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Wilkinsonplus Childrens Play House

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6 Reviews

Brand: Wilkinsonplus / Type: Playhouse / Tents

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    6 Reviews
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      26.09.2013 15:11
      Very helpful



      Great little play house for a good price

      With such a huge range to choose from and with many play houses's out there on the market which go up to thousands of pounds if you want a big wooden extravagent one, so it's hard to know which is best to go for.

      My children have this play house in the garden and it's brilliant. Although it's not made out of the best quality it does the job! Both my children love playing in here and can spend hours in it. It's a large house and big enough for them to both play comfortably together in there with accessories!
      We have put a toy kitchen in ours. My daughter loves playing "mummy's" in there, it's lovely to watch her imagination really coming on using the house and making up different stories in there. My son loves being in there and just playing peek -a -boo with the doors and windows

      It is made out of bright colourful plastic and looks lovely. We've had in in the garden or two and a half years and it hasn't really faded at all.

      There's only a couple of negative points to mention. The first is the door. My daughter does sometimes get frustrated as the door won't always catch and often swings open.
      The second is that the plastic the house is made out of isn't the best quality and quite thin so i shouldn't imagine it will last as some of the other more expensive houses out there. BUT saying that you do get what you pay for and this was a bargain!


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      26.06.2013 16:38
      Very helpful



      You don't need to be Sarah Beeny to know this house is a hit !

      ~*~ Wilkinsonplus Children's Outdoor Playhouse ~*~

      We have owned this playhouse for 6 years now , at the time of purchase my son was nearly 5 years old and it a few weeks before my daughter was born . I was buying it more for my daughter to grow into as my son hadn't shown any interest in a playhouse before buying this .
      What prompted the early purchase was when it popped up in the sale for the amazing price of £17 . Yes £17 tiny pounds, so as you can imagine I snapped it up, thinking even if my son wasn't interested it wouldn't be long before his sister would be , and it could be used by the children that visit our house too.

      Once delivered it was put up straight away , the house comes in 5 parts , 4 walls and a roof . The pieces are put together by slotting them together and using plastic nuts to screw onto the plastic screws like giant meccano . It was very simple and straight forward to build and took 2 adults less than 20 minutes from start to finish.

      ~*~ The House ~*~

      The house measurements are as follows looking at the house from the front, the house is 130 cm wide, and has a depth of 106 cm. The height is 84 cm at the lowest and 117 cm at the highest point.

      The front panel of the house has an open window and a door . The window measures 50 cm x 37 cm , and the door measures 88 cm high and 44 wide. The door was already fitted to the panel all you need to add is the door handle , which is 2 pieces that clip together with the door in the middle . The handle has a 90 degree turn , which locks the door and stops it flapping around in the wind. The door also features a small letterbox slot .

      The side panels on the house are the same on both sides, each features a window with opening frame . These measure 35 cm x 37 cm . The frames can be opened and closed and are windowless as in there is no glass or plastic and you can put your hand through . On the outside of the panel are flowers these are molded into the shape of the plastic . The house also comes with stickers to place on the flower parts .
      These were easy to apply and have stayed on .

      The back of the house has 2 open windows, a large rectangle one the same size as the front and a smaller circular porthole style window which measures 24 cm approx in diameter.

      ~*~ In Play ~*~

      Despite this being a purchase initially more for my daughter than my son, for the 1st summer this house was a Star Wars base camp. My son spent many a hour happily playing inside with his figures , and as we had put a small table and chairs inside he would often eat his lunch in there too .
      As he was enjoying the house, we also bought a childrens plastic bbq set , similar to a play kitchen , but a bbq . Once that was in he was very happy playing house and cooking , as were all the children that come to the house . All of them seem to be instantly pulled to the house and it has definitely been one of the toys that have lasted years in terms of quality and of play time .
      Once my daughter was walking she couldn't wait to join her brother in the playhouse . Now the house has prams and baby dolls that join in with the play as well as a bucket full of plastic food for all those lovely meals they can't wait to cook you.
      The postbox cut in the front is a nice addition to play , most children love to get something in the mail , and mine were no exception and would often post little notes and pictures to each other.
      Now my daughter is nearly 6 its used as a Lalaloopsy house and where she holds her tea parties.

