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Exibel Laptop Cooling Stand

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Manufacturer: Exibel / Type: USB cooling pad

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    1 Review
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      15.08.2012 19:31
      Very helpful



      The only way my laptop would be cooler is if it was wearing sunglasses

      My laptop is beginning to get a little old now. And whilst I have had no real issues with it as such over the past couple of months or so it has been overheating. This overheating is probably my fault as I often tend to use the laptop in bed on the duvet. A big no no when it comes to laptop health! I did begin to start using my laptop on a tray to ensure it was on a hard surface, but my poor laptop was still occasionally suffering from blackouts from the heat. This is essentially the background behind me purchasing this laptop cooling stand.

      **So why this cooling stand?**


      To be honest, this was a little bit of an impulse buy. I wasn't out shopping specifically looking for a laptop stand. We were out shopping in general and popped in to Clas Ohlson as my other half had a £5 voucher he could spend. Wandering around Clas Ohlson I spotted this laptop cooling stand. It was on sale, so was selling for £14.99 instead of £24.99. Seeing as I managed to convince the other half to give me his £5 voucher this laptop cooling stand cost me the grand total of £9.99. Exibel is not a brand I've heard of before but I figured a tenner is not too shabby for a laptop cooling stand, so I decided to give this a go to see if it helped my poorly laptop at all.

      I've just had a look on the website and the stand is still retailing at £14.99, but this offer expires on 24th August 2012, at which point I'm guessing it will return to £24.99.

      * Appearance*

      As well as being a decent price, it's also not a bad looking piece of kit. It looks exactly like the picture above from the top - apart from mine is black. It does also come in the red shown in the picture, and in white. On each of the four corners there are rubber feet for your laptop to rest on (the dark grey bits on the picture). On my black one these feet are a light grey colour giving a nice colour contrast. The bottom of the stand is cushioned slightly, but is not overly squishy.

      **So how is it to use?**

      On the packaging it states:
      "Ergonomically designed with twin silent-running fans to cool your laptop and prolong its life. Comfortable and cool surface. Perfect for having on your lap. Runs off your computer's USB port."

      'Installing' this stand is really straight forward. Simply plug in to your laptops USB port and you're away. If you place your hand above where the fans are you can feel the air coming out of the stand. Not with too much force, but enough for you to be able to feel it. The stand is very light, and is comfy to have on your lap. It is only 3cm high in total which means I don't feel like I've got something too clumbersome on my lap. The twin silent fans are not 'silent' but they are very very quiet. I can hardly fault Exibel on that.

      A couple of quick notes about the packaging - the packaging was very minimal, which for me is a definite pro point, but not recyclable. The other niggle I have about the packaging is it states that it fits all laptops and netbooks. Now I have a 15.6 screen laptop and it fits on the stand perfectly. I would think if you happened to have a large laptop it probably wouldn't sit on the stand so comfortably.

      Dimensions of the stand:
      360 x 270 x 30 mm

      Since I've been using the stand - about 2 months now - my laptop has not overheated on me once, nor have I had any issues with it. It's got to be doing something right, so for a tenner I can't complain!

      === Update ===

      So, I still have the stand, but it no longer works. This isn't something I can blame Exibel for - we got a rescue puppy in January 2013 and I foolishly wasn't paying much attention one day and he chewed through the short cable that has the USB connection on the end. Needless to say, it no longer cools (and we've been extra extra careful with wires ever since!). It still works as something to place the laptop on to give it a solid surface when using it on the bed, etc. though. :-)


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