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Flair Gazillion Bubbles

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3 Reviews

Brand: Flair / Type: Water Toys

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    3 Reviews
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      28.09.2009 17:10
      Very helpful



      Great entertain product for both adults and children

      Christmas day 2008 - We didn't have snow, we didn't have Rain, No we had Bubbles.

      My 2 sons got bought this amazing product for Christmas, and it was one of the first presents they opened and didn't want to open anymore they wanted to go and play bubbles.
      I have never had so much seeing how many bubbles i can blow with the 7-in-1 bubble blower wand.

      ***Product its self***
      See through green plastic bottle with a easy grip screw on lid in purple.
      230ml of Gazillion Bubbles solution which is clear.
      7-in-1 Yellow bubble blower wand.

      ***how to use***
      Place the 7 in 1 bubble blower wand in to the solution remove from the bottle and blow till your hearts content.

      One blow on the bubble wand and your room/ area is filled with bubbles, alot more bubbles then just using the bog standard wand.

      £2.00 from duncanstoychest.co.uk
      iv seen it as cheap as £1.50 and expensive as £4.99
      Look around for the best price.

      *** Other Information***

      You can use the solution with other Flair Gazillion Bubbles products
      Gazillion Bubble Machine Gazillion Bubbles Micro Linkz (bubble gun)

      *** Over All***
      So much fun for just £2.00, love by Adults and children. Very easy to use,
      and it goes along away.

      For lots of Laughter and fun i would highly recommend this for a birthday party, and Christmas day.


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        16.02.2009 18:22
        Very helpful



        The best way to blow!

        The best way to blow! These are certainly some of the greatest bubble blowing ideas! The clever wands allow you to now just blow only one bubble at a time, but up to seven of various sizes! Children, teens, adults and pensioners alike can enjoy blowing billions of bubbles with 'Flair Gazillion Bubbles'.

        I've also noticed that my border collie, Molly, takes great delight in trying to catch bubbles that I blow for her, in her mouth. She happily jumps around, frantically wagging her tail and barking for more and more bubbles! It's a great way to entertain her, though nothing seems to wear her out! So if you have a pet, these are bound to keep them occupied for hours (though my cats don't seem quite so keen...)!

        These bubbles would also make a fab gift in a party bag for any age! Children will naturally enjoy chasing the bubbles, trying to pop them and trying them balance them on their hands without them popping! They'll bring out the child in all adults! It's probably hilarious to watch adults playing with these when under the influence of alcohol!

        I love these bubbles, and the fact you can blow so many at once is even more appealing than traditional ones. Do try to avoid getting the mixture in eyes however, as it does sting. If this does occur, wash immediately with warm water.


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        26.07.2008 03:50
        Very helpful



        Good clean fun!

        -0- GAZILLION BUBBLES -0-

        'Already recognised for its infinitely superior bubble solution, the extensive GAZILLION BUBBLES range will find favour with all ages. It includes cleverly designed 7-in-1 wands plus bubble guns and blowers, giant wands and motorised machines incorporating favourite Disney characters such as Nemo, Buzz Lightyear and Disney Princesses'.

        Bubbles are great fun! I love them. I think it is the child in me and this type of product always makes me smile. Bubbles are so pretty and light and entirely elusive. As soon as you catch them in your hand they pop! I love the rainbow effect upon the bubble which is caused by the detergent, it gives them an almost magical quality. It puts me in mind of fairies and childhood things.

        My cats have their own Catnip bubbles and I have Gazillion for when I want the child brought out of me. I can have a fun filled half hour mindlessly blowing the bubbles high into the air and watching in delight as they float weightlessly to the ground. Its just pure escapism and I enjoy the act of blowing them :)

        -0- Gazillion Bubbles -0-

        The bubbles come in a clear, plastic ridged bottle with raised bubbles moulded upon the front. The bubble liquid is lime green and the bottle states that Gazillion are 'The Worlds Best Bubbles'. The weight is 57.5ml (2oz) and they come supplied with a wand with seven varying shape holes for the different size bubbles. Gazillion claim that "you will run out of breath before you run out of bubbles". They also state that this solution is a 'non staining' formula. They are bright and colourful and have a ring top for easy carrying.

        -0- SUMMARY -0-

        Well I think Gazillion Bubbles are great. They are a fun way to amuse yourself. I have never lost my sense of fun and for me bubbles are a great way of relaxing for a moment and just unleashing the child in you. They are inexpensive. They don't stain or ring furniture or fabric and the bottle lasts a long while. All in all, a fun activity that will bring a smile to your face : )

        57.5ml (2oz) Gazillion Bubbles plus wand: £0.79p Inc FREE delivery from Amazon.co.uk

        Thank you for reading
        July 2008*


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