      ~*~ Extra Info ~*~

      In the winter when the house isn't being played in, we use it to store the bikes and scooters . Whilst its not completely waterproof due to the open windows, it is sheltered enough to stop the worst of the weather .
      As a small adult [ 5ft ] I can, and have fitted inside the house this is when my daughter sends me in to remove any spiders that have come to squat overnight . Whilst I wouldn't want to stay for a tea party it wasn't painful in anyway .

      ~*~ Thoughts ~*~

      Super , super , super ... 6 years on and its still standing and still being played in . Just last weekend my daughter and her friend moved Lalaloopsy land into the house and spent the whole afternoon playing inside. My daughter who is small for her age can still stand up inside , her friend is too tall now and does have to crouch slightly , but she certainly wasn't bothered , and they can both still sit at the table without being too tall. Going on that I would say from 1-6 years you would get the maximum play time . There aren't many toys that stretch that age group .
      The quality is excellent I would say as good as the Little Tikes garden toys we have . The plastic has not warped or changed shape , nor has it became brittle and snapped like some plastic does.
      The only damage we have on the house is fading of the colours and stickers due to the sun . This has happened with all the garden toys and something I expected to happen.

      The R.R.P of the house was around £100 when I purchased it and whilst it probably won't ever be sold at the bargain price I paid , I have seen it in sales for around £50 .
      It's well worth £100 , especially if buying for a young child or 2 children in terms of play time over the years , so if you see it cheaper snap it up you will not be disappointed .

      This will probably be the last summer our playhouse is used now my children are getting older , but its still in such good condition it will be passed on for more children to enjoy . One of the best toys I have ever bought.

      5 out of 5


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        20.01.2013 13:24
        Very helpful
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        Great little playhouse for a 3 - probably 6 year old

        Every time I go to Toys R' Us or to the doctors surgery with Lily, she always wants to play in the big playhouse (she calls them tree houses for some reason, possibly Peppa Pig is to blame for this). Lily's auntie was looking for a main present for her for Lily's third birthday and she suggested getting her a big playhouse, I told her Lily would absolutely love it. I have a garden at the moment, but I can't be certain when I have to move from this property that I'm going to get a house with a garden and that was my biggest concern, would it fit in Lily's bedroom? She went and bought it and yes indeed it was huge, but I still managed to make it fit perfectly in the room.

        == What is it? ==

        This is a playhouse for your child/children, it is similar to a Wendy House, but this one is made from moulded plastic, instead of thin plastic or cloth. It has four walls, a roof, a door complete with windows and a letterbox, two windows that open and close (my daughter usually closes these when I am in her room and she wants some privacy), and a small circular window and a large square window. The sides are decorated with various things, such as; flowers, gardening tools and a hose, these are moulded onto the house and you apply stickers to decorate them and make them stand out. The roof of the house has a tiled effect, to make it look like a real house and the sides of the house give it the look of a wooden cabin. the house is 130cm wide, 115cm tall and has a depth of 109cm, so make sure you have plenty of space to put it before purchasing.

        == What's in the box? ==

        In the box you get:
        2 x side panels with opening windows
        1 x back panel with round window
        1 x front panel with large square window and door
        1 x hinged roof
        1 x door handle
        20 x plastic screws
        1 x sheet of decals
        1 x instruction sheet

        == Building it ==

        I decided to build this in my daughter's bedroom when she was at her mums for the night, I thought it would be a nice surprise for her birthday.
        Building this was quite easy and it took less than half an hour to build, all the parts were large, so it was just a case of slotting in the four sides and screwing them into place with the plastic screws. Once this was done it was time to add the roof, which has a hinge down the middle and you do the same again, screw them into place with the plastic screws, which only really need to be hand tightened. When the house is built it's time to add the decals, it's pretty easy to see where they go on the house, but if you do get stuck you can always refer to the picture on the box. Judging by the way it was built, it looks easily enough to disassemble for moving it outside or moving home etc.

        == Price ==

        Although Wilkinsons and Argos have discontinued their products and, as I didn't purchase this myself but had it bought for my daughter(I didn't want to ask Lily's auntie how much she paid for it), I had to do a bit of googling to find a price for it and also where you would be able to purchase it from. I found a similar house here (when I say similar, it's exactly the same, but under the Chad Valley brand, the only difference between this product and my daughters house is the colour, my daughters one is pink) - http://www.the-product.co.uk/chad-valley-childrens-playhouse-yellow-9924-p.asp and they have them for sale for £69.75, reduced from £89.99 (I certainly wouldn't pay £89.99 for it).

