-bit colour and 800x600 resolution, so even old cards should be fine with it. As it’s not real-time there’s no intense use on the card.

                Originally released: 1999 by 3DO / New World Computing
                This release: budget re-release by Sold Out Software )www.sold-out.co.uk)

                My rating: 82%


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                  29.05.2004 06:37
                  Very helpful



                  Heroes of Might and Magic 3 is the third sequel to the Heroes of Might and Magic series and what a sequel it is. For those not familiar with the series, Heroes of Might and Magic is a fantasy 2d turn based strategy game, one of the most popular of the type. Like the previous games, this concentrates on armies controlled by heroes. These armies can be recruited in towns, and each of the eight towns has a different set of troops. Here is a small resume: Good Towns: Castle ? Humans, Griffons and Angels Rampart ? Centaurs, Dwarfs, Elves, Pegasus, Dendroids (Ents), Unicorns and Gold/Green Dragons Tower ? Gremlins, Gargoyles, Golems, Human Mages, Genies, Nagas and Titans Neutral Towns: Stronghold ? Goblins, Orcs, Ogres, Rocs, Cyclopes and Behemoths Fortress ? Gnolls, Lizardman, Serpent Flies, Basilisks, Gorgons, Wyverns and Hydras Evil Towns: Inferno ? Demons Necropolis ? Undead Dungeon ? Troglodytes, Harpies, Beholders, Medusas, Minotaurs, Manticores and Red/Black Dragons Each of these towns has seven levels of troops, each more powerful then the one before but available at smaller quantities. There aren?t two kinds of creatures alike; every one of them has different status and special abilities. These towns play a lot different from each other, and with eight towns it will take you a time to master them all. Also each town has two types of native heroes, might and magic. The first focus on martial skills (he can also learn magic skills but the probability of that is low) and the second on magic skills (the inverse of might). Talking of skills, the
                  re a lot of different skills that cover a lot of strategic depth. The probabilities of each hero class get a skill changes with the town in which he is native, giving a lot more depth to the game. Something similar applies to the spells, with each spell not appearing in every town for your hero to learn. The economy focuses on getting some goods (wood, iron, gems, crystals, gold and sulphur). Each town has different needs of these, making each one even more unique to play with. About game types, you have the usual campaign mode, that is tree like (you unlock some campaigns wining others) and the skirmish mode where you play a single map. The game also comes with a amazing map editor that allows you to make maps for skirmish. Gameplay The interface is very easy to use and intuitive. Just a few moments of play and you get used to it. Also, important information is available on every location, helping you to make the right decisions anytime. Graphics This game is in 2D and the resolution is 800x600 with 32 bits of colour. The models are amazingly detailed and very colourful, showing that great care was taken to make them so. Creatures are somewhat of scale, but this can easily be forgiven when battle starts and you notice the battlefield couldn?t possible support giant models. The overland map is also very good end has a lot of colour, but it never gets confusing and enemies can be easily seen. Sound The fx are good, with the attack and spells sounding has we would imagine it. The music is also very good giving a perfect soundtrack for each moment of the game. Special reference goes to the music of the towns menu, where it really sets the mood. Replayability You will want to master this game and even after that you will want to play it do death just trying new strategies and
                  making/downloading new maps for new challenges. A warning to all, this game is very, very, very, addictive. Manual The manuals is well made and it shows you how to use the interface, gives small tips and have the full statistics of every unit in the game. Each of this units is accompanied by a small description of it, and if you are a fantasy geek (like me) you will love this small detail. This is an awesome game that I recommend to every turn based strategy addict and to all fantasy geeks out there. You wont regret it if you spend on money on it. Minimum Requirements: Pentium-133 or equivalent 32 MB RAM 4X CD-ROM 2 MB VRAM 200 MB DirectX v6.0


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                    17.04.2003 21:44
                    Very helpful



