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Victorinox Hiker

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2 Reviews

Type: Pocket Knife

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    2 Reviews
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      11.10.2011 22:35
      Very helpful



      Great little multi-tool

      There probably are other makes of army knife out there, but Victorinox's Swiss Army variety is by far the best known. I've actually got around four of the buggers - it's not been my intention to collect them, it's just that I seem to have accumulated them over the years from gifts etc. Personally, I prefer the simpler Swiss Army knives (the ones with less bits and pieces on them) - and this is a category which the 'Hiker' variety fits into. In terms of the price, the Hiker can currently be bought for £17.63 from amazon.

      What tools are present?
      - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
      Measuring roughly nine centimetres in length, the Hiker features tweezers, a toothpick, a large blade and small blade, a can opener with a small flat screwdriver head, a bottle opener comprising a large screwdriver and wire stripper, a reamer (not sure if I know what that is!), a saw, a philips screwdriver, and a thing for getting boy scouts out of horses hooves.

      The product in use
      - - - - - - - - - - - - -
      Using the tool is a completely non-frustrating experience - all attachments open with little effort. The flimsiest item is the toothpick with its plastic construction, but to be honest it's not something that I really use - still, I suppose it's potentially handy for those spinach-in-teeth moments. In regard to the rest of the tools, the build quality is impressive - this is an item which will survive being dropped onto all manner of hard surfaces. It should be pointed out that If you leave your Swiss Army Knife in a drawer for an extended period of time it will begin to seize up, making the tools difficult to open. The remedy is a little oil, or some WD40 sprayed onto the hinge, and this will loosen up the situation.

      Final Word
      - - - - - - -
      Overall, the Victorinox Hiker Swiss Army Knife is a really handy tool which has helped me out of a number of sticky situations (all legal) over the years. The build quality means that in theory the tool should last a lifetime (with minimal maintenance), and the price represents good value for money.


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        19.05.2011 21:41
        Very helpful
        1 Comment



        worth getting

        ==Swiss Army Knife Hiker==

        When asked by Himself what I wanted for my birthday this year I was really stuck for something to say as more often than not, if I want something I just go out and get it. Seeing as how I know that if I didn't come up with anything I would probably get nothing I had to have a think of things I had always thought about but never purchased for myself and this Swiss army knife was it!

        I have fond memories of Dad pulling out his trusty Swiss army knife on many a walk we used to take in order to cut down a suitable stick in order to swipe at the stinging nettles and to act as a walking stick for both me and my brother and seeing as how Jack is now of an age where he can do a big walk and we have been going out on them more this seemed like a brilliant idea and I was right.

        ==Price and Availability==

        The cost of this particularly Swiss Army knife is around £20 depending on where you get it from of course. There are little shops on the Island where we live that have the price of these sky high but then again a lot of their other items are way over priced. Having had a look online you can get it for probably closer to £15 if you hunt around and there does seem to be a good deal of places that sell this one and this make.

        Don't be fooled however into thinking that another cheaper version of the Swiss Army Knife will do because to be honest you will be wasting your money. The Swiss Army Knifes are a long standing and trusted company that sell these knifes buy the thousands each year because they are the best. They will last you well and for the price they are well worth it.

        ==What You Get With The Hiker==

        There are so many different Swiss Army Knifes to choose from because they all have different attachments depending on what it is you require the knife for. The Hiker is of course specially designed for hikers and this is why I opted for this version over all the other ones.

        The attachments that are on this knife are:
        Small and Large Blade,
        Can opener with flat end Screw Driver,
        Wire Stripper,
        Punch and Sewing Kit,
        Wood saw,
        and Cross Head Screwdriver.

        This is all presented nicely in the classic red colourings of all the Swiss Army knifes and all the attachments fit neatly away to create a relative small item which can easily fit into your pocket. The weight of the item is surprisingly light at 200 grams and you hardly notice it at all when you are carrying it.

        ==My Opinion==
        I have to say that unless I am going out on a walk it is not something I carry around with me all the time. I guess this is because it is quite a deadly weapon in the wrong hands and I like to keep it well out of the way of my little boy but I could probably do with having it around as all the attachments are really handy and can be used in a number of different places and times.

        I am most fond of the large wood saw attachment as this is the one needed to get branches off trees in order to have a good walking stick when hiking. Of course this probably isn't advisable by the National Trust but I try to pick the branches wisely and more often than not a broken branch can be found that just needs some alterations whereby extra twigs need sawing off to create a straight up and down stick.

        I must say that I haven' used all of the attachments on the Swiss Army Knife but they are there should the need arise. I have used the tweezers to try and attempt to remove a splinter and they were not the best tweezers around but they did the job at picking out the chunk of wood from my finger.

        The other tools on the knife that I have used are the screwdrivers and of course the bottle openers because there is nothing like a cold bottle bought from the local shop when out on a long walk in the summer and using ones teeth is not advisable.

        All in all it has to be said that I love my Swiss Army Knife and I just wish I had more opportunities to use it and more time to do all the walks that I want to. Of course Jack's little legs are not up to walking great distances but with a bit of training I am sure he will be up for Walking the Wight soon enough!

        I think a top score of 5 out of 5 stars and a high recommendation is in order!


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      • Product Details

        Victorinox / hikers pocket knife with saw and other tools.