        == Verdict ==

        Just as I thought, Lily thinks this is the best toy ever, she also got a little wooden kitchen, which fits in the house perfectly and I have also put her Peppa Pig rug inside it to make it a little more homely. It was a lovely surprise for her birthday and I managed to keep her out of her room all day, until her auntie arrived, she was over the moon when she saw it. I did have to rearrange her room about a lot to fit the house in, but it fits perfectly. Inside, the house has a pink glow, because everything on the house is so pink. I have still yet to have my dinner at Lily's little house, I will need to arrange something very soon, I am sure the invites in the post. I'm sure it would stand the rigours of the British weather outside, but I think it would get extremely dirty and plus, it looks pretty good in my daughter's bedroom. The main problem I have with this house, is the door, it doesn't really shut properly, unless you really slam it. The door does look like it has a little bend in it but that might have happened during transit or at the manufacturers, so yours might be different. Another thing I didn't like about it was, the stickers didn't really fit the places they should properly and it was quite difficult to judge, so they didn't look stupid (I don't think a three year old would pay attention to a little detail like that though, my daughter certainly doesn't). Despite those minor flaws, this house is great for interactive role play and your child will have hours of fun in this.


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          21.01.2010 15:43
          Very helpful
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          I would buy a better quality house

          My son always loved role play as a youngster. Although his father was dubious to get him what he called 'a girls' toy', I had always promised him that when we got a house with a garden he could have his own little house like the one at playgroup. When he was 3 we moved to a house with a garden and as I had promised I went on the hunt to find his own miniature home.

          I looked on the internet and found the prices ranged from £50.00 upwards and came in plastic and wood. As we had just moved money was a little tight. I came across this in the Wilkinson plus catalogue for £60.00 and decided it was the one. I had it delivered to store for free and went to collect it.

          The house was plastic and came in 5 sections - four sides and the roof. It took two of us to put it together because each side had to be held up by one person whilst the other bolted it together. The bolts were made of plastic and came with a nut to tighten up. The front door clipped on as did the shutters on one of the windows; the other windows didn't have shutters. There were also a few stickers of flowers that went on the side.

          The house was up. My partner laid 4 slabs down for it so the grass didn't get killed and we lifted the house onto them. I was pleased that it was nice and sturdy and the door was a good size for a child to fit through although a bit of a squeeze for me.

          That summer was great, we'd never had a garden before and this was definitely a good addition. I was given a little cooker and I bought a table and chairs and that was our café set up. We would play for ages with him being the chef and waiter bringing out the food and serving me at the table. At the end of the summer we dismantled the house so it didn't get damaged as quite often the colours fade on plastic in the rain.

          The following summer we gave the house a wash down, I did find some of the grooves difficult to get into to clean. This was because they had lots of bits of fluff and spider webs where it had been in the garage all winter. The house went back together no problem except some of the stickers were a little worn and another summer of fun had begun. This year we had the table and chairs inside and he would sit in there with his friends using it as a den. The possibilities for play are pretty endless depending on the child and their imagination.

          About halfway through the second summer I found a couple of the bolts had snapped. Although there was 3 bolts to each side and six holding the roof on, so 1 or 2 wasn't so bad but once they had snapped the house wasn't as sturdy and started to sway. When the house started moving more bolts started to snap until it came to the point that the house was unsafe and we had to take it to the tip.

          Two years of play for £60.00 wasn't bad and by the next summer my boy was probably a little old for a playhouse anyway. His little sister had come along by then and had it been more durable we would have been able to pass it on to her so a little disappointing. If I were to buy another playhouse I think I would spend a little bit more on getting one made by Little Tikes as there stuff is a lot more durable.


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            21.05.2009 09:49
            Very helpful



            a great budget play house

            With my younger daughter's birthday coming up next month, I have been looking around for a while to get her a play house for the garden. We knew this was what she was going to get, we just didn't know which one we would buy. There are lots on the market, both plastic and wooden, and they also come in different colours, including a pink range for girls.
            I decided that we would get a neutral coloured one to co-ordinate with the garden colours, rather than have a pink item stand out against all the green and brown in the garden.

            After many weeks of looking and comparing, we finally settled on the playhouse from Wilkinson's. You can actually get the same house from Argos for the same price, but the delivery scale was better from Wilkinson's, so we opted to get it from them.
            The price of the playhouse is £69.99, but as we have learnt since buying it, fluctuates in price by a few pounds every now and again. That was the gamble we paid so put it down to experience and waited happily for our house to arrive.
            I had decided to get a plastic house rather than a wooden one because of the price of the wooden ones being a lot more, and also I thought a plastic one would be more durable against the weather in the garden without having to worry about treating it.