                    No seriously, i've run out of title ideas! If anyone has some please share! I will be grateful to change that dreadful one! So anyway.. Shame on all you Heroes players for not writing reviews! Why is there only 2 ops on this? Don't tell me the game is THAT unpopular? Possibly my favourite computer game, I do not play that many though. I spend most of my time here on dooyoo or else I’m on kazaa, MSN messenger or this game, most of the other games I have are boring, and I don’t have many. Only the likes of - Theme Park, Theme Hospital, SimCity 3000, Dungeon Keeper, Monkey Island and 7th Guest. Actually I think that is ALL I have!! When my Dad left he took most of the PC games, damn him! ~ THE GENERAL IDEA~ Campaigns are an option in this game but each one explains itself and it would take to long and be to difficult and boring to explain each campaign, so I will leave any players to discover that one for themselves. Instead I will try to explain how to play this game in multi-player or single scenario mode. In a nutshell: you control one castle at the least which is built up by collecting resources of Wood, Mercury, Ore, Sulphur, Crystal, Gems and of course Gold. After building the functional parts of the castle dwelling areas are then built, which create all kinds of creatures, which can be upgraded and are used to attack others. Your Heroes are the people who do all the travelling and control these creatures. To recruit a hero you have to pay 2500 gold, they come with a few starting creatures and a ballista (used to break down fort walls), you often have to buy a spell book for them which is 500 gold. Your Hero/Heroes can only move certain lengths per day, there is no exact time to a day but when you have finished your movements you click on an egg timer. Once you have done this a small flag appears whilst the other players take their turns, if your hero has knowledge of their whereabouts you c
                    an see what they are doing. In a castle you can only create one building each day, and creatures are born once a week in groups ranging from 4  20. The higher the level of creature the less of which are born per week. E.g 20 Imps may be born a week, but only 4 Arch Devils. You have to explore the map to find each players whereabouts etc, there are two levels to a map, kind of like two floors to a building. The underground level is called the Subterrainan level and can be accessed via a Subterranian gate. Artifacts are a key accessory to the game, they can be found, fought for, taken from other players or bought. Artifacts each have their own purpose, some teach spells, allow further movement per day, most increase the key skills I will mention later. When beginning the game apart from your choice of starting hero and castle, a choice of additional artifacts / resources / gold is able. You can also make the other players choice! I always choose resource and give the other players artifacts, this way it is easier to build up your castle, and you are more likely to overcome artifacts when attacking other heroes. You can have up to 8 players on this game depending on the scenario you have chosen, I have never before played over the internet so I can’t contribute to that selection. I have played via TCP/IP on a small home network with a friend, I find this the most entertaining way to play the game, also the hotseat version. Where as you take it in turns at a single computer, this is only effective in a two player game, too many people sat around a single computer can become complicated! ~ TYPES OF BUILDINGS AND HOW TO BUILD THEM~ ~ CREATURES AND CASTLES~ Original Castle : Rampart : - Pikemen/Halbadiers - Centaurs/Captain Centaurs - Griffins/Royal Griffins - Dwarves/Battle Dwarves - Swordsmen/Crusaders - Wood Elves/Rangers - Archers/Marksmen - Dendroid Guards/Soldiers - C
                    avaliers/Champions - Pegasi/Silver Pegasi - Angels/Archangels - Unicorns/War Unicorns - Monks/Zealots - Green/Gold Dragons Inferno : Dungeon : - Imps/Familiars - Troglodytes / Infernal Troglodytes - Gogs/Magogs - Beholders / Evil Eyes - Hell Hounds/Cerberi - Harpies / Harpy Hags - Demons/ Horned Demons - Medusa/ Medusa Queens - Pit Lords/ Pit Fiends - Minotaurs/ Minotaur Kings - Efreet/ Efreet Sultans - Manticores / Scorpicore - Devils/ Arch Devils - Red/Black Dragons Tower : Stronghold : - Gremlins/ Master Gremlins - Goblins / Master Goblins - Stone/ Obsidian Gargoyles - Wolf Raiders/ Riders - Stone/ Gold Golemns - Orcs/ Orc Chieftains - Magi/ Arch Magi - Rocs/ Thunderbirds - Genies/ Master Genies - Cyclops / Cyclops Kings - Nagas/ Naga Queens - Behemoths / Greater Behemoths - Titans/ Gladiators - Ogres / Ogre Magi Fortress : Necromance : - Gnolls / Gnoll Captains - Skeleton / Skeleton Warriors - Lizardmen / Lizard Warriors - Zombies / Mutant Zombies - Basilisks / Greater Basilisks - Wights / Wraiths - Gorgons / Mighty Gorgons - Vampires / Vampire Lords - Dragon flies / Serpent flies - Liches / Power Liches - Wyvern / Wyvern Monarchs - Dark Knights / Death Knights - Hydras / Chaos Hydras - Bone /Ghost Dragons (Whats the bet all of those alignments are going to mess up….) ~ SPELLS, EXPERIENCE, LEVELS~ Heroes gain experience when winning battles and visting learning stones. When enough experience is gained they increase to a higher level, with each level a new skill is learnt. These skills vary in subjects to help during either battles or luck and morale, scouting and other areas. They range from Basic  Advanced  Expert The full list of skills : Archery. Ballistas. Earth / Fire / Water / Air Magic. Armorer. Estates. Luck.
