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Ishopuk Ukayed Amazing Ride on Swing Car

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Brand: Ishopuk / Type: Toy Ride-ons

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    2 Reviews
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      13.06.2013 11:22
      Very helpful



      A ride on toy to convert those of us who dislike them!

      I will admit that when my Sister suggested buying one of these ride on Didicars (or swing car as it is also known) for my two children for Christmas, I really wasn't sure. She sent me a link to it on Amazon and asked if it was a good idea to get for my two little ones - aged 4 and 1 at the time - as a joint present and although I had my reservations I agreed and as a result my children unwrapped a massive box on the big day which contained this ride on toy... I should really state her that my reservations were not about this toy in particular, I am just not a huge fan of plastic ride on toys or trikes and my children aren't generally fussed about them either. In addition to this our newly renovated house has mainly carpet downstairs apart from the hallway and kitchen, so I wasn't sure how much use we would get out of it!

      On opening the box on Christmas Day, the packaging itself was not hugely inspiring, just a large brown cardboard box and so my children weren't really sure what was inside. However after opening the box and a tiny bit of assembly to put the wheels on, which took a couple of minutes if that, my kids got on it and it was an instant hit! Our particular version is blue and red coloured, although I have seen on Amazon that these come in a number of colour combinations such as red/black, pink/black, green/black, yellow/black and the aforementioned blue/red version which we have. The swing car itself looks a little like a helicopter crossed with a ride on, with a steering handle and foot pads at the front and a large seat at the back, which can fit on any combination of 1 small child, 2 small children, 1 adult(!) or most humorously, 1 small child - who insists on steering! - and 1 adult on the back. We haven't tried 2 adults on it, but that may work too although it would be a bit of a squeeze!

      The car works in a couple of ways - you can either put your feet on the foot pads (and therefore off the floor) and move the car forwards by wiggling the steering handle and steering it forwards and backwards using the handle only or for little ones, maximum speed can be obtained by using it as a traditional ride on using foot power and running your feet on the floor to propel it forward and using the steering handle. This is my now 2 year olds preferred method as he can get really fast speeds on it as he goes round and round the dining table, which is now his favourite racing circuit! Steering is surprisingly good and because the front wheels (2 larger and 2 smaller all on the same rotating plate attached to the steering handle) are in the middle of the front, innocent bystanders don't get run over by the wheels, because you get hit by the plastic frontage first! The back two wheels are stuck out to the side though, so it is possible from this point of view.

      It is really very sturdy and best of all requires no batteries! The best type of toy! My little boy took to it straight away despite the fact that a sticker on it said that children should be 3+ and he insists on sitting at the front and taking his Sister, Mum or Dad for a ride at breakneck speed! The fact that a 2 year old is able to do this is amazing and we were all slightly astounded when he first did it. This shows how easy it is to manoeuvre and steer and how lightweight the car actually is. The car works best on laminate, which is were the ride is the smoothest, it is easier to steer and of course the fastest. The wheels do work on carpet and it is sometimes brought into the living room, but generally just used as a seat or a more slow-moving delivery vehicle instead of a racing car! We have not used it outside, but I would imagine it would work brilliantly out there too!

      I am surprised and pleased about how much fun this toy has brought to our family. It is used practically every day and has been a great source of laughter and fun and not just for the youngest members of our family either! If you are looking for something a bit different, then this may be something worth purchasing.

      Available from Amazon for around £24.99 - well worth the money in my opinion!


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        25.04.2011 00:18
        Very helpful



        A great little car, even for the older kids!

        My hubby and I were sat flicking through the channels one night when we came across a shopping channel advertising Didi Cars, they looked really funky and we knew our youngest would love one.

        After having a quick look on ebay we came across this swing car. It was brand new off a seller who had loads of them boxed up ready for sale. I am sure we only actually paid around £12 for the car and the postage was free! He was selling them so cheap compared to an actual Didi car we thought that if it was terrible we weren't loosing much. If you follow the Amazon link above it shows two photo's for the same car, the one we have is the second bright blue one.

        I had my grandfather to purchase it for me as at the time I did not have a Paypal account and he did, when the car arrived my grandfather phoned me to say so, and that he didn't think it was going to be any good as the box was so light!
        I rushed up to my grandparents house and opened the box, I found the car unit inside with the back wheels attached but the front wheels and steering wheel were separate and needed to be screwed on.
        I set about doing so and found it went together very easily! It was quite a small car but I still thought it was perfect for my son, my grandfather also thought it was brilliant!

        The brilliant thing with these cars is that they DO NOT need batteries! Excellent on Christmas morning!

        To move the car you simply steer the wheel and it glides across the floor, there are no pedals either you sit on the car with your feet up and move the wheel!

        The smoother the surface the faster you will go so my son was riding around the house like a maniac on Christmas morning as we have laminate flooring right through the downstairs! My other sons also had a go and it held them fine too, they are seven and nine, my nine year old had a brilliant time on it and said he wouldn't mind one!
        It does say suitable for adults too, but I didn't dare have a go just in case lol!!

        It's a basic little ride on but so much fun!

        You can go forwards or backwards and around corners even in circles if you wish all depending on which way you turn the steering wheel!

        The one I bought also came with a pack of stickers to jazz it up and to be honest even though it is very plain the colour is lovely so the stickers are not really needed! We did stick some on though as my son wanted to!

        I would recommend these cars to anyone!

        £25 on Amazon or you can buy 2 for £27 on ebay!

        They are more than worth it, and my boys love it! I think I will buy another one or two!

        Oh, to stop you haven't got any brakes you just put your feet down!


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    • Product Details

      Just rotate the steering wheel from side to side to go forward and flip the wheel 180 degrees to steer backwards. The smoother the driving surface, the faster you go. To stop, cease rotating the steering wheel and put your feet onto the ground.

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