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Moshi Monsters Hog Trike

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Brand: Moshi Monsters / Type: Toy Ride-ons

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    1 Review
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      19.02.2014 13:29
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      Trike for children.


      We bought this for my son for Christmas as he wanted something different from a bike and a scooter which he has had many is his little life time. He seen one in the smyths toy store before Christmas which he had a ride on and he loved it, so I knew that be the thing to get him for Christmas. We decided on moshi monsters as he did have a crave on it, and seems that moshi monster is for either boys or girls it was a good choice.


      As you get this trike it will be delivered or bought in a huge box. So as you imagine it will need building, my partner built this on Christmas Eve and took nearly an hour. The good thing is that it was not difficult and all the tools you will need to fix up the trike comes in the box, so no hunting for tools.
      Most of the parts to the trike are pretty big so not as fiddly as some toys you have to build, the trike is made from hard plastic so hard wearing and metal framing, so is firm and sturdy when using it. Once you have finished building it you then have the fun of the stickers to place on the trike.


      The trike is nothing like a bike, it is closer to the ground when riding it, there is no oily chains, and the peddles are further away from the seat. I was a little concerned that my son wouldn't be able to reach the peddles but he does fine, although it wouldn't of mattered so much as the seat can be adjusted. There is no need for a chain on this trike because the peddles are situated on the front wheel and that enables my son to peddle with ease, without a chain falling off, which is the problem we have had in the past with bikes he has had.

      I have asked my son whether or not it is comfortable when riding around on it and he says yes, so no problems there, there is not a padded seat like you get with bikes, it is hard plastic. I suppose if he played on it a lot outside then it might hurt his little bottom, with the weather we have at the moment it is hard to tell as he don't go out on it as much. I would probably give him a little cushion to sit on when he can play on it for longer in the summer if it becomes uncomfortable for him.
      I wouldn't say that the trike is that big really although because it is bulkier than a bike it does take up some storage room, at the moment we keep it under our stairs, keeping it safe and dry as we don't want the rust to set in the metal in this weather. Not sure it would fit in my shed outside at the moment as there isn't much room in there so in summer it will going in there once I have had another clear out.

      The trike also has front brakes so easy to slow down or stop if my son goes down hills, or needs to stop or slow down if going too fast, which my son is getting used to using. I think that the trike is a lot better than his bike and my son seems to think so too. You have a moshi monster banner which is attached to both handle bars going across the front of the trike, which gives the added touch to the trike.
      The 2 wheels on the back of the trike are made of hard plastic and that is why it is quite noisy when my son plays on it outside, although it doesn't bother him. The front wheel however is bigger than the back ones and is made of rubber, so same wheel as you would get on a bike.


      This trike is made for children from 6+ years, which my son is 6 and has no problems riding around on this, I wasn't sure whether he would play on this trike because the of the colours, the trike is coloured purple and blue, and normally my on wont entertain anything that he thinks is a girls colour, but he is fine with this.

      AS you know the trike is modelled from the moshi monsters so many people will be familiar with them, and something my son got into before Christmas, because of the colour of the trike it would be suitable for boys and girls especially if they like the moshi monsters collection.
      I think that this trike would make an ideal first bike to any child if you can get one with a age suitable for younger children, it will be more sturdy, safer, and fun, and children will just love it.


      We bought this from the 24ace catalogue priced at £89.99, do I think this is expensive for a trike, no I don't I think it is reasonable to say that you could spend this on a bike, and the trike as proved to be hard wearing and suitable and fun for my son. I would shop around before agreeing to purchase it as you might be able to find it cheaper elsewhere.


      I would recommend this to anyone with a child with the suitable age to get this they will love it. I do consider this as being safer than riding a bike, because of the seat is closer to the ground and you have a seat that is bigger enough for your bum to fit on, and not fall off.

      There are still general items that you can get for the trike like you would a bike, like the bell that sits on the handle bars, spokes decorations to go on the front wheel. Overall I like the trike and my son loves it, the only problem I have is the noise it makes when my son plays on it, because of the plastic wheels on the back.


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