                    Leadership. Logistics. Navigation. Scouting. Necromancy. Offense. Resistance. Sorcery. Eagle Eye. Intelligence. Wisdom. Learning. Diplomacy. With each level a main skill is also given, the main skills are Attack / Defense / Power / Knowledge. Attack and Defense are self explanatory. The power skill refers to the spells Heroes are able to cast. Spells are learnt from the 5 level Mage guilds which can be built in the castles, or at the magical shrines deposited generously about the map. With each extra power skill the spells you are able to cast become stronger and harmful ones cause extra damage. Spell points are needed to cast spells, each knowledge level is worth about 10 spell points, however other additions can be made, such as learning a Sorcery skill. ~ EXPLORING ~ Obviously your hero cant just sit and wait for things to happen, the land has to be explored as does the sea, to find resources and attack weaker creatures. When attacking a creature if it is considerably lower in strength it will often offer to join your forces. If your hero has lerned the skill of diplomacy then the creatures you are about to attack can be paid to join you. To help along with your income mines can be flagged, most common are wood and ore, crystal gem and sulphur can also be found but gold mines are rare, visit them once and from there on you will receive 1 or 2 of the product each day. You do not have to pay for mines, they are often guarded by a creature stack, other players can take your mines at any time with a single visit. Redwood Observatories: These are extremely helpful, they look like tall birdhouses and when visited unveil a large circular area to add to your map. Magi huts also help, eyeballs are deposited about the map and when you find the Magi Hut these positions on the map are also unveiled, these are often nearby enemy castles. If you are lucky there may be a Cartographer on the land, thi
                    s is seldom but extremely helpful, 1000 gold buys a full map of the land, or the sea. There are many ponds which have purposes such as to lift your morale or luck, allow you extra movement per day (stables also do this) or slow you down for a day. Battles are better off fought when you have a high morale or luck, morale allow your creature stacks extra attacks and luck allows further damage to each enemy stack. The grail. This is the best artifact of them all, to find it you have to visit each obelisk on the map, they each have pieces of a puzzle inscripted on them. When they have all been visited the puzzle map will be complete and traditionally X marks the spot! You have to find the exact place using you hero and then use the adventure options to dig, this requires a full day. Upon returning to the castle of your choice the grail is built into an enormous statue. The functions of a grail differ slightly in each castle but provides 5000 a day plus whatever your income already is, it doubles the amount of creatures born per week plus a few other functions. ~ CHEATS ~ nwccastleanthrax nwccoconuts nwconlyamodel nwctrojanrabbit nwcfisherprice nwcijustgotbetter nwcshrubbery (and many many more) Other 'Sold Out' products include: Worms 2 Tomb Raider Thief Jimmy Whites 2 Vegas Games (Not that i actually play any of them, what the hell is Jimmy Whites?) ~ My thoughts ~ There is a whole lot more to this game but I don’t want to bore anyone (“Too late for that”). When I first encountered this game I was hooked for weeks, I never tire of it although I am running out of scenarios now….! The previous 2 versions of this game are completely pants and not really worth going in to!! The most recent Heroes 4 I played at a friends house but I don’t like it. In this the hero is also used in a battle, the hero can be attacked, although the
                    graphics are even better everything is a lot more complicated without adding anything to the game. Many of the classic creatures have been taken away and new uneventful buildings and scenarios added. Heroes the chronicles can also be bought but this is a one player game and not as much fun! There are many many cheats for this and I have used them before but they trash up your scores, on the board your ranking will automatically become Cheater and your score will be 0. The game is boring in cheat mode, there just is no point left in playing it! I still haven’t tired of playing this game, it is now slightly out-of-date and overlooked because there is a new version. However because Heroes 4 is priced at £20 and I prefer this one at only £5 from Electronics Boutique (now GAME) I think this one is definitely worth the money, I would have paid more but hey! Who’s complaining? I also have Heroes 2 (pants pants pants) Never playing that again! If your not into these sort of games im sure you just wasted your time!! If not go for it! Games typical of this are Might and Magic, Dungeon Keeper and others…


