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Voltarol Pain-eze Emulgel

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  • hand size tube for travel
  • it works!
  • smell is very strong
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    1 Review
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      19.08.2014 13:47
      Very helpful


      • "hand size tube for travel"
      • "it works!"


      • "smell is very strong"

      Voltarol Pain-eze Emugel

      *****Introduction *****

      Throughout most of my 1st pregnancy in 08/09 I was suffering with terrible pains in my hands, that would start at the tip of my fingers, it slowly progressed into my hands up my arms to my elbows. At times the pain was overwhelming, I was sent to the doctors where they didn't have a clue what it was. Shortly after Harvey was born in 2009 I woke one day and couldn't pick anything up, my hands were ridged, I picked up an empty cup that dropped to the floor because I couldn't hold anything at all, I was then diagnosed with Carpal Tunnel. I had previously worked in office's and in a bar and work from the laptop at home doing my Corset work and all of this was suspected to have caused it. I have suffered with it on/off since then and was only recently told to use Voltarol Pain-eze as my doctors do not want me to have surgery and the wrist splints only work for so long.

      ***** Voltarol Pain-eze *****

      Voltarol Pai-eze is designed to help with inflammation in the muscles. It is great for helping a variety of things including sprains, strains, bruising and pain in the joints. It works due to the fact that it contains an anti-inflammatory product.

      It is only recommended for adults and children aged 14 and over.

      There are usage instructions on the back of the tube which clearly state 'Apply 3-4 times daily to the affected area of the skin', you need to leave at least 4 hours between each application.

      ***** In Use *****

      When applying the gel, you have a TCP type smell right away, its called a gel although the product actually comes out white, and cream like. I brought the product to use on my wrists so only needed a small amount, I squeezed a small amount onto the inside of each wrist, no more then the size of a 5 pence piece. I then rubbed both wrists together. The gel is quite thin so you only need a small amount, the small amount I used was enough to also cover a little bit of my arm's, which is ideal as my carpal tunnel goes up to my elbows. The gel dries very quickly and was touch dry within 10 seconds.

      ***** My Thoughts *****

      I love this stuff! I was very sceptical about using it because at the end of the day its only a gel. Sometimes I have days where I cannot do anything with my hands, which obviously affects my day to day life. I use wrist splints whenever possible to help with the pain but cannot wear them all the time, and this gel really helped with the pain. It did take a few hours for the pain to go which isn't perfect, but it does help with the pain. I still get the numbness, tingling and pain but this gel makes all of that more manageable.


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    • Product Details

      Voltarol Pain-eze Emulgel  offers penetrating pain and inflammation relief for sufferers of rheumatism and joint pain, strains, sprains and bruises / Its active ingredient is Diclofenic, a non steroidal inflammation and pain reliever.

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