            The playhouse arrives flat packed, but don't be put off as it fits together very easily, even a man can do it! It only took one of us to put the house together, and was done in a few simple parts. The roof connects together from being in two parts and each side is a whole which clicks together with a plastic screw that holds it in place. No tools are needed which is a bonus when you are eager to get the house together and waiting in the garden to be played in.
            There are two windows and a door that need to be connected into the house when put together but again these are easy enough to click into place.

            I had liked the design of the house when we looked at it online, but when we put it together; I thought it looked thinner but longer than my measurements suggested. I soon found though that when I managed to get inside the house, there is plenty of room inside for a couple of children and just about an adult to visit if needed.
            The house has one large window in the front that isn't covered as well as a round porthole style window at the back not covered. The other windows can be opened outwards from inside and close together easily without catches.
            There are also inserts in the plastic walls of garden taps, tools and flower shapes. You do get some stickers provided for the outside, but we have only decorated some of these as the house looks fine without and the stickers seem to only cover part of the tools and I was worried they would look silly.

            Once put up we found it was easy to move into position, and is more bulky than heavy. The plastic doesn't appear very thick, but it is very sturdy once together and doesn't rock or look shabby or unsafe.

            We have our house positioned on some paving slabs that were already in the garden, but we have since decided that we will be putting something on the ground to make it a bit nicer for our daughter rather than having to sit on the ground as this playhouse doesn't come with a floor provided. We are thinking of getting some plastic grass for her.
            Before we bought the house we measured certain areas of the garden to see where the house would fit nicely. The house measures 115cm high by 130cm wide and 106cm deep. The size isn't too big for a small garden and we found there were plenty of areas in our small garden for the house to go should we choose.

            I do admit to putting this up before my daughter's birthday so she has had her house in the garden for two weeks now. Her verdict is unanimous. She can't get enough of it and asks to go into the garden every day rain or shine.
            She isn't quite two years old and despite the house being recommended for children age three and over, she fits perfectly into it height wise at just coming up to 80 cm herself.
            Her favourite parts of the house are to open and shut the door and also the windows, shouting up the garden hello and goodbye to us whilst she hides and reappears in the various windows around the house.
            I have never seen her get so much pleasure from what is essentially pieces of plastic put together. For this reason I would have paid much more for this house and was very happy with the price.

            I have noticed that over the bad weather we have had over the last couple of weeks, the house is starting to look dirty already so I would recommend that if you have a house like this that it gets wiped down after rain or when you notice it getting a bit grubby. This might prevent dirt from getting into any scratches in the plastic and making it look old before its time.
            This house has the potential to last a long time if looked after correctly. We have since put a small plastic table and chair inside and she will sit happily inside for ages. When she gets a bit bigger then she will be able to take more toys inside such as colouring activities etc.

            I would suggest that if you place this house onto grass then move it about over time as the roof will shield from the sun but also the bottom will deaden the grass if left in the same place for too long.
            If you're looking for a playhouse for the garden you can't go wrong with this one, for the entertainment as well as the price.


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              02.04.2009 17:50
              Very helpful



              A bargain compared to its counterparts

              I have been looking for a reasonably priced playhouse for my daughter for some time and as it was nearing her birthday, I was getting more desperate to find one. Most of the playhouses available are well over £100.00 and can go up to £1,000 (if you buy real wood). I was therefore very pleased to find this plastic playhouse on the Wilkinsonplus website for £60.00.

              The height is 115cm, width is 130cm and depth 106cm. This is actually quite a decent size in comparison to other playhouses I have viewed. My daughter can at the moment enter through the doorway without having to bend and there is plenty of room inside for her to have a small table and chair. It is of a fairly sturdy construction and fits together with the clips that are provided fairly easily. A full set of instructions is provided aswell as a range of stickers for the outside of the house.

              The house has four windows - two of which have shutters which can be opened or closed (the others being a large open window and a porthole style window). It also has a door with a letterbox.

              All in all, for the price, this is a really nice item. Certainly in comparison to similar models, it is an absolute bargain. I imagine that many other parents feel the same, as when I ordered this item a couple of weeks ago, there were 153 of them in stock, and now they have sold out!


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            • Product Details

              This colourful playhouse offers hours of fun and role play. Features working door and shutters. Decorate with stickers, included.

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