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                      30.01.2002 23:19
                      Very helpful



                      I bet no-ones heard of "Heroes of Might and Magic 3" before, and until recently I hadn't either. I only got it because it was basically free when you bought a number of other games, although should anyone want to buy it only costs £5 in the Sold Out budget range (www.sold-out.co.uk). The game takes place in the land of Erathia, which if I'm not mistaken is also the setting for a few other games, including the nearly namesake 'Might and Magic" series. The best way to describe the game is across between Final Fantasy, Red Alert and Civilisation. It has town management, quests and character building as well as battles, and while none of the sections quite live up to the standards of the games I mentioned before, gelled together they work quite well. The plot is pretty simple - the Kingdom of Erathia has been taken over by evil forces, and the Princess returns to find the Kingdom in ruins. Naturally she isn't too pleased, so she sets about regaining control of Erathia. The game can be played in a number of different ways, either as one off single missions or a linked together campaign. In addition multiplayer games are available, as is a map editor which allows you to make your own missions, or at least download other peoples from the internet. Gameplay revolves around heroes. These heroes fall in to one of 16 classes, such as Knights, Necromancers, Witches and Beastmasters. Each hero has a native city type, with the eight different city types each having two characters. As an example the Knights default city type is the castle. Each city type has it's own set of troops. which are commanded in battle by your hero. Heroes may also use magic, although some are better at others at magic, while some are better at commanding troops on the battle field. Troops are produced by your cities, which can be upgraded if you have the correct resources, which are gotten by taking control of Ore mines etc.
                      On the main map you control your heroes on horseback, with each having a certain amount of movement each turn. Moving over rough terrain is slower, so you can move further over road than a mountain, for example. Apart from the cities the map is littered with a large number of smaller buildings, including the mines, wood yards, places to recruit troops, learn magic etc. There are also quite a few monsters, but more on the battles later. The game centres around gaining control of cities. Cities are needed to produce troops for you heroes to fight with, as well as to learn magic and recruit new heroes. Each turn the city can produce one upgrade, which range from new castles, upgrades to troop production or magic towers. What starts off as a small run down village will soon be a splendid city. The aim of most maps is to gain control of other cities, so naturally once you've got some heroes and troops you set off in search of battle. The enemy heroes and troops are all from the same types of cities you have, so it's not like some games where you fight bad guys - in this game all the people you fight you can use yourself. Battles take place on a different screen, based on the hex based system of old. It's turn based, where the fastest units get to move first. Your hero doesn't actually fight, instead he controls the troops and casts spells. If your hero is defeated in battle he is disgraced and leaves your cause. Troops all have their own abilities, some can fly, some can shoot, while others have special abilities such as the ability to move twice rather than once. Graphically the game is nothing special, using a view similar to Red Alert, while the battle scenes are more isometric. In all honesty if you're the type that like this kind of game you aren't going to care too much that it doesn't look great. Sound is a little cheesy, although the music does fit the game quite well. Once again I must rave
                      about the Sold Out installer, it is a joy to use! In one program you can install the game, read the manual and release notes, install patches or check for new ones online, even get tips and cheats for our game. And incase people don't know of the Sold Out range I love them so much I'm gonna give them a free ad. They sell classic games (Colin McRae, TOCA, CM 2000, Tomb Raider etc) for £5 in DVD style boxes. Only downside is that the manual is included on the CD in Adobe Acrobat form, but aside from that they're great. They even had an offer on their site (may still be there, I'm unsure) where you bought two games and got one free. Overall a top notch game, well worth getting!


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