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DmC (PC)

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Genre: Action & Shooter / DVD-ROM for Windows Vista / Windows XP / Windows 7 / Release Date: 2013-01-25 / Published by Capcom

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    1 Review
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      19.09.2013 14:49
      Very helpful



      above my expectations

      So, i finished the game and... where to start? I think that it is impossible to write rewiew for this game without comparing it with previous DMC`s, so lets go. Before i buy the game I debated with myself whether to buy it at all. After watching a few game trailers on the net and after seeing how our protagonist Dante will look in part 5 i was soooo disappointed! After macho and cool Dante in DMC3 and DMC4 they try to put in DMC5 some emo girl named Dante??? How could any player identified with character looking like this? But, as a true fan of DMC serial, i bought game, and must say, was pleasantly surprised in a lot of things.
      New Dante is packed into a more modern look and a little more relaxed and eye-pleasing spirit. More youthful minded, which in this case is not a bad thing. Although in sufficient doses, pretentious and inflated, we need to recognize that there is charm and style in him. Along with new Dante comes and new story. Dante is a son of demon father and angel mother who were killed due to their unlawful relationship. Like in previous episodes, Dante has a brother Vergil, but story tells that they are separate and hidden in two orphanages and their memories erased in order to better and more secure fit between people. Dante, unaware of his origin, lives in trailer, on the margins of society. But all that changes when demons, ruled by powerful demon named Mundus, attacked him and try to drag him into a Limbo to kill him.
      DMC5 is, despite there are some places in game where you must explore and jumping around to collect bonuses , classic hack`n slash game. Dante is initially equipped with his sword and pistol, but as you go through the game you'll gradually unlock additional weapons and features. From demons side of his father he gets slow but powerfull axe, heavy gloves and hook for draw things and opponents to itself. From mothers angels side he gets a scythe, some shuriken like blades and also the hook for get close to things and opponents. So, a large arsenal of weapons ( along with pistols, shotgun and hand cannon) for numerous combos and styles for killing hordes of demons.( Hm, hordes... it would not be bad that developers put in game larger numbers of demons, because some ingame parts are kinda empty...) Changing weapons some time could be annoying in fight because they are triggered with pressing and holding different buttons. Took some time to learn timing of pressing some buttons. For me, the most annoying thing in game was jumping. When jump, you must be very careful, just to preserve hard earned HP. The fight is actually very fun, different attacks and weapons to some opponents influence for better or worse, and you will often combine them, and in the corner of the screen you play subtly keeps track of points and evaluate your combat ratings. Design of enemies are also good and various, some weapons can not harm some type of enemy, so you will have a lot of combining. For my taste, demons and places in game are too much movie-like and while i play game, i dont have this feel of unholyness, mystic and horror, like in DMC3.With killing opponents you collect a kind of XP points that you can later use to reinforce some existing attacks, unlock additional attacks or unlock some features of Dante's movement in game.
      Most of the game takes place in Limbo, which is parallel to the reality of our world. This is a compound of one inspired and twisted fantasy world, which at first glance looks like a reality. The level at which you play is alive. The soil under and the walls around you will moving or be separated into smaller floating islands of the middle of nowhere, the building will be turned over, boxes and pallets fly by warehouses. Locations are also rich in graphics and can boast of a good universal visuals. In fact, some will burst in bright colors, while others will take on a completely different, dark palette, and automatically change the setting from the lively and adrenaline in the bleak and frightening.
      Summary: if you had rejected by Dante`s look like I, ignore that . Must try the game, I guarantee, you will play it more than once 


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